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Multiple Streams

I’m Jeremy, creator of Multiple Streams. me

Here, I give you my best SEO and blogging strategies that will give your site more search engine traffic.

It’s simple, really: find an offer that converts, then bring qualified traffic to it.

Finding an offer that converts? That’s the easy part… (hint hint).

Getting targeted Google traffic to your offer? That’s where I help. Here is a good place to start for that. Enjoy.

how-to-start-a-blogIf you’re looking to start a blog, let this guide be your companion throughout the entire process.

Specifically, this guide will teach you:

  • how to set up your custom blog in 5 minutes…
  • how to unearth blog topic “gold nuggets” in 45 minutes or less, and finally…
  • my single-best advice for getting significant amounts of traffic.

Within minutes, you’ll have your custom blog set up…

(with a legit .com at the end)

…and then I’ll hit you up with some blogging secrets that will have you blogging better than 99% of other bloggers right outta the gate.

So, on to step 1…
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I’ve followed Ramit Sethi ever since he was on the Tim Ferriss blog back in 2009.

He’s a well-spoken, brutally honest, straight-up G:


Also, he’s from India and likes to order catfish at expensive restaurants.

He offers the counter-intuitive, unconventional advice that few have the cajones to deliver – and it’s all from his 10 years of building and launching successful infoproducts and courses on the internet.

I recently hopped on one of his live webinars and came away blessed with an awesome mindset breakthrough.
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new-imageI’m sure you’ve heard the news: guest blogging is dead, because Matt Cutts said so.

Guys, what Matt Cutts said about guest blogging was so obvious it should have never made front-page news on any kind of marketing site.

He was talking about scaled-up, low-quality guest blogging. The crappy stuff.

Stuff that I actually don’t like – it’s lame and annoying.

Getting links on SEJ, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Read Write will never be crappy stuff.

That is baller stuff. Yes, even stuff that gets you ranking competitive keywords in 90 days or less.

That is what this post is all about.
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Welcome to the blogging world, where 95% of bloggers are completely broke.

Empower Network bloggers, included.

It’s not a knock on Empower Network, it’s just that one of their eight core commitments says to ‘blog daily’…

…so people are immediately mislead, giving consideration to the ‘blogging daily’ part of blogging and nothing else.

I actually know this to be 100% true, because I was one of those people. Using textbook herd-mentality, I adhered to advice of the masses in Empower Network: “blog daily and get paid”.

Lemme explain using my first-hand example:
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So, if you have heard my story and still wondered what’s really up with this goofy-looking kid from Idaho…

…here is a more in-depth and uncensored look at my weirdness. I tried not to hold back too much.

Plus, I figure if we could be potential business partners (wink, wink), better to get some of the more intimate stuff out, right?

We all are weird and unique (and have issues). Here are 11 of mine:
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