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11 weird facts about me

So, if you’ve heard my story and still wondered what’s really up with this goofy-looking kid from Idaho…

…here is a more in-depth and uncensored look at my weirdness. I tried not to hold back too much.

Plus, I figure if we could be potential business partners (wink, wink), better to get some of the more intimate stuff out, right?

We all are weird and unique (and have issues). Here are 11 of mine:


I dunked it once in a semi-professional basketball game in front of NBA and elite college players. Dunking for this 6’3 (with shoes) guy was so uncommon so when that happened…pinch me. Sadly, that might have been the climax of my athletic career.

Where all my white ballers at?


Picked up a b-b-b-ad stuttering habit as a lil guy. I stuttered so, so, so, so, so bad my parents should have rented me out at comedy clubs. Check it:

Transcript? Here goes:

[Me] Dad, Jus-Justin’s not not supposed to to g-go go at Barry’s.
[Dad] Why?
[Me] Cus…So, so, so, so, so, so I can.
[Dad] You can’t go out in the street.
[Me] Yes I can! Then yes I can, Dad!

Notice I am questioning authority at such a young age…my mindset is, “if he can do it, why can’t I?”

Valuable lesson, though. Always question authority or the ‘status quo’.


Swear on my life, I don’t know what ‘twerking’ is. Never cared enough to ask my friends or YouTube it…but more than anything, I go out of my way to avoid ‘brain-numbing’, Buzzfeed-esque, broke-people-type media.

“You won’t believe what the government did now!” *rattles chains* So shocking…Click here!” – Mainstream Media


I got two lil sisters from Guatemala. My Mom is great with kids and they needed loving families.

Everyone wins.

They’re great and we love ‘em unconditionally.


After realizing how bad I (and pretty much everyone) use my phone as a social ‘panic button’ in social situations, I started to make a conscience effort to not look at my phone when I am around other people.

I still got work to do.


I’m borderline-fluent in Portuguese and Spanish after a two-year stint in Brazil and 9 months in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador…

…although I confuse the two so much that I am afraid to speak either one (sigh). Usually, after an hour or so of warming up, it starts rolling off the tongue.


I can watch hours of college hoops, but usually can’t stand TV for more than 5 minutes.

With our limited time in this world, let’s watch some white people cry with joy over kitchen remodels?

Yeah…no. Not knocking anyone’s habits, just my thoughts.


I am a rugged, Idaho boy who climbs mountains, fishes, hikes and makes frequent trips to Electric Beach Tanning Salon.

A little artificial color never hurt no one. (Hey…I thought we said this was a judge-free zone)


I got a cease and desist letter from Drake’s lawyers.

(Long story…but I actually hadn’t done anything illegal)


Speaking of Drake, I like ‘dope’ jams to keep my creativity and blood flowing properly. Or whatever.

In the last few years I’ve been to Cudi, Nas, Lupe, Mac Miller, Game, and Common shows.


This online stuff was a once-fantasy for me. I really manifested this vision as a recent college grad struggling to get a job.

Humbled, I went back to the drawing board and realized that…

1. I had to write my own destiny (not some company or corporation)
2. I wanted to create a mobilized lifestyle through the internet

Fast forward a few years, and things are coming into fruition (had to throw a business buzzword in there…my other favorites: cumbersome, disruptive, synergy, “across multiple-platforms”) and I am in a position to help other people who are wanting to create similar results.

I feel ridiculously blessed to have this type of mindset and still be relatively young in the game.

Finally, I invite you to use this website as your blueprint to dot com success…

…and if you haven’t seen my absurd ‘blogging secrets’ video, that would be a good starting point.

It’s straight-up bonkers.

Thanks for hearing me out for a little bit…we all are strange creatures.

All love,

Jeremy Page

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  • Alyssa Trimble

    Jeremy, you got me dying laughing here ;) Kudos for putting yourself out there…I may or may not be one of those people watching home remodel shows…

    • Jeremy Page

      Alyssa, you rock…that’s all.

  • After reading about everything you have written on this website, I think I’m convinced to “join your team”…! I was about to sign up on Empower Network yesterday under a different team. The guy seemed really great and was helping me figure things out already, but I really like your approach…I just dropped out of college and I have a lot of drive to make money from my lap top. I’m excited to begin working with you.

    • Jeremy Page

      That’s great news, Rebecca. Excited to teach you the digital secrets :) Lets get to work.

  • ashima

    you are my guy. love the way you simplify your and our weirdyness, if thats a word! Pls contact me i want to join your team and would like to know about that Empower Network deal.

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, weirdyness can be a word…cool, sent you the info…excited to see you rock it, Ashima.

  • Kiya

    Hey Jeremy,
    I too am a newbie to empower network and Im simply in the process of finding the right team to join. I know i have read sonewhere on your blog that you actually do one to one video chats with people who join.. how often do you check up on people who are a part of your team and if someone were to jump on the 25 and 100 offer working about 10-14 hrs a week, what would you guess could be a rough draft/guesstimated residual income?

    • Jeremy Page

      Yea, i provide one-on-one instruction for people who take action and get (at minimum) the $25, $100, $500 and $1,000 products. Empower Network is really not worth doing in the long haul if you do not get those products.

      • Kiya

        Ok understandable. So, just to make sure I have this correct, you only move forth with people who have at least one or all those systems? I plan on doing the $25 and $100 kits asap. I want to see the outcome of those (with your training hopefully) and quickly move on to the $500 and $1000 systems. Also, thanks for the quick response..

        • Jeremy Page

          Kiya, you got it…love your attitude…lemme know when you pull the trigger and lets rock this together. You’ll need the $1,000 15k formula to see great results.

          • Tim

            My plan is to get the $25 and $100 to start, as soon as I make $500, buy the $500 kit. As soon as I make another $1000, buy the $1000 kit. Same for the $3500 kit. I hope I am not being naïve, and can use the first profits to launch into the higher dollar accounts. I would love to buy all of them up front but it isn’t feasible at this time. Also wanted to ask if this is feasible for someone late 40’s who is a bit…….’technology impaired’.

          • Jeremy Page

            Yep, thats fine…you got this…I’ll be looking for your name in the back office so I can send over the bonus material..click here to get started.

  • atikur


  • too am a newbie to empower network and Im simply in the process of finding the right team to join. I know i have read sonewhere on your blog that you actually do one to one video chats with people who join.. how often do you check up on people who are a part of your team and if someone were to jump on the 25 and 100 offer working about 10-14 hrs a week, what would you guess could be a rough draft/guesstimated residual income?

    • Jeremy Page

      Doing what I tell you to do? 10-14 hours a week? on the $25 and $100 products?

      I’d say maybe $200-$300/mo.

      If you got those products and the big-ticket products, then I’d say $3,000-$10,000/mo.

  • Hi Jeremy, thanks for sharing. I just discovered your site and I am also pursuing the laptop lifestyle. Not quite there but sites like yours really help.
    Keep up the good work|!

    • Jeremy Page

      Appreciate that, Joseph. You’ll get there with clarity and daily action.

  • Linda

    Love your vibe and am interested in joining your team. Is Empower on the incline still or trending downward on general? I couldn’t get a good read on the general status. Also, the daily and monthly profits/commissions come from where? Leads or sales from a website I’ll need to create? Thanks for sharing your stories and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Paul Hardingham

    Awesome blog, awseome content, just plain awesome. As someone who has been fortunate enough to have made a career from the internet since 2001, I always feel really humbled (and a little jealous) of people like you who picked it up quicker than me and ran on ahead too!

    Well done – keep it going!


    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks, Paul. Appreciate it.

  • Chuck Holmes

    This is really cool Jeremy. I think I’m going to create a similar page on my website. One thing that people really don’t know about me is that I am scared of skunks. Don’t know why, but I am. Great blog here.

  • fifa16mall.com

    You’re very eloquent.

  • Gina

    Never understood in our network I know Tony rash is a big deal in there tried to ask him one time he said join and you’ll get my pre-done training series and then you’ll know that doesn’t work for me I don’t even know what it is or what it does or how you work it. Enlighten me?

  • Brian

    The stutter.. totally forgot :)

    • Jeremy Page

      My best friend just commented on my blog? High five to the one and only Myrlage mackage package.

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