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5LINX offers products and services for pretty much anything

5LINX offers a wide variety of products like energy plans, security systems, nutritional products and business products.

Having started out as a telecommunications direct selling company, they are now making laudable attempts at breaking into the wellness industry. They are doing this with their Hi 5 nutrition products and their 24/7 online medical advice and and healthcare platform.

Another MLM company offering tons of products and services? Seems like we’ve heard this before. Am I on board?

This video explains everything:

Watched the video all the way? Good.

We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you’re serious:

Okay, now onto the 5LINX review which I stand by 100%. Enjoy.

Coming up on their 15th anniversary of being in business, 5LINX has recently hit it big in terms of growth.

You can see their current trends here:

In 2012 they first received the distinctive industry recognition of making it to Direct Selling News’ Global 100 list. They’ve made the list every year since, including 2015. Their 2014 revenue is listed there as $109 million.

In addition, they’ve made it onto the Inc. 5000 nine times, as well as the Inc. 500. 5LINX also managed to please the Direct Selling Association, who put them on their “DSA Top 100 Global” list…or so their website claims. If you search for such a list published by the DSA, it’s elusive. There is, however, the ubiquitous DSN Top 100 Global, published by Direct Selling News. Nevertheless, 5LINX is up there on somebody’s list, even if you get the alphabet soup wrong.

The City of Rochester, NY, where 5LINX is headquartered, has followed suit and honored the company by putting them on the “Rochester Top 100″ list.

In 2013, they were number one on that list. Not bad.

In case you didn’t know, Rochester is a city in mid-upstate New York, home to Rochester Polytechnic Institute and several huge well-known companies like Eastman Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Xerox, and Genesee Brewing Company. So, to be on that list is pretty good. The criteria for making that list is bringing in at least $1 million in revenue for at least three years in a row and be independently owned.

Their growth in revenue is partly due to the expansion of their product line. They started with just one product: GLOBALINX and now there are over 20 different products and services. Company headquarters employ over 200 people in the Rochester area.

Despite a total of 79 complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau, they enjoy an A+ rating on the BBB website.

Co-founders Jeb Tyler and Jason Gluck are certainly doing something right.


5LINX has a world of products to offer. Both the DSA and the Rochester 100 list have 5LINX down as a “telecommunications” company, but they offer wellness and nutrition products as well. Just take a look at the product categories:

  • Energy
  • Home entertainment
  • Personal services
  • Security systems
  • Discount programs
  • Healthcare
  • Nutrition
  • Business products

Their newer nutrition line features things like Hi5 Edge, a premier product. They don’t just mix up a bunch of good-sounding ingredients into their products and hope for the best, either. Instead, they actively seek proprietary ingredients that make their products unique.

For example, 5LINX has partnered with Chromadex to be the exclusive dealer of Niagen® in the direct sales industry. Niagen® is the only commercially available B3 vitamin which our bodies convert to NAD+.

In case you’re not up on your molecular biology, NAD+ is a molecule that spurs your cells to produce more energy. This is associated with reversing the aging process. You’ll find this ingredient in the Hi5 Edge product.

There are other Hi5 products, plus MonaVida Coffee and tea. These are both hot drinks with life-enhancing properties. The health benefits of the coffee and tea come from ramon seeds, which deliver antioxidants and MCT oil. MCT oil works on your metabolism to give you more energy.

Compensation Plan

5LINX has a new compensation plan as of this year (2015). Like the old one, it offers retail commissions and residual sales. They earnestly promise “one-time efforts” with lifetime payout. Here’s a quick list of the major points:

  • 10% – 20% commission on product sales
  • Open-line commission: receive commissions on customers brought in by reps in lower ranks than your own
  • Generational commission: receive commissions on customers brought in by reps on the same level as you
  • Residual income comes from your own, Open-Line, and Generational commissions at rates of 1% – 30%
  • Make 5 referrals, get 5 free matching products or services
  • 50 customer club: get $250 bonus each month
  • 100 Customer Club: get $500 bonus each month
  • $200 Quickstart bonus for qualifying reps: become Executive Trainer in 30 days
  • Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CAB): increasing with rank
  • Bonus pools
  • Incentive bonuses

Each product or service is worth points. To move up the ranks you must collect points, which are earned when you sell a product or service. For example, that original product GLOBALINX was worth 2 points. The security system is worth 1 point and you get $4 per month residual on it.

Business services are usually worth 2 points and carry $1 to $4 monthly residuals with them.

The new compensation plan made it tougher to rise in the ranks by adding 5 points to each level’s requirement for advancement. Whereas under the old plan you needed 10 points to move up, now you need 15.

There are three ways to join 5LINX as as distributor:

  • $199 Independent Marketing Rep (IMR)
  • $499 (IMR with Leader Starter Kit)
  • $999 (IMR with VIP Starter Kit)

As an IMR at the first level, you earn 20% on product sales and you get residual commissions on products and services.

Joining with the Leader starter kit ($998 value) you get that plus product. The VIP Starter Kit ($2,149 value) includes even more product and the following support:

  • 5LINX TV: 5LINX education
  • 5LINX representative support
  • my5LINX app
  • 5LINX international events, with training events

To qualify for commissions, one must acquire and maintain 8 customer points. Remember: points come from selling products and services.


The best thing 5LINX has going for it is its universal recognition as a legit business. Love their products?  Then you can rest assured that you’re partnering with a reputable company if you decide to become an Independent Marketing Rep with them.

But you’re going to look like a tool trying to sell satellite TV AND energy drinks. You’ll be the direct selling cliché of the year. The trick in succeeding with 5LINX is to develop your customer base first with trust…these are really products that people want, and there aren’t that many MLMs doing energy and telecommunications these days. (Well there are, but way fewer than MLMs selling energy drinks).

Chances are, when you hit the local pavement selling these business services, you’d have a decent business opportunity. Decent at best.

In case you just scrolled to the bottom, I decided not to roll with 5LINX even though they’ve seen massive growth. I have since quadrupled my income, travel the world and make more money than most doctors and lawyers.

In other words, you might like this because it teaches the “good life” without peddling generic MLM products to your family and friends.

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