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Is AMOREPACIFIC another lame MLM peddling tea? (full review)

AMOREPACIFIC embraces the power of green tea to offer “the ultimate indulgence for authentically beautiful skin” without any need for distributors, downlines and anything remotely MLM-ish.

Wait.  What?

Uh, am I on board?

Check the video:

Only schedule if you’re serious:


AMOREPACIFIC came to be after Suh Sung-whan took over the family business of selling hair conditioners made from camellia flowers.  You’ve heard the hype about green tea giving you the face of a god, the youth of a cherub and the vitality of Zeus, right?  Sung-whan’s decades ahead of you.  

The product line expanded to include skin care and cosmetics, all using botanical goodies from South Korea’s Jeju Island.  At the foot of Halla Mountain they grow their own produce and hand pick it.  They’ve even pledged to, where possible, eliminate animal testing.  (1)

That sounds very tranquil.  But what are the products like in practise?  If they glow in the dark, they’re probably a little off kilter.

For a really in-depth history of the brand, check this out.(2)

Ever heard of the AMOREPACIFIC comp plan? Me either. That’s primarily because a compensation plan doesn’t exist – at least not anywhere on the US website.  I checked the Korean and Hong Kong sites too, and no “opportunity”, “join us” or “sell your soul and recruit” or Indiana Jones sacrificial chanting pages to be seen.

It’s not just that a plan doesn’t seem to be available.  Some MLMs deliberately hide, disguise or make their compensation plans accessible only through upfront payment, and those should be avoided like the plague.  But this one just doesn’t have one anywhere.  

Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be a need for one.  You can buy products straight from their online store the old fashioned eCommerce way or use their handy dandy store locator tool.  (3)  

Why would anyone go within ten thousand miles of a hard-selling distributor if they can just go and get the products themselves?  

So many questions.     


AMOREPACIFIC is big on their green tea.  They extract EGCG polyphenol, apparently one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet, to combat signs of ageing.  They also use bamboo sap, rich in minerals, sugars and amino acids for hydration, and red ginseng (another weird/in-vogue and cultural tea) to stimulate hyaluronic acid production and encourage skin vitality.

If I listed every single product this review would never end, so here’s a condensed listicle.

Moisturizers – $100.00 to $450.00

A whole range of different products including gels, oils and cremes, centred around renewal and age defense.

Eye Care – $65.00 to $260.00

Sets, gels and masques – all the good stuff for the thin-skinned eye area.  There’s even a duo product with two creams in one for day and night.

Serum and Ampoule – $32.00 to $795.00

This tends to be where skincare gets most expensive.  Serums penetrate the deepest into the skin and have the best effect, so you can be coughing up a lot of moulah for tiny bottles of what should really be the elixir of life.  

Cushion and Coverage – $40.00 to $80.00

A cosmetic category fitting into the cushion foundation niche that’s been trending recently.  

Cleanser – $40.00 to $60.00

Soap, oil, a foam and peel, bizarrely.  Peels normally go into mask categories but this one’s designed to pull dead skin surface cells and toxins out so technically it leaves you with a clean face.  

Toner and Fluid – $35.00 to $180.00

Toning is all about rebalancing oils.  Korean ladies are not slapdash about their skincare.  Western women might consider washing and moisturising to be time consuming, but the women of Korea use a ten-step skin care regimen.  Ten steps.  So the amount of products here shouldn’t be that surprising.  (4)

Masque – $32.00 to $140.00

Ever seen someone in a sheet mask?  They’re good for you, but you also look a little like Leatherface.  Google it for a giggle.

Sun Care – $40.00 to $195.00

Remember pale skin is all the rage in Asian markets rather than tans.  Sun care is serious business.

Compensation Plan

Here’s where we grind to a halt.  Seriously, there’s nothing.  Even Google was a big fat dead end.  Other reviews have the ‘compensation plan’ keyword tacked on, with the odd ‘scam’ in massive letters, but there’s nothing specific to AMOREPACIFIC anywhere.

This one, for instance, is painful to read.  (5)  Your eyes might start bleeding.  Here is a screenshot of a subheading that will tell you everything you need to know.

Is anyone tempted?  Didn’t think so.

Another review just reels off classic MLM numbers with no actual reference to AMOREPACIFIC, despite the clickbait title.  There are numbers and percentages in the review, and you get excited until you realise each stat is caveated with “multi-level marketing opportunity such as AmorePacific” or “a business opportunity deal such as AmorePacific.”  (6)  

So not actually anything to do with AMOREPACIFIC.  It’s a giant guesstimate and therefore as much use as a chocolate fireguard.  

I even ventured onto the Terms and Conditions page.  Tumbleweed went past and still nothing cropped up.

Is this thing an MLM at all?    


Despite the apparent lack of even an affiliate website, this feels kind-of-vaguely-maybe legitimate and normal.  

It’s a reputable brand with a name people have actually heard of, which means it’s not going to declare bankruptcy in the next five minutes.  Their products are clearly the real deal with time, effort and budget put into making them as great as possible, and some of the lower-end products are actually affordable.  

Their search system makes everything easy to find by sorting things into product categories and skin problem solutions, and they’ve got some cool claims to fame.  147 patents – that’s not a typo – and their research laboratory, established in 1954, was the first in Korean cosmetics history.  3% of their budget goes towards development.  

The products and the brand are the real deal.

The business opportunity however is stubbornly elusive.  So if you’re determined to make your mark in the cosmetics industry, head elsewhere to more certain pastures.  

In case you just scrolled to the bottom, I decided to not roll with AMOREPACIFIC even though I have one of the biggest network marketing blogs on the internet. I have since quadrupled my income, travel the world and make more money than most doctors and lawyers.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without selling green tea products to your family and friends.

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