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The truth about MCA Motorclub (legit or scam?)

MCA Motorclub of America is a company that primarily offers member discounts for various roadside services, bail bonds benefits, vision discounts, and $150 per night hospital stays. They go above and beyond AAA and they also pay out referral fees when you recruit new members to the club. So have I been involved? This video […] Read More

Lyoness continues to expand worldwide, are they legit?

Lyoness is a world-wide, multi-sectored shopping community that was founded in 2003, and it's also an MLM. With a global fanbase of loyal product users and distributors, Lyoness is commonly promoted as a lucrative work from home opportunity. But are they legit and have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's […] Read More

Karatbars and cashing in on gold and precious metals

Karatbars is a network marketing company that offers an affiliate program for purchasing gold and precious metals. Precious metals and gold have been hitting all-time highs as investors continue to look for tangible assets to invest in. It's not the best home based business idea out there, but if you have a solid warm market […] Read More

Juice Plus sells healthy foods and beverages – scam or legit?

Juice Plus is a health and wellness network marketing company that focuses on nutritious food and drink products. Health supplements in the MLM industry are undoubtedly abundant (see: Rain, Morinda, Herbalife, Isagenix) but Juice Plus keeps the focus strong on one important factor - they manufacture a vast selection of nutritional supplements that are formulated from whole […] Read More

Life Shotz and the truth about anti-aging MLM companies

Life Shotz is an all-natural wellness MLM company that capitalizes on the "anti-aging" buzzword, although their products are nutritional drinks rather than skincare creams. Nothing wrong with trying to defy the clock, but let's separate psychology from business facts and see if Life Shotz measures up. Have I been involved with them? This video explains: […] Read More

Make money filling out surveys? A review on Panda Research

Panda Research is a company that offers paid online surveys and a referral program for those who have a lot of time and patience and want to make money online. Members are paid in cash, discounts, coupons and giveaways. They also offer an affiliate program where you get paid for everyone you bring on board. Have […] Read More

Kannaway, the hemp MLM? (you gotta see this)

Kannaway is a popular cosmetic MLM company that sells beauty and wellness products made from hemp plants. If there ever were a company that challenged consumers to put their money where their mouths lie, it's Kannaway. So have I been involved with these guys? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... Background information about […] Read More

Mary Kay, the MLM that has been around forever and still going strong

Mary Kay Inc. is one of oldest and largest cosmetic MLM companies in the industry whose beauty products are sold via direct sales. They're one of the pioneers of the home party business model that has appealed to so many stay-at-home moms looking for an easy home based business. So have I ever been involved? This […] Read More

Kairos Technologies, legit company or scam?

Kairos Technologies is an IT service company that focuses on high-end solutions pertaining to cloud, mobile and social technologies. Cloud technology is definitely the way of the future, no doubt about that. So is this a good opportunity to make money online and have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... […] Read More

Le-vel Thrive for physical and peak performance

Le-Vel Thrive is a lifestyle and fitness MLM that has gained serious momentum since 2015. The products and programs are designed to help you accomplish peak physical and mental performance. If you've read my alpha post, you know I'm all about peak performance, so I like their mantra. So have I been involved? This video explains:   […] Read More

The Wealth Network could be 2017 most anticipated launch

The Wealth Network is an online business community that teaches internet entrepreneurs how to make more money online. They launched July 12, 2017, with Jesse Singh (the millionaire who got some e-fame for topping Digital Altitude and DS Domination income charts in recent years), as one of the owners. Although he is known for his […] Read More

Jeunesse & wiping wrinkles away? Doctors have their say.

Jeunesse is one of the biggest skincare MLMs in the game and they've crash-landed the anti-aging scene with their Instantly Ageless product that supposedly eliminates wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes. The products appear to be ahh-mayyy-zing and affiliates can earn decent money if you have a good warm market to sell to. So have […] Read More

It Works! (the company) and what you should know before you join

It Works! is a network marketing company widely known for their unique body contouring products, especially the Ultimate Body Applicator™. They also sell skincare products and have now expanded into nutrition and essential oils (see: Doterra and Young Living). Calling themselves a "lifestyle brand", their products are sold purely through direct selling, making It Works! a popular choice for […] Read More

Is Zurvita legit? A complete run down on the hot MLM

Zurvita is an extremely successful wellness network marketing company focusing on just a handful of nutrition drinks that promote health, weight loss, and energy. They're one of the hotter companies in the health and nutrition MLM space, right up there with Vasayo, Youngevity, Trevo, and Xyngular. So have I been involved? This video explains:   […] Read More

Herbalife and the billion-dollar fitness industry

Herbalife is a nutrition MLM, specializing in meal replacement shakes and fitness supplements (1). They've dodged a few pyramid scheme allegations (like World Ventures, Life Leadership, Arbonne, and many others) but they're still one of the heavy-hitters in MLM. They even got Cristiano Ronaldo on the squad. So have I been involved? This video explains:   […] Read More

iGetMania (formerly iGetEasy) – scam or legit opportunity?

iGetMania is a conglomerate of financial companies who promote technology projects, health initiatives, and run a LED lamp network marketing program. If you've tried to find out about iGetMania before, you probably got a little confused as they were formally iGetEasy (re-branding is nothing we haven't seen before in the MLM space, just ask Monavie […] Read More

Is My Lead System Pro still hot? (MLSP review)

My Lead System Pro is one of the older, more established "new school" infoproduct network marketing companies. Similar to MLMs like Business Labs Pro, Global Affiliate Zone and Speedfeeder, these guys offer digital marketing tools and training to help you grow your business. Am I rolling with them, though? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... The […] Read More

Is Wildtree a scam? The full truth:

Wildtree is a direct selling company that offers a wide variety of culinary products to be enjoyed at home. You've heard of companies like Pampered Chef and Tupperware that encourage their distributors to host parties and sell the products to their family and friends. Well Wildtree isn't too far off, but they have actual food products […] Read More

GNLD has been around forever, are they still relevant?

GNLD is a well established MLM company that has been around for over 50 years (like Avon and Mary Kay) and operates in over 50 countries. While they do offer cosmetic products, they're more than just a skincare beauty MLM. They offer products in almost every health and wellness category you can think of and also […] Read More

Everything you need to know about Rich Jerk

The Rich Jerk is an internet marketing program that offers training on squeezing income from Facebook and Google, purchased in a 1-time payment or a 3-month subscription format. It also branches out into list building and other hot areas of internet marketing, just like popular MLMs Digital Altitude, Tecademics, and Wealthy Affiliate are all involved with. So have […] Read More

Google Sniper, a run down on the program and what they offer

Google Sniper is a coaching program that teaches people how to make money online with niche websites, and it's also an MLM. Packaged as an internet course similar to what My Lead System Pro, High Traffic Academy, and DS Domination offers, this one promises fast results and no experience necessary. But after the initial Google Sniper launch […] Read More

Will SeneGence be the next Mary Kay?

Move over, Mary Kay. A former pink lady has started up her own cosmetics MLM, and she’s coming for you. SeneGence hasn’t hit billion dollar levels yet, but they’ve built up some good hype around their products, especially amongst the younger crowd that giants like Mary Kay and Avon seem to miss. So have I […] Read More

Q Sciences and the problem with mental health MLMs

Q Sciences is a newish MLM that specializes in nutritional supplements with a twist. Rather than helping with weight loss or physical ailments, these nutritional supplements claim to cure mental illness. It’s a big claim to make, especially with all the regulations surrounding psychiatry and mental health claims. So have I been involved? This video […] Read More

Are people making money selling Ardyss?

“Hey Mom, I’m an Ardyss distributor now!  I’ve got just the thing for you - this shapewear will cut down that big belly by three whole sizes!  You’ll buy one, right?” ...You see where the problem lies. But it's no secret the health and weight loss industry is blossoming and Ardyss is getting their piece […] Read More

Sabika and the success of discount designer MLMs

Sabika is a jewelry MLM, and they’re definitely one to watch out for. I ranked them on my list of top 10 home jewelry companies this year for a reason. While they're not going to be the next Stella & Dot (no one's taking that spot anytime soon), they are on their way up. So […] Read More

Can you make money promoting BelCorp?

Belcorp is a popular skincare MLM based out of Peru and is the third largest cosmetic company in Latin America. They offer commission bonuses if you can sell the products, but it's a competitive industry to be in. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... Named after founder Eduardo […] Read More

Is Divvee another social networking scam?

Divvee is fresh out of the womb, having just launched in 2016, less than a year ago. Divvee Social, their “new look”, was just announced in January of this year. So many older MLMs are scrambling to keep up in a digital age, stuck in the past with their 3-way calls and Tupperware parties (yawn). […] Read More

Is anyone making money with bHIP Global?

The business opportunity is the bHIP landing page? That’s new. Well, landing page. Get past the scarily outdated language choice page and suddenly you’re catapulted into the next century. Have I been involved with these guys? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... Let’s start by saying the bHIP global products look like […] Read More

Empowr and their shady plan to end world poverty

“The world’s first democratic social platform” exploded onto the scene with more bravado than Lady Gaga. They’ve got products that could finally drag MLM into the digital disruption, high-brow company values like democracy, sustainability, and justice, philanthropic goals that top Angelina Jolie, and knack for social media that could rival the Kardashians. So have I […] Read More

Should you promote AlureVé? (full review)

AlureVé is a beauty and skin care company that’s brave enough to put a before and after mugshot online for a face cream. For anyone not in the beauty know, that’s pretty risky. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... In business terms, it looks pretty good at […] Read More

My Millionaire Mentor and their connection to MOBE explained

If it’s true that you are the company that you keep, then having a few millionaire friends could really turn your life around. My Millionaire Mentor is another internet marketing MLM, but this one pairs you with mentors who can teach you how to get rich quick. So have I been involved? This video explains: […] Read More

Is Bell Lifestyle Network really worth the hype?

This starts off well until you scrutinize the small print - and a potentially great-looking brand suddenly feels bad. In a nutshell, Bell Lifestyle is an MLM where you make money off retail sales and not your downline, but also uses unproven, potentially unethical animal products. Red flags are already going up... Why wasn't I […] Read More

Will Vida Divina be the next hot health and wellness MLM?

Vida Divina is yet another health & wellness MLM with the advantage of a legendary salesman at the helm. So far, Armand Puyolt, the company’s founder, has steered them straight up. They could be the next big hit amongst the goji berry juices and Himalayan herbal supplements. So have I been involved? This video explains: […] Read More

Should you promote Bioceutica?

“Hey Dad, my new gig is next-level stuff - try a customized set of vitamins based on a urine sample sent to Bioceutica, just for you.” It might not get you to type in your credit card number, but it made you look twice, didn't it?   That or disrupt a family bond forever. So […] Read More

Can FuXion make it in the USA?

Since the dawn of time, humans have used technology for three things: To create To destroy To make themselves hotter FuXion uses the latest in biotechnology, harnessing ancestral cultures in a nutraceutical fusion process, to create a miraculous product that will, wait for it... …make you skinnier and more attractive. So am I involved? This […] Read More

Is THW Global just a spam machine?

THW has over 1,600,00 members and they're going to turn YouTube on its head, revolutionizing video platforms as we know it, and paying you thousands just for watching ads! This MLM made some pretty outrageous claims before they even launched. And now that they have launched, they have a lot of work to do. So […] Read More

Did Gano Excel really shut down?

All-natural healing solutions from a “wonder herb” (no, not that kind of wonder herb) are the name of the game for this health and wellness MLM. While that might sound like nothing but peace and love, this company’s got some juicy secrets and tales of betrayal in their past. Was I involved? This video explains: […] Read More

Is anyone making money with Saivian?

We’ve all become so dependent on our phones that we’ve developed universal habits for things like scrolling through Instagram. Imagine if you could get paid to scroll through your phone – you’d probably be raking in thousands a day. With Saivian, you can do just that, and you can do it while spending money. At […] Read More

Does Global Affiliate Zone really teach you how to get rich online?

Set it and forget it. That’s the American Dream nowadays for everything from hot pockets to self-driving cars, and now it includes money too: passive income. Global Affiliate Zone claims that they have a training program that will teach you how to become a “set it and forget it” internet entrepreneur, raking in money online […] Read More

How 2 clever momtrepreneurs built Clever Container

Suburban moms love home organization. They also love working from home. That’s why two suburban moms started Clever Container, a home organization MLM that’s spreading through Springfields and Franklins everywhere, one single unit family home with a white picket fence at a time. Have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's […] Read More

Are people really getting rich off iMarketsLive?

Having your money make money for you, that’s the dream. Of course, you need to have money first. Or do you? iMarketsLive, an MLM that combines Forex trading and network marketing, claims to have a program that can make anyone rich – no finance and investment knowledge needed, and no massive start-up cost. Just $15. […] Read More

Do Immunotec consultants make any money?

I dread flu season more than I dread tax season. Not only do I hate being sick, but I hate being surrounded by people sniffling and blowing their noises as some kid sneezes in my direction and I desperately try to dodge his flying mucous. So, if an MLM can come up with a product […] Read More

The story of Stemtech’s epic rise and fall

Stem cell research was all the rage a few years back, and Stemtech rode that wave like a pro. The Atlantic even deemed 2013 the “Year of the Stem Cell”. [1] But the surf has calmed, and it’s starting to look like there might not be any waves left for this stem cell MLM to […] Read More

Is INFINii’s genius money-making scheme still relevant?

INFINii is yet another internet marketing MLM, but this one specializes in drop shipping training (or something that looks like but isn’t quite drop shipping). They claim you can start making money online without any experience and barely any work involved. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... […] Read More

Is Life Plus still a leader in health and wellness?

You know all those annoying people on your Facebook feed selling miracle weight loss programs and pills that will cure everything from heart failure to a broken heart? Life Plus pretty much started that, before Facebook even existed. They were one of the first companies to market nutraceuticals to the masses. So have I been […] Read More

Will Vasayo live up to the initial buzz?

Miracle berries and herbal healing abound in MLM, and they’re not going anywhere. This is one market that seems impossible to oversaturate, even if these dime a dozen nutrition MLMs do tend burn bright and die fast. Vasayo is one of the newest, so they've got some work to do in order to rise to […] Read More

Is LR Health and Beauty still a leader in European direct sales?

From haute couture and European supermodels to hot bods and international superstars, this European company really understands the power of a good celebrity endorsement or two. Or ten. Whatever they're doing, it has worked for them so far. Have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... LR Health and Beauty […] Read More

Zukul and the internet business-in-a-box phenomenon

What happens when two men get sucked into one too many online business scams? They get together and start up Zukul, a “business in a box” MLM that actually works. But does it really? We'll get there... I was approached to join Zukul a handful of times but I've held out. Why? This video explains: […] Read More

Can you really make money with Life Leadership?

What does it really take to be a leader? An easy, one-time payment of $99, according to Life Leadership. Turns out, this MLM has a lot of big names leading the company. Have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... What do you get when you combine 7 entrepreneurs, a […] Read More

Will Wealth Generators help you make money, or lose it?

Wealth Generators is a finance boot camp that promises to kick your bank accounts into gear, one 3-way call at a time. They’re here to make you rich...If you can recruit. While I'm all about passive income streams, this one seemed kinda shady and I've parted ways with MLM. This video explains:   // All […] Read More

Are LifeWave patches a total scam?

Is there anything that sounds more like a scam than a magical sticker that cures disease and boosts performance when you wear it? LifeWave might sound like a scam, but when a product starts making the rounds with Olympic athletes, it must be legit. Have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? […] Read More

Are people still making money with Zinzino?

Fish oil exploded on the health and fitness market, and in come Zinzino with perfect timing. This Swedish health and wellness MLM has managed to do a lot of growing in the past decade, expanding across Europe and into North America with their miracle supplements. So am I involved? This video explains:   // All […] Read More

Is Longaberger completely doomed?

What do a Tupperware container, a perm, and a Longaberger picnic basket all have in common? Well, they’re all nostalgic, for one. They also all peaked harder than your high school’s prom queen and then took a nosedive into oblivion. People want to come to your basket parties just about as much as they’d want […] Read More

Should you join Yoli? (full review)

Yoli is one of those companies that has really, truly succeeded…at being mediocre. But that super average girl from your high school is probably living a really happy, really average life right now. And in MLM, an industry in which we see so many companies rise to fame only to crash and burn 2 weeks […] Read More

What’s the deal with Magnabilities?

We all have that aunt selling interchangeable jewelry with charms that say “Faith” over a stock photo of a cute puppy, and at a "steep discount" exclusively through her. Quite possibly, it was Magnabilities, a Washington based home party jewelry MLM. Am I involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... Magnabilities was […] Read More

Are Yakult ladies still relevant?

Yakult has been around for a long time, and they’re pretty much a household name…on the eastern side of the globe, at least. But they also haven’t really made any changes in almost a century. No joke. They still do home deliveries on bicycles. But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? So […] Read More

How Market America might actually take over America

Product brokerage + internet marketing + direct sales = Market America. It also equals multiple penthouses and Forbes-worthy salaries for the company’s founders. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... JR and Loren Ridinger are the power couple behind Market America. They founded the company in Greensboro, NC […] Read More

Is Max International’s miracle formula actually legit?

“The Glutathione Company” might not be the catchiest slogan, but their nutritional products are actually legit. Company has been doing big things, have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... Max International was founded in 2007 by Steven K. Scott, Fred Ninow, and Gregory Fullerton. They’re headquartered in Salt Lake […] Read More

Is MRW Life just another scam?

Need legal advice? What about financial coaching? Shopping discounts? You can get all of that and more with MRW Life. They're pretty much that all-in-one MLM that has their foot in multiple industries. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... MWR Life was founded in 2014 by Yoni […] Read More

How Team National rose to the top

Sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money, and sometimes you’ve got to pay for discounts. And the pay for discounts model works well, just look at Costco. Team National is a leading discount membership MLM, and they’ve been inching toward the $1 billion revenue mark for years now. So have I been involved? […] Read More

Will UR Association become one of Amway’s finest?

MLM is so huge now there are smaller MLMs within giant MLMs…MLMception. UR Association is one of those. They’re an Amway Motivational Organization (AMO), but they’re making their own name for themselves. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... UR Association is one of Amway’s many love children. […] Read More

Can you make money selling Nefful’s negative ion clothing?

Did you know that you can go shopping for new clothes AND fight disease at the same time? That’s the schtick for Nefful, one of the largest negative ion MLMs in the world. Have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... Nefful is a Japanese direct sales company that markets […] Read More

Is Unicity still relevant?

Nutritional supplements, weight loss shakes, energy drinks...yawwwn. Been there, done that. Welcome to the world of health and wellness MLMs. At least these guys are pretty established and straight forward. You won't find any life-saving miracle fruit gimmicks here. Just regular old health products. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All […] Read More

What happened to North American Power?

North American Power was a clean energy MLM, a la Powur. Now, not so much. They had their run for a while, but like most MLMs, the success was short lived. So what exactly happened to them and was I involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... North American Power (NAP) was […] Read More

Is Omnilife the Herbalife of Mexico?

What do a Mexican billionaire, an Academy Award-nominated film producer, and a former Herbalife distributor have in common? They’re all the same person: Jorge Vergara, founder and CEO of Omnilife. Omnilife is a nutritional MLM founded in 1991 and based in Guadalajara, Mexico. They’ve basically become Mexico’s very own Herbalife. So have I been involved? […] Read More

Tupperware, still towering over the rest

These guys are the Coca-Cola of MLM. They hold one of the most widely-recognized, household (literally, you probably have some of their products in your house) names in all of direct sales. While their revenue doesn’t quite match that of Amway and Avon (minus a couple billion), they’re arguably even more iconic. We’ve all heard […] Read More

Are Paparazzi Accessories consultants making any money?

Paparazzi Accessories is yet another cheap costume jewelry MLM with a unique catch: everything costs $5. Every single thing. It’s an interesting idea, but do you really want to rep the Fiverr of MLMs? Turns out, there’s definitely a market out there for cheap jewelry, even if it does fall apart after a week. Just […] Read More

Traffic Monsoon is reborn as Traffic Hurricane, what’s new?

Traffic Hurricane combines traffic exchange and revenue sharing and wraps it all up in one pyramid-shaped package with an MLM bow. They make it sound like the easiest money-making scheme out there. Just click some buttons and watch the numbers add up. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's […] Read More

Princess Home has a new CEO, but can she save them?

Princess House has been around for a while now – since 1963. They’re a home goods MLM that used to be a housewife’s dream. But Tupperware parties are about as dead as punk rock, and the whole “princess house” dream has been replaced by mid-century modern minimalist chic portable tiny homes and exposed brick. So […] Read More

Will The Advert Platform actually pay you to tweet?

Most MLMs pay you to sell a product, and you spam your social media in order to sell that product. This one just cuts right to the chase and literally pays you just to spam your social media accounts. Not joking. That being said, if you've got no shame, getting paid to post spam online […] Read More

Can you make a living selling Purium?

I like to make fun of health and wellness MLMs with their miracle diets and magic herbs, but these guys are actually pretty legit. Their cleanse is making the rounds amongst some of the world's trendiest, and they've even been endorsed by editors at Harper's Bazaar. So have I been involved? This video explains:   […] Read More

Why PM International distributors aren’t making any money

PM International is a huge global cosmetics MLM based out of Germany and Luxemburg. While they’re not quite at Avon levels, they’re getting up there. Give it a few more years and they could prove to be some serious competition for the top-10ers (see the full rankings here). So am I on board? This video […] Read More

Can PhytoScience make it in the global market?

The Asian market is ripe for new nutritional and beauty products, particularly skincare. It's one of the biggest markets in the world for these products. PhytoScience knows that, and they're going in full force from Kuala Lumpur. So far, they've become one of Malaysia's biggest MLMs, but they're looking to expand globally. So am I […] Read More

Can Nspire Network live up to the hype?

Nspire Network started their pre-launch around the beginning of 2017, and the buzz has been growing ever since. They JUST launched, and the hype train isn’t slowing down. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... The Nspire Network website is currently down for maintenance due to the inpouring […] Read More

Are Modere’s “Social Marketing Consultants” actually making any money?

There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to eco-friendly products, especially when they’ve gone viral. Modere takes it all to the next level. Not only are their products eco-friendly, but the entire company operates on wind power. They’ve also trashed home parties (finally) and implemented a “social retail” scheme that involves promoting […] Read More

World Wide Dream Builders, Amway’s most successful lovechild

Once upon a time, there was a little MLM that grew up and got so big, it started spawning off its own little MLM children left and right. That MLM is none other than reigning world champs Amway, and the lovechild we’re going to talk about today is World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB). So have […] Read More

Is Global MoneyLine another lead generation scam?

Remember those cheesy websites teenagers used to make in the 90s? You know, the ones with all kinds of bolded tacky fonts, scrolling banners, flashing lights, and so many clashing neon colors that they had to slap a seizure warning on the homepage? That’s kinda what the Global Moneyline website looks like. Now, I know […] Read More

Direct Cellars introduces wine clubs to direct sales

Not gonna lie, this new MLM is pretty genius. A wine club + direct sales? Product-of-the-month clubs have BLOWN UP over the past couple years, and Direct Cellers is here to ride the waves with a crowd favorite: wine clubs. They’ve taken the high-class concept of joining a wine club and paired it with the […] Read More

Is Guaranteed Profit System (GPS) really a guaranteed money maker?

The Guaranteed Profit System is a marketing system designed to drive in other prospects to join the National Wealth Center team. The concept sounds great and all, but I wasn't on board to join. Why? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... GPS was created by a business called Multiplex Systems Inc. Founded […] Read More

Everything you need to know about Monavie (acquired by Jeunesse)

Monavie is an MLM company that distributes blended juice drinks, diet supplements and energy drinks offering health benefits. After a decade in business, they have been folded into Jeunesse Global, a distributor of skincare and supplement products. I was approached a solid 9+ times to hop on board, but I walked away from the opportunity each time. […] Read More

Everything you need to know about the High Traffic Academy MLM

High Traffic Academy offers video training in online marketing, with a focus on how to generate traffic through paid sources. It also offers its members an online community designed to keep them motivated with events, tools, resources, and advice from a leading figure in online marketing. Sounds why am I not on board? This […] Read More

Everything you need to know about Forever Living before joining

Forever Living has been developing and distributing Aloe Vera products around the world for more than three decades and they've made a killing. They're also one of the most successful MLM companies in their space and they're still growing. Have I been involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so […] Read More

FG Xpress uses medical device to relieve pain

I'm Jeremy, a former distributor in FG Xpress. I had a good run on a fantastic team, but I am out. Why? This video explains it all:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // All good? Let's continue... FG Xpress' Powerstrips are still helping people all over the […] Read More

Enagic and water filtration MLMs, worth the hype?

Enagic USA is a privately help Japanese company that provides Kangen Alkaline Water Filtration Systems. I've got nothing but love for these guys, but I passed on becoming a distributor. Why? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // All good? Let's continue... Enagic is […] Read More

Beachbody is a hot fitness MLM, should you join?

Beachbody is a well-known weight loss system that markets fitness programs, supplements, and athletic gear. While I'm all about healthy lifestyle design and fitness, I held out on distributing. Why? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // All good? Let's continue... If you’re an […] Read More

Everything you should know about Valentus

Valentus is a nutritional network marketing company and they're pretty hot right now. Nutritional MLMs might be a dime a dozen these days, but these guys aren't stopping anytime soon. So have I been involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // All good? […] Read More

Should you be promoting BeautiControl? (full review)

Trust a brand like BeautiControl to have a really unique and fun idea for marketing, then challenge it with a ridiculously complex twelve-rank compensation system. But those that can figure it out can do well with it, and many have. So have I been involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, […] Read More

Are people making money with Atomy?

Atomy sells home products and personal care. Shocking.  But the company has done better than you probably think. Have I been involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // All good? Let's continue... More on the bizarre way they market their products later.  I’ll […] Read More

Can you make money promoting Cabi?

Cabi is an MLM that sells clothes, and they sell a lot. While they company has had its ups and downs, people still claim to be making decent money with them. Have I been involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // All good? […] Read More

Are people making any money with Cosway?

Here we go again, another health supplement MLM again, this time with Cosway. Rare fruit smoothie anyone? All jokes aside, company has actually been killing it. Have I been involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // All good? Let's continue... Call me jaded, […] Read More

Why did Celebrating Home go out of business?

Celebrating Home’s products look like the kind of thing a girlfriend or wife with the Pinterest bug might buy on a whim at a trendy market with a 50% knock off. So why would you get them from an MLM? Well as it turns out, the company went out of business (bankrupt) and distributors have […] Read More

Should you join Creative Memories? (full review)

You know that moment when every MLM ever made is shouting about how you can make money at your own pace (total lies) and then one comes along that’s legit, but it fades into the hubbub of dishonesty? That’s kind of how Creative Memories feels. But they have done a lot of things right along […] Read More

Is Damsel in Defense worth the hype? (review)

If a soap MLM makes you throw weird family parties where you compare lathers, what kind of a rave will a self defense MLM encourage you to throw? Damsel in Defense calls them “empower hours”. While they might seem a little out there, the company has actually done pretty well in recent years. Does this mean […] Read More

Are people getting rich with DXN Global? (full review)

I don’t know why MLMs like DXN Global think pictures of people doing a thumbs up automatically gives them tons of credibility. Or the advertising industry in general. It just doesn’t. But either way, the company has been doing something right. Have I been involved? This video explains everything:   You watch the whole thing? […] Read More

Should you join Alliance in Motion? (full review)

Alliance in Motion is a food supplement distributor and the number one MLM in the their website states. They've got big dreams, can't hate on that. But am I involved with them? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // All good? Here's Alliance […] Read More

Will you make money with Discovery Toys? (full review)

MLMs are really fond of the phrase “make a difference” and Discovery Toys is no different. Don’t worry, they're all about hosting parties too. And moms love a great excuse to buy toys for their kids, right? Well the company has actually done pretty well with their toy catalogs. So am I involved? This video […] Read More

Should you join Close To My Heart? (full review)

Close To My Heart’s Operation Smile: sounds kinda insidious but turns out to be one of the most heartwarming MLM ventures yet. Formed in 1996 by founder Jeanette Lynton, it took them 12 years to become the scrapbook brand they are now, going international with US and Canadian distributors. So am I involved? This video explains:   […] Read More

Are people really making money with Evolv Health?

Evolv Health continues to... well... evolve. They sell product packs with all sorts of vitamins, shakes, supplements and energy bars. You could say they fit the "nutrition MLM starter pack" to a T. But they continue to put up LeBron numbers every year. So am I involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes […] Read More

Can you make money with Etcetera?

Expensive fashion botique meets MLM. Welcome to Etcetera. Clothes are getting more and more expensive these days. Just how expensive? An Etcetera top might run you back a hideous $225. Unless it’s made with unicorn hair and woven by elves, many would agree they're charging too much. But Etcetera makes a fortune every year. So am I involved? […] Read More

Are people making any money with Exfuse?

Drinking algae might seem pretty gross at first. But that's exactly what Exfuse is all about and caused the company to blow up in 2008. They have a few products, most offering unique nutritional benefits for immune system and digestive health. Does this mean I'm involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so […] Read More

Can you make money with Faberlic?

A trendy company among women, Faberlic sells products ranging from skincare and cosmetics to women's clothing. They've been around for a while but have gained some serious ground in recent years, making them one of the hottest MLMs in the game. Does this mean I'm involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each […] Read More

Are people still making money with FM Group?

Who is FM Group? Think: cosmetics + home products + coffee MLM. And just about everything in between. They were pretty hot back in 2010 and the company got a lot of attention. Was I involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // All good? FM […] Read More

Will Fuller Brush fall off or make a comeback?

Fuller Brush might not be trending any more, but they've had a good run. They're the cookware, personal care, and cleaning products MLM your stay-at-home aunt probably joined. They were pretty hot for a while and people seemed to like the products. Does this mean I was involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for […] Read More

Can you really make money watching sports with FireFan?

A mobile app that lets you bet on your favorite sport teams and interact with other fans? Seems interesting enough. And you make money when your friends join? Yup, and that's exactly why FireFan is getting so much buzz right now. While they're technically not a fantasy app, you still earn rewards based on your […] Read More

Is AMOREPACIFIC another lame MLM peddling tea? (full review)

AMOREPACIFIC embraces the power of green tea to offer “the ultimate indulgence for authentically beautiful skin” without any need for distributors, downlines and anything remotely MLM-ish. Wait.  What? Uh, am I on board? Check the video: Only schedule if you're serious: // AMOREPACIFIC came to be after Suh Sung-whan took over the family business of […] Read More

Is Isagenix better than Advocare? (Review or scam?)

Is Isagenix on that Advocare level? Debatable. Historically? Advocare, all day, but Isagenix, believe it or not, has caught more buzz. So does this mean I'm joining? Well... Check the video: Only schedule if you're serious: // I got love for healthy living, but that doesn't mean peddling protein shakes on your Facebook wall is […] Read More

Aerus sells home cleaning products (full review)

Aerus is a network marketing company that sells home cleaning products, especially products that combat airborne allergens. It even lists “outside air” as a threat.  I’m not making it up.  Am I on board?   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // The shouty capitalized legal section of the […] Read More

Essante Organics provides toxic-free health products (full review)

Essante Organics is a toxic-free health and wellness MLM company. People seem to love the products. Does this mean I'm involved? This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // All good? Essante Organics launched in 2009 and operates in the health and wellness niche.  On […] Read More

The rise and fall of Empower Network (Dave Wood update)

I saw it all go down, the rise and fall. You see, I was a former 1%-er in Empower Network, but knew I had to get out. This video explains:   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: // Dave Wood update: In early June 2017, Dave Wood was […] Read More

Cambridge Diet still puts up decent numbers in health space

The Cambridge Diet is a weight plan and subtly a multi-level marketing company, too. Their diet gives you 415 to 1500 calories to be consumed per day - mostly from their own products. They've had a good run, but am I on board? This video explains everything: Remember, we schedule 30 minutes for each call, […] Read More

Is doTERRA better than Young Living? (full review)

Essential oils? Yeah, they're kinda hot right now. Thanks to meet-ups, home parties, 3-way-calls, and good ole' fashioned word-of-mouth marketing, essential oils are being lit and inhaled in households worldwide. Business is booming. Product-wise, they're great. 100%. But that doesn't mean you should be a distributor. So am I on board? It'll make sense when you see […] Read More

Digital Altitude is 2017’s Empower Network

Digital Altitude is an e-learning personal development program focused on digital business for budding entrepreneurs. Super big-ticket. People are dropping 25k on this stuff. Think: Empower Network-type digital products, but 10x more expensive.  Am I on board?   You watch the whole thing? Good. We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're […] Read More

Did I join Ariix after my brother approached me?

Ariix is an American based wellness multi-level marketing company that offers a variety of products under a combination of six brands. The products have good reviews and their purpose is great. Who doesn't want to improve their own nutrition? My bro got in, and I was approached many times. I considered it. Did I hop […] Read More

The rise and fall of Clixsense (full review)

Clixsense's tagline is "advertising that pays". Just like the likes of My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon, their rise and fall came fast. A pretty cool concept on paper. Did I get on board? Only schedule if you're serious: // All good? Now back to my Clixsense review which I stand by 100%...enjoy. Clixsense is […] Read More

Is Xango legit? A full review of the mangosteen MLM

Xango is an international multi-level marketing company that sells mangosteen juice, nutritional supplements and skincare products. They've had an impressive run over the years. Am I on board?   We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you're serious: //   Either way, here is my original Xango review which I stand by […] Read More

Javita is instant coffee meets direct selling

Javita is a network marketing company that offers instant coffee products with health benefits from the natural herbs. Like Organo Gold, they're another coffee scheme. The flagship product is a weight-loss coffee called burn + control. When Javita became the hot MLM to join, I was approached a few times. Probably a good 33 times. Check […] Read More

5LINX offers products and services for pretty much anything

5LINX offers a wide variety of products like energy plans, security systems, nutritional products and business products. Having started out as a telecommunications direct selling company, they are now making laudable attempts at breaking into the wellness industry. They are doing this with their Hi 5 nutrition products and their 24/7 online medical advice and and healthcare platform. […] Read More

Is Ambit Energy another lame energy MLM? (full review)

Ambit Energy provides natural gas and electric services to consumers in some states. The attraction is lower fixed rates and a business opportunity that allows Ambit customers to earn via a multi-level marketing platform. The concept of the business is interesting, so am I on board? This video explains it all: Only schedule if you're serious: […] Read More

Kalatu is Empower Network’s blogging platform

Kalatu is Empower Network's blogging platform that promises to shorten the learning curve on blogging, and targets people who need to generate leads. Business owners can focus on making their blogs rather than spending all their time setting them up and maintaining them. I was once a 1%-er in Empower Network, but chose to walk away […] Read More

The rise and fall of Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority sells attention-grabbing sales funnel systems and paid website traffic packages. Customers become promoters of the marketing system, creating income-producing commissions and downline residuals for themselves in the process. The concept is pretty cool, but I wasn't on board when my buddy hit me up to join. Why? It'll all make sense in the video... This […] Read More

Is Sisel another lame generic MLM? (full review)

Sisel International sells personal care products, cosmetics, energy drinks, Ganoderma coffee, nutritional supplements and more. They've caught some buzz these days. Their competitive advantages: 1) they manufacture their own nutraceutical products in their own facility 2) their products are higher quality than most 3) they claim to offer better-than-normal commissions to their distributors. So am I on […] Read More

Is Trevo another lame drink MLM? (full review)

Trevo is a liquid nutritional drink containing 174 natural ingredients. The company has just the one product, which is designed to replace nutrients lacking in the modern diet. Trevo LLC offers a business opportunity featuring an unusual "single line matrix" as well as an advanced business system for the back office. Its caught some flame, so […] Read More

Did I join Ava Anderson Non Toxic? (full review)

Ava Anderson Non Toxic offers chemical-free home and beauty products in categories as diverse as gardening, sun care, cosmetics and auto. I'm all for green products, but did that make me get on board? Check the video: Only schedule if you're serious: // Okay, now on with the Ava Anderson Non Toxic review. Enjoy. Ava […] Read More

Arbonne and their eco-friendly cosmetic products

Arbonne is a Swiss skincare and cosmetics line that's sold via network marketing. Based on the core concepts of botanical ingredients, green practices and cruelty-free products, the 40-year old business is considered a pioneer in bringing those concepts to the market in the US. I'm all for keeping a minimal carbon footprint, so am I on […] Read More

Total Life Changes wants you to crave ‘a new you’

Total Life Changes offers health and beauty products as well as a business opportunity. The health products feature several essential herbs, spotlighting Ganoderma Lucidum in their Iaso line. The products have good reviews and people have hit me up to join their squad left and right. Am I on board? This video explains everything:   Remember, we […] Read More

Did I join Amway? (my full review)

Amway is the number one direct selling company in the world. Consistently #1 on Direct Selling News top 100 list, (1) Amway is billions of dollars ahead of other direct selling heavy-hitters like Avon, Herbalife, and Mary Kay. With 2014 revenue of $10.8 billion dollars, it beats #2 Avon by almost $2 billion. So am I […] Read More

ACN and the billions made in telecommunications

ACN is a reseller of telecommunications and entertainment services. One of the juggernauts of MLM. They started out just reselling long distance services in 1993 but as technology developed they kept pace and added more services to their roster. I'm pretty sure Donald was on board for awhile which is interesting. ...does this mean I'm […] Read More

The rise and fall of Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon used to be the hottest money-making scheme before they got shut down. Bad news: The USA government got involved, and it looks like Traffic Monsoon has been shut down. Funds are locked up everywhere. Time to move on. Good news: There's a better way to make money online, but it won't be easy. […] Read More

Is DraftKings better than FanDuel? (review)

DraftKings is a fantasy sports business currently ranked in second position after industry leader, FanDuel. In just a few short years, the leaders at DraftKings have extended extraordinary efforts to distinguish themselves from a pack of dozens fantasy sports businesses, all vying for the number two position in hopes of knocking FanDuel from their rank […] Read More

FanDuel, one-day leagues and the business of fantasy sports

FanDuel is a daily fantasy sports business that's currently enjoying the top position in terms of market share. Their main competitor, Draft Kings, is close behind, however, nipping at their heels and keeping them sharp. And with their affiliate program (see MLM??) people are joining by the masses. What's the story behind FanDuel, and where are they […] Read More

Tru Vision keeps strong momentum in wellness space

Tru Vision is a new generation MLM in the wellness space. "Yet another wellness MLM", you're rightfully thinking. True, it's another network marketing that helps people lose weight and feel sexy, but few of them are seeing as much success as Tru Vision. I've been approached a few times. Am I involved? This video explains everything: […] Read More

Emgoldex and the rising costs of gold

Emgoldex is a gold-trading opportunity from Dubai. Investing in gold is serious business, but it's also an investment strategy that's managed to seep down from the realm of billionaires into the minds of everyday investors. The rising price of gold over the last 10 years. Trending, much? Am I board?   We schedule 30 minutes […] Read More

Did I join Advocare? My full review

Advocare is a big MLM name in nutrition...arguably the biggest. The MLM nutrition space is drowned with copycats and posers, so you gotta bring it. Advocare has. It's a good thing Advocare has Drew Brees, because they're getting knocked these days. Not all gravy. If you're convinced MLM is the route, Advocare isn't bad. Did […] Read More

Did I join DS Domination? (My review)

DS Domination is a company that sells training on dropshipping. The idea is to squeeze a profit from the price discrepancies which exist between major online retail shopping sites. Basically, arbitraging eBay and Amazon products. Am I still with them? I got nothing but love for the Unit of Prosperity team (fastest-growing team inside DS […] Read More

Review: Diatomaceous earth and the anti-aging benefits of silica

Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol & anti-aging properties?? Silica might be your answer. Silica (or silicon dioxide) is a mineral naturally present in the body, as well as in many foods. It plays a role in a number of bodily functions and it has been extensively studied for its healing properties. Silica is considered a […] Read More

Cocoa flavanols and their reverse-aging benefits (review)

Scientists have known for decades about the healing properties of cocoa, but recent studies show that the flavonoids in chocolate can be good for your brain as well. Reversing memory loss, at that. The study, put out by Columbia University, found reverse-aging and memory decline effects with cocoa flavanols. Then, Time and Forbes ran stories about the […] Read More

Did I ever join iPas 2? (My review)

Welcome to iPas 2, the hands-free solution to selling high-ticket Empower Network products. I'll be candid. Even though I was a 1%-er in iPas 2 and Empower Network, I am out. Only schedule if you're serious: // So, not so much an Empower Network hater, it's just the industry is backwards. Stop chasing money, people. […] Read More

Infinite Leverage System re-launched as “Traffic Authority”

So, a new network marketing company is created and "paid traffic" is the primary product. This was Infinite Leverage, back in January. And now, it looks like they just re-launched as Traffic Authority. So am I on board? I've heard the traffic is suspect (not sure...test for yourself), but that's not everything. It will make […] Read More

Forskolin, the fat-shedding plant exposed by Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz has done it again: brought another weight loss supplement into the public eye via his wildly influential TV show. The short version? Forskolin is effective for weight loss, but you can't find them in most stores. Get $58 off your order by clicking here. Everyone wants to know about Forskolin now, even though […] Read More

Young Living or doTERRA?

I used to live in Salt Lake City so I've always paid attention to Young Living Essential Oils. They're crushing right now. More stay-at-home-moms are transforming into entrepreneurial rockstars, and it's a beautiful sight. Nobody's on Young Living's level except for the "other" empire... doTerra. So, am I running with Young Living? This video explains […] Read More

The rise and quick fall of Dubli

I'm Jeremy, a former top-100 affiliate in Empower Network. So when DubLi became hot, I was approached a few times. Probably a good 37 times. Why did I walk away from it all? Only schedule if you're serious: // Okay, the review. Company was doing some things right. August 2015 Update: In late July 2015, […] Read More

FG Xpress compensation plan (review)

Hopefully you came here for all-things FG Xpress and their compensation plan. Fg Xpress, by the way, good company. Just had to go in a different direction. It's not MLM, and it's quadrupled my income. Click here to get the scoop. ... Now, back to the comp we go: They've done a great job […] Read More

Genesis Global Network in 2015 and beyond

I got love for Genesis Global Network, but I've moved on. You can get the full story here. Either way, here is your Genesis Global Network review. I haven't heard much about these guys since 2014, but it seems like they're still operating. So, first of all, Genesis Global Network is just a scam, right? […] Read More

The rise and fall of My Advertising Pays

Does My Advertising Pays work? Bad news: They've had some battles, and it doesn't look like they'll recover. They've been forced out of the USA, and it looks like (as of November 2016) funds are locked up all over the world. Time to move on. Good news: There's a better way to make money online, […] Read More

Empower Network compensation plan in 30 seconds

In this post, I'll do my best to break down the Empower Network compensation plan. There isn't another comp plan like it, so it should be a fun one - although it gets changed so much its hard to keep up. Kick back, grab your favorite beverage (I prefer Nos energy drinks) and take notes. […] Read More