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Changes Worldwide, biggest flop since Vlade?

Looking for the inside scoop on Changes Worldwide??


Are they MLM, affiliate marketing or profit-share?

Umm, a little bit of all three, it seems.

One thing is for certain: they were riding some momentum in 2014, but it looks like they fell off.

Am I getting involved?

No, not as long as this coaching group is around.

(Nothing against Changes Worldwide…just watch the video and it will make sense…sigh)

And, the company is still at ground-breaking levels where leaders can come in and capitalize in wide-open markets.

Here is a June 2014 presentation of the company, as given by the Team Uprising team:

Legitimate company? Hard to say.

Legitimate residual potential? Hard to say.

But I must admit, I’m still surprised their marketing approach is still old-fashioned MLM: talk to your friends and then follow-up for answers.

Products: Changes Worldwide does have tons of products, and this is where it gets interesting. They have a day-trading platform, health and wellness products, insurance, travel deals, and more.

Organic foods, meal replacements, omega-3s, cardio supplements, you name it… (this is just the health and wellness category)

Yes, the dime-a-dozen MLM product line.

But still, they seem much more innovative than 99% of other MLM companies…their products are actually useful and practical, but perhaps just a little scattered.

Opportunity: It looks like your typical profit-share compensation plan, except mixed with traditional MLM bonuses like matching checks and a 2 x 8 forced matrix that caps out at 500 people.

Since it is a profit-share company, you don’t have to recruit others to necessarily make money, as their profit-share opportunity allows you to make a steady, long-term residual in the company without recruiting other people.

Also, I like what they are all about. They’ve partnered up with several non-profits and are donating a lot of their profits to feeding hunger, fighting sex-trafficking rings and other causes…

…that’s pretty cool.

Bottom Line: They’re a great company doing great things.

If you feel passionate about their vision, you should run with them.

Is this my kind of business?

Me personally? Not really my style.

Look, I absolutely love the profit-share model that allows people to become successful regardless (as long as they are purchasing and re-purchasing products)…

…but I also embrace simplicity, as building a team is much easier with simplicity.

And currently, I’ve found something better. For me, anyways.

Simple comp plan, simple product line, simple vision.

This is where they lost me.

With My Advertising Pays, you have…

…one product (advertising packs),
…one comp plan (10% on all personally-referred sales)
…and one assignment (click on 10 ads per day to qualify for profit share).

Dead simple.

And because of the simplicity, it’s thriving.

You know, even to the tune of 38,000 people as of June, 2014.

And since I’ve nearly eclipsed $9,000 in just a few months, I’m keeping my blinders on My Advertising Pays for awhile:

You can join my MAP squad here, or read more about the company here.

Nothing against Changes Worldwide, but I am happy where I am at.

Your income coach,

Jeremy Page

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