The rise and fall of Clixsense (full review)

Clixsense’s tagline is “advertising that pays”. Just like the likes of My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon, their rise and fall came fast.

A pretty cool concept on paper. Did I get on board?

Only schedule if you’re serious:

All good? Now back to my Clixsense review which I stand by 100%…enjoy.

Clixsense is a company that has been online since 2008. They specialize in PTC (“paid to click”) ads. They sell a service of providing unique clicks to their advertisers and they pay customers to be these clickers.


For the advertiser, the product (these clicks) are valuable because they increase traffic to their ads and can guarantee that this traffic is targeted and real. The traffic is marketed as targeted and meaningful, which is a huge step above what you get from lots of traffic brokers (it indeed it’s true).

Advertisers can rest assured that the following guarantees promises are in place:

  • anti-cheat protection
  • active demographics filter
  • detailed stats
  • large network of ad-clickers (aka potential customers)
  • bulk discounts available

Compensation Plan

One major bonus for members is that there’s no risk. You can sign up for free where many other MLM companies that sell products require members to invest in the product out of pocket before they can ever attempt to make money.

The downfall is that the pay is small and sometimes the amount of time you stay on an ad determines the amount you make.

For members, they pay up to 2 cents each for those viewing these ads but there are only a limited number available. They market this as being paid to surf the web. Members must also keep their browser open for at least half a minute after viewing each ad, so there’s a slight limit to any scaling you might be dreaming of.

Not only that, but a quick look at their sampling of ads in the past 24 hours reveals that usually you must keep the browser open for at least a full minute.


  • only the ads that have the one-minute requirement pay two cents
  • those with only a 30-second requirement only pay one and a third cent.
  • Mini ads pay $0.0067 per click (15 second requirement)
  • Micro ads pay $0.0013 per click (3 second requirement)

Since ads net you anywhere from less than one cent to a couple bucks per view, you’ll be making money according to the following formula if you stick to viewing ads:

$.02 x 120 ads/hour = $2.40 per hour

That’s assuming ads pay the maximum of two cents each. Don’t forget: some ad clicks will only net you a fraction of a cent!

ClixSense would have to quintuple (* 5) the pay per ad in order to come near a decent wage where you’d make more than a six year old working in a sweatshop factory in south Asia in the 1800s.  Take a look:

$.10 x 120 ads/hour = $12 per hour

Now that we’re up in the minimum wage area (unless you live in one of the 14 states who don’t bother to raise minimum raise beyond the federal standard), it still may not seem worth it.  This is some dull work, and you don’t even have any

Good thing there are other ways to earn, then. When you join Clixsense you can also be paid to take surveys. These surveys can be rather good paying surveys compared to a lot out there. In some cases you can take a survey unlimited times per day but others max out at one.

Another way you can earn money via Clixsense is through offers. These are third party sites/companies that are in need of people to try their product. These, however, may require the member to first purchase the product before being paid by Clixsense.

You can also complete tasks and get paid for them. These tasks are things ask you to do things like search Google for certain key words and answer questions about the results you found or simply search for certain terms and list the results that Google or other search engines gave you. You can be paid somewhere between $.03 to $0.21 for this.

If you refer someone to join Clixsense as a member you will receive 5-10% of what they earn per offer/survey/task. Because these are already small amounts, this will not be much.

But for Premium Members, if the member you referred also refers a member, you will receive a percentage of their earnings in addition to the first referral’s. This is valid up to 8 referrals.

Going Premium has other advantages:

  • Premium members get double the cash on most referral actions (for example, Premium members make $0.0004 per micro PTC Ad Click, whereas standard sponsors make $0.0002.
  • Premium sponsors get $2 per referral signup (after the recruit earns $5) whereas standard sponsors make $1
  • Premium sponsors make 10% per ClixSense Offer or Survey whereas Standard sponsors make 5%
  • When direct referrals purchase Ad Credits, Premium sponsors’ commission is 10% up to $4 and there is no limit per referral.  Standard sponsors also earn 10% but only up to $1 and the limit per referral is $100
  • Standard members only earn on direct referrals whereas Premium members earn down to 8 levels.

Based on these numbers there is hardly any value in joining ClixSense if you’re not going to refer any new members.  Even then, it’s paltry earnings unless you find a way to super-scale.

Going Premium costs $17 for a one-year upgrade, or $30 for two years.


Clixsense has embraced the PTC marketing niche for quite a while. One thing that is good about this company is that most all reviews said they are reliable in paying up and paying on time. With this being said, they don’t pay much. But at least they’re up front and honest about what you can make and how.

If you can amass an army of people willing to view ads for pennies per hour and refer them all maybe you have a shot at some income. Modest income, however: you’ll stand to make a few hundred dollars a month off their efforts.  You’ll have to keep very busy though, since turnover rate will be excruciating.

The advertisers seem to be getting the better end of the deal, while ad viewers get the short end of the stick.  If it’s income opportunity that you want, you could get your own website (affiliate or otherwise) and use ClixSense to drive traffic there. In other words, aim higher.

But if you are looking for a more sustainable way to make money on the internet, there are better options.

In case you just scrolled to the bottom, I decided to not roll with Clixsense even though I have one of the biggest network marketing blogs on the internet. I have since quadrupled my income, travel the world and make more money than most doctors and lawyers.

In other words, you might like our training because of social proof. And by that I mean other people like it.

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