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Now let me be straight with you…

…I was getting lots of emails, so I had to resort to this.

So, my ONE THING about this blog is showing MLM-ers a better way. In other words, I feel the industry is flawed and have found a much more effective way to kill your day job.

If you’re ready to get our coaching (not cheap) but are serious about doubling down on your knowledge, you can apply here.

If you still have questions, feel free to holler below.

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  • Hi Jeremy,

    LOVED your influencer guest post on Firepolemarketing. So smart.

    Would you mind writing a review for one of my eBooks?

    If not, no worries. Either way, please let me know if I can do anything for you, or if you need help with something, OK?

    A New York Times Best Selling Author loves my eBooks and I’ll be speaking at NYU soon to chat about them, so they’re generating some buzz.

    If you’re down shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you.

    Thanks for your time.


    • Jeremy Page

      Hey Ryan,

      Just emailed you. Chat soon..

  • Gracie

    I just joined Purium MLM. Will your approach work with this? Or is there one business you promote or recommend over another? Thanks. Gracie

    • Jeremy Page

      I stopped chasing money, and focused on fulfilling a real need for local businesses.

      Since going in this direction, my income has quadrupled.

  • Vinc

    Hi I would like to be one of students in Local Lead Generations. Please get back to me ASAP.

    • Jeremy Page

      Aye Vincent, saw you joined the coaching. Happy to have ya on board my man.

  • alex

    Hey jeremy. Hiw long will you have this training available I want to learn soo bad but I dont have the funds immediately.

    • Jeremy Page

      They offer payment plans so it’s open for most people.


    I’m interested in your coaching if that is what you do?

    please e mail me


  • ed

    hey jeremy..how do i become a student?

  • Joan Goulart


    Had a call scheduled for 7pm tonight but never received the call. When I tried to re-schedule, I’m not allowed. I get an error something to the effect of “you already have a call scheduled”. How can I reschedule the call??

    • Jeremy Page

      Try it again with a different email perhaps. I will let them know you had a call scheduled. There must have been some confusion because they always take the calls.

  • Kevin Brown

    Hey Jeremy,
    I listened to Brad, and I am very interested in learning more about your business program. I am scheduled for a call @ 6 pm this Friday. Just wanted to make sure you are aware I am a Family Medicine physician, and thus may be tied up @ the Hosptial when you or a partner calls. You have my info on your scheduler. I would like to speak to Brad at some point, because of his Pharmacy background. This is a true career change for me, and a big jump…but I am wanting to do something I look forward to, and allow a better lifestyle time wise. How do I get back in touch with you or Brad ? Please advise. Thanks, Kevin (aka “Doc”)

  • Sean

    Hi! I am very interested in this and would love to schedule a call! I just don’t want to waste anyones times so I would like to know how much this all costs and what the options are (payment plans and scholarships)? Thanks so much!

    • Jeremy Page

      Cool, did you schedule one already? I will say it’s not cheap, but they do have payment plans.

  • Paul

    Jeremy…. I already signed up for a call on Monday but when I saw your story I wanted to reach out. I have a business working with indigenous artisans from Nicaragua…..I realize you go to surf (I imagine)….. I was looking for information on how to create a local following for my new gallery in Raleigh, NC…. I am really interested in the larger potential of local business promotion and lead generation. Look forward to speaking with you!

    • Jeremy Page

      Right on, Paul. I love Nicaragua. I’ve spent time on the northern shores (Santa Maria del Mar) and the southern parts as well (San Juan del Sur).

      Yeah, you’re talking to the right people if you wanna crush local. Your gallery will get the help it needs, and you’ll also gain a BOSS mentality for local business in general. Hope to see you on the inside.

  • Megan Mitchell

    Hello..I came by the video made by your partner on accident…have been looking for a way to generate supplemental income..I’m gathering that you basically generate leads for local businesses through internet marketing..I understand that there is a financial commitment but can’t get a sense on how much that would be..also wondering if you have to have a strong computer/internet marketing background..is this something that could be started while working a traditional job..time commitment? Just wanted to get a better idea about the company..thanks

    • Jeremy Page

      Sounds like you got the right idea. It’s not cheap (a few thousand), but our results speak for themselves. Thanks for dropping by… :)

  • Paty Jiménez

    Hello Jeremy and Brad.
    I’ve been in a few MLMs, (Avon, Mary Kay, Betterware, etc.) trying to find a way to get back on my feet because in my situation right now I can’t get a job and save money. I lived in Texas a few years but now I am back in Mexico with my parents and my son. Things got tough.
    That’s why I’ve been trying to find the best way to work from home and get back on my feet, to be able to become independent and support my son and myself and help my parents too.
    Right now I am involved in Organo and Nice (a mexican jewelry company) but like you say I am sick of chasing people and bug my family and friends, getting all of them to buy stuff I sell that they don’t really want to buy. People already don’t want to see me or answer my phone calls anymore. It really bothers me. I see people doing it and feeling proud, but that is just not my thing.
    Years ago I joined GVO and Pips, I personally admire Stone Evans, but got really confused and after posting and posting and posting I only got one person to join and my share was so little that I couldn’t even cash it out… so I got tired of it… I hated to spend so much time in front of the computer getting nothing in return… so… I watched your videos, I read your blog and I am thinking that what you offer is exactly what I am looking for. Problem is… I have no money… biggest problem is… I am in Mexico and 100 usd is about 1750 pesos for me, so… I tottaly understand and agree about your prices and I love the fact that you’re honest and transparent about how it works and how much it costs.
    I am going to keep looking for an answer in the meanwhile and one day I will join you guys… definitely.
    Thank you.

  • jenny william

    Google Traffic Decreased


    My name is jenny, and I am Online Marketing Manager at a leading Digital marketing company/SEO and Web Designing Company.

    I was analyzing your site and it seems that some of your website rankings have dropped. It is due to non optimized techniques/errors

    And Google guidelines not being followed properly. As you know that Google’s crawler is software and work on coding basis only.

    That’s why site coding portion should be strong for better results.

    I would like to present a detailed analysis of your website along with errors that your website and ways to improve your Google rankings.

    It would be a detailed report and would be explained as well on phone once we send this over to you.

    Please let me know if we can discuss this.

    online marketing executive

    • Jeremy Page

      I’d love to hear why my traffic has decreased, since its up 20% from last month.

      About 2500 unique visitors a day.

      But I’ll take a detailed report.

  • rich waldman


    Love your post and I agree entirely. I would love to buy an hour of your time to discuss a project I am launching in a few weeks.

    Would you be open to that?

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