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Are people making any money with Cosway?

Here we go again, another health supplement MLM again, this time with Cosway.

Rare fruit smoothie anyone?

All jokes aside, company has actually been killing it.

Have I been involved?

This video explains:


We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you’re serious:

All good? Let’s continue…


Call me jaded, but I instantly distrust any company, never mind an MLM, that has a USP of “Your Partner To Financial Freedom” in fuzzy vector form.

Hmm.  Really?  Let’s see if that’s true.

Cosway is a Malaysian set up based in Kuala Lumpur, so the website comes in Malaysian and Mandarin if you are so skilled.  It started in 1979 and brands itself as having highly competitive pricing.  

Really.  We’ll see.

The website itself is a bit…how to be nice…dated as hell.  

Royal blue CLICK HERE links, blurry graphics, random absences of full stops and a product directory that has never seen a straight line or proper use of white space.  It looks like it was a product of the Internet’s early days and was then forgotten about.

If the public pages look like this, then God only knows what the employee private webpages are like.  Probably as muddled as a giant Captcha puzzle.

It also has that brain-bleedingly annoying function where you click onto a page and then cannot escape no matter how hard you mash the back button.  You look in desperation for a menu tab to get onto another page, but they’ve taken that privilege from you.  Hope fades.  You’re stuck on the “office” tab with no means of survival except exiting the tab and starting again, which is a ridiculous amount of nonsense to have to go through.

You wouldn’t put up with that from a totally normal, everyday eCommerce site, so why do they think that’ll pass standards when you’re joining the brand?

Who knows.  Onto products.


Cosway has got seven sections, some of which are eye-meltingly predictable, and some that are eye-catchingly new.

Health and Beauty

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff.  If you’re wondering whether the word “cleanse” makes its slimy way onto this list, then the answer is yes it does.  They’ve even got a water filtration system.  I’d suggest that belongs in homeware, not beauty, but okay.


Masks, creams and something called EMortal.  A Skynet upgrade, maybe?

Personal Care

MLMs seem a bit obsessed with personal care.  How many different variations of liquid soap with anti-aging properties can there be to pop down there?  And who wants an anti-aging, antioxidant soap down there anyway?  Sounds dangerous.  And radioactive.


A reasonable range all things considered.


All kinds of deodorants, including Jazz, Love and Glamour.  Not Fresh anywhere, though.  


Fresheners and cleaners.  Nothing surprising – but why would you get them here when WalMart do the same thing for peanuts?  

Car Care

That’s…different.  Engine oil, wiper blades, polishes?  Either the founders couldn’t decide on a niche, or they saw the saturated supplement market and decided to add something new, but couldn’t quite bring themselves to be totally unique.  Shame.

Still, who would buy car polish off a distributor?  


The site makes it (kind of) plain that selling Cosway products is meant to be a supplement to your income, not a full time job.  If the whole website was a little more seamless then I’d welcome the honesty, but this all feels too ramshackle and bad DIY for that to sit well.  In fact, that immediately spits up red flags.  Is there any profit to be had here when the faceless corporates are already telling you it’s going to be pocket money at best?

There’s also no question of recruiting being the focus.  They even use the brash phrase, “COSWAY believes in organising aggressive, attractive promotions, to help its members in the recruiting, selling and retaining of potential customers.”

Aggressive?  Really?  Good luck with selling crotch soap to a stranger with aggressive tactics.  That tingly soap’s going to end up much closer to you and your necessities than you intended, and far from the passerby you singled out.

All the numbers are given in Malaysian Ringgits, which is a cool-sounding currency, and translates to about $26.00 for your starting fee.  That’s peanuts for an MLM starting price, so the money has to come from somewhere.  But don’t bother if you’re not Malaysian – this is only for Malaysian permanent residents.

All Cosway products sold give distributors Silver and Gold Volume points, building to bonuses.


Some bonuses are only accessible after you’ve recruited your backside off, needing at least two downline branches before you rake in some bonus earnings.  You’ve got incentives and other bonuses such as Group Development Bonuses, Branch Bonuses and Leadership Development Bonuses.

No upping or downing your prices for competitive reasons either.  What you’re given is what you sell, no exceptions.  There’s also strictly no company disloyalty.


 Watch out.

There’s a handy dandy PDF here with all the trimmings.  Just be sure to either know what a Ringgit is in dollars, or have the Google currency tool to hand.  (1)


Nothing seems too outrageous here.  Nothing surprising and no numbers that you need a magnifying glass to read.

You can sell in stores and markets too, which smacks more of an honest living than selling family members car scratch remover in an “aggressive” way.  

But if you’re a US citizen, you’ve just wasted five minutes of your life reading this review.   

Normally I’d end by saying there are better ways of generating online income, but in this case, it’s not better, it’s the only way.  Cosway seems pretty legit, but you can only watch and reach out furtively.  No ringgits for you.  Even if you could, I wouldn’t recommend getting involved with a company with such a poor online presence when there are hundreds of others selling the same thing with a website that works.

Oh, and that chilli gel I hooked you with in the intro?  I didn’t invent it.  Yep, that’s a real thing they sell.  It’s “sizzling”.  (2)

Yeah.  I don’t want that anywhere near me either.

Look, not a Cosway hater. The company has done a lot of things well.

But looking at the side income opportunity, your time could be better spent elsewhere.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without selling shady products to your family and friends.

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