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Did I join DS Domination? (My review)

DS Domination is a company that sells training on dropshipping.

The idea is to squeeze a profit from the price discrepancies which exist between major online retail shopping sites. Basically, arbitraging eBay and Amazon products.

Am I still with them?

I got nothing but love for the Unit of Prosperity team (fastest-growing team inside DS Domination), but uh, just watch the video:

Only schedule if you’re serious:

We good?

So first, to understand DS Domination and whether there’s any potential with the opportunity it presents, you first have to understand a few global truths about the ever-changing online retail industry.

If there’s one thing that’s clear about the way the world now shops, it’s that everyone loves a consolidated experience. The trend is clear: we want to buy everything from one big place…

  • for convenience
  • for shipping deals
  • for trustworthiness
  • for reliable reviews
  • for security

For these reasons, consumers are migrating mostly towards Amazon (and other MLM’s like DubLi) for purchasing everything from band-aids to generators…and retailers are following them.

Want to know who else is following the hordes of consumers flocking to Amazon?


Taking advantage of the growing preference for shopping online at Amazon, combined with the continued retailing strength of eBay, savvy wheelers and dealers have made money by manipulating the two platforms.

What they’ve discovered is that price fluctuation between Amazon and eBay can create a window of opportunity. Buy it from eBay and sell it on Amazon or vice versa, having the item shipped directly to the buyer when it sells.

It’s a form of dropshipping.

There are 2 co-founders, but Roger Langille is way more exposed online than his co-founders Hitesh Juneja and Kevin Hokoana. Juneja’s background seems to be that he created an SEO program called CopyNProfit 3.0 and sells it as a training program.

Roger Langille, on the other hand, is forever joined with DS Domination …he’s the name behind the product. Check out the forums, he’s the guy whose name is synonymous with the company.

Admittedly, he seems to truly have begun with a great idea…selling dollar store cokes online for marked up prices. He also seems to truly have developed (on his own) the idea of creatively sourcing products which were trending online and selling them for a profit…all without ever touching or seeing the product itself.


The product is the training system for “building an ecommerce business”. There are 4 incarnations to choose from, including two different membership level and four big-ticket items.

The Basic (Pro) Membership package includes the following and costs $19.95/month:

  • a sales platform (eBay-centric)
  • a research platform (Amazon scraper tool)
  • Image resizer tool, Automated Title Builder, Sales Tracker Spreadsheet
  • core training- (using Amazon and eBay), 22 videos
  • live weekly training

The Elite Membership package includes the following and costs $99/month:

  • Basic Membership benefits
  • elite training (expand your sourcing…Walmart, Costco etc)

The Unleashed package includes the following and costs $249 one time:

  • Get advice from Roger Lagille for advanced DS Domination techniques
  • Learn how to increase PayPal limits, for example
  • Learn about “secret” sources of merchandise

The Monopoly package includes the following and costs $499 one time:

  • Get a full training course from Roger himself
  • Roger tells you who his best suppliers are and more secrets

The Market Xtreme package includes the following and costs $199 one time

  • How to market the DS Domination program
  • Landing pages
  • The chance to purchase leads
  • Websites

The DS Domination Genesis package includes the following and costs $1499 one time:

  • Learn how to drop ship using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Upgrade to advanced drop ship techniques involving wholesale

Compensation Plan

  • Mandatory $19.95 monthly “affiliate fee”
  • Must purchase the product in order to sell it
  • 50% commission on personally sponsored enrollees
  • Residual commission down to 10 levels
  • 10% Commission on Level 2
  • 5% Commission on Level 3…down to 1% on levels 6-10
  • Same commission structure down to 3 levels for Genesis


  • drop shipping is hot
  • product knows no geographical boundaries
  • good stuff to learn anyway
  • simple, generous compensation plan


  • slim margins until you really master the techniques
  • competitive
  • monthly fee


Yes, people have made a killing exploiting the price gap between big online retailers. Yes, Roger Langille developed his own systemized training system for teaching people how to do what he started doing when he sold Dollar Store cokes online for a profit.

The only problem is, all that was over ten years ago. What worked then doesn’t work so well now because we’ve ALL become way more savvy about internet shopping. We’ve also become less enamored of the thrill of online commerce. Hey, ten years ago we were ALL selling our used sneakers on ebay and making a killing because back then, people were buying anything and everything on eBay.

To add to that, the concept of drop shipping has also become fully exploited now. There are huge multi-million dollar companies doing what DS Domination Genesis teaches you…how will you compete?

However, the Genesis product is still pretty good on its own. Why? For the one simple reason that Fulfillment by Amazon is SO HOT right how…take a look at how it’s been trending:

Consequently, interest in selling on Amazon and Ebay is through the roof. It’s no wonder then that Google Trends shows the phrase “DS Domination review” as breakout (search term experienced growth greater than 5000%).

There is a definite market for this product. Just don’t expect it to necessarily come from using the techniques described in the training. It’s the MLM opportunity that we love, if you get my drift..

That’s because Roger Langille’s claims may well be true, and DS Domination probably has made some people a lot of money…however, it may be a little late to get in on the drop shipping bandwagon, even if you’re set on joining the Unit of Prosperity team.

An oversaturated market? An idea whose time has come and gone? Neither.

But look, it’s the same story of making money from selling information. That’s where the real money is made. Not from flipping product on Amazon.

In other words, you might like our training because many, many people have because of something called social proof.

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