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Emgoldex and the rising costs of gold

Emgoldex is a gold-trading opportunity from Dubai.

Investing in gold is serious business, but it’s also an investment strategy that’s managed to seep down from the realm of billionaires into the minds of everyday investors.

The rising price of gold over the last 10 years. Trending, much? Am I board?


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Gold has always been a stable investment, so what’s the driving force behind all this investing in gold?

Fear. And maybe common sense.

The stock market crash of 2008 didn’t help bolster the world’s confidence in stocks, for one thing. The devaluation of the dollar means a loss of trust in paper currency.

Either way, here is my original Emgoldex review in its entirety.

After a quick check on the WayBack, I found Emgoldex has been around since 2010.

Looking at the “About Us” information from 5 years back, you learn that Emgoldex is a conjoining of 2 forces:

Dubai and Gold & Silver Physical Metals Company, a German trading company.

They’ve since removed this information, perhaps they’ve involved. Is Emgoldex really run by governmental authorities from UAE and Dubai?

The “EM” in Emgoldex stands for Emirates, as in the country United Emirates. Emgoldex is actually licensed to trade on the DMCC, which is Dubai’s answer to a precious metals trading platform, created by the national government of Dubai.

They remind me of the other gold-trading MLM Karatbars.

There’s not much buzz online about this company.

The only mention of Emgoldex on a top MLM forum is an article posted 2 years ago by someone actually writing about Numis, a competitor.


Buying gold online can be risky business. Not the least of any consumer’s worries is the authenticity of the gold. How pure is the gold you’re buying from Emgoldex and where does it come from?

I did a little digging into where Emgoldex gets its products and found that all four of their sources of gold are completely legit:

  • Heraeus is a 160-year old precious metals trading services company based in Germany offers “investment bars”. They also handle delivery of gold to the customer’s depository of choice, anywhere in the world.
  • Austrian Mint. This is the outfit that issues the Vienna Philharmonic gold coins every gold investor knows about.
  • Perth Mint. An Australian issuer of collectible gold coins known for creative themes (Star Trek, Royalty etc). Also 99.99% pure.
  • Argor-Heraeus. A Swiss processor of precious metals that’s been in business since 1951.

On the Emgoldex website, customers may purchase gold bars in amounts ranging from 1 gram to 100 grams.

For your reference, a gram of gold will run you about $39.

As you can see, Emgoldex trades in gold in very small amounts, which makes the investments accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Compensation Plan

Emgoldex does have what they call a “Goldex Marketing Program”.

I’ll try and simplify it here. These are the steps one must take in order to earn income through Emgoldex:

  • Register
  • Place an order for gold bars for a minimum of 7,000€, which is approximately $7850 as of this writing
  • Preliminary Order. Pay the cost of a “coupon order”, which is a deposit on the gold order you just placed, plus an internet subscription fee
  • There are 2 matrices on which orders are structured: the preliminary table and the main table, they’re called
  • First you fill up your first matrix with orders (the preliminary table), then the second (main table) matrix fills up
  • Each matrix (table) has 4 levels, on which 15 orders are placed. The first level has 8 orders
  • Your very first order goes into the first level of your preliminary table. New orders keep sliding into the first level, so when even newer orders come in, they push the older orders down a level
  • Once your preliminary table fills up, your oldest orders make it onto level 1 of your main table
  • Once you fill up your main table, you’ve completed a cycle
  • Complete 2 cycles and you get a credit bonus
  • Use the credit bonuses to buy gold bars
  • The credit bonus is 3500 credits. These credits can only be used to buy gold through Emgoldex
  • You’ll have to ask Emgoldex how much credits are worth, since they don’t give us that vital info on their website

So, after painstakingly deciphering their ridiculously dense affiliate program description, I’m lacking the one crucial piece of information that makes it all worth it: how much can you make with Emgoldex? 


  • investing in gold seems wise
  • lots of ways to convince people to invest in gold
  • Emgoldex sells in small amounts, starting at around $40
  • it’s a legit company
  • no complaints to be found, no bad experiences or scam alerts after 5 years in business


  • those small purchases that make the program appealing to so many people won’t do you any good as far as bonuses go, since the minimum order for placement on your tables is 7000 euros.
  • feels like you’re a pioneer if you join Emgoldex


Remember, this is a way to invest in gold yourself.

You don’t need Emgoldex to get you buying and selling gold.

For this reason, I am out. This is just the sad story of “selling the opportunity”, where real money is made by the few gurus on the top while the rest fight for the scraps.

Seen it too many times.

Look, I think buying gold is sage advice, but that doesn’t mean I am gonna join an MLM and start peddling gold bars to my friends.

You might like our training because it teaches you passive income lifestyle without asking your family and friends to buy gold bars.

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  • Mikesly

    I think it’s a very great opportunity.
    How can I find more informations?

    • Jeremy Page

      Probably a google search. Lol. But I actually don’t promote Emgoldex, as I’ve found a better (and less scuzzy) way to a better life (not MLM or money-chasing).

      • Eddy

        Jeremy, and what’s that way u make $30k per month, bro?

        • Jeremy Page

          Hint: not doing Emgoldex lol. I follow a training explained here.

    • Becky

      Please send me an email. ra_sexieme@yahoo.com.

      • Jeremy Page

        Becky, I don’t really do email. Feel free to ask any questions here.

  • Arlene Autentico

    How to be a member of this emgoldex..

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