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Empower Network – Banned Sponsor Makes Comeback

It’s true, I was banned by Empower Network.

After ranking #2 on Google for “Empower Network” with another site, their compliance department asked me to remove the site because I was infringing their name.

You see, I made the silly mistake of having “empowernetwork” in the domain name.

I logged into my back office, and my account had been disabled.

After taking the site down and making a few phone calls, everything was resolved and I launched this site.

Now, I am back. Stronger than ever.

My name is Jeremy Page, and I teach my students how to earn $5,000-$10,000/mo in the Empower Network using free traffic strategies.

Basically, I crush Google, and you can, too.

Before studying my Empower Network review, watch this video that exposes my ‘blogging secrets’ that give me $1,000 days on this innocent-looking blog.

empower-network-videoThis $1,675 was just over a week ago:


Pulling down $1,000 days is not typical and you should see the average earnings.

Look, I am not in the top 50 of the company, but I am probably in the top 50 ‘fasting-growing’ teams…

…and lemme tell ya why that’s actually a blessing for you: unlike the other Empower Network teams out there, you’ll actually have access to me.

Yes, personal one-on-one coaching from a guy who ranks for anything he wants on Google.

Wanna get there in 30-45 days? Take the shortcut.

Those other leaders that bring in the masses each day with paid traffic? They can’t give people their time. It’s impossible.

I am ready to turn your Empower Network business into an empire. I am doing it right now with this blog, so there is no pretending here.

Everybody can tell you how they did it, but they never did it.

Just keep reading and you’ll eventually discover my ‘blogging technique’ that keeps me getting Empower Network sign-ups without any…

…paid traffic…
…picking up the phone…
…home meetings…
…or hitting up strangers on Facebook (wow).


Empower Network is an online network marketing company that sells internet marketing tools and training. Namely, a blogging platform and a line of digital products that teach people how to make money on the internet.

Then, as a business opportunity, you have the option to sell the products and receive commissions.

Company Origins

Before starting Empower Network, co-founder David Wood endured years of approaching well-dressed people in Wal-Mart, 3-ways, home meetings and other traditional multi-level-marketing activities.

Then, he figured out a way to scale his businesses (the internet way), teams up with David Sharpe (another raw marketing brain-child) and together they launch Empower Network on October 31, 2011.

One week later, the company surmounts 1 million in paid commissions and never looked back.

A movement is started. Think: new age MLM.

Or, the Empower Network scam, as they say. Yes, they have their issues just like any other company, but they are legit and legal. Not a scam. My payments graciously get deposited into my Wells Fargo bank account whenever I want.

The Products

Empower Network has five core products:

  • Viral Blogging System (aka ‘Blog Beast’) $25/mo :: web blogging platform and mobile app for iPhone/Android, manage several domains in one location, still in beta (i still can’t figure out how to delete a post yet), not “revolutionary” like company promised
  • Inner Circle $100/mo :: an archived audio library that feature Empower Network leaders delivering weekly mindset/inspirational calls since late ’2011, lot’s of hype and redundancy (you’ll hear Dave Sharpe’s addiction stories 50+ times if you listened to all of them), but some great gems in there to get your mind right
  • Costa Rica Mastermind $500 :: recorded mastermind event from almost two years ago, good quality but severely out-dated (speculating a refresh here in the next 6-12 months)
  • 15k Formula $1,000 :: a series of over-the-shoulder webinars from top leaders in the Empower Network, the ‘hands-on’ way to replicate the Empower Network ballers…probably the best $1,000 in internet marketing training I have ever spent
  • Master’s Course $3,500 :: recordings from top leaders who are trying to move from $10k/mo to $50k/mo, or from $50k/mo to $100k/mo…not applicable training to the beginning marketer…great (and necessary) piece to make the business opportunity ‘big-ticket’

Compensation Plan

The Empower Network compensation plan, in thirty seconds:

  • You only earn commissions for products you’ve purchased (if you aren’t qualified, they pass up to the next person who is qualified)
  • You get 100% payouts on all the products (except Master’s Course, where you get paid a $3,000 commission for $3,500 sale) …however, you pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th sale and every fifth sale after that — on each product.
  • Only one person gets paid for each commission.

Finally, there is a $19.99 monthly affiliate fee that you pay to sell the products.

It’s a unique compensation plan that allows you to make more money than your sponsor. It’s fair but also gives you incentives to providing leadership as well.

Check out my more thorough Empower Network compensation plan post for more details.


Before considering joining, I wanted to address a couple myths that are plaguing the Empower Network brand around the world:

  • Myth 1 :: You are going to make ‘funny money’ by buying the Viral Blogging System and beginning a new path of daily blogging

Sadly, many Empower Network sign-ups are resulted because of this mentality.

Then, three weeks later, their blog hasn’t netted any commissions and they peace out, calling Empower Network a scam.

Although blogging is extremely lucrative when done correctly (like this website), the big-leagues at Google have made it clear that daily blogging doesn’t actually result in increased traffic. In fact, daily blogging that is thin, non-comprehensive and serves no intent will just put you in Google’s doghouse.

A dig deeper in this topic and drop 1,500 words of lucrative blogging gold in my Broke Blogging Phenomenon post.

  • Myth 2 :: You are going to make ‘funny money’ by joining at the $25 Viral Blogging System level


It might help your existing business because the blogging platform is a great product, but as far as earning commissions…

…the $25 commissions won’t ever make you transformational income.

On the other hand, you get ‘all-in’, and make one ‘all-in’ sale (someone under you who decides to get all the products), you would profit $4,625. You would have to make 185 sales of the $25 Blog Beast to rival those numbers.

Translation: adjust your minds.

The Empower Network was designed to work for big-ticket mentality and appeal to affluent people.

You know, people who want to do it big.

If this is not your long-term mindset but still want to make money online I would sell Amazon or Clickbank products.


So, real quick…

The good: Empower Network is ‘big ticket’ (earn up to $4,625 per affiliate), most of the tools and training are top-tier and their sales funnel flat-out works…

…and they are still in their infancy.

(That makes it pretty dang exciting)

The bad: Empower Network gets scrutinized because of the spammy and lazy marketers who promote it, some of their products desperately need upgrades, and it is expensive to get “all-in”.

So, even though I am an affiliate, I think I have been pretty straight with you.

Bottom line is this: if there is a better (and more lucrative) online marketing sales funnel that exists on the internet today, I don’t know about it.

And thankfully, the people who are making the most money with Empower Network are people delivering the most value to other people…

…and are sacrificing and doing whatever it takes to see changes in their lives.

(no scarcity or “me-first” mentality…)


So, hear me out for a sec…

Remember that ‘blogging technique’ I told you about in the beginning of this review?

That technique alone gets me hundreds of targeted people searching for Empower Network-related terms on this website…every single day.

That’s right, without ever spending a dime on paid traffic…

…picking up the phone…

…or ‘networking’ on Facebook…

…I have people searching for Empower Network-terms coming straight to my blog posts, where they see me with my legs kicked up and arms wide open.

Oh, and all-in members (people who buy all the products) will get a customized blog ($500 – like this one) and a month of SEO ($997) on me.

It’s the ultimate fast-track to 5k/mo in 90 days.

Look, I have the blueprint (over-the-shoulder videos) to share with people who partner with me, but remember…

…I do not want to partner with “me-first-marketers”.

I am looking for people who are ready to manifest their intentions and make the sacrifices – time, money, sleep, watching NFL games, whatever – to see transformational changes.

Sound like you? Then let’s team up:

Partner with me in the Empower Network >>


Thanks for taking the time to read my Empower Network review.

Your Empower Network coach,

Jeremy Page


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  • David Thomas

    What are you actually making money from? What is being purchased? What are the products? Is it pyramid marketing?

    • Jeremy Page

      David, let me answer your questions so you are 100% clear:

      “What are you actually making money from?”

      I make money when people purchase Empower Network products under my affiliate code.

      “What is being purchased?”

      Internet marketing tools and products.

      “Is it pyramid marketing?”

      Not sure what you mean by pyramid marketing, but I am assuming you are referring to the multi-level commissions you can receive. Unlike most multi-level compensation plans, only one person gets paid on a product level. You don’t split it with upline or downline.

      Check out my compensation plan overview for more info: http://multiplestreams.org/empower-network-compensation-plan/

  • I’m gonna guess this comment will be moderated out, but I’m going to ask a couple tough questions anyway. First of all, you said yourself that a lot of the training is outdated. If that is the case, then this puts Empower Network into that “bad” category of MLM where the sale and the commission (and building the dowline network) is more important than actually selling a quality product. There are sites out there which give you comprehensive cutting edge internet marketing training and tools for less than 50 bucks a month. Why would you go “all in, ” spending thousands of dollars for sub-par products. (Though your honesty about the products is appreciated.) Secondly, though only one person is making commissions on each sale, you are giving up commissions on some sales to people upline from you. That is just another way to share compensation. It is really no different than making partial commissions and paying multiple levels. It’s probably structured that way just so you can make the claim, “only one person gets paid for each sale. C’mon dude, it’s a pyramid scheme plain and simple.

    • Jeremy Page

      Wheatstraw – I think you didn’t read my entire review. I said “some” of the products are outdated, in which I was specifically referring to the Costa Rica Mastermind.

      The company has outstanding products (15k formula is ‘bonkers’ – best ‘nuts and bolts’ online training i’ve ever seen…) and the company continues to become more product-centric.

      And yes…there are pass-ups in the comp plan to incentivize leadership and people (like myself) who provide extra value and mentorship when people join. Hope that answers your questions.

  • Literally the best description of EN I’ve heard in two years……………Great job!

    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks, Steve.

    • LTJR7

      That was an awesome write up! I just started in EN and looking forward to some great things in 2014! All the best. :)

  • Shawn

    Dude well explained blog. You touched on the most important aspects of empower network and you were honest and clear. I’m also an affiliate of empower network (prosperity team)and extremely excited about changing my life and helping others to do the same. I wish you success in growing your business and hope we can work together in the future.

    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks, Shawn. I got nothing but love for the Prosperity Team.

  • Lauren

    some people havent got the money to go all in and buy all products im wondering what are the chances of seeing some sort of good income if you buy the $25/mo package if you do as much as online blogging and work your ass off?I am thinking off starting the $25 package and the money i get out of it slowly buy other products could this actually work?I am a hard worker and I would work my ass off for hours if i had to.
    I really strongly want to change the my life and the life of my family
    Thanks for your help

    • Jeremy Page

      Lauren, I understand some people don’t have the resources to go ‘all-in’ at once, and there is nothing wrong with getting started with the $25 product, but make sure your mindset is clear: You won’t earn transformational income with the $25 product alone and you need to think ‘big-ticket’ long-term for your blogging strategies to be lucrative.

      This will explain everything: http://multiplestreams.org/broke-blogging

    • Lauren,
      I’m in the same boat as you, but I did purchase the Inner Circle and Costa Rica MM, just so that if I did get sign-ups, I would at least get $125/month out of it.
      Good luck!!

  • Robin Chauhan

    I would also like to be a part of this venture. Can you help me know the procedure and the requisites.

    • Jeremy Page

      Robin, I have prepared resources throughout this blog to help you get started.

      I’d watch this video for starters: http://multiplestreams.org/squeeze

      Then, go to my partner tab and get to work.

  • Kenzo

    helo there, i’ve read your description of EN compensation plan and i fully understand it. I’m interested in joining your team but i’m gonna start with 25$ and 100$ first. (i’m still a college student) However, i’m from Malaysia and i only have visa debit card. will i able to join?

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, you should be good. Worst case, you might have to call in and get it manually verified (1-888-262-1934)

  • pete

    enjoyed the read but must ask a couple of questions…
    1/ I’m Canadian…. are you currently dealing with any Canadians?
    2/I have had considerable success in the past… I’ve been retired for 12 years but after a couple of recessions it’s time to saddle up and get back in action…. Empower seems very current and interesting
    3/What kind of training and support are you offering to your newbie team members?

    • Jeremy Page

      1. Canadians are fair game. 2. I would have to agree with you, there. 3. I offer hours of private over-the-shoulder videos of how I get sign-ups through Google traffic and I personally build out your blog if you choose to get all the products…among several other bonuses.

  • Great review Jeremy.

    Very well explained and detailed.

    See you in Miami!

    • Jeremy Page

      Appreciate that, will do brother

  • Ray

    I am a newbie and have started my own blog but would like to join EN to benefit more. I have been doing a little research. Am currently jobless and have a lot of time but no money. I can only spend $100 or so! How can you help me to make big money online and also train other stay at home moms in Africa make money??
    Let me know!

    • Jeremy Page

      Ray, I think your vision rocks and the fact that you want to help other stay-at-home mothers is admirable. That being said, I would not recommend you joining Empower Network at this time until you have a little more ends saved up to do the program thoroughly.

      When you are ready, I’ll be here waiting for you with a plate of nachos…my blogging and ranking secrets are in the 99.9th percentile of Empower Network sponsors. After all, how did you find my blog (cough, cough)?

  • shekeita

    So is it a good idea to start this business if you have limited or no real income?

    • Jeremy Page

      Limited or no real income is not ideal, but it’s always worth it to take action in life….so I say go for it. Get started for $25, but go into it knowing that the big money will come with the big-ticket products in Empower Network.

  • ade

    Yours is the best review I’ve come across since I commenced research on EN. However, I wish to join the train with the $25 plan. I currently live in Nigeria, what are my chances and how can you support me to achieve with the program.
    Thank you.

    • Jeremy Page

      Chances of me supporting you? 100% – I help people that join under me. I teach them the same blogging and SEO tactics that give me hundreds of targeted people like yourself visiting my site each day.

      As far as joining, you should be good. You might have to call to get manually verified (1-888-262-1934).

  • Wally

    I joined E.N. a couple of days ago.I am not happy at all with my current coach, I can’t tell you why because I don’t think it’s fair&correct.
    Is there a way I can come under your guidance?
    thank you.

    • Jeremy Page

      Nope, this goes against their TOS, however, I still might be able to help you. I emailed you.

  • Yash Chordia

    After reading everything I still dont know what do I have to do? Can you please tell me how to go about it. I can spare an hr a day and have savings of only $25. Kindly help me, I am looking to do something big for my MOM :)

  • suszie

    Greetings… So the best way to take advantage is to purchase the program that cost more per month; Simply because its self driven from the back end? Automatically finds leads and funnels that bring the money is correct?

    • Jeremy Page

      Hey Suszie, the best way to take advantage is to purchase the programs because it is the most lucrative sales funnel on the internet. It will not automatically find leads for you, though. That takes traffic. You can either pay for traffic, or earn your traffic through blogging and SEO, which I teach to my students.

  • Do you still have to purchase all the products to qualify to make all the commission? I heard that you don’t anymore, did I hear that right?

    • Jeremy Page

      Peter, technically you could make two sales as an affiliate for a product that you don’t own and then that would qualify you to start receiving commissions for that product. Basically, it’s the same thing, because you end up forfeiting your first commission. That’s why I highly recommend people to pick up the products, because the products do an excellent job training up the affiliate.

      • Zephan

        Jeremy, is this true for every product? If all I get is the blogging platform and the affiliate membership, and then make two sales for each product empower offers, I can then start earning commissions on every product?

        • Jeremy Page

          Zephan, yes, that is correct.

  • Wally

    Jeremy, my previous post on this blog got no answer from you.Is there a way I can talk with you in private?
    thank you.

    • Jeremy Page

      Wally, sorry about that…I do my best to respond to everyone. Although recently I have made the change of spending less time answering to comments as I’ve seen the vast majority are tire-kickers…they love talking about taking action, but rarely do. Just the facts :)

  • Don

    Elance :: I use this site to outsource anything. Start thinking like a boss and hire like a boss. I have found excellent workers for $3-$4/hour.

    Really?!!!! What little respect I had for you I just lost. Thinking like a boss is great but paying people slave labor wages is just wrong.

    • Jeremy Page

      Don, the average person in India makes $4.68 a day (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Income_in_India).

      Annually, $1219.

      I have hired several Indians and empowered them with one-on-one Skype trainings, free internet marketing education, and hope. I treat them with respect, and usually pay them bonuses at pay period if the work is done well. After the bonuses, it averages around $5/hour, or slightly higher than the daily average income in India.

      As someone who travels the world instead of trolling on blogs and watching the news, I understand geoarbitrage and that $5/hour in India is well-paying and definitely not slave labor.

      Hopefully you’ve been enlightened.

  • Luis V

    How can i sign up? And what nake your team better than ths others?

  • Great description Jeremy, thank you for this! I just joined EN myself last week and can’t wait to change people’s lives!

    • Jeremy Page

      Lorri, your welcome…I hope you kill it!

  • chuck bennit

    How does the residual work…?
    like if you just purchase the 25$ package…
    and what would it be if your whole team upgraded to the 100$ package

    • Jeremy Page

      Chuck, you make monthly residuals on both the $25 and $100 product.

  • chuck bennit

    so everyone that is under me.. do i get paid for? say.. i got a girl in .. then she gets a guy in and that guy gets a girl in. do i get paid for all three? im still kinda confused and wanna get my mindset knowing what im in for.. thanks

  • 12/2013 I went “all-in” with a female sponsor that promised to set me up with a blog, etc. Three weeks later I still did not have a working blog to make any money. My day job is management consulting to medium and large companies on change management IT transitions. After a $5100.00 debit for the ‘all-in” program I was getting restless and canceled everything! Summarizing 2013 receipts for taxes, I thought of giving EN another shot. Your information seems to more in my line of thinking. How could I work with you in re-instating myself? Possible?

    • Jeremy Page

      Rodger, as long as you are cancelled, then you are a free agent and can sign with a new team. As a bonus to people who go ‘all-in’, I build them a custom blog (like this one) within the first 48 hours of them getting started.

      You also have a rare opportunity to get professional blogging and SEO training from someone who…well, just look at how you found me on Google :)

  • Wendy Rolle

    Hello Jeremy, can I used the viral blogging system to assist me with a next business that I am in? I am new and I don’t know how to blog. Does the system come with marketing? How do I get my blog on Google?

    • Jeremy Page

      Wendy, answering your questions in order here:
      that’s ok,
      i teach my students how to get your blog to get on Google and get tons of traffic. Partner with me in the Empower Network and I give you this training.

  • Mark Richardson

    Hi Jeremy,
    I am seriously considering this opportunity, but am still not sure of what is going on with this marketing. Is there an actual product that you sell, or are we just to sell the program and make money from the people that join? Not knowing why they are investing their money and to what extent that investment will take them. I went through the 3 videos with Chris and then decided to google (imagine that) more about EN to see if this was some kind of scam. That is how I came across your blog. I am totally impressed with the ability to make big money in the company and just wonder if this market is over saturated at this time and if someone such as myself with no internet sales experience can profit well? I have had my own business for more than 25 years and have worked hard for 12 – 16 hours a day sometimes just to end up getting depressed at the end of the line and now I am working for someone else. I enjoy working for myself, but do not want to have to sacrifice all of the hours that I have done before to wind up with a mere pittance in my bank account. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very motivated and hard working person with an extreme I Can Do Anything if I put my mind to it kind of guy. I am now 53 years old and would love to spend the rest of my days working a couple of hours a day and pull in the kind of money that seems to be legitimately possible through EN. I also understand that I will need to put in a ton of work to begin with to learn all of the procedures and processes involved in getting to that point. I have no problem with that at all. But, I do work a full time job and need to know if I can pull all of this off while I am still maintaining to support my family working at my place of employment. If you can explain to me in laymans terms that this can be accomplished following your professional techniques, then I will be happy to join and become part of your team and partner with you. I hope that you understand where I am coming from? Thank you!

    • Jeremy Page

      Hey Mark, I’m pretty sure that my review explains what is being sold in the Empower Network. They’re products that teach you the best internet marketing skills. When you sell them, you get a commission. Empower Network has already done all the heavy lifting and the lucrative sales funnel is already in place. You, my friend, just need to worry about getting traffic to your offer or website. That is where partnering with me gives you a huge advantage, because I am a Google-gettin traffic expert.

      You can join my team here.

  • alicia

    I’ve been offered an opportunity with 5linx, however I like the sound of EN better. What makes EN better than 5linx?

    • Jeremy Page

      Alicia, EN is big-ticket ($1,000+ commissions) , their products are digital, and their marketing is based off of internet marketing practices (websites) and not traditional MLM marketing (home meeting presentations).

      This video goes over all of the benefits.

      Let me know if you see the clear advantages :)

  • Avinash

    Hi Jeremy,

    I already have a website(www.knowonlineadvertising.com) for which I am looking to increase the traffic. Do you think joining your chain will help me get that. Really in need of traffic to my site.


    • Jeremy Page

      Absolutely. That’s the core of my training: teaching people how to get traffic to their websites. The Empower Network products do a great job of this, and my private training takes it over the top.

  • Josh

    This finally explains what EN is! My question is im based in England and im wanting to change my sponsor as he has no time and only ever talks about up-selling. I have literally just signed up paying $25 and the $19.95 but yet to even create a blog in order to promote. You sound like an honest and willing to teach kinda guy so wondered how do i change my sponsor to you

    • Jeremy Page

      Josh, sorry that goes against the TOS, plus I wouldn’t feel right about taking people from other teams. I’d recommend buying the products and taking action so you can earn his/her mentorship.

  • eric

    Hey man shoot me a text I work with wake up now and am looking to get more info on this from you 7736649664

    • Jeremy Page

      Eric, all the information you need is on this site.

  • If you ask me how i came into your website, it is through search engine journal that brought me here. No wonder you rank on first page of google. This is indeed an honest empower network review.

    • Jeremy Page


      Thanks for your comment.

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