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Empower Network warnings, myths and complaints

My name is Jeremy Page, a former 1%-er in Empower Network.

I am out.

It’ll all make sense when you watch this video, I promise…

Enter my buddy Brad:

(10-15 minutes, mute all distractions, be sure to watch till the end)



Look, I got love for Empower Network (they helped me a lot) and David Wood is still one of the rawest visionaries in the industry…but yeah…

…just watch the video lol.

Cool? Now, the empower network review:


Empower Network is an online network marketing company that sells internet marketing tools and training. Namely, a blogging platform and a line of digital products that teach people how to make money on the internet.

Then, as a business opportunity, you have the option to sell the products and receive commissions.

Company Origins

Before starting Empower Network, co-founder David Wood endured years of approaching well-dressed people in Wal-Mart, 3-ways, home meetings and other traditional multi-level-marketing activities.

Then, he figured out a way to scale his businesses (the internet way), teams up with David Sharpe (another raw marketing brain-child) and together they launch Empower Network on October 31, 2011.

One week later, the company surmounts 1 million in paid commissions and never looked back.

A movement is started. Think: new-age MLM.

The Products

Empower Network has five core products, although new Empower Network “add-ons” like ipas 2 have bundled the products to add simplicity.

Here are the five core:

  • Viral Blogging System (aka ‘Blog Beast’) $25/mo :: web blogging platform and mobile app for iPhone/Android, manage several domains in one location, still in beta (i still can’t figure out how to delete a post yet), not “revolutionary” like company promised
  • Inner Circle $100/mo :: an archived audio library that feature Empower Network leaders delivering weekly mindset/inspirational calls since late ‘2011, lot’s of hype and redundancy (you’ll hear Dave Sharpe’s addiction stories 50+ times if you listened to all of them), but some great gems in there to get your mind right
  • Costa Rica Mastermind $500 :: recorded mastermind event from almost two years ago, good quality but severely out-dated (speculating a refresh here in the next 6-12 months)
  • 15k Formula $1,000 :: a series of over-the-shoulder webinars from top leaders in the Empower Network, the ‘hands-on’ way to replicate the Empower Network ballers…probably the best $1,000 in internet marketing training I have ever spent
  • Master’s Course $3,500 :: recordings from top leaders who are trying to move from $10k/mo to $50k/mo, or from $50k/mo to $100k/mo…not applicable training to the beginning marketer…great (and necessary) piece to make the business opportunity ‘big-ticket’

Compensation Plan

The Empower Network compensation plan, in thirty seconds:

  • You only earn commissions for products you’ve purchased (if you aren’t qualified, they pass up to the next person who is qualified)
  • You get 100% payouts on all the products (except Master’s Course, where you get paid a $3,000 commission for $3,500 sale) …however, you pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th sale and every fifth sale after that — on each product.
  • Finally, there is a $19.99 monthly affiliate fee that you pay to sell the products. Check out my more thorough Empower Network compensation plan post for more details.


So, real quick…

The good: Empower Network is ‘big ticket’ (earn up to $4,625 per affiliate), most of the tools and training are top-tier and their sales funnel flat-out works…

…and they are still in their infancy.

(That makes it pretty dang exciting)

The bad: (The complaints!) Empower Network gets scrutinized because of the spammy and lazy marketers who promote it, some of their products desperately need upgrades, and it is expensive to get “all-in”.

So, even though I am an affiliate, I think I have been pretty straight with you.

Bottom line is this: if there is a better (and more lucrative) online marketing sales funnel that exists on the internet today, I don’t know about it.


So, hear me out for a sec…

I blog, and I rank my webpages on top of Google for lucrative keywords.

It’s what I do, and it flat-out works.

Think of the possibilities.

There are tens of thousands of keywords on the internet that would attract people into your Empower Network business.

Imagine ranking for those keywords, like I do.

I am looking for people who are ready to manifest their intentions and make the sacrifices – time, money, sleep, watching TV whatever – to hit 15k months.

Sound like you?

Welcome to the society.

Grab the products, then email support@multiplestreams.org so we can do our coaching call that same day, if possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Empower Network review.

To 15k months,

Jeremy Page







PS. In case you just scrolled to the bottom, I decided to part ways with Empower Network.

After you see this, you’ll see why it was a no-brainer for me.

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  • Megan

    I am interested in the Local lead generation. How do I get into it?

    • Jeremy Page

      Megan, glad you’re intrigued.

      After being a top 100 Empower Network affiliate and then doing the local leads model, I’ve quadrupled my income and I actually feel good ’bout what I do…

      Check it.

  • ayo thomas

    I am interested in learning the local business model

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