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Essante Organics provides toxic-free health products (full review)

Essante Organics is a toxic-free health and wellness MLM company.

People seem to love the products. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains:


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All good?

Essante Organics launched in 2009 and operates in the health and wellness niche.  On reflection, “niche” isn’t really the right word, considering you can’t move for wellness MLMs, but nevermind.

The company is based in Arizona and is led by CEO Michael Wenniger, who started the business with 35 people in the 1980s.  The company now covers 75,000 people and in its infancy earned over 14 million dollars.

They call their representatives Field Executives and Wellness Warriors, which is obviously meant to hold gravitas but actually sounds like a cartoon army.  They sell a range of wares, so let’s take a closer look.


Still piggybacking on the “toxic-free” and organic tagline, Essante ORGANICS sells a range of home and food products.  Everything leans into the expensive end of the spectrum, with some products priced startlingly high.  A lip gloss for $33.79?  Dang.

Body & Spa

  • Body Care
  • Facial Cre
  • Hair Care
  • Oral Care
  • Packs

Baby Care

  • PH Nutrition
  • Power-Pops and Kidspops
  • PH Balancing
  • Packs

This is their most extensive range, with an oil offering benefits and cures to almost everything.  Sweet Dreams, Thin and Sexy, Coat of Armour, Red Hot Romance or “Holy” Basil?  Take your pick.  They’re all quite steep for 15ml pots – around $37.00 each and up.

That being said, the transparency about prices is a mark in their favour.  It’s all too common to see MLMs with hundreds of products but not a price in sight.  

Not only that, but Essante Organics publically posts both retail and wholesale price, which is incredibly honest for an MLM like this.  Have a brownie point.

Compensation Plan

So you can become a customer member or a representative.  The compensation plan itself is nowhere to be seen on the website, which is a shame as it was doing so well before.    

On their compensation plan page, they proclaim to be the only place that offers a 100% matching bonus in 1 out of 6 commission payments.  If you’re a Wellness Warrior, you’ll get 1005 commission “that matches every one of your personal enrollment team commission checks.”  

That seems nice, but it’s a little vague on the details.  Does that mean it’ll be hard to get hold of?  Who knows.

Joining Essante Organics means buying one of two packs – the Everyday Basics at $199.00, which’ll rank you at Silver for 30 days, or the Elite Pack at $499.00, which’ll rank you at Silver for 60 days.  Those aren’t the cheapest MLM buy-in’s I’ve ever seen, but also not the most expensive.

These packs also determine some of your commission.  Everyday Basics Pack affiliates will earn $50.00 per recruited affiliate, but Elite Pack affiliates earn double at $100.00 per recruited affiliate, which could make a big difference if your work emphasis is on your downline.

You earn 5% commission on your lower leg sales.  If you maintain Gold level rank for 3 months, you’ll get a $500.00 bonus.

The ranking system is refreshingly simple with only three ranks.  Some MLMs have twenty or more, which is sheer madness.

Essante Organics affiliates can rank Silver, Gold or Platinum.  To get to Silver rank, you need to have recruited at least two other affiliates who both generate 75 PV on a monthly basis.  Gold ranks have recruited at least four other Silver ranked affiliates, and Platinum ranks have recruited at least four Gold ranks.

The commission qualification follows several tiers, with all PV measured on a monthly basis:

  • 0-39 PV – retail commissions
  • 40-74 PV – retail commissions and 5% binary commission
  • 75-99 PV – all commissions except the Expansion Race Bonus
  • 100-PV – all commissions

Affiliates also get 30% commission on retail customer orders.

If you really hit the gas, you can qualify for the Express Start Bonus where you recruit four affiliates who then recruit two affiliates of their own, each, within the first 30 days of joining up.  This bonus puts another $500.00 in your wallet.

Then we get onto the fun of residual commissions, based on a binary structure, where you’re paid 10% of your weakest downline’s sales volume.  

Remember I briefly mentioned the Expansion Race Bonus for commissions?  It’s not a pie-eating contest.  It’s a bonus pool made up of 1% of global sales which you can tap into if your downline generates at least $50,000 per month on both sides of the binary team.  

You can also grab Binary Earnings Match, which is basically a percent matching bonus on your recruited affiliates binary commissions.  If you’re a Silver rank, you get 25%.  If you’re a Gold rank, you get 50%.  If you’re Platinum, you get a whopping 100%.   


The product line for Essante Organics isn’t bad by MLM standards, but it’s also not perfect.  It’s kind of expensive and it’s in a very saturated niche.  Normally you’d hear “wellness MLM” and groan.  

However, the whole website and product line feel legitimate.  Well, as legitimate as an MLM can be.  They seem to care about their products and genuinely believe in their healthy benefits.  

Check out this diabolical testimonial:

My 19-year-old was really sick: achy head, bruising, low iron, lumps on her legs & armpits, & she couldn’t get out of bed. I sent her Earth Greens, Omegas, Bee Natural & Supreme pH Drops. In 24 hours she went from almost being hospitalized to feeling amazing!

This takes the classic MLM problem to a chillingly stupid level.  Selling your wares to family and friends is icky enough, but sending your potentially seriously ill child (I presume) your silly PH pops before considering genuine medical treatment?  If this is real, it’s deplorable.  

Not technically Essante’s fault, granted, but someone on their marketing team chose to include this testimonial on their public page.  If an MLM was a caricature, this would be it.

The compensation plan not being readily available doesn’t exactly scream transparency and honesty, which is weird considering how easy the products were to scan and price up.  IF they’d maintained their level of user friendliness across the whole website, it would’ve been brilliant.  

Essante Organics is a far cry from the worst MLM out there.

But if you’re looking for a passive income opportunity without hawking health products to your family and friends, you might like our training.

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