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FG Xpress compensation plan (review)

Hopefully you came here for all-things FG Xpress and their compensation plan.

Fg Xpress, by the way, good company. Just had to go in a different direction.

It’s not MLM, and it’s quadrupled my income.

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Now, back to the comp plan…here we go:

Compensation plan

They’ve done a great job keeping their compensation plan simple – yet extremely lucrative. 

Still, it can be a little overwhelming at first if you are new to MLM comp plans.

To get paid, you must have an “active order”, (or autoship) and each active order lasts 4 weeks. As long as you renew your active order, you’ll always qualify to receive commissions.

Oh, and commissions are paid out each Tuesday. Boo-yah.

Now, there are 5 different ways to get paid.

Let’s break down each one:

#1: Fast Start Bonus:


The Fast Start Bonus rewards you with 25% volume of all of your personally-enrolled-members for the first four weeks.

This is for everyone you personally bring in. Unlimited, at that.

#2: X-Tribe Bonus:


With the X-Tribe Bonus, you’ll get your next qualifying order paid for if:

  • You have 4 active, personally-enrolled-members
  • You have 1000QV in your first two levels

Now, if your active order is 50QV (1 pack/mo $60), then you’ll receive a $100 bonus.

If your active order is 100QV (2 packs/mo $120), then you’ll receive a $200 bonus.

I like this a lot, actually, because it helps people stay in business for the long haul. If everyone met this bonus alone, nobody would quit, because qualifying wouldn’t ever be a net loss.

#3: Team Bonus:


Simple: you get paid 12% weekly on your shorter leg, or your “pay leg”.

So, if your pay leg has 10,000 commissionable volume, you’d get paid $1,200.


Remember, it’s 12% if you are a 100QV member, and 8% if you are a 50QV member. Obviously, it’s a no-brainer to qualify at the 100QV level to make the CEO money.

This bonus caps out at $20,000 per week.

#4: Matching Bonus:


This is huge:

Remain on active order, have one personally-enrolled-member on each leg, maintain 500QV for each leg and achieve 2-star rank…

…and you’ll receive matching bonuses on all the “team bonuses” of the people underneath you.

Different bonus percentages with each level of your downline, but it all equals to 100% (as the graphic illustrates).

I know…kind of confusing at first.

I will say this, though…the 50% matching bonus on your first-level is very significant, and that can blow up quickly.

Just keep it simple: Develop the people you personally sponsor, and you’ll make bank-roll.

That’s the message behind the Matching Bonus.

#5: Rank Advancement Bonus:


The Rank Advancement Bonus is where the silly money is made.

Anywhere from $500 to $25k a month.

Now, rank advancement is directly related to your placement tree and how much volume (QV) you have in your pay leg (your smaller leg).

This ranges from 1 star (500 QV) to All-Star (250,000 QV).

Thanks for reading.

In case you scrolled to the bottom, I decided not to roll with FG Xpress even though this blog gets over 100,000 hits per month.

You might enjoy our training because other people who are complete strangers did.

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  • I am a member of fgxpress team and just want to review how to be 4 star because I would like to upgrade to $2,000 but just want to be able to reach 4 star. Please explain it to me again. Thank you for your patience .

    • Sky

      Email me please when you have time :)

  • Jasdeep

    I am interested in FGX express power strips and also, the local lead generation with brad and dan, thanks

  • anthony

    thanks for educating me on this payment plan! It so far has been the clearest and simplest explanation of this model i have come across. thanks.

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