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Four Corners, the $18 deal you should probably look into if you like side income

Make sure it says “referred by Jeremy Page”.

Click here to join.

Does Four Corners Alliance Group actually work?

As you saw in the video, you can really see the power of duplication on my third and fourth levels.

And this thing isn’t going away.

As long as it’s alive, I’ll be throwing people on my team every day. Translation: you wanna be on my team.

Look at what happens with the matrix fills out:


Going to level with you, here…this program is borderline-crazy.

If you’re seeing this now (late 2016 or 2017), the company has never been hotter.. (is that a word?)

I’m part of the fastest-growing team in 4 Corners, and you’ll get hooked up with bonuses that will help you get your four people in less than 24 hours.

Need a deeper explanation of the company? This video does a good job covering the basics:

(you won’t sleep, i promise)

4×6 forced matrix, with real products. The products cover a variety of topics, but mostly deal with finances and stuff.

Let’s point out a few things…this opportunity has such a low barrier of entry that this will attract the masses. Simple as that.

Spillover-galore, with the incentive for people to get in early to capitalize on matrix positioning.

This is legitimately a $18 opportunity, because all future up-sales will be taken care of by money you have earned.

The 4×6 matrix is as follows:


Look at what happens at the fourth level. Printing $24 bills, left and right.

And the matrix is just one of five ways you make money with this….which is still baller. You still get a half million once that fills up.

Then, more “millionaire-money” is from the matching checks of every single person you personally enroll.


That’s potentially $559,824 from any referral.

So, if your personally-referred member collects commissions from their entire Level 4 of over $6,144, you collect $6,144 instantly, as an example.

(Exactly the same happens in relation to every personally sponsored member)

And then there are 3 other ways you make money with the company, but, truthfully, the real takeaway is this:

Pay $18, then get 4 people to do the same.

In case you guys didn’t catch it, 4 Corners is a forced matrix. In other words, you wanna surround yourself with guys that are crushing, so you can get their “spillover”.

(over 200,000 affiliates in that company)

…and I joined Four Corners Alliance Group under some of the realest internet marketers in the game.

We’re crushing this program, whether you get in or not. Put yourself in our circle.

Get your four, and get your money.

So, let’s recap:

It’s $18 to join, it’s a forced 4×6 matrix, and you’re at near ground-breaking opportunity.

Forbes recently ran an article detailing work-from-home opportunities and baby-boomers.

Over 10,000 people are retiring every day…and many of them are turning to the internet to find passive income.

Think about that for a second. Position yourself to succeed.

Get started here.

Getcha game up…

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  • karthi

    Can you tell me how many people you need in your downline to complete your 6th level ?
    I assume that you will receive commissions from your 6th level when they complete their 5th level, is that correct ?

  • Jeremy Page

    4096 in the 6th level, but remember, those will primarily be spillover. Easy when the offer is only $18. Get in my matrix now.

    • andrew

      i just joined your team! thanks for the updated video

      • Jeremy Page


  • Lot

    Hi,can i join your team and pay may $18 through paypal

    • Jeremy Page

      Credit or debit should be fine. I don’t think they offer Paypal.

  • Bridget Mccammon

    I joined your team today and I guarantee you within 48 hours I will have 6 people join with me. Let’s rock this.

    • Jeremy Page

      Loooooooooove that kinda commitment, Bridget. Lemme know when you get those 6…

      • wayne

        where do I put my four people?

        • Jeremy Page

          Your back-office automatically does this, no worries. Just get people and let the system do the rest.

  • Keith Miller

    Just joined this morning, after liking what I read about Four Corners and Team Global Impact. One question, though: How do new members go about getting these bonuses you mention?

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, saw you come in Keith. The email I send to you shows exactly how to do forward the bonuses on to your team.

  • laura

    Hi Jeremy, im from an Island in the Caribbean ,,looking for a gopd team to join in with a few of my members, Support is very important to me

    • Jeremy Page

      We got your back…hope you run with us.

  • Jaca C

    Hello, do you recommend that people not join this program if they are not recruiters.

    • Jeremy Page

      I think anyone and everyone should join this because it’s $18. That being said, it’s not hard to get 4 people. If you’re not a recruiter that’s cool, you’ll get your ROI regardless from spillover.

      • Kami

        Define spillover

        • Jeremy Page

          Spillover = people being put under you even though you didn’t personally sponsor them. Only possible in forced matrices like Four Corners.

  • Gwen

    Jeremy, I like this opportunity and was looking for a good team to join. I’m not a big recruiter, but I do promote. Besides this blog are you using other methods to build your gi-normous downline? Are you using that Xtreme Lifestyles system at all?

    • Jeremy Page


      I am glad you promote, but you really don’t need to be a “recruiter” to make some good cash with 4 corners. At minimum, get 4 people.

      As for my success, I do alotta videos and blog posts that funnel people into the opportunity. That’s my bread and butter.

      Other popular methods to get recruits are your warm market (fam and friends…which isn’t so bad cause it’s $18 lol), FB marketing, solo ads (blasting other people’s email lists), and offline marketing methods like drop cards or flyers.

      Here is the full secret to my mojo: http://multiplestreams.org/mlm-recruiting-secrets.

      Hope that helps.

  • Mike Williams

    Just Joined up. Looks like you have things rolling and hope to join you in some dough rolling!!

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep saw you come in…just sent over the bonuses. Get 4 and let’s bankroll

  • Martyn Bird

    Hi Jeremy.
    How do I join you on this fantastic journey I see sign up link ?

  • kate

    Hello, I’ve just joined. I’m Korean. Spillover is important for me. Thank you.

    • Jeremy Page

      Glad to have ya…get your 4, at minimum. You’ll start to see spillover in the upcoming weeks/months, but do your part and get your 4.

      That’s the only thing I ask…

  • James

    Hello Jeremy, I am interested in earning money online. I am a little confused though. I seen ur as for four corners alliance group, but also map. Do they work together, or are they two different programs?

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, they were hand-in-hand. People use the MAP traffic exchange to promote 4 corners.

      MAP is a no-brainer because if you buy credit packs (advertising) and click ads, you make money regardless.

  • edwin H C Tan

    Hi Jeremy I have signed up in your team for fourcorners alliancegroup.
    I am a74 year old male retiree and look forwar to achieve some reasonable residual income. I am from Singapore. I do not consider my self very compute savvy but am prepared to learn albeit slowly.
    I may need plenty of help and guidance from your team. I am not a very good recruitor but shall start with my present list and warm market.
    any help and suggesstion are welcomed. My username is viralincome and you can contact my email there.
    Edwin H C Tan

    • Jeremy Page

      Happy to have you on board, Edwin. Four Corners is an ideal passive income for retired folk, we have a few of them in our group already. Again, happy to have you on board and let me know how I can serve you.

  • Peggy McIntyre

    Just signed up with you. Will i get access to the sales funnel that’s in the video above?


    • Jeremy Page

      Doesn’t look like you signed up under me. People who sign up under me get access to the video funnel, yes.

  • Angelina

    I just joined your team! Looking forward to building this team with you!

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, saw ya come in. Sent over the details. Excited to rock this with you

  • Chevara

    Kia Ora, Hello.
    I have done a wee bit of research on 4 corners alliance group would love to take the opportunity to join under you Jeremy. Im bit confused on what exactly the products are?

    • Jeremy Page

      They’re info-products, and they will be in your back-office. Hope you take action.

  • Pure Earner

    Hi Jeremy,
    I am really interested to join your team and work with you to achieve OUR GOALS collectively, Can you please send me the further details. I will do my best to increase our team.

    • Jeremy Page

      No further details needed, all the info is on this page. Hope you take action.

  • Brandy

    Hi just curious, how do you cash out your commission from this company? Is it from an overseas bank? Do they send you a check? In one of your videos you say you can get a lot of people to follow you and once they join, “you” put them under someone. Am i right or am i wrong? You have all these people following you because we want to get followed too (once we join your group). Will that happen?

    Thank you

    • Jeremy Page

      Brandy, cashing out is super easy. They send out Visa debit card once you’ve got all the products, and it’s as good as cash. You use it however you want or go to the ATM and pull cash out.

      Yeah, so the whole idea is for you to get 4, and then get your people to do the same. Our team has training on how to do this using paid traffic.

      For example, my 4th and 5th levels are already filling up, but most of my 4th and 5th level sign-ups have been from other people on my team…not me. This is the beauty of the matrix spillover:


      (Remember, i joined this thing in November. This is crazy)

      There is a reason why this is working. Anyone (and I mean anyone) can get 4 people to join at $18.

      • Brandy

        hehehe your good ;) thanks

  • BCD

    Jeremy, I want to start with making a good decision, Which one offers the fastest way to 5000.00 per month. My family cannot afford for me to fail. I need help making the right decision. Should I do both?

    My Advertising Pays or Four Corners?

    • Jeremy Page

      The deadly combo is to use Four Corners as a low-ticket offer to build your list (while eventually making crazy money) using the My Advertising Pays traffic.

      It flat-out works. I am already pacing six figures in My Advertising Pays this year, and our Four Corners matrix will be churning out six-figure earners in about 6-9 months. Unbelievable the momentum these two programs have…never seen anything like it.

      So, to get to 5k a month, get started in Four Corners, get 4, join MAP, buy a few hundred credit packs, then advertise the Four Corners offer using your MAP advertising credits. Because your MAP credits will eventually become profitable regardless, your risk is very, very limited.

      Your goal..well, it should be much higher than 5k/mo.

      • BCD

        Ok Im joining 4 corners now. Then Ill buy my first credit packs for MAP right afterwards. Once I do how do I access the team for guidance? Is there a member section for your team to ask questions? Thanks for teaching me to fish.

        • Jeremy Page

          Absolutely, I’ll send over the training when I see you come in.

  • monica

    the 4 corners alliance is available in how many countries

    • Jeremy Page


  • Gao (Sunny) Xiong

    I joined via cell phone. After sumitting my info and payment the next page was an error page indicating website down or my connection not configured for that page. With that, I don’t know what the following page is but I did confirm with my cc that the payments did go through. I also didn’t get an email confirmation. Please email me my information. Thank you. Look forward to working with you.

    • Jeremy Page

      You’re in, sent over the material.

  • Jack

    Hi Jeremy,

    I am looking to join and start, send me over any advice.

    • Jeremy Page

      Advice? You join, then I’ll send you over instructions on how to be successful with Four Corners.

  • robert

    Signed up with you my friend. I pushing this any way i can daily. I didnt know about a sales funnel though. Will check it out if i have access. Thanks again. Lets make money!

    • Jeremy Page

      Glad you’re on board.

  • Veronica

    So in order to be a part of this, I just have to pay $18 and get 4 (+) people to sign up under me? and then they have to do the same?
    Is there any thing more?

    • Jeremy Page

      Bingo. It’s working well. Still, you always have some that won’t get their 4. That’s where big-time leaders (like me) and several others help out with the spillover. In other words, because I’ll be directly above you, I am forced to put the additional people that I sponsor under you.

  • Kristjan

    Looks interesting…the question is when did you write these notes here…however, i assume there is still a spot left for me? :)

    • Jeremy Page

      This is updated all the time. Current. Of course there is a spot for you, this thing has barely started.

  • Javier

    Hey Jeremy I just signed up with your team, I want to do my best to make this happen.

    • Jeremy Page

      Emailed you. Welcome aboard.

  • Stan

    I’m in and ready to go…. still need to complete step 5, If you could e-mail me some quick start tips..


    • Jeremy Page

      Emailed you bro. Excited to have you on board.

      • Never received your e-mail,Please resend asap,thanks… Team Global Impact site, site will not load,do you have any suggestions??

  • Rob Fraser

    Great write up! Your SEO skills are off the charts! Wishing you much success !

  • Percy

    Thank you, this is what I need!

  • Susanne

    Hello…do I have to hook up my own auto-responder to use 4 Corners?

    Thanks for your time…Susanne

  • Baker

    Hey I just signed up with you

    • Jeremy Page

      Awesome, I emailed you.

      • Baker

        I dont receive your e-mail , can you resend it please .

  • Alex

    Just registered under your team, all helps will be greately appreciated. Thank.

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, I got you.

  • Mandy

    Hi ,
    This seems awesome , do have sign ups in South Africa

    • Jeremy Page

      Believe we’ve had a few. SA is fair game. Hop on board..

  • Nomsa Kanyama

    Hello Jeremy, I have just joined and recruited four people. is that all i have to do? can i get more people to join under my name?

    • Jeremy Page

      Nice work. If you’re aggressive, you’ll get results faster. Get 4, then get more if you can. Not required.

  • cesia

    Hello Jeremy. I just bought four corners and I like to be in your Team Global Impact. Now what do I have to do to get into the training area?

    • Jeremy Page

      I’ll send over the details. Glad you’re on board!

  • Heather Sheridan

    Hi Jeremy. Love your name my son is named Jeremy also. I just joined your team. I am a nurse so this is new territory to me. I will need all the help I can get.

    • Jeremy Page

      Welcome aboard. This stuff is eazy-peazy compared to being a nurse.

  • Jeremy Page

    Sending those over. Glad to have you on board.

  • Comfort

    Hi Jeremy, I read your reviews above and I really got interested. I just joined 4 corners under you. Kindly send me more information to help me get started on my path to making money with 4 corners.

  • Willie

    Hello Jeremy! How long have this been on the market? Is this residual income once you get to level 5-6?

    • Jeremy Page

      Residuals are earned on the monthly stuff, which can happen immediately. That can take a awhile to build up, but def exciting for the long-term.

  • Nadeem

    Dear Sir

    I want to join your team in 4 corner but i dont have 4 people who join with me in your team. So can i join with u without 4 people

    Nadeem Asghar

    • Jeremy Page

      You can but it will take much, much longer to see any return. Anybody can get 4 people. No excuses.

  • peace

    If I Join your team in four corners, will you assist in placing four people under me? Thanks.

    • Jeremy Page

      Yeah, that’s the whole idea. I have training for that. But, also, getting in this matrix ASAP is beneficial as the people who join in the future will automatically be placed under you as well.

  • Darryl

    Exactly how do I market once I am in four corners

    • Jeremy Page

      I got the training for that. For people who join my team.

  • Reindolf

    Hello Page,

    please I want to find out about the payment, let’s say I am able to use 6weeks in reaching level 3, do I stand to cash out my money or I will have to wait for my downlines to reach level 3 as well.

    In other words, supposing I start today and completes level 3 within 2 months, can I request for payment or I will have to wait for my downlines to also complete level 3?

    please help me understand how the payment works.

    thank you.

    • Jeremy Page

      You can pull out money whenever you like. But to treat it like a business and go in with the right mentality, the idea is to not pull out money until you are a level 6. That’s what most people do, and that’s what makes the matrix works.

  • Clint du Toit

    Hi Jeremy

    I joined under you in Team Global Impact.

    Would you be so kind to send me the bonuses of sponsoring 4 in 24 hours?

    I sponsored 2 so far.

    • Jeremy Page

      That’s whats up bro, sending out new bonuses now.

  • William

    Is this networking applicable to Nigerians, I think i’m interested, finding four people to be under me should not cost me more than 24hours.
    Please respond, I’m eager on how to join this freebies…

    • Jeremy Page

      It’s worldwide. As long as you have a credit card, it should work. :)

  • Roy

    I just joined your team. Can you advise me on the best way to get started ?

    • Jeremy Page

      Congrats, I’ll send over the good stuff.

  • Daniel

    Hi Jeremy. I’m considering joining your team and i would like to know first, at what stage can i place request for a withdrawal ? Thanks

    • Jeremy Page

      You can withdraw at anytime. It’s just recommended you wait until you’ve purchased all 6 products before doing this.

  • B'

    Hi Jeremy.I am in South Africa and have just heard about 4Corners.I would like to be a part of a dynamically growing group ,with that said,I suck at recruiting but I do have a friend who’s willing to come aboard with me.Looking forward to joining the team.

    • Jeremy Page

      Nice, just get your 4 if you suck at recruiting. That’s all we really ask.

  • Myriiam

    Hi Jeremy
    I am interested to join you. Is there any monthly subscription ?
    Can I sponsor my own children?

    Thank you and warmest regards

    • Jeremy Page

      Not sure on the rules there, I believe someone told me 3 per address or credit card.

  • Greg

    Can I make at least $500 monthly with MAP putting more efforts and buying more credits

    • Jeremy Page

      Of course. Please read my post.

  • Jerry Morrison

    i would like to join but i dont have a sponsor. can someone give me his/her code?

    • Jeremy Page

      Lol, did you not see the three, orange “Join me in Four Corners” buttons on this page?

  • Keshawna Gaskin

    Hey Jeremy ,

    I been following you for quite sometime. I am even more encouraged to start building my team with 4C now that I’ve seen you on here making much progress.

    I see that you’re able to view your matrix and track your organization. Is there a way you can see names of people or even their contact info ( email , phone number) ?

    • Jeremy Page

      Yeah, the backoffice tracks all of that information. Hope to see you run with it.

  • aneska

    Just signed up with u!! Excited to start. What should I do now?

    • Jeremy Page

      Great, I emailed ya

      • aneska

        I didn’t receive the email can you send it again? Thank u

      • aneska

        Still haven’t received any emails.

  • Whitney

    Hey there. Just joined! A little nervous and confused but eager to start!

    • Jeremy Page

      You’ll rock this, Whitney. Keep it simple.

  • aneska

    Just signed up with u!!! Excited to start. What should I do next? How can I get more people to sign up with me?

  • Mirriam

    Hi Jeremy
    I am in south africa,I just heard about 4 corner.I had to admit I am more convinced to join after reading your blog.
    Please tell me what do I need in order to rock with you guys, Do I gualify without credit cards?what should I do to gualify?

    • Jeremy Page

      No qualifications, lol, just pull out your credit card. Should work in most countries.

  • Nozi

    Hi Jeremy
    Loving the 4 Corners opportunity. One thing – is one able to access their commissions ONLY after reaching level 6…or did I hear incorrectly on one of the videos?

    • Jeremy Page

      You can choose to take money out before, but it’s not recommended. This is a long-haul thing, so better to max out the comp plan and let those commissions ride.

  • JZion

    Join sign up! I’m hitting the ground running!!!
    Question please, Where do I request for the Platinum Visa Card or will it be automatically sent as I signed up?

    • Jeremy Page

      It’s in the backoffice, you can request for it. I’d wait until you’re level 6.

  • Mark

    Hi Jeremy, I am currently in A forced 5×6 matrix (which starts next month so I’m near the top) where the newcomer will automatically fill in the slots without people choosing who goes under who. Do you decide where your new people go in the matrix?
    Regarding the payout of commissions, I saw a reply to a question that you said once all products are purchased, you get a visa debit card. Which is fine, but does that mean you don’t get paid, until you get to the level where the system ha managed to purchase the products? So I could be playing for the newsletter monthly and unless I get to all the products, I won’t see any income?

    I definitely need something like this, I am suppose to be signing upto NWC with a very good friend, but it seems I have to pay more out there each month, before I see good returns. The thing is they’re awesome returns, as long as you can work it.

    Also I am in the UK, I assume it still works here.



    • Jeremy Page

      Hey Mark…

      People are auto-filled, you don’t place them. Obviously, you could strategize this if you place people you know, but truthfully, it doesn’t really matter.

      Regarding payouts, you can pull out money whenever. It’s just pointless to do so before you’ve got all the products unless you’re just trying to make a quick $50 or so…I hope 99% of us are looking for a little more than that.

      Glad you need something like this, now it’s up to you to make it happen. UK is def fair game. See you on the inside.

  • Nicolay

    Sorry, I just noticed that you’re name is Jeremy.

    Lets work

    • Jeremy Page

      Lol no worries.

  • Vimassda

    Hi Jeremy, hope you still are having success. I just signed up 9/3/2015

    • Jeremy Page

      Vimassda, currently #3 in the entire company and pulling out thousands every month (September, 2015 update)…does that count as success?

  • Samed

    How is your team? I want to join your team, how are you moving now? I have 4 people willing to join, maybe more but I need the right team. They are launching in Nigeria this September 22

    • Jeremy Page

      My team is stacked, with over 1,000 people. My sponsor is #1 in the company, I’m #3.

      In essense, my leg is the fastest-growing leg on the biggest team in Four Corners.

      Translation: dominance.

  • Lloyd Teveraishe

    Jeremy hie

    Since I had about 4 corners I have mobilises a team of close to 10 people within two days but Im hesitating to join because I want a sponsor who really knows what he is doing who will support me here and there..Im from Zimbabwe and I have to say I can see the fruitful results that 4 corners will produce in a not so much explored market

    • Jeremy Page

      If #3 in the world (me) doesn’t give you a hint of how powerful my team is, I don’t know what to say lol

  • Mike

    Hi Jeremy,
    I am so overwhelmed by your enthusiastic spirit and indept knowledge on how to recruit to your team. I am a Nigerian, I’ll like to join your team in earnest. Please, if I’m not able to get 4 people within my area, is it possible you’ll help me through online? Also how would I get paid accrued commission and at what period after becoming one of your team members?
    Please reply thanks

    • Jeremy Page

      Everyone – and I mean everyone – can get four when it becomes important to them. Commissions are instant.

  • Norman

    Hey! I’m ready to sign up for 4 Corners. But i wanted to know if you could help me recruit four people.

    • Jeremy Page

      I teach everyone what I do to recruit. But, being real with you, if you need “help” recruiting 4 people to pay $18, you probably shouldn’t be on the internet looking for ways to make money.

  • lufuno

    wow you are crazy! i am in south Africa anf already on four corners. im reading your post and responses its crazy i have never seen someone get so many joins online i want the same thing! some advice please

    • Jeremy Page

      Advice: take massive action.

      Did you pull out your credit card and charge it $18? Ok, good. Now, did you get your four? Did you post any ads? Did you write any blog posts? Did you cut any videos?

      We all want success. But how bad do you really want it? When you want it as bad as your next breathe (watch that), you’ll make it happen.

  • Paula

    Hi, may I join on your team? I’m from the Philippines.

    • Jeremy Page

      Sure :)

      • maruth

        I joined your group yesterday.. hope you could teach me to do this business.. I wanna learn more.. Thanks!

        • Jeremy Page

          I hope you take action! That’s the biggest question. I’ve already proved that my model works.

  • johnson

    Can a nigerian operates this business successfully (4corners alliance group). And how in nigeria does it work?…

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in Four Corners. Here were the top 10 countries for sign-ups in September 2015:


  • Leji

    How can I join your team,I really need someone who can help me grow when I finally sign up,spillover will also be very important. What is the next line of action…….. Inbox me ASAP

    • Jeremy Page

      Next step? You gotta join.