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The rise and fall of Global Ad Share

Don’t let their spammy-looking page fool ya, Global Ad Share is actually a legit advertising company.

Well, was anyways.

Since late 2014, I haven’t heard much from them.

Don’t worry, this video will set the record straight:

Only schedule if you’re serious:

Their story is pretty cool.

Dude from Houston, TX is a software engineer who built custom software for large oil companies. You know, complex software with ever-changing updates, algorithms, mathematics and expiration dates.

Well, this proprietary software that he used for oil companies is the backbone of Global Ad Share.

No knock-offs involved.

This is actually comforting to know, when nowadays it seems that every single company is just knock-off of another deal. So, that is refreshing.

Now, the company is similar to other profit-share companies out there, like My Advertising Pays.

The product being advertising packs, qualification coming from viewing daily ads, and pay-outs coming from repurchasing credit packs and earning commissions from people you sponsor.

Essentially, you’ll make money regardless, but you’ll make a lot more money if you sponsor people and build a team.


The way it works:

First of all, their profit-share algorithm is adjustable, and depends on company sales. Some other companies in the same space are promising fixed percentages when they have no idea what the future holds.

Global Ad Shares understands that sales will go up and down, and their algorithm reflects this.

Also, they offer a combination of different matrixes – forced, conventional and reverse – to keep new earners the ability to earn quick. This allows you to also earn money from your entire downline, and not just from personally-sponsored affiliates.

They also offer handsome recruiting bonuses to the folks that recruit well, and, finally, they implemented a 75%-25% repurchase rule that disables people from pulling out all of their money…only 75% percent of it.

This forces people to continue repurchasing packs, which keeps the company affiliates earning money for the long-haul.

So, to recap:

  • 100% profit sharing (they share all of the profits)
  • powerful matrix, reverse matrix
  • fast 24/7 withdrawls
  • indefinetely sustainable (75%-25% rule)


From a product standpoint, they are pretty darn good. It’s hard to find traffic these days that actually converts, and since people who join these deals actually buy things, it’s great traffic if you have products and services in the online marketing space.

From a money-making standpoint, it’s decent, but I’ve seen better.

I am not hating on the different matrices, but this just confuses people.

People want simplicity.

And finally, they are gaining momentum, but they’re not blowing up charts…yet.

Could they still? Absolutely.

I’d say chances are favorable.

But as for me, I am still rolling with something else.

In case you just scrolled to the bottom, I decided to not roll with Global Ad Share even though I have one of the biggest network marketing blogs on the internet. I have since quadrupled my income, travel the world and make more money than most doctors and lawyers.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without peddling traffic schemes to your Facebook friends.

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  • chris

    I can confirm with the general internet community, that this site is completely legitimate. Don’t let the sketchy website design fool anyone out of this one of a kind passive income opportunity.

    • Jeremy Page

      Good to know, thanks Chris.

  • I don’t know how you do it…..

    Anyways I can attest to the fact that GAS is legit. I’m a member to both GAS and MAP and making money, slowly by steadily, from both.

    • So you said that you didn’t join GAS. And you conclude it’s not a scam…. is it really not a scam? People have been telling me it is and it isn’t and I trust your opinion. I think you’re saying it’s not but can you really say that? It’s got a http address not https, for one. But their credit card is https. Secured. I blogged about it myself. That’s the other thing. You say you need really optimized blogging for MLM. But once, you told me it’s not in blogging too? Maybe I’m just reading it all wrong. Please don’t be mad or yell at me. I read your blog all the time and enjoy it. :)

      • Jeremy Page

        Nope, both Global Ad Share and My Advertising Pays are not scams.

  • robert

    hi jeremy i am intrested joining i need little more info if u could cal me 512-577-3742 thanks

    • Jeremy Page

      You’re talking about MAP, right?

  • vince anh ngo

    This is the great opportunity, don’t miss it

    • Jeremy Page

      “The” great opportunity, huh? Agree to disagree…

      • AL

        I joined through your referral link. Any tips or help is appreciated. I have been a member of GlobalAdShare for a while but just heard about MAP right here right now.

        • Jeremy Page

          Nice bro, I got you.

  • abdul

    i tried to register as your downline but its saying i am registered or the info i used as being used. i tried with another email its still the same problem.
    i sent my email to support but support says my email or details are not on the system.
    what do i do?

    • Jeremy Page

      Are you talking about My Advertising Pays??

  • abdul

    i am talking about global ad share

  • Khilmi

    Hi Jeremy,

    I already joined GAS for nearly 1 year . I joined with small amount of buying their 5 bucks, and then upgrading by buying the subcsciption of 15 bucks for the first month. After that I keep spending by buying various ad pack. My total spending( from my own money, plus the the subsciptions fees for the first month, is 177 bucks). To the date of I wrote this comment, I have made 450 bucks withdrawal, giving 275 to my referral to start GAS and still have 82 active ad packs ( that still generate) earning for me. I’m not good at referring people actually. There are only 11 people that I directly refer to this program, and most of them I gave some token to start thier GAS journey. From my experience with GAS, it was real program that actualy you can advertise for free ( since they giving back money you spend for buying the advertistment pack)….and at the same time you can make some profit with it. The support group is also great, and Asher Wang ( program owner), is honest guy too…never failed to pay their afiliate so far. Just sharing

    • Jeremy Page

      Good stuff, super glad it’s going well. Love to see that…keep it up.

    • Rudra

      Hi Khilmi,
      Good to read your comment about GAS. How is your recent experience on GAS? Since I’m earning a good fortune from MAP () I’m quite interested in GAS too. I have withdrawn over $60K in just 17 months from MAP and I am still maintaining 1200 credit packs.
      Please post me your though on GAS, I may consider joining.

  • wayne

    the thing that bothers me about GAS is that you have to refer and have people on your team to make decent money. i wish there was an ad company out there that you can make a good amount of money without having to rely on referrals and stuff!!!.

    • Jeremy Page

      MAP is around .50 per credit pack, per day. That’s borderline crazy.

  • monica

    Hello Jeremy!! My name is Monica and I like your blog;))
    Jeremy-I think I will sign up at MAP (on your link; – )) and maybe the GAS-to,
    I just have some questions,who I be grateful if you could answer-at least some of them…
    #1 What is the most important difference between MAP and GAS and the main reason why you change to MAP?
    #2 why did you don`t continue with both Map and Gas
    #3 Do we buy ad pack at MAP-and reacive 150% back in payment-as in GAS..Or is it a better pay plan..

    Thanks Monica H

    • Jeremy Page

      GAS, not really sure. Haven’t found them in awhile, but I wasn’t convinced they’d be around in 5 years. With MAP, it’s still crushing, and you’re crazy by not joining. I’ve pulled out over 30k already and we’re just getting warmed up.

  • Dallas

    What’s up bro? I really dig your point of views and b writing style…just a pure IM….it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one as up front and honest…

    Let me ask you, is there an affiliate deal with that local lead generation piece?

    I tried connecting to the guy on his lazy mlm site and I got to reply for whatever reason…I didn’t ask him this
    …I was asking about the payment plan to take the course


    • Jeremy Page

      Yeah, not really an affiliate deal out there, but I have partnered with them because I was one of their students and I happen to have some following, too. Feel me? Not really out there for anyone to promote as that’s not the way they want to grow the group.

  • Trudi

    Hi, Jeremy. I’m a newbie can you coach me how to promote online. As I read I’m very interested in your programms. Would like to earn 5k per month, what must I do and which program will be the best to join plus a marketing system where I can get guaranteed leads.

  • Micah Robinson

    For anyone thinking this isn’t a scam…. Dunno when you were doing stuff but depositing $20 and not making 100% of that back I’d say either is poor business or just a scam. As for the ‘fast’ withdrawal…. I definitely don’t see that either. I keep seeing good comments good comments good comments and no truth in any of it. If a $20 starting deposit loses money right out of the gate, there are problems.

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