Google Sniper, a run down on the program and what they offer

Google Sniper is a coaching program that teaches people how to make money online with niche websites, and it’s also an MLM.

Packaged as an internet course similar to what My Lead System Pro, High Traffic Academy, and DS Domination offers, this one promises fast results and no experience necessary.

But after the initial Google Sniper launch in 2010, Google has changed up how they rank their sites. A lot.

In other words, it’s time to change your game up. And Google Sniper is past its prime.

What am I talking about?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Google Sniper is a system for taking advantage of a Google SERP loophole that was wide open 7 years ago.

The creator of the system is George Brown, a plucky 20-something millionaire who hit it big back in 2008 with these techniques, which he calls “Google sniping”.

Another name for Google sniping is niche marketing. The concept with both is to find keywords for which there is low competition but high enough return to make the effort worth it.

Ranking on page one of Google for a niche term is (or I guess I should say “was”) possible via purchasing a domain that matched that niche keyword, then performing a few on-page SEO techniques plus some backlinks and voila: niche mastery.

That was the original Google Sniper, which came out in 2010. Since then, Google has been very busy performing major shifts in the way it ranks websites in its search engine.

That’s bad news for sniper sites.

Once the effectiveness of the original Google Sniper techniques started falling off, the creator George Brown came out with Google Sniper 2.0. This included steps you could take to bolster up the crumbling exact-match domain system he’d perfected with his original product.

Now there’s Google Sniper 3.0, which claims to beat those Google updates that pretty much wiped out most sniper sites in the SERPs.

It’s all run by an outfit called GDMP Enterprises, which is out of Hong Kong. They also sell “Traffic Ultimatum” and IM Elite, also ClickBank products. In the works is Predator, a marketing lead generations system.


The Google Sniper product is structured around a three-step process.

First, Google Sniper teaches you how to quickly set up a simple keyword site in the WordPress blog platform. You’ll find tutorials on how to find a niche keyword and how to integrate this keyword into the very fabric of your sniper website, for top ranking.

Of course finding a good niche is no good unless you also find a product to go with it, so the Google Sniper system includes tutorials on how to find the perfect ClickBank product for your sniper websites. That’s step two.

Step three has more to do with the traffic that starts pouring in once your sniper website gets rolling. Analyzing, tweaking, and monitoring techniques are explained.

Covering techniques such as the use of plugins, accurate match domains, and other on-page SEO tactics, the product package includes:

  • a getting started module
  • 7 original videos & PDFs
  • Version 2.0 contains 25 more videos, manual
  • Further training
  • Empire Module: outsourcing (site building)
  • Rolodex
  • Sniper X: webinars, updated weekly
  • Support

The whole thing can be made to run on auto-pilot, according to the description on the website.

Google Sniper X is simply more training to add onto your existing package. Basically, it’s an upsell to the monthly recurring charge of $47.

Now there’s Google Sniper 3.0. The makers claim more than three years of split testing. Here’s what you can expect:

  • 100+ hours of updated training, claiming to beat Panda and Penguin updates
  • How to turn your sniper site into an authority site
  • New members area
  • New manual
  • New sales funnel

The cost is a one-time $47 but there are upsells as follows:

  • $47 per month (Google SniperX)
  • $187 (Elite Upgrade)
  • $97, $97 for Elite Upgrade Downsell and Case Study Upgrade
  • $126.90 (GS membership): this is a recurring billing

The Elite Upgrade contains:

  • VIP coaching with a team member from the George Brown group
  • 2 private webinars
  • more training on generating traffic
  • how to outsource your tasks

Compensation Plan

Google Sniper is itself a ClickBank product. The makers claim $135 average per sale, which of course includes not only the GS products but all the upgrades that go with it.

Here’s how the products and their commissions break down:

  • Google Sniper ($47) 60% which is equal to $28.20
  • Elite Upgrade ($187) 60% = $112.20
  • Elite Upgrade downsell ($97) 60% = $58.20
  • Case Study upgrade ($97) 60%
  • Google Sniper Membership (average $126 in rebills)


Google Sniper has been around since 2010. The original product and its subsequent update (GS 2.0) are full of outdated techniques that no longer work. In fact, they may even get you penalized. These include exact match domains, keyword tricks, and backlink trickery.

The newest version (3.0) comes with extraordinary promises. It has to, since Google has changed so much about the way it ranks websites since the original GS came out.

The Penguin and Panda updates by Google were the death knell for Sniper sites. These updates penalized sites with crappy content which were overloaded with too many crappy backlinks. Now, it’s all about providing a quality site with lots of good content for your visitors, with highly relevant backlinks from equally high-quality websites.

Well, George Brown et al take care of this with a simple phrase in the copy for the 3.0 product. They claim it contains training which “beats off both the Panda and Penguin updates”. Great. So glad to know there’s a quick and easy way to completely reverse everything the Google Sniper system has already taught us!  Wonder how that’s possible, though, when your existing Sniper sites are already penalized, de-indexed and worthless.

Point in fact: the description for the 3.0 update is focused on the great new upsells available to affiliates. The Penguin & Panda beaters are only mentioned in passing.  No specifics are given, leaving one to feel that the new version is more about the sales funnel, not the product itself.

The pricing is a little hard to grasp: the basic version of the product costs $47 but …watch out, it’s extremely easy to sign up for monthly charges of $47 if you’re not careful during checkout.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to create EMD sites that get you penalized in Google, the older versions of Google Sniper have everything you need to know.

There is some promise that this year’s updated GS 3.0 will change all that, but updating something that’s totally wrong seems like the wrong approach. Why not scrap the whole sniper idea and launch a new product, if you have something that’s truly worth selling?

There is lots of money to be made with affiliate marketing on the internet (here are the best online business ideas). However, Google Sniper is five years too late in an evolving industry. Methods to rank and bank have changed drastically in the last year alone…

I’m just saying, there’s a newer way. A better way.

Check this out. It might help you put those old MLM habits behind you.

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