Is Guaranteed Profit System (GPS) really a guaranteed money maker?

The Guaranteed Profit System is a marketing system designed to drive in other prospects to join the National Wealth Center team.

The concept sounds great and all, but I wasn’t on board to join. Why?

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GPS was created by a business called Multiplex Systems Inc. Founded in 2006 by Peter Wolfing. GPS Funnel is one of Peter’s latest marketing tools. Multiplex Systems Inc. specializes in creating different software designed to help existing multi level marketing companies and distributors generate leads for their business.

The GPS Funnel claims that it will get all of its members over $10,000 of income a month. The system is built for maximum leverage. Implementation is required with this business instead of expertise. It is a turn – key system set up to get signups for existing members.

The National Wealth Center deals with providing business products and different tools for entrepreneurs. Items such as audio and video educational items, all designed to improve your skills pertaining to your home business, are available. NWC is affiliated with Multiplex Systems Inc., who in turn founded Guaranteed Profit System.


The products provided include: Business Management, Financial Basics and Self Development books that come in audio or video form. Some of the other products available are:

Phone Broadcasting Software

Forum Prospecting Software

Email Marketing Software

Educational Webinar Software

Text Broadcasting Software

  1. There are also Guaranteed Profit System books, found in paperback online. The set of books comes with free downloadable forms and software if you purchase the books in a group deal of all four. The book titles read:

1: Where The Good Employees Are

2: Open The Door And Bring ‘Em In

3: The Stuff Called Money

4: Building A Strong Business Foundation

All of the books are written by the author Lynn Fife.

When you join National Wealth Center or Guaranteed Profit System you earn commission simply by selling the products or subscriptions. Their subscriptions cost anywhere from $20 – $100 monthly. Their one time educational products can cost anywhere from $250 to over $7,000. If you want to earn commission on the products or subscriptions you must purchase them for yourself as well.


The GPS Funnel acts as a rotator system which refers other prospects to your website so they can learn about GPS and make an investment, this occurs until you have four direct business partners. After you have invested money into GPS the website claims you can break even with just one referral and that on your first initial sale you receive 100% commission.

There are no middle men involved when it comes to payment so you will receive instant pay directly into your bank account. There is a possibility in having the opportunity to create multiple income streams with their compensation plan. There are no actual products that require shipment from you, so that eliminates having to find storage space for any items. All transactions are completed through the internet so when an item is ordered it will automatically ship out from the company itself.

You will be selling monthly subscriptions and software, that is said to eventually provide you with a monthly residual income. Upon signing up to become a member it is required that you choose to be either a level 1, 2 or 3. The various levels lead to higher payout monthly. For example signing up to be Level 1 = a monthly income of $12,800, Level 1+2 = a monthly income of $38,400 and Level 1+2+3 = a monthly income of $89,600. In turn it actually means more investing from you and more selling.

The more you sell means the more you make, of course with initial investments each time. Selling 2 products provides $50 payout, 4 products provides $100 payout and so on. There are no other benefits within the company aside from possibly earning a profit. In the end there is a very likely possibility that your investment never gets returned as profit.

Purchasing the software and educational books provides you an opportunity to learn and better your skills and understanding of owning and operating your own personal home business. The software can be very useful for many reasons. The company claims that no experience or expertise is required but that is a rather false statement. If you do not have experience or knowledge in marketing, networking and sales there is a very high risk of failure and the loss of money, as well as time invested.


Guaranteed Profit System Funnel claims you can get rich quick, which leads many to believe it is simply a get rich quick scheme. There is a lot of investment required along with many subscription fees to be paid monthly. Becoming a member of GPS is very easy as long as you are willing to constantly pay into it. With that said it is also very easy to fail in the income aspects.

Neither Guaranteed Profit System or Multiplex Systems Inc. are Better Business Bureau accredited. Multiplex Systems Inc. does have a rating of an A- and that is simply due to the fact that there have never been any complaints filed in their name and the length of time the business has been operating.

It is listed on the BBB website that there was one issue with Peter Wolfing that had to do with advertisement. The issue had to do with the fact that on Multiplex Systems Inc. website Peter claimed that the company was in fact Better Business Bureau accredited which was a false statement. BBB requested that he remove that specific statement which he did do in 2015.

The fact that the GPS website does not contain any contact information or background information has very many people remaining leery of the company. The website does not give people much to go on aside from the statements about making tens of thousands of dollars a month.

If a person is absolutely incredible with skills pertaining to marketing, networking and sales and has enough education in the background of business there may be a chance that they can earn some money but that outcome is highly unlikely.

The fact alone that Peter Wolfing falsified information about being Better Business Bureau accredited leaves many wondering why he lied, furthermore leaving the feeling of distrust with GPS.

But if you are looking for a better way to make money and build a business you can feel good about, there are better ways out there. Check this out. This will help you trash your money-chasing addiction.

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