Everything you need to know about the High Traffic Academy MLM

High Traffic Academy offers video training in online marketing, with a focus on how to generate traffic through paid sources.

It also offers its members an online community designed to keep them motivated with events, tools, resources, and advice from a leading figure in online marketing.

Sounds great…so why am I not on board?

This video explains:


We schedule 30 minutes for each call, so only schedule if you’re serious:

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High Traffic Academy was founded in 2012 by Empower Network star Vick Strizheus. Under EN he had spearheaded two highly successful teams (Internet Traffic Formula and Big Idea Mastermind) and became the top earning in the Network, pulling in over $700,000 in less than a month.

He’s turned his sights on running his own training academy, which operates as a subscription program commanding higher prices than many of his competitors. That may be because Mr. Strizheus has created something of a name for himself in the industry (he commands thousands of dollars an hour for private coaching, according to his personal website).

In an industry driven by personality (a system of mentors, coaches, names, and celebrities), Vick Strizheus is winning. He’s all of the right things: successful, slightly famous, experienced, personable, and most importantly…believable. That’s why High Traffic Academy works.

The training videos revolve around details on how Vick Strizheus was able to generate so much traffic to his own websites (millions of visitors netting him millions of dollars) during his rapid rise to fame and wealth during his Empower Network days.

Now in its third incarnation with the just-released HTA 3.0 platform, it’s still going strong after three years rolling. Mr. Strizheus dedicates endless hours to researching traffic to keep things fresh and relevant because let’s face it: 2012 is ancient history by now.


Most of the HTA products are aimed at one purpose: to drive targeted traffic to an e-commerce website using paid methods. In other words, this is not an education in SEO.

Training packages are billed annually. Why the recurring cost?  Well, things change in the marketing world. Vick is always updating his courses as a result of tons of ongoing heavy research.

What works in 2015 may need to be revised by the time 2016 is underway, and High Traffic Academy aims to keep its members at the cutting edge…hence the recurring charge. This isn’t Medieval history, where you learn it once and nothing changes.

Core Training ($1997 annually)

Core Training is the suggested beginning point for new HTA members. Through 4 modules, the program leads you through the basics of starting an online business:

  1. Capture Mastery: preparing your website to capture the traffic you’ll be sending
  2. Traffic Mastery: how to send traffic (the right kind of traffic) to your site
  3. Conversion Mastery: make sure that traffic is converting once it lands on your site, and manage your lists to make those leads turn into sales
  4. Advanced: more on all of the above

Project Breakthrough (FREE)

This is a step-by-step program (series of videos created by Vick Strizheus) that will show you how to succeed at and then scale up with an affiliate opportunity.

PPC Mastery ($497 annually)

This series of videos is actually done by Vick Strizheus’s partner, Josh Roaché. You probably already know PPC has a learning curve steeper than anything, so a handy video course that teaches how to master the concepts involved is actually quite useful.

There are a total of 7 modules in this program, each with a set of videos given by Mr. Roaché. Learn everything from “who clicks on PPC ads” to keyword mastery and what quality scores mean.

Membership levels…

Unlock even more training when you join as an Elite Mastermind member, at $297 per month.

And, brand new last month with the release of HTA 3.0, aim even higher by joining at the Master Marketer level. This brand new option was just made available in October 2015.

At the Master Marketer level, you get access to everything on the High Traffic Authority agenda…absolutely everything. You also get better customer service and new training modules not available to non-members.


The opportunity here is for subscription holders to increase their profits by subscribing to HTA services.

If you join as a HTA Certified Partner, you can earn money by promoting High Traffic Academy.

If there’s any single thing everyone working online wants, it’s more traffic. With the supposed death of SEO, paid traffic is now where it’s at for small businesses owners. Even the big names in commerce use paid traffic sources these days, in combination with content marketing for organic traffic.

Learning the basics is hard, slow, and expensive when you’re relying on your own resources (i.e.”trial and error”). That’s why you’ll see the internet bursting with mentors claiming to teach you how to master paid traffic sources.

What High Traffic Academy has going for it is Vick Strizheus. Search on his name and you can spend all day reading about him. Sure, some claim he was convicted of fraud in 2009 but so far I’ve been unable to verify that. The only source of info on that alleged fraud committed by Vick Strizheus is a website called ComplaintsBoard.com and you can imagine how that thing is abused by competitors.

But search on Vick’s real name (he’s Ukrainian) and it’s a different story. Shortly before joining Empower Network, Vitaliy Strizheus worked for Mutual of Omaha. Apparently in 2007 he forged some signatures on life insurance policies there and made some illegal commissions to the tune of $30,000. He got caught but only served 90 days on weekends and 5 years probation.

Well that’s all behind him now, but it would be great if Vitaliy Strizheus (or Vick) would release an official statement to clear the air and put it behind him for real. After all, it’s not unusual that successful businessmen have white-collar crime in their past. We even elect criminals to office…we’ve elected lots of criminals to state and local offices in the past five years alone (1).

So don’t let a little forgery stop you from learning how to master paid traffic sources, be a star at cultivating lists, and build the best converting websites possible.


If you can muster up the funds for the relatively steep buy-in, advocates promise you won’t be disappointed. But do you believe that?

I’m just saying, I’ll show you a better way people are making money…

Check this out. This will help wreck your money-chasing habits.


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