iGetMania (formerly iGetEasy) – scam or legit opportunity?

iGetMania is a conglomerate of financial companies who promote technology projects, health initiatives, and run a LED lamp network marketing program.

If you’ve tried to find out about iGetMania before, you probably got a little confused as they were formally iGetEasy (re-branding is nothing we haven’t seen before in the MLM space, just ask Monavie and Infinite Leverage System).

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


The financial concerns controlled by the executive structure of iGetMania are:

  • a financial company
  • investment bank

Together, these financial vehicles form the structure of the iGetMania investment strategy. They sell shares, and the money they raise this way goes towards bankrolling the purchase of product for the MLM wing.

When people buy shares in the funds, part of the money goes into buying geolocators and LED lamps.

Founded about a year and a half ago in August of 2013, iGetEasy had success…until around October of 2014, when things started to fall apart behind the scenes.

Turns out some members were accusing iGetEasy of holding back payments and not allowing withdrawals…which of course makes them very angry.

Peep this video from Ligia Felix, a member from Brazil.

She’s stating on behalf of her team that they will no longer promote iGetEasy/iGetMania because of the blocked payments, which have been blocked since October 2014, according to her.

Apparently one of the funds they invest shareholder money in isn’t properly registered in Luxembourg (the ACG1 fund).

There’s a lot of internet banter but the one legitimate source of info was on the IFC website. They’re claiming no connection to the whole mess, even though some bloggers are throwing their names around in context of the iGetEasy issues.

“IFC has recently received reports that misleading statements are being circulated which falsely suggest some affiliation or relationship between IFC and the following entities: GetEasy Group, TachoEasy Iberica, International Finance Corporation Ltd and International Finance Bank Ltd/Banque Financière Internationale Ltd.

Specifically, IFC has received inquiries asking whether IFC is affiliated with or is involved with requesting that certain payments be made to these entities. IFC is not affiliated with these entities and is in no way involved in requesting that payments be made to these entities.”

As you’ll see in the letter below, the executives at iGetEasy decided their problems were severe enough to warrant changing their name. They are now iGetMania…no more GetEasy LTD at all.

Now, you can’t even find an iGetMania website, or an iGetEasy one for that matter. There’s only VIConcept.com, which is the MLM division of the new split company.

So it doesn’t look promising if you’re planning to make money online selling iGetEasy.

And, if my French serves me right, a Canadian website igetmania.ca states that the leaders of GetEasy left and formed the MLM named iGetMania. The leaders of VIConcept and iGetMania are not the same people.

Confused yet? Let that be the point: if you’re going to invest in something, you shouldn’t be confused.

Compensation Plan

The GL200 Tracker has been sold under a few brand names (Spark-Nano, Micro Tracker-II, NG-200EX, Enduro-Pro, Sage Tracker etc).

It’s cute and tiny and it fits in the palm of your hand. Charge it for several hours after you initially receive it, then you’re ready to spy on anyone.

Track anything in real time…here are some suggested uses:

  • baby’s stroller and see where your nanny goes
  • put it on your kid’s bicycle and see where your kid is at all times
  • put it on a car with a magnetic bracket
  • put it on a trailer for security

What you do is purchase a bundle of these trackers, then sell them, along with subscriptions to the service. You can purchase them in one of four size bundles.

Prices are in Euros because the company is Portuguese.

  • 360 Euros. You can make 1080 E per year. That’s 90E per month in passive income.
  • 720 Euros. That’s a possible 2160E/year.
  • 1,200 Euros. (3,600 E/year)
  • 3,200 Euros. You get 61 geolocators (one for you), 20Euros/month for 12 months = 1200 E …you get 800, the company gets 400 E. That’s a possible 9,600 E/year.

Bonus on Direct Sales:

  • 5% commission on directly sponsored people

Team Binary Bonus:

  • earn 50% of the points volume generated by your smallest team
  • 2000 points = 2000 Euros


  • no selling, recruiting required to earn passive income and work from home
  • you won’t lose money if you end up losing interest in the program
  • real products
  • unique concept
  • no monthly obligations
  • partner with real tech companies for products: Tachoesy (German company who makes the geotrackers), Tellus, Pleimo


  • scary company issues & history


Decent product idea, but this is too scary (almost as scary as Wealthy Affiliate and Traffic Hurricane).

Stay away, at all costs.

I still haven’t found an official iGetMania website, although VIConcept has one that’s up and running.

After the iGetEasy debacle, I’m left wondering why they named one of the spin-off companies using such a similar name? How on earth does it make any sense to associate your business with one that’s still mired in nasty payment issues and terrible PR?

It’s too bad, too. Judging from some of the impassioned statements from old iGetEasy members, it looks like they’d been off to a good start.

That may come as no consolation for the individuals who are convinced that iGetEasy was a ponzi scheme all along.

Either way, stop chasing money.

There are much better ways to kill your 9-5. I am living proof. I’ve gone in a completely different direction without hitting up friends on Facebook, 3-way-calls or home parties.

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