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Infinite Leverage System re-launched as “Traffic Authority”

So, a new network marketing company is created and “paid traffic” is the primary product. This was Infinite Leverage, back in January.

And now, it looks like they just re-launched as Traffic Authority.

So am I on board? I’ve heard the traffic is suspect (not sure…test for yourself), but that’s not everything. It will make sense when you see the video:

Only schedule if you’re serious:

August 2015 update:

It looks like Infinite Leverage is re-launching as Traffic Authority. What’s different? New products (more/better traffic, I hope?) and the same comp plan.

That’s all I really know. Looks like some big players are pushing the launch…like Mack, Adam Whiting, Shawn Smith, the usual suspects.

I dig the idea. But if the traffic was great to begin with, they wouldn’t have needed to “re-launch” anything.

Sounded great at first.

Here is my original review. Again, I decided to part ways but wish you nothing but success:

The idea behind ILS is to provide a lucrative solution to a product that people need anyways.

Look, we’re running with this, and if you get started by joining the biggest team in ILS (our team), you’ll get:

1) access to our private group mastermind

2) bonus SEO training (how do you think you found me on GOOGLE?)

3) receive access to Google hangouts,  live calls and other support of our team leaders

Company is Infinite Leverage System, and they’re headed up by some paid traffic big-leagues.

Remember CPC brokers?

Almost every other person was using them when Empower Network was in their prime…

…yeah, those same guys:

Doug Wellens, Chad Stalvey and Greg Chambers.

Not to mention, Mack Zidan acting as master distributor.

Just in pre-launch, the company has caught attention of several marketing big-leagues, making it appear this will rival the launches of Empower Network and, most recently, the USA launch of Dubli.


The front-end product is called Click Brilliance, a $27/mo offer that pays a monthly $20 commission.

Click Brilliance is a ‘roided-out marketing suite that delivers 8 tools, including:

  • link tracking (including mobile)
  • pop-ups and timers (those countdown clocks are MONEY)
  • website rotators (for baller A/B split-testing)
  • website redirection tool (incase of “down time”)
  • duplicate click redirection (segment your “click” traffic)
  • geo-targeting (personalize pages to people’s location)

Then, the traffic packages come in different sizes, peaking at the $2,000 “titanium” traffic level:

Basic: $220 (170 to 190 clicks)
Bronze: $440 (340 to 380 clicks)
Silver: $660 (510 to 570 clicks)
Gold: $1,097 (850 to 950 clicks)
Platinum: $2,197 (1,700 to 1,900 clicks)
Titanium: $4,297 (3,400 to 3,800 clicks)

Here are all the ILS packages, along with their commissions each level pays:


Remember, the idea is to get people joining at the Titanium level, where you earn a $2,000 commission….every single time.

Now we talking big-ticket, right?

Compensation Plan

Here is the Infinite Leverage System compensation plan, in 30 seconds:

(Hint: just like Empower Network)

1) Any pass-up coded Click Brilliance sales go to your upline, along with sales 2, 4, 6 and every 5th sale to infinity

2) You’re coded to the person who gets your Click Brilliance sale, & you’re coded by traffic package to the person that has qualified to receive commissions at that level

3) You qualify to receive commissions by either purchasing the level or referring a customer at each level.


From a product standpoint, it’s amazing…from a money-making standpoint…pretty darn good.

I mean, it all starts with traffic.

Ask any successful marketer the “formula”, and he’ll tell ya:

Traffic ==> Leads ==> Sales

If you don’t have traffic, you’re struggling. Simple is that.

That’s why, product-wise, Infinite Leverage System is poised to do well. Even if there wasn’t an opportunity involved here, people will always buy web traffic that converts.

And, like I said, from a money-getting standpoint, hard to complain here…

They basically took an existing comp plan that did very well the past few years (Empower Network’s unique, coded passup system), added a few things, and made it theirs.

So, the foundation is proven…it worked very, very well in another company.

And, it’s big-ticket enough (2k commissions) where you can be earning life-changing income without a list or previous marketing experience.

That makes it very exciting.

They already have the front-end product that gives you the tools and ability to earn commissions (Click Brilliance) and they have the traffic (6 different packages) to give you traffic to sale stuff.

Deadly combo.

This 4th-quarter launch could be 2014’s best.

But you have to see if the product works for you. My advice? Test it. If you get results, great. It might be worth rolling with.

In case you just scrolled to the bottom, Traffic Authority eventually sizzled out, like 99% of MLM ventures.

You might like our training because of social proof. And by that I mean many people have benefited from it.

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  • Michael Scott

    Here is my problem…why…when I search the mailing address for this company is the first thing a ripoff report? That concerns me a LOT

    • Jeremy Page

      Anything IM-related, this is 100% normal and expected.

    • David

      Avoid per Mike Hobbs.

  • Alex

    Jeremy, I have done some extensive research on you and you are outstanding. I want to start with you with step#1 meaning I’m dropping everything I know about the Internet Today And Following you 100%. Please get me started I’m ready.

  • John Stinson

    I purchased an membership In Infinite Leverage System on November 13th. They have already billed me 27.00 24.95, but I have not received any word from the company.,

    • Jeremy Page

      John, I couldn’t tell ya what’s going on, as I never got involved with the company. I hope things work out for you, though.

    • ShuGuy

      John Nevermind I see you signed up 2years ago and not 2days ago. I was trying to get you started while benefiting myself . Jeremy can you help me make decision on making good money with a low cost to get involved. I have decent internet marketing skills? I am interested in infinite leverage if it is currently doing well. I want to know how their marketing tools compare with the current (same as before) viral blog from EN?

      • Jeremy Page

        I haven’t heard much about them recently. Couldn’t tell ya.


  • Mike

    Did you ever get involved with this? Do you know what the traffic is like? If the traffic is awful then its a frauduct , if its good traffic amazing system

    • Jeremy Page

      Nope, never got involved. Really not a knock on ILS, I just think the industry in general is flawed. I’ve gone in a different direction and quadrupled my income.

    • Kevin

      Traffic is not only good…. It’s grrrreat!… lol. The parent company for ILS has been providing premium paid traffic for about 13 years. Many top producers have been using their traffic to blow up leader boards in the MLM / IM / Networking space for years. I’ve personally been privy to some of that action.

      • Jeremy Page

        Cool, good to know. Can you post some screenshots or proof of some of your campaigns, Kevin?

  • Felipe Restrepo

    I also think to really rate this company we would have to check the traffic, judging by the click cost I guess there’s little room for retail here, if I would have to choose between this and MITS I would go for the 2nd judging from the users experiences. Hope someone involved could give us an insider review.

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, good call Felipe.

  • Jeff Oliver

    Great video, thanks for the straight shooting information. I will schedule a call.

  • David Ash

    Mike Hobbs just sent out a mass email urging his subscribers to avoid Traffic Authority. He bought a package and had completely garbage results. The divide between the former partner has widened to the size of the grand canyon.
    Mike is upset that this simply rebranded product is being pushed by everyone to slam profits. Respectable leaders like Brad are promoting everyone into a frenzy to build their pre-launch team without even testing the traffic themselves!

    • Donna

      Mike Hobbs sent another email retracting the first email when he found out that Adam Whiting was a part of this. Here’s what he said in his email:
      Also I sent an email yesterday about “Traffic Authority” and I wanted to clarify something…
      Yes I had a bad experience with CPC Broker guys and ILS… But I’ve had a great experience with Adam Whiting in the past…
      He helped me bring in 20+ people a day at one point in my business… I just gave him money and he helped me get traffic and signups…
      Adam told me he is 50% of that whole business now, and I’m sure he will do a great job at helping people get what they paid for…

      • Jeremy Page

        Interesting stuff. Awesome display of loyalty, if anything else.

  • Sharon

    I want to cancel my order of traffic authority basic membership purchased yesterday September 15, 2015..$47.00. Can’t seem to find anywhere on your page where I can cancel. Do I have to alert the bank? I need to know.
    I have not even completed the joining process yet I have been billed

    • Jeremy Page

      I am not Traffic Authority, nor have I ever joined Traffic Authority of Infinite Leverage System. You can reach their support team here.

  • Steve Cosner

    I recently got involved with the TA company and have heard from trusted sources that the traffic is pretty good and that some front end sales have been made using the provided traffic.

    Once I order some traffic packages, I’ll come back and provide my results.


    • Jeremy Page

      Nice, I’d like to hear your feedback.

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