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Did I ever join iPas 2? (My review)

Welcome to iPas 2, the hands-free solution to selling high-ticket Empower Network products.

I’ll be candid. Even though I was a 1%-er in iPas 2 and Empower Network, I am out.

Only schedule if you’re serious:

So, not so much an Empower Network hater, it’s just the industry is backwards.

Stop chasing money, people.

Anyways, I still stand by my iPas 2 review, and if you’re set on EN, keep reading…

Question: what if you could simplify Empower Network products and take on a franchise-style model that closed high-ticket sales using call centers?

Founder Chris Jones has been a pro athlete and an FBI agent trainee, among other non-technical professions.

He saw a hole in the universe, and that hole was a lack of a complete franchise-style business model that simplified every step rather than just some of the steps of making money online.

Empower Network??

He digs it, but saw that it could be much, much better.

This is a system that allows an online business owner to automate 95% of the work involved in making the well-oiled machine work.

Secondly, people who are good at making money online are usually somehow involved in some sort of network, through which products and services are bought and sold- it’s the power of believing in a good product.

iPas2 is more than a good product: it’s revolutionary and it’s going to help thousands of people to make it in Empower Network.

People who succeed online are drawn to organization.

It’s the nature of the business. More often than not, they love the structure of a well-run MLM business.

And it does work.

Let’s take a look at the iPas2 product and how easy it makes life for internet marketers.

iPas 2 stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration System.

It’s push-button software that offers the “sleeker-version” of Empower Network tools to make it online.

It’s a business platform that takes the business model of internet marketing and simplifies it for people so they can figure it out and make it work for themselves.

Consider it a “shortcut” to making money online.

95% of the tasks related to making money online have been automated by iPas 2. For example, simply type in your income goals and the calculator will tell you how many clicks and sales you must achieve to meet those goals.

It’s precisely the automation that gives iPas 2 users the leverage needed to propel an online business into a successful venture. Automation brings exponential results from effort put in, and we all know that…

1) Running a successful online business takes lots of hard work, sales technique and dedication

2) Our time is limited…there are only 24 hours in a day so it’s hard to do everything yourself

Ipas 2 helps you get everything done, and even does things for you which you can’t do for yourself.

By freeing up your own time, you’ll have more time to make higher level decisions about your business. Leave the tedious tasks to the system, “outsource” the smaller jobs to the system, and you’ve leveraged yourself into a money-making situation that will pay dividends.

Not only does iPas 2 help you do the work, but this system also teaches you how to make money online.

Think of it as plug-n-play for an internet business. It works for non-technical types and it works for people who have nothing to invest.

The basic products are the iPas 2 Marketing System ($47 per month) and the 6 Figure Shortcuts Training at a one-time $97.

At the higher levels of membership there are higher-ticket items to sell, such as a master’s course ($3500).

And the founder:

Chris Jones is the All-American hero who founded this marketing shortcut system, and his magnetic personality draws people to the product because he’s an everyday sort of guy who couldn’t even understand Internet for Dummies a mere 8 1/2 years ago.

For starters, iPas 2 has the potential to make the everyday person tons of money. Most big-ticket offers are hard to close. That’s directly opposite from most MLM systems, which operate on the principle that only those at the top of the system make the big bucks.

That’s because it’s a system of tools which can be used in any and every online venture its members choose to involve themselves in.

This system also does take most of the grunt work out of running a successful online business. There are other online business systems out there, but they leave still leave the user with lots of repetitive tasks to perform on an ongoing basis, like closing deals on the phone.

Big-ticket deals.

But not iPas 2. This system teaches its members how to make money and automates 95% of the process.

Call center? Check.
Closing deals for ya? Check.

Compensation Plan

  • Basic. You have an iPas 2 system membership and earn 50% on iPas 2 product sales.
  • Pro. You qualify to sell the Starter Pack and you’re an active Empower affiliate. 50% commission on iPas2 product sales.
  • Silver. Same as above but also qualified to sell Costa Rica.
  • Gold. Same as above but also qualified to sell 15k.
  • Black. Same as above but also qualified to sell Masters. Earn 70% commission on iPas 2 products. Get a one-on-one business coach, Mastery coaching course, profit maximizers and VIP access to iPas 2 events.

Black level is super: you qualify to sell the Master’s Course, which earns you a $3000 commission a la Empower Network compensations.

In addition to that, your personal business coach will literally help you make money by closing your sales for you.


1) Only $7 to start

2) Money-back guarantee

3) Offers tools for success that outlast trends

4) Great time-saving automation of tasks


1) To make the big bucks, one must become “black level member”, which is by invitation only

2) Few upsells at most levels: there’s the $47/mo Core Offer and the $97 Master Training, which is a one-time fee

3) Empower Network is fading out


Buy iPas2 for yourself if you’ve got a yearning to try and make it online in Empower Network.

Simple as that.

Although Empower Network has steadily declined over the last year, as long as David Wood is in control, anything can happen.


In case you just scrolled to the bottom, Empower Network (and ipas 2) have sizzled out.

You might enjoy our training because other people who are complete strangers did.

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  • anna

    If I don’t sign up with empower network does that mean I can’t sign up with iPAS2??

    • Jeremy Page

      Ipas2 is essentially a packaged Empower Network funnel. So, you can’t roll with ipas2 unless you roll with Empower…

      I used to roll with EN, but changed my ways.

      Found a less-scuzzier way to CEO money.

  • silvia

    I feel dumb lol. I am trying to understand all this. Do you have to purchase ispan2??

    • Jeremy Page

      Nope, it’s optional. iPas is just an alternative funnel to present EN.

  • Don

    Jeremy, I went ” all in ” a couple of years ago but got really frustrated with the blogging bit. My sponsor and I walked away from EN to do other online businesses…..no success with me. As I’m all in would you recommend iPas2 , at least to recoup my investment.

    • Jeremy Page

      Allow me to be blunt with you. You’re mindset is flawed. You’re chasing an opportunity to give you success. Doesn’t work like that. An opportunity will never bail you out.

      For that reason, I’d walk away from MLM and learn a skillset that actually gives value to businesses.

  • Reginald L. Dillard

    Saw Brad’s video.

    • Jeremy Page

      Great – did you schedule a call?

  • Reginald L. Dillard

    Jeremy Page referred me.

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