Kalatu is Empower Network’s blogging platform

Kalatu is Empower Network’s blogging platform that promises to shorten the learning curve on blogging, and targets people who need to generate leads.

Business owners can focus on making their blogs rather than spending all their time setting them up and maintaining them.

I was once a 1%-er in Empower Network, but chose to walk away from it all. Why?


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Okay, now onto the review which I stand by 100%. Enjoy.

Kalatu is the answer to Empower Network’s past sub-standard blogging platforms. It’s actually their third try, which may explain the re-branding. Previous iterations were known as “ENV1” and “ENV2”, which stood for “Empower Network Version” 1 and 2. That makes Kalatu EVN3, but it’s just as well they changed the name.

Kalatu represents a new direction for Empower Network: one that’s gradually moving beyond the closed circle of affiliate marketers, network marketers, and online-only businesses. This new product is one which may be sold to local businesses, thereby opening up a whole new area of opportunity when it comes to lead generation.

With a strong focus on the market comprised of real estate agents, the push to broaden the horizons of Empower Network may just work. However, they’ve got lots of competition, as the done-for-you blog package is currently being offered by dozens and dozens of companies.

Their hook is that they claim their blogging system is the only one that’s “by marketers, for marketers” and specifically designed to create an effective sales funnel for leads. Kalatu claims their blogs rank better, which is a very tricky area to be making claims in. Even the best SEO are reluctant to make any claims, given the volatile nature of rankings and the unpredictable way of Google’s algorithm changes from year to year.


The product is blogging software, hosting, and customer support. It’s a WordPress blog, but tailored for people running businesses that need to cultivate and generate online leads through their blogs.

Themes come with features such as list-building plugins. They easily sync with social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. They offer easy-to-use theme editors and tagging features plus valid XHTML code to help your blog in the search engines.

The Kalatu blogs are mobile-ready and work across all modern browsers. There are eight theme styles to choose from.

The hosting is described as reliable and secure, but there is no mention of downtime stats.

The Kalatu subscription costs $25 per month and includes:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • 21 day blogging challenge plug-in
  • unlimited storage
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • use your own domain name (it will redirect)
  • SEO friendly (whatever that means at any given time)
  • opt-in Simple
  • 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked

Kalatu Premium ($97 per month)  is Kalatu plus the following features:

  • more themes (“premium themes”)
  • more plugins (premium SEO plugins)
  • live weekly webinar Q&A
  • get 10 blogs hosted instead of just 3
  • affiliate fee is included
  • 7 Minute Blog Hack video training components
  • media hosting

The 21 Day Challenge plug in is designed to get people writing lots of content. There is also the Kalatu blogging wizard, which somehow assists bloggers with coming up with ideas on what to write about.

As far as marketing goes, Kalatu doesn’t really make any claims on active marketing- it just sets you up with the proper blogging structure and you use that as a platform from which to launch your marketing campaigns. Probably if you subscribe to Kalatu, your sponsor will later try and get you to purchase IPAS2 or some other marketing subscription service.


Anyone may subscribe to the Kalatu blogging system without being part of the Empower Network.

But if they want to earn income, they may join as Empower Network Affiliates and earn commissions on sales. EN Affiliates also earn commissions on the sales of people they recruit, but not on actual recruiting.

There is a monthly administrative fee of $19.95 to become an Empower Network affiliate.

Only the first month’s fee is refundable, and that must take place within 14 days of joining. The Kalatu Compensation Plan is essentially the Empower Network compensation plan, which was re-issued fresh in November 2015.

Here are the major points of that plan:

  • customer and affiliate support from EN support staff
  • weekly training
  • become active by generating sales: sell it or buy it, and after that you may earn commission on it…unlock more parts of the commission structure when you buy them for yourself or sell them to a customer (either way you’re generating a sale for EN)
  • higher commissions as you rise through the 8 ranks
  • Uni-line compensation plan offering up to 70% (shared) commission on direct sales

Becoming an Empower Network affiliate means you get to try and sell the other EN products too.  Once you sell one, you can start earning commission on later sales of that product. Or, you could simply purchase it for yourself in order to qualify yourself for commissions on that product. These include:

  • Inner Circle Membership (audio success training and entertainment with weekly updates) $100
  • Top Producer Formula (recruiting training) $500
  • Team Building Formula (team building training) $1000
  • Mass Influence Formula (training in how to influence people, based on scientific principles)  $3500


Kalatu is marketed as “WordPress made easy”, which for seasoned internet entrepreneurs is like saying “FaceBook made easy”.

WordPress is already pretty easy, but I guess if you’re a total newb then anything can seem intimidating. Setting up hosting for your blog might seem difficult for some, until you learn that hosting packages now come with one-click installation of WordPress built right in, no experience necessary.

And choosing from 8 themes in the Kalatu system sounds great until you learn that there are hundreds of free themes built right into WordPress. But many of those themes are junk, they may not work once WordPress updates (which it does, often), and they’re not always all they’re cracked up to be.

Same goes for plugins – many are junk, they’re not compatible with updated versions of WordPress, and may even someday become unsupported altogether as the third-party company who made them go out of business.

Yes, using WordPress right out of the box can seem intimidating, and is definitely time-consuming, given all the choices you have to make. To many business owners, that $25 per month is totally worth it.

If you’re the kind of person who can easily spend all day long choosing the colors of your website, imagine how long you could spend finding the right theme. Maybe being limited to 8 is just what many people need, and Kalatu is onto something.

But if you are seeking a long term money making opportunity, there are better options out there for you.

In other words, you might like our training because it shows people how to profit online without MLM product re-launches and up-sales.

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