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Le-vel Thrive for physical and peak performance

Le-Vel Thrive is a lifestyle and fitness MLM that has gained serious momentum since 2015.

The products and programs are designed to help you accomplish peak physical and mental performance.

If you’ve read my alpha post, you know I’m all about peak performance, so I like their mantra.

Am I joining them?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


The primary product is a transformation course, called the 8-Week Thrive Experience.

The purpose? Lose weight, tone up, minimize aches and pains, and take workouts to new levels.

Here’s what the “Thrive Experience” looks like:

  • 2 Thrive lifestyle capsules in the morning (choose formula for men or for women)
  • Thrive ultra micronized shake mix about 30 minutes later
  • Apply patented Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) to the skin

Then there’s the Experience + Line, whose products are stronger than the basic line:

  • DFT Ultra (skin patch that’s stronger than the Premium Lifestyle DFT)
  • Balance (for the digestive system and weight management)
  • Activate (designed to activate your core…? energy booster)
  • Boost (a greens beverage to alkalize your system)


We’ll take the flagship product: the Thrive (for men) Premium Lifestyle Capsules. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals of course. Some noteworthy ingredients:

  • L-Arginine. This is used by body builders to increase blood flow.
  • White Willow Extract. This is also called willow bark and acts like aspirin. Used for pain and weight loss.
  • Green Coffee Bean. This is used for weight loss (fat burning) and is very popular because Dr. Oz mentioned it on his show in 2012.
  • CoQ10. This is found in all your cells, which use it to produce energy. It’s also an antioxidant.
  • Guarana. Used for weight loss, it’s a stimulant to combat fatigue, too.

The entire line of products goes in a similar vein: all-natural supplements recognized by conventional medicine as having benefits. I’m seeing nothing unhealthy about the ingredients lists.

Compensation Plan

To earn commission, you must be both qualified and active. Qualify by purchasing or selling at least 100PV since you enrolled. Active means you keep this up each month. The key to earning income is to enroll four other promoters on Authoship and help each of them do the same.

The LV Rewards Plan (commissions, car, trips, iPad mini, etc), you’ll need 4 or more active legs (which means they’re Qualified and Active).

Here are the important details of the LeVel Compensation Plan:

  • Get free product: refer 2 people on autoship
  • Retail sales: earn 20% on the business volume of customer web orders
  • Retail sales: earn 12% on level 1 customers
  • Retail sales: earn 4% on levels 2 and 3 customers
  • Business volume is 50% of retail price
  • Unilevel team commissions: 4%- 8% on business volumes of your downlines on 8 levels
  • Fast start bonuses, team commission matching bonus, GO VIP bonus
  • If downlines don’t qualify for commission, it rolls upwards
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Up to 60% payout
  • $800/month car payment (Called the VIP auto bonus)
  • Free iPad mini
  • Free trips
  • Weekly residual income
  • Up to 40% matching bonus


  1. Products hit all the right marketing hot spots (gluten free, lean muscle support, cognitive performance, metabolic support…all the current health supplement buzzwords consumers like to see)
  2. Marketing Department has done its job well. The website is slick, there are professionally made YouTube videos that aren’t corny and which target the right markets.
  3. Facebook is full of real people. There is a multitude of posting going on over at the Le-Vel facebook page. Cute marketing campaign where people send in photos of themselves wearing the DFT patches.


  1. It’s a new company. Unproven, yet for some that’s exciting.
  2. Founders disassociated (missing) from the company website. We like transparency, so this is a con.
  3. Tricky stats. To say you grew 4,300% in your first year is not saying much. When you’re starting from $0, anything will exponentially raise your growth rates.


It’s easy to get behind a company that does such a good job with their marketing. Visuals, media, and social media show top-notch levels of marketing savvy.

There is something missing, however, when it comes to substance behind all the gloss. The founders are hard to pin down, and it’s not the strongest sense of company culture or transparency I’ve ever seen.

To appeal to the millienials, transparency is key.

If you’re set on MLM, this isn’t the worst company to roll with. Just make sure your interest is product-driven.

However, if you find yourself chasing the next hot opportunity, you’re 99% gonna fail.

Straight up.

You’re a money-chaser, and you’re not providing any value to society.

If that’s the case, kill your money-chasing habits, and apply for my non-MLM mentorship here.

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  • …..and a few years later Le-Vel is still looking strong, growing at an impressive rate & THRIVING

    • Jeremy Page

      Nice, thats gotta feel good.

  • Theresa Holland Heinkel

    Jeremy, I’m curious when this was written about Le-Vel? Although well written and I’m sure it was unintentional, I noticed a few important and necessary key points missing and a few inaccurate statements that are listed as cons. When a promoter joins le-bel they gain a family and with the ability to start with $0 and earn limitless with no experience necessary while sharing their premium grade nutritional products The Thrive Experience it’s pretty much one of those “pinch me, I must be dream” kind of blessings ; ). God Bless

    • Jeremy Page

      Nice, I am a one-man show and companies are constantly evolving…thanks for the heads up!

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