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My Advertising Pays, the truth from a top 15 producer

Does My Advertising Pays work?

Short answer: yes, if you’re not a United States citizen. On October 15, 2016, they discontinued the USA market. If you live anywhere else, you’re still in luck.

(in fact, there’s not a better time to join…)

Here’s my latest update:

So, let’s recap My Advertising Pays:

100% everyone makes money with the profit share…
…you get paid 10% lifetime on personal referral sales
…and it’s free to get started.

And by partnering with me, you’ll get plugged into our team training.

Training that gets you making money off your first credit packs in 20 minutes.

And, training that helps you refer like a champ.

After all, you want your email account being lit up by commission notifications, right??


I can help get you there.

You’ll also get access to our private, underground Facebook group and you’ll get marketing bonuses from yours truly.

We good? So, let me break it down for you:

My Advertising Pays is an advertising company that allows people to purchase advertising packs, or credit packs (traffic) for your business.

This isn’t MLM.

From my own experience and from the experience of others, the CTR (click-thru-rates) of this traffic is between 7%-12% percent.

The traffic isn’t garbage, either. I sold two weight loss supplements in my first 3 days of using the traffic. This earned me $104 in commissions, which made the advertising profitable in the first week.

You also earn money with the daily company profit shares, which refresh 72 times every day. However, to qualify for the daily profit share, you must click on 10 ads each day.

Each credit pack purchase will earn you approximately 1.0%-1.5% each day. Because of this, many people choose to repurchase their profit share earnings into more credit packs so they can leverage the power of compound interest.

Each credit pack is $49.99, and expire approximately every 60-100 days, or whenever they appreciate to $60. You also earn 10% overrides on all of the credit pack purchases of everyone you personally refer.

Kinda confusing at first, but it will quickly make sense…

…as an example, one pack purchased will earn you approximately $.50 per day.

If you purchase 20 packs, that will appreciate anywhere from $10-$15 per day. So, by purchasing 20 credit packs ($1,000) you’re able to repurchase a new credit pack every 4-5 days or so, because you’d have earned $60, and credit packs are $49.99.

This can compound very fast and keeps the business fun (and addicting).

You are allowed a maximum of 1200 credit packs.

This is actually a good thing, because you will be forced to withdraw your money at that point. You will just have to repurchase accordingly after your existing credit packs expire to keep your active credit packs at 1200.

Keep in mind, you can withdraw your money any time you want. If something comes up and you need to cash out…go for it. No penalties.

I paid off some debt I had lingering from my student loans. No shame in it..it changed my life.

As far as my progress, look how far my account has come. Here is a video I cut during my trip to Las Vegas a few months ago:

And then, look at the progress back in May (May 7, 2014) :

And then a few months later:

And another update shot from my hotel in Cancun:

Join me now:

You see how this thing is blowing up?

Folks, this is why Einstein called compound interest the most powerful way to earn money…ever.

All hype aside, this is why the company has seen massive explosion since their launch in December, 2013. They’re now 100,000 deep.

Peep the growth chart:



Michael Deese is a wickedly talented retired Air Force vet who developed My Advertising Pays, a process that took over a year. The entire project took years, even hiring a professional mathematician in the process to make sure the company would be sustainable for years to come.

Baller, huh?

What makes MAP different?

Before joining any company, you always want to look at their unique value propositions.

In other words, what makes the company differentiate themselves from other competitors in the market? What makes the company unique?

After all, those are going to be the factors that bless a business with prosperity and longevity.

So, because you asked for them, here are some of the unique value propositions (UVP) for MAP:

1) MAP (My Advertising Pays) is a legitimate and compliant company that allows you to earn a steady and long-term income while advertising your business. This business can be another deal you are in or a Clickbank offer. Really, its up to you.

2) Math-based model (like i said, they hired a professional mathematician) that is expected to pay high daily percentages for years to come, backed by significant internal and external corporate sources.

3) Extremely simple, free to get started (membership is $100 after 30 days), and you instantly start making money after signing up and viewing ads once every 24 hours. Clicking on these ads take no more than 5 minutes each day.

4) The MAP system solves the sustainability problems of previous revenue-sharing models.

The company currently has a 99% retention rate. This is unreal. But it makes sense, since literally every single person who participates in the daily profit share makes money.

And even after all of these value propositions, there is still one factor that makes this company bonkers.

Yes, bonkers…I said it.

Ready? Here goes…

…you don’t have to promote it to make money.

Yes, you can literally keep it this simple:

1) buy credit packs
2) click on 10 ads every day
3) get paid

And, as you do this, you are constantly making money, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Cause, truthfully, money never sleeps, even if our parents and school teachers told us otherwise:


Getting Started

First, join our world-class support group.

Once you get started, you’ll get full access of support from hundreds of people in our private MAP Facebook group and our exclusive My Advertising Pays team site.

Our leadership is #1 in MAP, so you’ll benefit from direct leadership from leaders who’re already making CEO money in MAP.

And no, this is not like all those other FB groups that are dead and just get spammed junk offers on the daily. This is a real group, and literally dozens of questions are asked each day in the support group.

It’s also full of income screenshots, advice, and funny memes…it’s good stuff.

Next, you need to get your VX Payment system set up.

You’ll log into the members area and set up your VX Gateway payment system, which allows you to use credit card processing to instantly buy credit packs. It is a quick and easy process.

Next, it is time to purchase your first credit packs.

“How many packs should I buy, Jeremy?”

Honestly, buy as many as you can.

Time is your best friend at this point, and the more credit packs you get when you’re starting, the better off you’ll be. If you have the means, start with 50.

I’ll send a guide out that will easily get your VX Payment system set up when you get signed up under me.

Simply put, this will be a game-changer and I anticipate company sales will quadruple in the next 60 days, because of the new credit card/debit card implementation.

Next, click on 10 ads every day.

It’s not the end of the world if you miss a day, but it is crucial that you get into a routine so your compound interest won’t get paused. And for all you high-rollers out there, there is an optional ‘vacation mode’ which is $5 per day.

Finally, although it is not required, you’re last step is to recruit.

I am seeing that many people are getting significant amount of referrals from sharing stuff around Facebook. Some have found traffic offers to hit up. Others have blasted their lists. It’s all up to you.

The recruiting aspect, like I said, is NOT required, and you can still make significant long-term revenue and not recruit a single person in the business.

However, it gets pretty exciting if you crunch the numbers a little:

Factoring the probability (that is proven, at this point) that nearly everyone repurchases their profits back into credit packs, you’ll be earning daily earnings on the people you refer into the business for awhile…(not like most deals where 90% of people quit and you lose your residual).

Remember, you earn 10% on all of your first-level-members for life.

I mean, just a few months in, look how my personal referrals are adding up:


(Most of these commissions were in the last 3 weeks lol….I am already pacing 2k months, just in referral commissions alone.)

Knowing this, if you bring in 20 people who are purchasing 20 credit packs every day (over time, everyone will get to this point at the 1200 credit pack level), you are earning $2,000 each day.

Simple math, right? 20 credit packs = $1,000, and 20 people x $1,000 – $20,000. And 10% commission of $20,000 in daily sales would yield $2,000.

If you can get 20 people who are on board for the long run, and get to the 1200 credit packs, you’ll probably become the first millionaire in your family.

It’s very possible, it will just take some time.

So, those are the steps. It’s painfully simple.


So, hear me out for a second…

…it’s free to join…
…99% of people are NOT quitting…
…and its dead simple.

What is holding you behind? As a mentor of mine recently reminded me:

“If your parents are STILL working, you aren’t making enough money.”

Think about that for a second.

I’m looking to partner with big-thinkers and entrepreneurs who refuse to subscribe to 9-5, industrial-mindset ‘punch-in, punch-out’ thinking.

Sound like you? Let’s get some bankroll together.

Register now:

When I see you come in, I’ll send over the step-by-step guide.

Your income coach,

Jeremy Page


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  • Ben

    Good review. But how do i make a withdrawal from my MAP account.

    • Jeremy Page

      Ben, you click the “withdraw” link inside your MAP dashboard, enter your pin, and then your MAP funds hit your VX Gateway account…usually within a day.

      Then, log in to your VX Gateway account and withdraw your funds from your VX Gateway account to either your bank account or Paypal…this takes 3-5 days from my experience.

      And it pays…my Wells Fargo business checking account has been “flourished” with $50,000+ from VX Gateway as of September, 2015.

  • Antony muitungu

    Very good review Jeremy. I will definitely join under you.I have looked around this opportunity but your review is their best. Am hoping for more guidance.

    • Jeremy Page

      Awesome, hope you take massive action and rock it.

  • Seh

    hi there
    Nyc info. So can i use my Payoneer mastercard to receive my commissions?
    Are there countries that cannot take part in this?

    • Jeremy Page

      You mean use your Master Card to purchase credit packs? Absolutely. You can withdrawl your funds anytime to your bank account.

  • pinky

    hi jeremy..signed up yesterday and i just want to know how to link my bank account with vx. I’m currently in UAE and i have no idea at all how I could withdraw the money..actually i forgot to ask about it. thanks!

    • Jeremy Page

      Ok, help me out here…

      UAB? As in, Dubai?? This company is so international, that is not a concern at all. Don’t worry about that…

      And, did you get the instructions I sent you?

  • Max

    Hello Mr. Page,

    It’s very interesting indeed.

    Do you think it’s a good investment to start working with only 2-4 credit packs and buying more with the daily earnings ? Or it’s not enough to earn any money?

    Thanks in advance

    • Jeremy Page

      Hey Max, any pace is great, buy what you can afford. Obviously, the more packs you can do, the faster you’ll get to 1200 packs.

  • Jake Reynolds

    Excellent overview. I had a few questions if you don’t mind. Do you have to refer this site to make money? I honestly just wanted to use it to advise my business and not as an affiliate program. Secondly, do I get paid every time someone clicks on my link? Like cpa? Thanks

    • Jeremy Page

      Nope, you can make money by just purchasing advertising packs over time. You won’t make as much, but you can still make money. When someone clicks on your offer, you have the opportunity to convert your sale. The product is essentially advertising, and you are free to advertise whatever you’d like.

      • Jake Reynolds

        Thanks a ton! Is 50 bucks a day possible in that situation?

        • Benjamin Cabral

          Hmu bro 407-535-0780

          • jake reynolds

            benjamin was that for me or jeremy

  • Lou

    Hi Jeremy,

    Could you tell me if (after the 30 day trial) you have to pay the monthly subscriptions through an external source or can you pay them via your eWallet?.


    • Jeremy Page

      No monthly, just an annual fee. You can pay with either.

  • Moe

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for this great product review. You mentioned on your video if we join your team, you’ll help us and show us how to market . I watched few of your video’s and I believe you’re the best SEO marketer online right now but I have not seen yet your students blogging about there SEO success because of you. I’ll love to be one of you SEO student. Imaging helping 20 students rank on the first page of Google with one or two biz opp, have them give you a video testimonial with proof of the biz opp you help them rank. These 20 students will also blog about you and thank you for helping them make money online. This will bring a lots of interest on people in this industry wanted to find out more about Jeremy Page. People will rush to be part of your coaching program. This is just an idea I wanted to share with you. I’ll love to get some help on how I can rank my site on the first page of Google. Is this something you’ll be able to help me with?

    • Jeremy Page

      Moe, that’s actually really, really good business advice. I appreciate the thoughtfulness very much, and yes, I send over bonus material on how I earn my top-tier rankings to the people who join my businesses and take action.

      Also, I do have students ranking well for various business keywords and I have thought about packaging everything up and selling a product or something, but that is just not my style. I am one of those people who would rather make money from actually DOING SEO and GETTING RESULTS with SEO, rather than selling SEO.

      Way too many “gurus” out there selling regurgitated, bogus products. And nobody should call themselves “gurus” unless they are doing 30k/mo.

      And, truthfully, I am not making 30k/mo….yet.

      September 2015 update: I made $32,000 last month.

      Do you see the power of manifesting your goals? This comment was originally from May 30, 2014 but I already knew I was going to be making $30k months, because my mind was already manifesting that path.

  • Maux

    Hi Jeremy, I just join your team with MAP. How do I get in touch with you.

    • Jeremy Page

      Awesome, just emailed you the start-up guide.

  • Gerald

    Hi Jeremy, just looking things over, I need to get to $5k PER MONTH ASAP, what do I have to do sir??

    • Jeremy Page

      First, there’s no ASAP in this game.

      MAPS is an advertising company with a great product and great long-term returns. You’re not going to be doing $5,000 “ASAP” unless you recruited a grip of people right outta the gate.

      To get started, you need to sign up and buy credit packs.

  • Max

    Hello Jeremy,
    Have looked at your presentation and read reviews of this program..just about ready to join. What is your method to attract others by marketing for referrals to join with me? I have many phone numbers from prospects from a program I used with 800 Link..but have no emails for them. Can you assist? and will you help me succeed in this program?? !! Thanks.

    • Jeremy Page

      Of course I’ll assist you. Get started and I’ll show you my tactics.

  • Kaukab

    hello Jeremy,
    I am from Pakistan and will be travelling very soon to Chicago, Illinois.
    This seems very interesting but I want guidance, are u located in the US? I really want to get into an internet business, and I am ready to join, but here in pakistan its very hard to use credit or debit cards, so as i am flying on the 17th of this month, maybe i can start from there.

    • Jeremy Page

      Sounds like a great plan. I’ll be here for any guidance.

  • Max

    Say Jeremy – I filled in my info on your site, and received a general email on how to start – saw your email address for hotmail, and tried to send an email there, but my message would not send..just wanted to chat with you personally before joining..is that possible?? Please advise as I would like some contact first Appreciate it!

    • Jeremy Page

      I don’t talk to people before they’ve joined because, well, I’d be getting dozens of emails every day from prospects and thats not how I choose to spend my time.

      I choose to work with people who are action-takers.

  • Akshit

    Hi Jeremy

    I have gone through your page and am quite impressed by the concept. I have some doubts which am hoping you can clear for me. It is mentioned that we make $60 on every credit pack worth $49.99. My question is how many times will i make $60 on a single credit pack?

    Ill be glad if you can write back to me.


  • Clair king

    Hi, I am in the uk, is this really legit? Are there any risks? Plse email me some info :)
    Thx Clair

    • Jeremy Page

      All the info is on this review page, Clair.

  • If your parents are still working…then you’re not making enough money. Damn! That’s the realest shit I’ve ever heard. For real

    • Jeremy Page

      And you know what…I know that you know that it’s real. LOL. Because you took action, joined, and bought 20 credit packs. Stoked to rock this brother, you’re an internet penny stock ready to boom. Let’s do this.

  • Hello Jeremy,

    Thanks for the good information. I have signed up. Waiting for your email.


    • Jeremy Page

      Nikhil, excited to see you rock this.

      Glad we connected on Facebook last night, hit me up with any questions brother.

  • Lee

    Hi there

    Sounds very good, thanks for your overview. I am a bit of a techno phobe and also do not have a business to promote but would like to get involved

    Can I do this without a business to promote?



    • Jeremy Page

      Hey, Lee.

      I recommend everyone who does not have a business to join Four Corners for $18. It’s very lucrative (because everyone has $18) and it’s a great low-ticket offer to build your list and get people into MAP.

      • Oyan

        You are not required to have a business to join Maps. I don’t and I’m still making money many times a day.
        Great post, Jeremy. Best review ever! :)

  • Kathy Samson

    Hi Jeremy

    I am interested in My Advertising Pays but I cannot find you on facebook and need a few questions answered before I consider joining. After the 30 day free trial what is the monthly charge? I have a VX Gateway acct but have never used it as it is far too confusing for me, if I join can I use the same account? I will need a lot of help trying to understand this biz opportunity. I live in Canada.

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Thank you
    Kathy Samson

    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks for your message, Kathy.

      No monthly charge with MAP, just a one-time $100 after 30 days. You probably don’t have a VX Gateway account as that is a system built for My Advertising Pays (unless you already joined MAP)

      Setting up an account is super easy, you just follow the instructions I give you after you join.

  • john guzzo

    hello jeremy sounds very good but i have no experience in internet marketing .would need some help getting started please email me with more info jguzzo69@yahoo.com or call 516 270 2838 at your earliest convenience thank you hope to hear from you soon

    • Jeremy Page

      All the info you need is here, and I’ll be happy to help you when you get started. Thanks!!

  • Shirlen durand

    Hi Jeremy, GREAT review.I am ready to join, can you please answer 2 question please? Due to my limited funds at this present time, I will like to join under you with the purchase of 15 credit packs. My ideal was to go in with alot more credit packs. Can I fund and purchase more credit packs in the weeks and months to come?
    Also, Does your team have a duplication, marketing process to follow?

    • Jeremy Page

      Yes and yes. Got you covered in both those departments :)

      Let me know when you get in and I will send over the duplication materials…

  • Fredrick Lynch

    Hi Jeremy ,just a couple questions,when clicking on your daily 10 advertisements,do I have to buy anything besides credit packs? I want to join with you ,but can by only 2 credit packs right now ,can you work with me and help me get to be able to buy more in the future ,I am a beginner and need someone to teach me the ropes! Oh is there any monthly or annual fees that I would have to pay, if so ,please explain to me how it works!

    • Jeremy Page

      No worries, Fredrick.

      You can start with how many packs you can afford. Yes, I teach people who join me and take action. Simple as that.

      No monthly fees, just a one-time fee of $100 after 30 days. You know what to do if you want to be a part of my team.

      • Zira

        No monthly fees after you register and one month free trial.But what is just one -time fee of $100 after 30Days?Thanks

        • Jeremy Page

          Yep, $100 after a month, then annually.

  • Susanne

    Hi…can you promote affiliate URLs directly, or do you need to own a website? Also…can you use advertising to promote a blog? Please advise, I’m very interested in your system. Susanne

    Happy 4th!

    • Jeremy Page

      Susanne, you can actually promote affiliate urls directly with the MAP traffic (pretty awesome huh) and I have done it with Clickbank affiliate urls.

      Sure, you could also promote a blog, although I am not sure I would recommend that unless the blog did an exceptional job of sucking out leads and sales. I’ll keep an eye out for you in my back office, Susanne.

      • Susanne

        Very, very awesome! I’ll be signing up soon..I’m very excited about how MAP works!

        • Jeremy Page

          Saw you come through…sent over the materials…hit me up with questions, Susanne.

          Welcome to the movement, rock star.

  • Amelia

    Hi Jeremy, I will join u if u can help me with the duplication cos I don’t have duplication skills.

    • Jeremy Page

      Amelia, I double-dog dare you to join me, cause i have the duplication skills on lock. Let’s see if you join…

  • Kaukab

    Hi jeremy
    I just joined and sent u an email too, waiting for you guide to buy credit packs and instructions to go on from there

    • Jeremy Page

      Welcome aboard. Just sent them over.

  • Franklin

    Hi Jeremy,

    I’ve been looking to start an online business for several years now, I’m hoping MAP can be the right opportunity.

    I am based in Bali, Indonesia. Will this be an issue?

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me and explain in more detail how I could get started and what would be the realistic income I could expect for my first 3 months.

    Thanks and looking to hearing from you soon.



    • Jeremy Page


      Working from Bali is not an issue. In fact, I have people from over 20 countries on my team.

  • Al Valdez

    Good Day Jeremy,

    I’m interested in the My Advertising Pays opportunity. Can you please update me on your current involvement and financial progress with this program.

    The Vimeo video is no longer available. I’m viewing the others now. How quickly can I be making money with this program and what kind of involvement from you can I expect.

    Looking forward to your reply

    Best regards,

    • Jeremy Page


      I’m crushing still, and more important, I have dozens of teammates that are crushing. I teach you how to recruit, and MAP is hotter than ever.

      Here is a screenshot from July, 2014:

      And here is one from September, 2015:

      If that isn’t proof, I don’t know what else is…

  • Juliana Rodrigues

    I wish to join and start earning money. Could you please send me sponcer ID.

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, the sign-up process is pretty self explanatory. I’ll send over a guide when I see your name come through.

  • Linda Perez

    Hi Jeremy!
    This sounds too goo to be true. I left a job last month and accepted a new one only to find out this weekend that I don’t have on Monday. Total bummer. I’ve already been out of a paycheck for a month. So I just signed up for a MAP account under you. I think I have to setup the VX payment process and then purchase the credit packs right? I’m so excited to get started!

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, except it is the other way around. You purchase credit packs, then sign up for the vx payment system. It’s much easier that way.

      It’s not too good to be true, it’s online advertising. You have BILLIONS of dollars floating around on the internet, and MAP has amassed over 55,000 people in 6-7 months. So, with that many people, everyone is profiting…the company is now taking on big advertisers (banners on the site) so they’re profiting, and all of the people that have shares in the company (credit packs) are banking as well.

      Not too good to be true, just a very, very wise business. Google and Facebook make money the same way, they just keep all the ad revenue.

  • how can i do this with out money

    • Jeremy Page

      Not possible, it’s a business. At minimum, one credit pack costs $49.99, but I would recommend coming in at 20 packs to make a decent splash.

  • Selvyn Bingham

    This is a fantastic my advertising pays review. I have been using My advertising pays and its working very well for me and my advertising pays me 72 times per day. The profit share is fantastic! Great review, keep up the good work

    • Jeremy Page

      Appreciate that, Selvyn, I noticed the industry could use a little more bluntness and transparency…the people seem to respect that.

  • George

    Jeremy –
    I want to join MAP as a member of your team. Realizing that the daily value of a credit pack varies, what has been the average daily monetary value of one credit pack for the past 3 months . . . June, July & August of this year (2014). My goal is to start with enough credit packs to average a gain of approximately $50 per day.

    Kind Regards,

    • Jeremy Page

      George, it’s been hovering around .50 for the last 3 months…just recently picked up, actually.

      To get at that $50/day level, come through with about 5k (100 packs) and your profit share will be around $50 daily.

      Hope you’re an action-taker. This thing just keeps getting more exciting.

  • Philbert

    Jeremy, thank you for your good review about MAP, can you email me tips and videos, also please help me to start here :) and email me a registration link with your sponsorship. Thank you :)


  • vicky

    question about MAPS……is paypal available or do you have to use ewallet?


    • Jeremy Page

      You can use credit/debit card or a bank wire. To withdraw, they have a simple payment wallet that can transfer funds to your bank account or Paypal.

  • Jerry J

    Hi Jeremy!
    Great site & reviews!
    Jeremy, I can come in with maybe 3 credit packs,…thats about the best I can do right now,…:-/ I guess it would take me a while to make some decent money,…..

    • Jeremy Page

      Jerry, I have seen people over the months come in at 2-3 packs and they’re already over 100 packs. They’re consistent, and they attract wealth. Get started with whatever you can.

  • natalia castro

    hola me gustaria saber si se pude trabajar en colombia

    • Jeremy Page

      claro q si

  • Rob Fraser

    Great Review and way to set the example!

    • Jeremy Page

      Appreciate it

  • Matt

    Jeremy, Ive been a successful network marketer in the past and Im on the tail end of a business thats fizzling from 5 years of success. My monthly residuals are declining and Im looking for a way to make money doing the next project in my life. Can you help me?

    • Jeremy Page

      Of course I can. Your help is right in front of ya…

  • spencer croucher

    Hi , Can you just clarify something for me please. This all looks freaky exciting but if each credit pack expires at $60, does that mean you will earn $10 profit on each pack?

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep…rinse and repeat at high volume = free money. Lol.

  • Tony

    Jeremy. I do not have enough investment cash at all right all accept for one credit pack. Do you reccomend I still start or wait till i get more investment cash?

    • Jeremy Page

      I would definitely not get started. Work on your spending habits and get a better/second job so you can take on a new business seriously.

  • Juan

    Hi Jeremy,
    Q: Would I earn referral commissions on people who were signed up by people that I signed up? Or do I only earn referral commissions on people that I directly signed up? (Is there some kind of 2nd, 3rd,4th,etc. levels of commissions? If so, what are those amounts?).


    • Jeremy Page

      Just the people that you personally refer. 10% on all the personally-referred sales.

      More affiliate marketing and getting a straight cut instead of the multi-level commission structure.

  • Jayme Eyma


    I was curious as to what would be required financially and physically in order to earn five thousand per month to start. I have some money sitting in RRSP’s that is not earning me enough at present and would be interested in this program. I was involved in a severe motorcycle accident 15 months ago and am still unable to work in my trade as a steamfitter/gasfitter due to the injuries that I sustained and I need a steady income.



    • Jeremy Page

      Might not be 5k/mo, but getting in, throwing down on 100 credit packs (5k) will get you earning $100 on the daily…

      Closer to 3k/mo, but still pretty phenomenal.

  • Vanessa

    Hi Jeremy, do you give suggestions on what to advertise? For example affiliate programs or click bank. Also do you only have to click on 10 ads per day regardless of the number of packs you purchase? Thanks

    • Jeremy Page

      I’ve found the most success advertising a ‘complimentary’ program in Four Corners. Feeds off the MAP traffic very well.

      And yes, you click on 10 ads per day regardless. Good questions.

  • Carolyn

    I am very interested in joining but I am from Barbados in the caribbean and sometimes I encounter some problems with the payment processes. I will signup but please to send me the info to guide me.

    • Jeremy Page

      Should be good there

  • BCD

    Is it to late to take advantage of this? Do you still believe that you can help people get to 1200 packs? Are you there yet personally?

    • Jeremy Page

      This opportunity is still ground-level, literally just “warming up” at this point. And, yes, I’ll help you get there if you know how to help yourself.

  • Chaty

    Hi Mr. Page,

    I would love to join MAP, I’m Indonesian that stay in Germany but currently in Asian, is it ok if i join when in Asian but then later do it from Germany, as i saw ther IP is noted when we apply. I’m often travelling. One more is it possible to start with small amount? and what it the different between MAP ans Traffic Vance or Lead Impact? Can i join it under your team?

    Thanks before

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep you’re fine, even if you travel a lot. A travel everywhere, and MAP works great for me. Hope to see you on the inside.

  • Connie


    I am very interested to join and I have 1k to buy the 20 credit packs, however my concern is if I ever need my 1k back will I be able to withdraw my entire 1k money anytime?


    • Jeremy Page

      Yes…but it would take 60-90 days for those packs to appreciate. But like I mentioned in the video, the idea is to keep on purchasing packs to get to 1200…and then you’re making more than the average American, just off of 1200 packs compounding 24/7. That’s the true magic.

      But absolutely. We want people to withdraw early if they NEED to…that’s what this is all about. Giving people financial FREEDOM. Do what ya gotta do.

  • Deena

    Maps sounds really good, but what are the best types of products to promote as an affiliate on maps?

  • surrina

    Hi i saw your blog online re MAPS. it seems that this blog was posted in july last year. I wonder how do you do with MAPS as of today. are you still recommended it? if yes, would you please share a current screen shot showing the date you joined, current date, how much profits and how much withdraw as your current MAPS account? thank you so much for your help!

    • Jeremy Page

      I’ve pulled out over 30k as of February 2015, pacing 4k/mo net profit. Pinch me lol.

      September 2015 upate: $12,000/mo net profit.

  • Oyan

    Jeremy, I really must commend you on this MAPs review. People needed this kind of transparency. I read so many negative reviews from people claiming to be “Scam Busters” and it’s so appalling because these guys haven’t got a clue how MAPs really work because they have not experienced it for themselves. While they wait for MAPS to fall, MAPs is getting stronger and stronger every day with over 100,000 members and counting. It’s always wise to find your own truth and tune out all the loud noise from outside. My Advertising Pays is changing lives every day. In all honesty, I have never seen any thing like it. Continue spreading the word about how great an opportunity MAPs is and continue to help others realize their dreams. God bless!

    • Jeremy Page

      Absolutely, I come from a “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” approach to life.

      Just my style.

      Glad you dig it.

  • Jeremy Page

    Nice work Vance, glad you took action.

    I’ll send over what’s working for me. Chat soon.

  • nandi

    i just joined under you, please email me

    • Jeremy Page

      Emailed. And welcome, glad to have ya.

  • Bill


    Is this considered taxable income? Are we paying taxes on this, like a self employed individual? Is an LLC encouraged?

    • Jeremy Page

      Absolutely. Get a good accountant and start writing everything business-related off…equipment, vehicle, office, etc..

  • Sharon

    Jeremy ~ I would like to thank you immensely for responding to every single inquiry w/clarification, integrity & honesty! You are a LEADER I would luv to be a student under! You are totally real indeed.

    My concern: My job assignment ended in February, (currently unemployed) but this looks like an absolutely awesome opportunity to be a part of and learn as well. Can I still be successful even if my family & friends choose not to join me?

    After purchasing my initial pack (perhaps 2-3) am I then purchasing one pack at $49.99 per month until I reach a certain amount or is it possible to skip one month? Are we building cash day by day based on the packs purchased?

    Thank you immensely for all of your time & concern,


    • Jeremy Page

      Hey Sharon, thank you for your kind words. The idea is to keep purchasing packs – as many as you want – and continue re-purchasing packs until you get to 1200 (or whenever you choose to stop). No monthly fees.

      Yes, you can still be successful without recruiting anyone. You can make money just on the profit share alone, as each pack will go from $50 to $60. You rinse and repeat those numbers at high volume, and it becomes a long-term, sustainable profit. Hope that helps.

      • Sharon

        Yes it did Jeremy! You are most welcome and I want to thank you again. I actually forwarded another inquiry from some videos & readings I ran across after my 1st post.
        Continue having a wonderful day!

  • Jamie

    Hi Jeremy,

    How many times do you have to click to finish one credit pack? This is the only question holding people back from this. If you have 50 credit packs does this mean you need to click 500 times a day? jamiehartyacc@gmail.com

    • Jeremy Page

      No, just 10 ads per day regardless. 500 ads would be insane lol.

  • Bill

    I am interested. Is this program still current?

    • Jeremy Page

      It’s current, and HOT as it’s ever been.

      Numbers don’t lie:

  • Jason R

    Hi Jeremy- Ive done my research and am now ready to begin. Question: I am a federally licensed arms dealer- can I advertise my guns through MAPS?

    Thanks for taking the time to still answer questions.

    • Jeremy Page

      From what I’m aware, you can.

  • Roy

    Hi Jeremy,

    Great material! Thanks for sharing. I’m just about ready to join. One quick question. If I were to buy 100 cp’s and click 10 ads per day, not buying anymore from what is earned and let it sit, clicking the 10 ads every day, what’s the most I can earn back?

    Thank you!

    • Jeremy Page

      Eventually, you can build that 100 packs to 1200 packs – and with no recruiting – make more than the average American off of profit share earnings, although profit share numbers go up and down depending on company sales.

  • Clayton Salzman

    Hey Jeremy. I’ve been involved in Network Marketing for 7 months now. I’ve seen ups, I’ve seen downs. My biggest concern is support and guidance. I want to be taught the approach for this and 4C as well. If you can supply an adequate response, I will be joining shortly in both. Thank you.

    • Jeremy Page

      This is my response. Hope it’s adequate. Wink.

  • Frank Tobby

    so Jeremy, we keep buying packs until it reaches 1200pks, so what happens when one gets to this level?

    • Jeremy Page

      You’ll be forced to withdraw earnings. You’ll continue to purchase credit packs as other credit packs expire, but you’ll keep maintaining 1200 credit packs. All the money that is left over after maintaining 1200, you’ll withdraw.

      How much money does 1200 packs yield? About $42,000 a year off of profit-share earnings, per averages I’ve seen.

      Although nothing is guaranteed, because it’s a real business.

      If any advertising company guarantees something, it’s probably a ponzi. Run fast. MAP is dictated by percentages of sales volume, hence the sustainable model. But from my averages (i’ve been at 1200 for awhile), I’d guesstimate $42,000 annually. Profit-share earnings.

      Remember, this is if you didn’t refer anyone and does not account the profits or brand equity you make using the product (traffic).

      The millionaire money is made by referring like a boss.

  • ash

    if i throw $1000 at this in the next few days, what can i expect to get in return and how long will that take. i was told about this by a taxi driver who says he has turned $1000 to $6500 in 6 month. i need decent steady money, plus i have friends with assets i could easily get to spend, rinse and repeat. ta mate

    • Jeremy Page

      Read this post, I explain it over and over. Then throw down here.

  • Linda

    Hi Jeremy
    This I’m certain is an awesome opportunity. I’m involved in online marketing 8 years now and just now discovering these rev share programs. I’d like to know if I started with a minimum of just 1 credit pack, how soon approximately would that compound into enough to repurchase another and so on. In other words I wonder in a month’s time how much would that build up to? I know 1 pack isn’t a big deal to start with but until it would all start building up this is the most I could have to begin with. Thanks for replying and I’m definitely joining with you as soon as I know what’s ahead.

    • Jeremy Page

      I have no idea. Just being real, I always look at something as ‘what’s the maximum way I can 100% flat-out crush this?” and go from there. I’m allergic to thinking small.

      If you’re focusing just on the compounding, starting at 1 or 2 credits isn’t worth the long game, in my opinion. Or the short game, for that matter…what is that? Like, 20 bucks once both packs expired? Again that’s just focusing on the compounding. Remember, the traffic in itself can help your existing business.

      But, with 1-2, packs, If thats all you have to throw down on MAPS as a business, that’s one thing – and thats ok – but I would recommend NOT joining until you have the resources to take it seriously. Just my thoughts and keeping it 100.

  • Ric

    Hi Jeremy i would like to be your student but i already joined the site yesterday LOL Is it still possible for you to become my sponsor ¿
    Many thanks

    • Jeremy Page

      Not that I’m aware of.

  • Adekunle

    You are doing a great job but can I join with my Mastercard Atm card? Am a Nigerian.am waiting for your response

    • Jeremy Page

      Did you try it? You should be good to go.

  • Renea White

    I have been told by a member that the company is no longer accepting membership in the US. Is that true?

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, as of Friday, October 16 2015, credit packs are not allowed for US citizens in MAP. Still good for everyone elsewhere in the world.