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Multiple Streams

Multiple Streams somehow gets over 150,000 visits a month blogging to network marketers.

You might like our training because it teaches “the good life” without peddling overpriced products to your family and friends.

The Cambridge Diet is a weight plan and subtly a multi-level marketing company, too.

Their diet gives you 415 to 1500 calories to be consumed per day – mostly from their own products. They’ve had a good run, but am I on board?

This video explains everything: [click to continue…]


Essential oils? Yeah, they’re kinda hot right now.

Thanks to meet-ups, home parties, 3-way-calls, and good ole’ fashioned word-of-mouth marketing, essential oils are being lit and inhaled in households worldwide. Business is booming.

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So you’re probably here to get some small business ideas.


Remember, you’re either building your own dream or you’re building someone else’s. #truth

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(Updated for 2017)

If you’re not participating in the digital economy, you gotta ask yourself why.

More bluntly: If you’re broke or hate your job but you’re not doing anything about it, you’re being selfish (sorry not sorry).

That’s where some online business ideas can help.

If you do anything with this post, watch this quick video. It summarizes it perfectly:

Watch the whole thing? Good. [click to continue…]


(Updated for 2017)

I work in my ultra-soft Billionaire Boys Club drawstring shorts most days.

But before you make fun of me for spending $110 on a pair of shorts, adjust your mind a little.

Most business people (attorneys, sales directors) drop “thousands” annually for their work uniforms, why wouldn’t I invest in the comfiest, work-from-home shorts in the world?

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Digital Altitude is an e-learning personal development program focused on digital business for budding entrepreneurs.

Super big-ticket. People are dropping 25k on this stuff.

Think: Empower Network-type digital products, but 10x more expensive.  [click to continue…]


Ariix is an American based wellness multi-level marketing company that offers a variety of products under a combination of six brands.

The products have good reviews and their purpose is great. Who doesn’t want to improve their own nutrition? My bro got in, and I was approached many times. I considered it. Did I hop on board? [click to continue…]


(Updated for 2017)

Home jewelry companies are hot right now.

Many of these companies offer direct selling or MLM compensation plans, providing income opportunities for customers that want to promote and sell merchandise. I make all my money on the internet, travel the world and make more money than most doctors and lawyers…does this mean I joined one? [click to continue…]


Clixsense’s tagline is “advertising that pays”. Just like the likes of My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon, their rise and fall came fast.

A pretty cool concept on paper. Did I get on board? [click to continue…]


Xango is an international multi-level marketing company that sells mangosteen juice, nutritional supplements and skincare products.

They’ve had an impressive run over the years. Am I on board? [click to continue…]


Javita is a network marketing company that offers instant coffee products with health benefits from the natural herbs.

Like Organo Gold, they’re another coffee scheme. [click to continue…]


5LINX offers a wide variety of products like energy plans, security systems, nutritional products and business products.

Having started out as a telecommunications direct selling company, they are now making laudable attempts at breaking into the wellness industry. They are doing this with their Hi 5 nutrition products and their 24/7 online medical advice and and healthcare platform. [click to continue…]


Ambit Energy provides natural gas and electric services to consumers in some states.

The attraction is lower fixed rates and a business opportunity that allows Ambit customers to earn via a multi-level marketing platform. [click to continue…]