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Are people making money selling Ardyss?

“Hey Mom, I’m an Ardyss distributor now!  I’ve got just the thing for you - this shapewear will cut down that big belly by three whole sizes!  You’ll buy one, right?” ...You see where the problem lies. But it's no secret the health and weight loss industry is blossoming and Ardyss is getting their piece […] Read More

Sabika and the success of discount designer MLMs

Sabika is a jewelry MLM, and they’re definitely one to watch out for. I ranked them on my list of top 10 home jewelry companies this year for a reason. While they're not going to be the next Stella & Dot (no one's taking that spot anytime soon), they are on their way up. So […] Read More

Can you make money promoting BelCorp?

Belcorp is a popular skincare MLM based out of Peru and is the third largest cosmetic company in Latin America. They offer commission bonuses if you can sell the products, but it's a competitive industry to be in. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... Named after founder Eduardo […] Read More

Is Divvee another social networking scam?

Divvee is fresh out of the womb, having just launched in 2016, less than a year ago. Divvee Social, their “new look”, was just announced in January of this year. So many older MLMs are scrambling to keep up in a digital age, stuck in the past with their 3-way calls and Tupperware parties (yawn). […] Read More

Is anyone making money with bHIP Global?

The business opportunity is the bHIP landing page? That’s new. Well, landing page. Get past the scarily outdated language choice page and suddenly you’re catapulted into the next century. Have I been involved with these guys? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... Let’s start by saying the bHIP global products look like […] Read More

Empowr and their shady plan to end world poverty

“The world’s first democratic social platform” exploded onto the scene with more bravado than Lady Gaga. They’ve got products that could finally drag MLM into the digital disruption, high-brow company values like democracy, sustainability, and justice, philanthropic goals that top Angelina Jolie, and knack for social media that could rival the Kardashians. So have I […] Read More

Should you promote AlureVé? (full review)

AlureVé is a beauty and skin care company that’s brave enough to put a before and after mugshot online for a face cream. For anyone not in the beauty know, that’s pretty risky. So have I been involved? This video explains:   // All good? Let's continue... In business terms, it looks pretty good at […] Read More

My Millionaire Mentor and their connection to MOBE explained

If it’s true that you are the company that you keep, then having a few millionaire friends could really turn your life around. My Millionaire Mentor is another internet marketing MLM, but this one pairs you with mentors who can teach you how to get rich quick. So have I been involved? This video explains: […] Read More

Is Bell Lifestyle Network really worth the hype?

This starts off well until you scrutinize the small print - and a potentially great-looking brand suddenly feels bad. In a nutshell, Bell Lifestyle is an MLM where you make money off retail sales and not your downline, but also uses unproven, potentially unethical animal products. Red flags are already going up... Why wasn't I […] Read More

Will Vida Divina be the next hot health and wellness MLM?

Vida Divina is yet another health & wellness MLM with the advantage of a legendary salesman at the helm. So far, Armand Puyolt, the company’s founder, has steered them straight up. They could be the next big hit amongst the goji berry juices and Himalayan herbal supplements. So have I been involved? This video explains: […] Read More

Should you promote Bioceutica?

“Hey Dad, my new gig is next-level stuff - try a customized set of vitamins based on a urine sample sent to Bioceutica, just for you.” It might not get you to type in your credit card number, but it made you look twice, didn't it?   That or disrupt a family bond forever. So […] Read More

Can FuXion make it in the USA?

Since the dawn of time, humans have used technology for three things: To create To destroy To make themselves hotter FuXion uses the latest in biotechnology, harnessing ancestral cultures in a nutraceutical fusion process, to create a miraculous product that will, wait for it... …make you skinnier and more attractive. So am I involved? This […] Read More

Is THW Global just a spam machine?

THW has over 1,600,00 members and they're going to turn YouTube on its head, revolutionizing video platforms as we know it, and paying you thousands just for watching ads! This MLM made some pretty outrageous claims before they even launched. And now that they have launched, they have a lot of work to do. So […] Read More

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