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The Rich Jerk is an internet marketing program that offers training on squeezing income from Facebook and Google, purchased in a 1-time payment or a 3-month subscription format.

It also branches out into list building and other hot areas of internet marketing, just like popular MLMs Digital Altitude, Tecademics, and Wealthy Affiliate are all involved with.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


The self-proclaimed Rich Jerk has been around since 2005, only recently having resurrected himself with an all-new product. His original product, an e-book, promised help on making it with ClickBank products. Experiencing mild fame with TV interviews and an appearance on the radio show of fellow obnoxious guy Howard Stern, The Rich Jerk apparently made it big.

The story goes that he “disappeared” in 2008, only to reappear now in 2015 with another product for the new age.

With like-minded “zany” celebrities Gary Busey, Ron Jeremy and Dennis Rodman there to support him, The Rich Jerk now offers his wisdom for those willing to pay.

The persona of The Rich Jerk is aggressive, rude, and blunt (not your sweet old lady Mary Kay distributor). With quips like “if your life sucks, it’s your fault” and “if you haven’t made money online by now, it’s your fault”, he dares people to join him, hinting that success is easy and fast if you just do what he does and cut out all the unnecessary.

Easy for him to say- he made his fortune ten years ago before Google started murdering the SEO industry with its fancy algorithms.

Affiliate marketing is completely different now, and many of the original SEO people are now either flipping burgers, writing code, selling jewelry, or working in sales.

(However, this list ranks the best online business ideas that still work today.)

Or, like The Rich Jerk, they’re turning to offering their services via monthly paid subscription.

But if The Rich Jerk has something to teach us, we’ll listen. Let’s take a look at the products he’s got for us.


In his promo video, The Rich Jerk sums up his philosophy of internet marketing like this:

5 rules for getting rich-

  1. go where the money already is: FB & Google
  2. copy a person who is already successful
  3. you are not your past
  4. winners do what losers aren’t willing to do
  5. you are exactly where you want to be

Nice general guidelines, but for the meat of the matter you’ll have to fork over $97 per month for 3 months. But you won’t necessarily be getting everything delivered by The Rich Jerk himself. In the promo video, The Rich Jerk exclaims “Learn from ME!” but then hastily adds “(and some of my personal advisers)”.

Here’s a summary of what you’re getting with your monthly subscription training videos:

  • how to make money on Amazon
  • list building tips
  • how to make money without an email list
  • niche marketing
  • keyword training
  • how to build a website that Google loves
  • pay per click marketing
  • all kinds of sales funnels

These concepts are broken down into four modules as follows:

  1. Module 1: Rank & Bank: create a website.
  2. Module 2: Honey Pot Ad Domination: use Facebook ads to make money
  3. Module 3: Launch Jacking Mastery: promote a product launch
  4. Module 4: Best of the Guests: 10 bonus videos on wide range of topics.

The product also grants access to the Rich Jerk private Facebook group. In addition, once they’ve been in the program for 30 days, members get a “Rich Jerk box” in the mail. The contents are a secret but it probably contains marketing materials.

For an even more detailed taste of what you’re in for, here’s another smattering of product descriptions:

  • Get website templates for affiliate marketing, especially product launches
  • Know which products to promote and which ones to avoid
  • How to run cheap ads and double your money
  • How to make profitable ads for Facebook
  • How to target your ads for maximum clicks
  • Inside some websites that earn six figures, and how to make your own
  • How to do copywriting
  • How to put together a good sales funnel
  • How to sell to local business owners, even if you don’t have a website
  • How to create a membership website
  • How to get free traffic from Google Hangouts
  • How to build and rent websites out to local businesses
  • How to sell t-shirts on Facebook even if you don’t have your own website, no inventory, and no shipping involved
  • How to win at blackjack in Vegas (!)

You can purchase the four modules for $297 or do it via monthly subscription for three payments of $97 each.

Compensation Plan

There is an affiliate program for The Rich Jerk. Managed through JV Zoo, it offers 50% commission on 3 monthly payments which run $97 each.

That means, for each product you sell you will make $145.50.


There are a few troublesome phrases on affiliate sites for The Rich Jerk. “The quickest way to make big money online” is one that stuck out. Another is “results in as little as 3 days”.

TRJ needs to reign in his teams or face some noise from the FTC.

But it does sort of symbolize what he’s all about. He’s promising a lot and his “hook” is that other methods of making money are lame, slow, and stupid. In other words, his method is quick and effective.

It may well be: he was very successful at internet marketing. That, plus he somehow got Gary, Ron and Dennis to appear in his video.

The thing is, however, when The Rich Jerk got rich the first time around, things were a whole lot different in the online business world. First of all, it was easy back then. Gaming the internet isn’t about SEO any more, which was the case back in 2005.

2008 was a tough time for old-school SEO’ers, which is right around the time The Rich Jerk disappeared. He’s been gone for seven years!

So, whether you believe he’s the most brilliant persona ever to hit the mentoring game (you must admit, branding is good on this) or just a has-been who’s looking to cash in on his old fame, one thing remains: The Rich Jerk is certainly good at making himself known…he gets it 100%.

Branding genius or not, if you are looking to construct an online passive income stream, there are better options.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Rich Jerk hater. He speaks the hard truth on a lot of internet concepts.

I’m just saying, there’s a better way.

Check this out. It’ll crush your paper-chasing habits.

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