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Rocketmiles reviews & the art of travel hacking

Rocketmiles is an ‘almost-brand-new’ hotel booking search engine (or app) that rewards you when you book a hotel in their network.

If you embrace the concept of free flights or travel hacking, listen up, cause these guys are shelling out the mile points.

Have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Is it time to ditch Orbitz or Kayak?

The whole idea behind the Chicago-based travel program is to get people earning 1,000 miles per stay, at minimum. Not this wacky 50-100 points per stay stuff, this is the real deal.

So here’s how it works:

You head over to Rocketmiles.com, book your next hotel, then accumulate miles points that will be honored by most airlines, including Jet Blue, Alaska Airlines, Southwest, British Airways, US Airways, Iceland Air, Qatar Airways and more.

99% of the time, you don’t pay more for hotel prices, as Rocketmiles negotiates with hotels and buys unused hotel space at severely lower costs.

They’re led by a former hotel booking exec so they understand how the hotel buying space works.

Look, it’s the same model that most of these hotel apps are using (like Hotel Tonight) but Rocketmiles coughs up the free miles for the people.

I can dig that.

Also, their customer service is great. I had to email them about a few things and I got replies within hours. This is important, as there are a lot of obscure programs out there with limited customer service.

Is it the hotel booking end-all for travel hackers?

No, there are other hotel booking alternatives, as most major airlines offer miles when you book a hotel using other major portals.

Here are a few major hotel award programs:

Club Carlson
Hilton HHonors
Hyatt Gold Passport
IHG Rewards Club
Starwood SPG


Some of these programs offer decent miles, but Rocketmiles makes it a one-stop location and it’s hard to compete with 1,000+ points per booking.

So, they get my final recommendation.

Either way, don’t matter who you are – digital nomad, business traveler, etc – you need to be leveraging your spending with points, Rocketmiles or not.

If you’re doing it for the income opportunity alone, there are better options out there. Our coaching shows you exactly how to build a real, value-driven business you can feel good about and still live the “good life”.

Enjoy your travels.

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  • Glenda

    RocketMiles is a total scam. I see that you think they get hotels at discount rates. Let me educate you. I booked a hotel in an obscure town in north/central Florida. They charged me $167. The rate at checkin was $106. That is a 57% markup. They claim to be partnered with Amazon to offer reward gift cards as rebates. Well you pay for those. Customer service is horrible too. They were rude and flippant when I called to report the exhorbitant rate hike. Their response? “Nothing we can do! We don’t claim to be a discount travel site!” And also a pack of lies. They also actually use other legitimate travel sites or ghost companies to actually make the reservations. I was told by one representative that they use booking.com to actually reserve the rooms. But my hotel booking was done through an odd company in Canada. Not Chicago! PLEASE amend your article to warn people about this company. They jack up the prices and the smoke and mirrors are the incredible rewards they offer. If it’s too good to be true….then it isn’t true!!

    • Jeremy Page

      Interesting, sounds like it didn’t go too well

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