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What are you trying to rank for?

Look, I am tired of all the broke bloggers out there.

I am serious, it’s borderline-criminal they’re not getting government aid.

If you have a website and you aren’t getting targeted traffic, that’s a problem…

…and it turns out, in this twisted and confused affiliate marketing/MLM space, that would be 99% of the peeps.

So I am helping 5 people.

I don’t care if you are on my team or not, the first 5 will qualify.

The way I do SEO is not scalable, as I go after posh, high-end links that few can get. Takes connections and years of being in the game.

I am crushing Google right now.

I’ve guest-lectured at universities about SEO, worked at the largest SEO agency in Utah (SEO.com) and consulted for the second-largest tech publishing company in the USA (second to CNET).

But who cares, let’s look at results.

Google anything I am involved with right now…I dare you.

Too lazy?

No worries, I made a one-minute product trailer just for you sand-bagging SOBs:

You might notice someone on the front page of Google.

I’ll give you a hint, he’s a tan dude smiling with a lime background…

(I was mini-retired in Panama at the time, so I was happy)

My empower network-rankings alone have built my business $3,500 days.

Yes, days. Multiple times.

Two choices, really:

You can spend 4-5 years learning the digital secrets and keep getting the same, lousy Google-traffic in the meantime or…

…you can hire me to do it for you.

Done-for-you-services, at that.

Tell me what keyword you want to rank for, and we will be ranking for your product, deal or opportunity in less than 60 days.

Uber-competitive keywords with high search volume keywords will get consideration, but are not guaranteed.

(but I won’t take on a project that I know I can’t rank for)

That’s just my SEO swagger, I know I will rank.

Credit card, debit, or Paypal. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Cost: $997/mo

Click the Subscribe link and cross your fingers it’s open:

Immediately after subscribing, email support@multiplestreams.org with your top 3 keywords and your website url.

Your Government-sent, SEO “bailout”,

Jeremy Page

PS. If services are closed, comment below if you want to be on the waiting list.

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  • I actually found out about empower network from doing research on acn, anyways.. Came across Matthews video and I was hooked because of a video he showed of his earning for the month much like yours.. His because is same as yours. Is 997$ standard across the board..? I payed it because I’m sick of living paycheck to paycheck.. So I did his program and now I have to rank it on google which I’m still having problems with even though his vids are easy to follow.. (Not comp person period) but I’m soo eager to make money I forced myself to re-learn..

    I want to learn what you know just because of what you said.. You were banned or taken off.. (That’s crazy, but has strong meaning behind it) I want to know what you know.. This may sound far fetched but I want more than 10k month (maybe 10k/mon to start since I don’t know anything..) Id like 10x that if its possible..? But from all these EN videos of actuall ppl they are making that in less than 4 months.. At the moment I’m kinda strapped for cash as I just started my own business and used my entire bonus to acquire his training..

    You are very upfront and raw.. I like it.. Just to let you know I don’t have laptop or comp just galaxy S3

    I hope to work with you soon


    • Jeremy Page

      Jason, thanks for your comment. Hope you kill it, buddy. You know what to do when you’re ready to work with me….or have me work for you. Either way, I wish you success.

  • Dan Hanson

    I’m a self employed stay home dad of 5 kids I was about too loose my mind when I stumbled upon this blog concept from empower . With the skeptical mind I have I googled empower to find what the catch was. Then I found your site! I like your style and the no b.s attitude you show! You remind me of myself not afraid and even enjoy pissing people off. I can relate. I’m good for the $ when tax returns get here. Consider me for one of the 5 your picking I won’t disappoint you!

    • Jeremy Page

      Lol can’t say I enjoy pissing people off but I’m glad you are down with some rank n bank…all 5 spots are filled right now but hit me up when those returns come in…

  • james

    I’m signed up under Rob. Can I change to you?

  • Amazing Show Jeremy, that’s just basically living with proof when most of SEO companies cant even rank their sites but tries to sell SEO. Just found your site while I was searching for “Empower Network” and seeing your even outranking the original company for their EMD is bloody crazy. I would say best poof of your GUNs…

    Thanks for the inspiring content and great blog.

  • Dude,
    I just read that you are from Idaho. 20+ years in Nampa myself. I have to connect with you now. I love your style and need to learn SEO so bad for my business.
    Give me a shoutout when you can this week.

    • Jeremy Page

      Nice man, my brother lives out in South Nampa. S/o to my Canyon County neighbors…that’s awesome. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Aaron B

    Hi Jeremy,
    I’m aaron from manila Philippines. I’m researching you man. You’re my sensei, super awesome SEO work you have here.
    Man I’m broke. I’m a full time IT ServiceDesk Analyst of a BPO company in manila, also do elance for my spare time, but the money I get is not enough. The reason of me writing you is about FGXpress. I believe in MLM power to generate generous amount of money overtime but I need to gain sales. Your review site is really cool, being part of the 1st page of google is already an achievement for me. I think I can cover Bluehost and Aweber, but the thesis theme is expensive for me. I really want to be your minion. Learn from you. I’m hoping that you’ll personally read this comment. I want you to email me with maybe anything that you can do to help me get my site up the charts. My domain is fgxpressph.com, it redirects to my personal FGXpress site. I’d like to know what strategy can I do to make sales on my FGXpress business. I’m hoping you can help me master. Also hoping this message aren’t being filtered by your elance contractors.


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