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The rise and fall of Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon used to be the hottest money-making scheme before they got shut down.

Bad news: The USA government got involved, and it looks like Traffic Monsoon has been shut down. Funds are locked up everywhere. Time to move on.

Good news: There’s a better way to make money online, but it won’t be easy. (No company or MLM here). Not Tecademics. If you’re still OK with that, you can learn how I travel the world and make more money than most doctors and lawyers below.

This video explains everything:

Remember, calls are scheduled for 30 minutes, so only schedule if you’re serious:


Traffic Monsoon is a lot like My Advertising Pays.

You can see how they blew up then fell flat on their face.

Not all their fault. The government got involved and pretty much killed their buzz. Not cool, but you gotta move on.

So why did they have “buzz”?


You purchase advertising “packs”, and as an option, you qualify to receive profit-share earnings when you click on 10 ads per day.

So, you make money regardless with the profit share, and you promote whatever you’d like on the traffic exchange using your traffic credits.

Here’s some background history:

Started in October 2014.  Within their first month they sent 4 million visits. A year later, they’re stronger than ever.

The advertising you get from the ad packs can be used however you like, but people are seeing success marketing other money-making opportunities (like Four Corners).

It makes sense, because people who joined Traffic Monsoon are most likely people who are interested in making money online.

Although not recommended (because you literally make pennies), you can sign up for free and earn visitor traffic credits simply by viewing other members’ ads.  

Even as a free member, you get to click ads and receive 1 visitor credit for every 2 sites that you visit. It’s not scalable, though. You’ll only be able to accumulate so many credits at a time.

The only real way to scale and see results is to purchase several ad packs and grow your account.

Once you purchase an ad pack, you qualify for the company’s profit share. You immediately start growing your account. At high volume, your account will grow exponentially.

How do the ad packs work?

Purchasing ad packs at $50 each gets you entry into the income-generating part of Traffic Monsoon.

Depending on how the company does with sales depends on how fast your $50 ad pack will turn into $55, or 110%.

But, either way, regardless, you’ll eventually earn the $55 on each $50 ad pack you purchase.

Each active ad pack that you have is also called a “sharing position”. Although nothing is guarenteed, users can expect earning $1 per day per sharing position. With the ability to have 1200 active packs, or positions, you can see the potential.
How do I qualify to earn revenue on my ad packs?

To qualify for the revenue sharing, you click on 10 ads per day.  This entails viewing websites you find listed in your account after you log in.

What kind of websites will you see?  Most likely they’ll be similar to your own: websites featuring MLMs, affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship, income-generation, products and services.

How do I make referral commissions?

You earn 10% referral commissions on all of sales of the people you directly refer.

Note: this is not multi-level marketing.

You’ll only earn the 10% on people you directly refer. However, this is a super powerful system. Not only will your profit share commissions be automated, you’ll be passively collecting commissions from all of your recruits on the daily.

All around the world. 24/7.

That’s leverage. Cause money never sleeps, even though they didn’t teach you this in school:


Next, you’ll get an email from me that will step you through buying your ad packs and setting up your payment processor (my email tutorial steps you through all of this).

How many ad packs should I buy? As many as you can afford. At minimum, 20.

You’ll also get an invitation in the email to join our private Facebook support group. You’ll get full access of support from thousands of people who’re active in Traffic Monsoon. This is the biggest private Traffic Monsoon community on the internet, and it’s not even close.

The recruiting aspect, like I said, is NOT required, and you can still make significant long-term revenue and not recruit a single person in the business.

However, it gets pretty exciting if you crunch the numbers a little:

Factoring the probability that nearly everyone repurchases their profits back into ad packs, you’ll be earning daily earnings on the people you refer into the business for awhile…

(not like most deals where 90% of people quit and you lose your residual).

Knowing this, if you bring in 20 people who are purchasing 20 ad packs every day (over time, everyone will get to this point at the 1200 ad pack level), you’re earning $1,000 each day.

So, hear me out for a second…

…the product (advertising) is in high demand…
…99% of people are NOT quitting…
…and it’s painfully dead simple.

As a mentor of mine recently reminded me:

“If your parents are STILL working, you aren’t making enough money.”

Think about that for a second.

I’m looking to partner with big-thinkers and entrepreneurs who refuse to subscribe to 9-5, industrial-mindset ‘punch-in, punch-out’ thinking.

People who aren’t afraid, really.

When I see you come in, you’ll automatically get my tutorial and recruiting bonuses.

Your money-making coach.

If you scrolled to the bottom, you’ll see that Traffic Monsoon has shut down. Funds are locked up.

The good news: there is a better way that doesn’t involve shameless recruiting or hucking another profit-share scheme. It requires hard work, but people are quitting their day jobs.

You can learn more here.

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