Tsu, the people’s social network that fell off

Tsu is a social network which offers members the opportunity to earn profit from their own content.

From what I’ve seen, it’s pennies for the vast majority. Basically, if you’re going to do it for the money, there’s a better way. (A non-MLM way)

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Tsu is owned by aTexas corporation called Evacuation Complete LLC. This corporation is owned by three people. One of them, Sebastian Sobczak, is actually the name and the face of Tsu. More on him later.

The Tsu company is backed by $7 million in funding and has had major media coverage since its public launch in December 2014. Tsu was actually created in 2013 but it took over a year to ready the platform for launch.

The company operates on the principle that monetization of users’ images & content is unfair unless the users are getting a cut.

Co-founder Sebastian Sobczak says current social media platforms are…

“like radio stations playing everybody’s song and not giving royalties… There’s a lot of money being created and not being efficiently distributed to the content creator.”

Publicly launched in late 2014, Tsu is the first of its kind. So far so good, with big names signing up:

  • celebrity users like LeAnn Rimes and 50 Cent.
  • sports celebrity users like Miami Heat’s Luol Deng and Olympian Doc Patton
  • organizations like Environmental Media Association, and SBE Entertainment

Tsu takes 10% of the ad revenue and the rest goes to the users. How much each user gets depends on their level of involvement.

When asked by a correspondent why Tsu takes only 10% for themselves, founder Sebastian Sobczak compared Tsu to other startups with little takeaway for the owners:

  1. Uber only takes 20%.
  2. Airbnb in the 12% range.

He noted that it’s typical of a startup to give lots away. Will Tsu get as big as Uber and Airbnb?

In an interview with Fox News last December, founder Sebastian Sobczak called the level of interest “A Tsunami of interest, actually.”


Sebastian Sobczak, founder of Tsu, is one of three members of the corporation that owns Tsu. Other members of the corporation are Drew Ginsburg and Thibault Boullenger.

The other two members are not publicly active in marketing the business, so we’ll concentrate on Mr. Sobczak.

A quick review of his profile at angel.co reveals that he went to Columbia and U of Chicago Booth School of Business…good credentials for a snappy start-up.

His other ventures:

  • BeutifulGoal.org
  • Liquid LED Technologies
  • Golazo Soccer
  • Azure Capital Partners
  • Wexford Capital

Looks like he knows a thing or two about starting up a company, especially from the financing end of things.


The product is the social platform and the potential revenue users can gain from joining and participating in social posting, sharing etc.

What can members expect from Tsu?

…At least $1,000 in one year based on a user with 2,000 friends. A celebrity can make up to $2.8 million in one year based on having 80 million friends.

Where does the income come from?

Ads. Take a look at Tsu and you’ll notice ads in the sidebar, a la Facebook. Only difference? You get paid 90%.


Half your revenue comes from ads on your own Tsu account, and the other half comes from the people you got to sign up. Tsu calls this your family tree.

The more you help Tsu grow, the more money you earn, theoretically. There are different types of people in your family tree:

  • Friends. You invited them to join, maybe not
  • Children. People you invited and who accepted Tsu membership
  • Network. Total group of people you invited to join PLUS people who joined as a result of your children and your children’s children (called Grandchildren)
  • Followers. Just like in Twitter, you may or may not have invited them to follow you

To invite someone and make them a child of yours, you need to invite them using your profile page URL : tsu.co/yourUsername.

Share it and get people to sign up via that URL and it’s used as a tracking device. Your revenue will be calculated using this tracking.

How your income is calculated:

Let’s say you post some content and it generates $100 worth of ad revenue. Tsu takes $10 and the rest is distributed like this:

  • you get 50%, or $45
  • there are 3 users above you, since you’re a great-grand child
  • the user just above you gets 33% of the original $90 ($29.70)
  • the user just above that guy gets 1/3 of his share, which is 33% of $29.70 or $9.99
  • the user just above that guy gets 1/3 the $9.99 or $33.33

It’s the “rule of infinite thirds”, and goes up the chain to the original family tree creator until you’re talking like $0.03 revenue off a dollar of ad income after four levels.


Tsus is big in the news, Tsu is backed by solid stuff, run by savvy, smart business people and promoted by celebrities, and Tsu has a simple & fair compensation plan.

This makes their future very exciting.

Now add to that the perfect timing of its launch and this is very exciting. By perfect timing I mean people are leaving Facebook in droves because their moms are all over it now, and it’s tough to get your posts seen without paying for it.

But, like I said before, it’s just pennies for the masses.

There is a better way. Double down on your knowledge and get real coaching. You can apply here.