11 facts about me (updated for 2017)

Ok, take your 11 facts about me. Buzzfeed style. Creeper.

#11. Drake antagonizer

I got a cease and desist letter from Drake’s lawyers after hawking OVO shirts on one of my ecommerce sites back in the day. I should frame that letter.

#10. Uncommon dunker

I dunked it once in the Tucson Summer Pro League (semi-pro) in front of NBA and elite college players. That was probably the peak of my ball’n days. 

#9. Mind-numbing media protester

I don’t know what twerking is. Or what Kardashian is dating who. Or what millennials are arguing about what to be offended about. 

#8. One-way ticket purchaser

Love to mess around with mini-retirements, like spending 9 months on the coastlines of Central America. Or rocking 5 months in Brazil. Next up? Eastern Europe?

#7. Almost phone-less

Trying this “put-away-your-phone-thing”. If I’m around company, doing work or anything that requires deep focus, the phone goes away. Leaving it in a separate room. Still got work to do.

#6. Borderline tri-lingual

Speak good Portuguese and mess around with some Spanish.

#5. College hoops lover

Yeah, I even low-balled a bid for collegebasketball.com just cause I thought it would be cool to start a reputable-looking basketball site…solely to get press passes for the NCAA tournament.

#4. Occasional fake-baker

I fake bake in the off-season, but not in a Bill Simmons or Donald Trump type-of-way.

#3. Childhood stutter-er

Picked up a b-b-b-ad stuttering habit as a lil guy. I stuttered so, so, so, so, so bad my parents should have rented me out at comedy clubs. Check it:

Transcript? Here goes:

[Me] Dad, Jus-Justin’s not not supposed to to g-go go at Barry’s.
[Dad] Why?
[Me] Cus…So, so, so, so, so, so I can.
[Dad] You can’t go out in the street.
[Me] Yes I can! Then yes I can, Dad!

The best part is that I’m questioning authority at such a young age.

#2. Professional Dexter look-alike

Apparently I look like Dexter, which has helped my limp Tinder profile with some flame these days.

#1. Tim Ferriss fanboy

Stumbled in a library circa 2010, post college graduation, dazed and confused. Wandered to self-help section and checked out this suspect-looking audio called The Four Hour Workweek.

It changed my course. Found the right mentors, studied up on the digital secrets. The rest is history.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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  • joseph

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for sharing. I just discovered your site and I am also pursuing the laptop lifestyle. Not quite there but sites like yours really help.
    Keep up the good work|!

    • Jeremy Page

      Appreciate that, Joseph. You’ll get there with clarity and daily action.

  • Linda

    Love your vibe and am interested in joining your team. Is Empower on the incline still or trending downward on general? I couldn’t get a good read on the general status. Also, the daily and monthly profits/commissions come from where? Leads or sales from a website I’ll need to create? Thanks for sharing your stories and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Jeremy Page

      Empower is def on the decline.

      Luckily, there are much better (and much less shameless) internet-centric ways to get your money right.

  • Paul Hardingham

    Awesome blog, awseome content, just plain awesome. As someone who has been fortunate enough to have made a career from the internet since 2001, I always feel really humbled (and a little jealous) of people like you who picked it up quicker than me and ran on ahead too!

    Well done – keep it going!


    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks, Paul. Appreciate it.

  • fifa16mall.com

    You’re very eloquent.

  • Brian

    The stutter.. totally forgot 🙂

    • Jeremy Page

      My best friend just commented on my blog? High five to the one and only Myrlage mackage package.

  • Mo

    Jeremy, please could you drop me an email at mo(dot)mooncey(at)hotmail(dot)com – I would like to speak to you regarding an offer for the sale of a domain name I believe you currently host. Many thanks for your time, Mo

    • Jeremy Page

      Mo, looks like you found me on Twitter. Best of luck in your digital dreams

  • Melissa

    Hi Jeremy,
    Off topic but wondering, did you live in Australia in the early 1990’s?

  • alex

    Fala comigo Jeremy!! hi, i just found your site , it looks interesting. it is going to take a little time for me before schedule a call but , first impressions are good. you are luckier than me, i always wanted to live in floripa rsrs.

    • Jeremy Page

      Valeu cara!

      Mas nem presica de “luck” …vc pode fazer tudo se tu quiser

  • Nicole

    You left off the most important detail. Are you married??? 🙂

    • Jeremy Page

      Not married ha, maybe one day.

  • Jess

    Given the current economic state is it not difficult to get businesses to agree to pay a fee for your/our services. People are trying to save left right and centre and yet another fee/bill is potentially going to scare them off isn’t it? Can someone with zero sales skills succeed here? Setting up the website is one thing, actually closing a deal with a business/service provider is another. Thanks

    • Jeremy Page

      Yep, people who “do” can.

  • CIN

    Hey I sent you a tweet, not sure if you can see it as my account is private. I have a question about your coaching program before deciding if I want to sign up for it… Thanks!

    • Jeremy Page

      Nice, I actually don’t check Twitter much these days

  • desiree

    Help! I want in!! All laughing aside, this is pure ingenuity and I want to get on board.

  • Zhilan

    Jeremy, I’d like to get your coaching program. May you please come back the earliest? Thanks. Zhilan

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