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What up? Name is Jeremy Page.

I am the founder of MultipleStreams, and run this website with a couple other researchers and “internet buddies”.

Here is a 2017 selfie, my feeble attempt to “humanize” myself on this blog lol.


Feeling extra creepy? Here’s some more dirt on me.

I run several internet companies and work from places like Boise, Idaho (hometown) and from the beaches of Brazil.

Good times.

This is one of the biggest blogs on the internet that covers small business, online business and anyone trying to make that CEO-style internet money. People seem to like it for some reason – probably because it stays away from vague and nebulous “basic” advice.

This site is a resource for those who want it all – the ability to control the hours of your day while have an oversized bank account.

Or, as HuffPo says, “travel the world and make more money than doctors”:

Tacky picture, but cool article lol.

After watching this video, you’ll miraculously not want to punch me even though it talks about making money on the internet.