ACN and the billions made in telecommunications

ACN is a reseller of telecommunications and entertainment services, and one of the juggernauts in the MLM space (see the top 25).

They started out just reselling long distance services in 1993, but as technology evolved, so has ACN.

Looks like US president Mr. Donald himself was on board for awhile, which is interesting.

So have I been involved?

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Even after 22 years in the game, ACN is still very much a leader.

They enjoy a stellar rating on GlassDoor, a review site written by people who’ve worked for companies (1).

Out of 5 stars, ACN has a rating of 3.8 after 100 interviews.  If anything, that at least speaks to ACN’s reputation management team.  The reviews for ACN do seem genuine, with reviewers offering helpful information like “most of the popular services were not available in my rural area”.

Recent facts, awards and other markers of distinction include:

  1. For 2015, they came in at number 22 on the “Largest Direct Selling Company Global 100” list published annually by Direct Selling News ($800 million+ in revenue last year).  (2)
  2. They are also the #1 largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy, and essential services in the world (see: Powur, Stream, and Ambit).
  3. For 2013 and 2014 they won W3 awards for marketing & design and have won Stevie Awards & Hermes Creative Awards and several others.

ACN has world headquarters in North Carolina and several international HQ offices as well.


ACN is a reseller of many famous communication, entertainment, and home services.  They also offer similar packages for businesses.  You’ll recognize the brands below, which represent ACN’s offerings for the home:

  • Flash Wireless.  Get phones and plans without being tied to a contract on Sprint’s 4G LTE Network.  Alternatively, choose a plan with no contract on what is probably the Verizon network, which does allow transfer of some existing phones.
  •  High Speed Internet.  In AT&T or CenturyLink territories (or others if not available).
  • XOOM Energy.  Choose from Natural Gas & Electricity and Solar Power plans.
  • Home Security & Automation.  Choose from two brands: Vivint and ADT.
  • Home phone services.  Get digital phone service or old-school traditional local and long distance.

Surprisingly, there is value to be found in some of the ACN services.

For example, Flash Wireless offers an economical new $36 plan for minimal users: you get talk, text, and 200 MB of data. If you are at home a lot and near your PC and don’t need your phone for cell phone tower access to data, this could save you a lot of money. Better yet, if you are near Wi-Fi you can use that and not eat into your data allowance.

Another star in the ACN lineup of services is XOOM Energy.

Recently granted an Inc 500 position on the list of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies, this outfit is one to watch.

They offer gas & electric at either fixed or variable rates, no charge in delivery or maintenance, and a variety of plans.

Depending on your area, you may choose a plan which mixes renewable energy with clean electricity.  Their renewable plan (called SimpleClean) guarantees that 50% of your electricity comes from sustainable sources.

Services may be bundled, resulting in an enticing $300 gift card for customers.

Here are ACN’s products for business:

  • VoIP phone service for around $32 or $40 per month depending on the plan.
  • XOOM Gas & Electricity (but not solar)
  • Anovia Payment Processig
  • Vivint Security

Bundles bring $200 to $500 in rewards to customers, depending on how many services are selected (it’s about $100 per service added to your bundle.  The bundle rewards offers are limited however, so check the ACN website for updates after this goes to press).

Compensation Plan

To begin with, ACN offers a rich variety of support and training for its independent distributors.  This includes a legal advisory committee full of incredibly qualified and impressive figures from the legal world.  They ensure that what you’re selling and how you sell it complies with the law.

ACN is part of the DSA Ethics Initiative.  ACN does not allow telemarketing, and transactions are strictly regulated through websites provided and hosted by ACN itself. Independent Distributors do the legwork to get people to sign up on their personal online store and ACN takes care of registration, customer service, tech support, payment, commissions, and all the rest.

Selling utilities is different from selling energy drinks.  There is no required monthly auto-ship.  No required purchase of sales or training materials.  There is also no compensation for recruiting…only commission on sales and your recruits’ sales.  By the book!

ACN IBOs get a slice of their customers’ monthly bill for as long as those people remain customers of ACN.  They also get residual income when their recruits sell plans.  IBOs may negotiate discounts with their customers (of course commissions will be adjusted).

What’s the catch in all this?  There’s a $500 application fee for new IBOs.

Once you’re in, start selling services to acquire points.  The number of points you accumulate will determine the commission rate on your customers’ monthly bills.  These commissions run from 1% to 10%.  To get 5% commission you must have 40 points.  To get 10% commission you must have 60 points.

An example: if you say the average monthly bill is $40 and you have 20 customers, your commission rate is 5% so you make $40 per month on personal commissions.

Here’s what the points system looks like: you get 1 to 3 points per service you sell, for the most part.  A exception would be something like selling a Business Advantage phone service with 6 lines which gives you 7 points.  Selling the Flash Wireless plans nets you 2 points per line.  XOOM Energy Solar gets you 4 points, while the Natural Gas & Electricity gets you only 1 point per service.

There is a Customer Acquisition Bonus starting at $25 (and up depending on rank) that you can get if your new IBO recruit becomes qualified within 30 days, which means finding qualified customers.


23 years in the game and still going very strong.

ACN runs a tight ship and has the awards, the reputation, and support from thousands of independent distributors to prove it.  They operate all over the world (except Africa) and have maintained a unified and consistent company brand throughout their near quarter-century in existence.

The ACN compensation plan is clear, concise, and fair.  Their products are of good quality and good value.

But if you don’t have access to lots of potential leads and the ACN services aren’t available in your area, you might want to think twice about spending that $500 application fee.

An opportunity to quit your job and work from home? Maybe if you’re lucky, but there are better ways out there to do it.

Even though ACN is one of the better MLM’s, I still think there is a better way.

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      What’s good Wavey (coolest name ever, by the way) ?

      I don’t promote ACN, or any MLM for that matter. My digital “CEO money” comes from learning this skillset.

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