Did I join Ariix after my brother approached me?

Ariix is an American based wellness MLM company that offers a variety of products under a combination of six brands.

The products have good reviews and their purpose is great. Who doesn’t want to improve their own nutrition?

My bro got in, and I was approached many times. I considered it.

So did I hop on board?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Ariix sells nutritional supplements under a total of six different brands, “Nutrifii, Slenderiize, Puritii, Reviive, Priime and Jouve.” Co-founded by seven executives, their main office is in Utah, but they have seven other offices located all over the world.

Basically, this company is all about developing a healthier you (just like every other MLM out there, see: Isagenix, Advocare or Usana).

They have supplements like vitamins and weight loss products, they have air and water filtration systems, they have grooming products for both men and women and they have have fragrances and oils, designed to relax or invigorate the body and mind.

This company is comprised of the executive team, a scientific advisory board, a wellness council and an athletes council. All of the members have an impressive background in their respective fields with professional athletes, doctors and lawyers among them.


Nutrifii is a collection of nutritional supplements that range from vitamins and micro-nutrients, to anti-aging creams. All of their products are scientifically tested and made with high quality ingredients. They are constantly doing research to stay current with the dietary needs of today’s population.

As the name implies, Slenderiize is a brand designed to help with weight management. They have products that are supposed to help curb appetite and speed up the metabolism. They also have protein powders and energy drinks as well.

The Puritii brand has air and water purification for both in and out of the home. Last year, the Puritii Air Purification System won the Best New Product or Service of the Year. They offer easy to carry water containers that have built in filters as well.

The Reviive products are based on grooming and personal care needs for males and females alike. These include shampoos, conditioners and toothpaste. All natural ingredients that consumer love are used in the making of these items.

Priime is a collection of five different oils that are supposed to help you do anything from relax, to becoming more energized.

The Jouve line consists of skin care products. Moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams, tightening serums etc. Scientifically tested, these items are designed for men and women alike.

Compensation Plan

Ariix has “The Opportunity Company” trademarked.

As an Ariix Representative, you are presented the opportunity to diversify your product and service offerings through the representation and selling of Ariix brands.

They have what is called the “ACTIV8 Compensation Plan.” They claim that this is literally the highest paid compensation plan in the industry. You get a 50% commission on sales, no limits on a matching bonus, auto balancing and no caps. This is the industry’s first multi-line compensation plan.

Typically the marketing plans are structured as binary, unilevel, or matrix. The founder of Ariix came up with a multi line system that he claims will give you the potential to earn unlimited income.

Based on where you live, Ariix will adjust your income due to inflation. They also have  what they call a “Power Re-entry Program” that allows you to join up with other teams at the same time.

If you can get four new reps to enroll in your first eight weeks, you can become a lifetime gold club member. If you can generate $250 in sales a week, Ariix will take 15% of your commission and save it for you when this amount reaches $10,000, they give it back to you.  They also have an additional five types of bonuses you can become eligible for as you move up in rank within your team.


Ariix has obviously spent a lot of time and effort on their website.

It has lots of pictures of everyone with big long winded descriptions of who everyone is and what they have accomplished, but in my opinion most of it is unnecessary. In fact most of the information they provide is useless.

I couldn’t find the prices of any of their products and considering that they have six different brands within the organization, this seems like it should be in there someplace. It just seemed to me that a lot of hype is used without really being descriptive.

They talk about the use of all natural ingredients in their products but I couldn’t find out what any of them really were.

To get the initial enrollment pack, you are going to have to spend anywhere from $229.95, all the way up to $1329.90. I feel that this is way too much money to invest into a company that appears to be holding things back.

The average income for all of their sales reps is $1,194. Even the team leaders make less than $57 dollars a week. This obviously isn’t enough for most people to live on and according to what your personal financial goals are, these numbers are probably disheartening to say the least.

This being said, Ariix is probably just as good as any of the other MLM companies out there. Assuming you can continue to generate sales, you will be able to make money.

Many of the other reviews I read on this company were favorable and felt like this was a good investment. The annual sales level are very encouraging and as far as their numbers go, they seem to be successful.

However, my overall opinion of this company is that there is definitely something shady going on here. I feel that there are many other places you can go and make money that are much more direct and straightforward in both what they are marketing and how you can go about joining up with them.

If you wanna go the wellness MLM route, Ariix isn’t a bad way to go.

But if you’re in it for the money or to work from home, there’s a better way.

In case you just scrolled to the bottom, I decided to not roll with Ariix even though I have one of the biggest network marketing blogs on the internet and my brother got involved for awhile. I have since quadrupled my income, travel the world and make more money than most doctors and lawyers.

In other words, you might like our training because other people who are complete strangers did.

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  • Harley Mitchum June 24, 2016, 11:30 pm

    An Ariix Rep. by the name of B. H. , was very rude to me. I spoke with a company employee to report his attitude and she gave me the proper source to connect with. I don’t understand how people can be so ugly to others and brag about their wealth, as well, while people need encouragement. I am a professional with many credentials in the Natural Health Industry. What is the Company’s policy on its’ Rep’s. professional conduct? I have yet to find out. Peace and Love to those who have a heart to conduct themselves properly to represent Ariix.

    • Jeremy Page June 30, 2016, 11:46 pm

      Rough go, sorry to hear that.