Are people making money with Atomy?

Atomy is a network marketing company founded in 2009 that sells products in the cosmetic and home care industries.

Based in the Philippines, the company has some tough competition if they want to outshine beauty MLM giants in the US (hint: Jeunesse, Isagenix, and Nerium). But the company has done better than you probably think.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


I’ll give them one thing – moxie.  Or maybe misplaced bravado.  On their own blog they tackle the topic of MLM controversy, called “Is Atomy a Scam?”

Obviously it’s a massive list of reasons why atomy is the best thing ever invented and how it isn’t a scam at all, but still.  Unusual tactic.   (2)

The official atomy site is so clunky and slow at loading that I jumped ship and tried their atomymagic.com site instead.  Same stuff but a website that doesn’t frighten my browser.


For some reason, the products page is seriously messy.  Maybe no one told them webpages can scroll past the fold, because they’ve tried to set things up like a newspaper column with links to nowhere and ugly formatting.

Skin Care

Morning care, evening care, sensitive skins and sun creams.  All the usuals.

Men’s Care

Lotions and potions for menfolk.  It’s great to see at least some products geared to men, who are now buying more skincare than ever.  That being said, their range comes to a grand total of three products, so not exactly a leap of cosmetic equality.

Personal Care

Hair and body and all the nooks and crannies.  This is for soaps, shampoos, and hair tonic for the follically challenged.


How much you can access depends on where you live.  The site clearly states Korean customers will have the greatest access.


A 100% natural ingredient herbal supplement.  How does this stand out from the sea of supplements already on the market?  It’s focused on energy and combating fatigue more than the usual sexual vitality or youth obsession.  For some reason they’ve decided to put their “evidence” up – 63 people were tested after taking it and found improved cell activation.  I suspect most pharmaceutical experts would suggest not even a hundred test subjects perhaps doesn’t accurately represent results.

Home Care

Eco-friendly home care and detergents, again dictated by location.

Compensation Plan

What’s this?  A business opportunity page that has full stops, proper syntax and isn’t so bogged down with incomprehensible, made-up business lingo you can actually understand it?  (4)

Nope, never that easy.  It’s got nice font, legible writing and some pretty pictures, but the numbers are all pretty generic, and once again it’s void of any financials.  Back to searching.

This is the .com version, which makes me feel a little like I need laser eye surgery, but covers the numbers better.  More importantly, it’s the US version, so the dollar figures make an appearance.  (5)  They market the compensation plan as “well-balanced and righteous”, which are strange descriptions of a payment structure, but who knows.

Atomy members are classified into five types of dealer according to total purchased volume and commission level.

Sales Representative

Accumulate 10,000 to 299,999 PV


Accumulate a minimum of 300,000 PV or a Sales Representative with a smaller leg of at least 600,000 PV accumulated in the previous month

Special Agent

Accumulate a minimum of 700,000 PV or an Agent with a smaller leg of at least 1.4 million PV accumulated in the last month


Accumulate a minimum of 1,500,000 PV or a Special Agent with a smaller leg of at least 3 million PV accumulated in the previous month

Exclusive Distributor (E.D)

Accumulate a minimum of 2,400,000 PV or a Dealer with a smaller leg of at least 4.8 million PV accumulated in the previous month

As well as rank, you can achieve “masterships”.  There are seven different types and all come with their own one time bonuses.


Source (6)

In order to receive commission, distributors have to obtain 300,000 PV through purchases (about $500.00) and a minimum of 300,000 PV on both legs every week, with commission paid on the smallest value downline.

Other methods of income include…

General Commission

4% of atomy’s entire sales are distributed back to qualified members every week.

Multi-Matching Bonus

2% of general commission from the direct downlines are given to qualified members.

Mastership and Masters’ Bonus

Each mastership comes with its own twice a month cash bonus, with decreasing percentages the higher mastership you earn.  So Sales Masters earn 10%, Diamond Masters %5, Sharon Rose Master 2%, Star Master 1.2%, Royal Master 1%, Crown Master 0.3%, Imperial Master 0.2%.

Mastership Promotion

There’s promotional compensation to celebrate new qualifiers of each mastership.

Center Fee

After becoming a “sales master”, individuals can open their own Atomy Center in their location to instruct new members and sell products, receiving 6% of total PV toward commission.


Far and away the biggest downside to this is the incomprehensibility of their product page.  I don’t know whether it reads left to right, back to front or topsy-turvy, but considering their business opportunity (normally the secretive, deliberately convoluted page) is reasonably clear, there doesn’t seem to be an excuse.  Why would you not flaunt your products as much as possible?  No one’s going to invest in a brand, no matter how honest the business model, if the products are unmanageable.

The blog may promise the usual benefits of having more family time, earning more money than anyone in the world while working five minutes a week, but their ethos comes up short.

“The Atomy’s company philosophy is simple: To make as many rich people as possible with its quality products and lucrative compensation plan.”

Seems noble enough.  But where are the products?

Look, I’m not a hater of Atomy. Just don’t see the potential here for a lifetime passive income stream. If you want to make money online, there are better ways.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without selling home products to your family and friends.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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  • Dixie Dec 12, 2018 @ 13:51

    Uhm, there is so many things you missed out here. The page? Slow? Use apple and fast internet. There is also a mobile app.

    Difference from other products? Repurchase rate is 80%. Problem with other MLMs, they dont focus on products. Atomy Products speaks for itself- and actually we dont even need to know the details of the products- just let people try. If you cannot understand- try one of our products.

    Not possible lifetime pension income? Think again- daily necessity products- we use it until we die right- and these products are with absolute product and price that i guarantee you- ypu wont use any other brands again. Even the closed minded people will be consumers.

    Free reg, no quota, no auto ship, etc.

    Everything u might want in a company- name it- atomy has it.

    I dare u.

    • Jeremy Page Feb 8, 2019 @ 6:13

      Got it

  • Anonymous Feb 12, 2019 @ 3:56

    Atomy product sucks! Facial product are caused breakout on some of my friends and one of my family member had her face full with pigmentation after using their 6-set facial set!

    • dixie Apr 16, 2019 @ 14:51

      That is because atomy products cleanses your skin from the deepest layer. Also if you dont want that much break out, introduce the product to you skin slowly like maybe once in a week. or just use other products like the toothpaste. or if you dont really like atomy- then i advise dont use at all 🙂 a lot of products to choose from in the market 🙂

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