Did I join Ava Anderson Non Toxic? (full review)

Ava Anderson Non Toxic offers is a network marketing company that offers chemical-free home and beauty products in categories as diverse as gardening, sun care, cosmetics and auto.

I’m all for green products, and people love the home based business opportunity.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Ava Anderson Non Toxic was launched in 2009 out of the concerns of a 14 year old girl. Her name was Ava Anderson and she hated that her cosmetics were full of toxic chemicals.

From there, the company history follows an inspiring path of discovery about chemicals in personal products, partnerships with manufacturers and research facilities, and finally the launch of the network marketing business in 2009, when Ava was just 15.

Since then AANT has become a member of the DSA and has grown from the original six products to the large selection they offer today. There are 11 different product lines, more than 75 distinct products and annual sales of $20 million. They now do some of their manufacturing in-house and now have dozens of employees at their headquarters in East Providence, Rhode Island. Ava’s mom, Kim Anderson, is president.

Ava’s grandfather is semi famous in the direct selling world. As founder of Princess House®, Charlie Collis was already very successful when Ava started her company. He’s in the DSA Hall of Fame and is considered a pioneer of direct selling (Princess House® was founded way back in 1961).

Most recently, Ava Anderson was voted INC. Magazine’s “Coolest College Startup” of 2015 (1).

Ava Anderson Non Toxic delivers a consistent, unifying marketing message which many consumers will find is in total alignment with their own values and beliefs.


Ava Anderson products have mass appeal and very favorable exposure in well-known media outlets. They’ve been featured in Cooking Light Magazine, Huffington Post, Prevention Magazine and too many others to list here.

  • Skincare. Not only are Ava’s skincare products free of toxins, they also include super healthy and powerful ingredients like COQ10 (antioxidant),  organic oils, organic aloe leaf juice, and more. Choose any skincare product randomly and you’re 100% sure of being impressed. It’s organic this and organic that. Oils from seeds and plants seem to make up the bulk of the skincare lines…just the way the Ava consumer likes it.
  • Cosmetics. This is traditionally an area where it’s hard to avoid toxins but Ava does it. For example, the “bb cream” (stands for beauty and blemish cream) even acts as a sunscreen yet still contains all natural ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for sun protection, organic grape seed oil, and organic olive fruit oil. The whole list of ingredients, like the skincare products, is plant-derived.
  • Bug spray. This is a big deal for people concerned about toxins in the home. Made from eucalyptus citriodora essential oil and several other essential oils, it repels bugs naturally and safely.
  • Candles are made with organic coconut wax and beeswax. Frangrances are from essential oils.
  • Hair care uses luxury level ingredients like argan oil. These products will actually make your hair incredibly shiny and healthy looking. Includes humectants for superior moisture retention.
  • Garden. Plant sprays made with better quality ingredients than most skincare products you’ll see at Walmart. Including sea kelp extract, organic thyme and essential oils.
  • Auto care. For cleaning your car, use ingredients that are safe for you and the environment, like carnauba wax, oregano essential oil and other essential oils.
  • Home cleaning. Use coconut oil, vinegar, lavender oil, an neem to clean your house.
  • Pet products. Pet deodorizer contains organic essential oils and enzymes.
  • Dental products. Toothpaste contains organic aloe vera, filtered calcium carbonate, organic vegetable glycerine, aluminum free baking soda and more.
  • Acne product contains organic tea tree oil and organic hazel seed oil and organic beeswax.
  • Childrens’ products. Boo boo stick for minor cuts contains organic beeswax, jojoba seed oil, aloe, organic shea butter and more proven ingredients which act as anti-microbials and anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Gifts. Many products can be grouped and gift boxed: Daily Esesentials, Skin Set, Pamper You, AvaBaby.

Despite these impressive ingredients, prices are not out of reach of most consumers. For example, 8 oz of bug spray costs $19.95. 16 oz.of conditioner costs $15.95. Liquid eyeliner costs $14.95.

Compensation Plan

As of 2015, there are 7,500 Ava Anderson consultants. Unlike consultants in many other lines of MLM (hint: GNLD and It Works), Ava Anderson consultants have a huge educational component to their jobs.

They explain harmful chemicals that are found in most cosmetics and household products today. Then they explain what those chemicals can do to our health. Then they show the AANT products and talk about the ingredients and how they’re not harmful.

It’s for this reason that these products sell better in a direct selling environment. Sitting on a retailer shelf next to dozens of competitors, there’s no chance for these non-toxic formulas to shine. The home party plan is an essential part of success for Ava Anderson consultants, and they are cautioned in their training not to rely on social media alone to sell.

The Ava Anderson compensation plan offers a low-cost entry and enticingly high commission rates. The Ava Business Kit costs $99 plus tax, shipping and handling. You get the back office and a personal website for the opportunity to make money online selling your products.

Here are the details:

  • Personal Sales: earn 30-50%
  • Sponsor new consultants and earn up to 9% on group sales to 3 levels
  • Become an Executive and get a $500 bonus. If any of your downlines become Executive, you get another $500 matching bonus.
  • Earn additional commissions on sales made by your downlines who are Executives, 5 levels deep.

Party hosts earn free product and 30% to 50% off additional product. Your guest sales will have to reach the $1000 mark to earn that 50% commission. Your minimum party sales to earn commission is $200. With each additional $100 – $300 you make, you get higher commissions in 5% increments. For every $100 in guest sales you make over $1000, you get $25 in free product.

Ava Anderson home parties are called “avaHOUR” because it’s really a huge educational session. The average party host sees $100 to $200 in free or discounted products.


With national awards, DSA membership and an attractive compensation plan, this company is one to watch.

They experienced 400% growth in sales and in consultants in 2014 (2) and in that year alone donated a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of product to charities like shelters, veterans’ homes and more.

The bottom line is, while they’re not a bad company at all, it’s just not a sustainable income opportunity.

How do you know they’ll even be around in five years?

There are better ways out there to kill your day job and work from home.

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