Ranking the top 10 cosmetic MLMs of 2019

Thanks to the huge cosmetic MLM industry, every other Amber or Ashley you meet is already “triple diamond” or something in some cosmetic company.

What’s with all the buzz for these cosmetic MLMs?

Combine high demand beauty products with commission bonuses offered to product distributors, and all of the sudden you have an exploding market of glamour queens eager to make some side income.

Here are the top 10 hottest cosmetic MLMs in the game right now, starting with #10:

#10. BeautiControl

BeautiControl is the chic, treat yo’ self, premium spa day with the girls company of cosmetic MLM. In fact, they were basically the first MLM to try and bring the spa experience to home sales. Their products have won numerous awards, including best hand cream, best lip treatment, and best exfoliant.

Named one of America’s Greatest Brands of 2012, they’ve got over 100,000 consultants worldwide. BeautiControl is owned by Tupperware, one of the biggest MLM giants out there. They’re not going anywhere.

#9. LR Health & Beauty

Even though they haven’t made a name for themselves in the North American market yet, these guys are one of the biggest names in European direct sales. Their presence spans pretty much the entire continent, and they’ve nailed down some huge celebrity endorsements, like Bruce Willis and Heidi Klum.

Their sales ring up at a modest (for this list) $286 million/year, but their growth rate has been in the double digits for years, which is always promising. They’re ranked 55 on the DSN’s Global 100 list for 2017.

#8. Natura

You may not have heard of Natura, because they’re a Brazilian-based South American MLM, but you need to put them on your radar. A member of the billion dollar club AND ranked #9 on the DSN Global 100 for 2017, Natura towers over all but the mainstays like Avon and Mary Kay.

Their revenue for 2016 came in at $2.26 billion, and their stock price is consistently on the rise. They’ve built up a base of over 1 million consultants. Natura is a force to be reckoned with for sure.

#7. Belcorp

A lot of cosmetics MLMs make the mistake of underestimating the potential for business down in Latin American markets, and this Peruvian cosmetics MLM is proof of that. Their makeup brand L’Bel has blown up in cities all over Central and South America.

With an annual revenue of $1.09 billion, they’ve just made their way into the billion dollar club to sit alongside legends like Amway and Mary Kay. They’re ranked #18 globally by Direct Selling News.

#6. Avon

These guys are like the McDonald’s of MLM. With a whopping $5.7 billion in annual sales, the only direct sales company that comes close to challenging them is Amway. A lot of MLMs like to say they’re making history, but these guys truly did.

Note the past tense: did. Avon has been steadily slipping for years now. In 2013, their annual revenue was almost double what it is now at $10 billion. Their numbers fell so hard in the U.S. and Canada that they ended up selling off their entire North American business and moving headquarters to the UK. Things aren’t looking good for the Avon ladies.

#5. Arbonne

Arbonne has been around for over 30 years now, and they’ve spent the whole time slowly catching up to bigger rivals like Mary Kay and Avon. Arbonne is basically their cruelty-free, nature-loving little sister. The au natural, earth day look is in style now, and so is Arbonne.

They’re hitting annual sales numbers of $541 million and ranking in at #38 globally. While they’re still a ways behind the top dogs, their new CEO is a former Entrepreneur of the Year has plans to kick them into overdrive.

#4. Oriflame

This Swedish MLM is a name to watch out for. Ranking in at #15 in the world in terms of sales, their annual revenue of $1.4 billion puts them comfortably in the billion dollar club. While they’re still a few billie behind Mary Kay and Avon, Oriflame dreams big: they want be the #1 cosmetics MLM.

Honestly, with a huge global presence and over 3 million consultants worldwide, they just might do it one day.

#3. Forever Living

Forget all those generic cosmetics MLMs with products that look like every other drug store mascara and Cover Girl lipstick. These guys were smart enough to hone in on a couple of the trendiest ingredients and built a cosmetics line around them: aloe vera and bee-derived products.

It’s working. Forever Living is another billion dollar club members with annual sales numbers that reach $2.6 billion. They’ve got one of the largest distributor networks in the game with around 10 million consultants, and they are THE name for aloe vera and bee products in MLM.

#2. Mary Kay

While they haven’t passed Avon up in terms of revenue, it’s pretty clear that Mary Kay is on an upward trend comparatively speaking. And they’re still one of the biggest names in the MLM game, ranking #5 on the DSN Global 100 this year with $3.5 billion in annual revenue.

Mary Kay is one of the few old-timers that’s managed to hold on to the crown with the new generation. They’re winning “best website” and “best Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube” awards, and they’ve managed a slow but steady upward trend in buzz over the past decade…

#1. Younique

Younique might not be able to sit with the big guys yet in terms of revenue, but they certainly deserve a seat (or two) at the popular table. Just take a look at this chart…

These guys are trendy AF and they know how to leverage social media and marketing in the digital age. And with a quick climb past half a billion dollars in revenue, Younique is bound to hit the big leagues soon.

Especially given their recent $600 million partnership with Coty, one of the largest beauty manufacturers in the world (at $9 billion in annual revenue, they beat out all MLMs). If Mary Kay and Avon don’t learn how to market to millennials fast, Younique will pass them all up.


These are the big names when it comes to cosmetics MLMs, so if you’re itching to throw some home parties (yawn) and makeover all your friends, they’re the ones to look at. They’re doing big things and they’ve got bright futures.

Of course, MLM success doesn’t translate to distributor success. No matter how big and trendy the MLM, 99% of its distributors still aren’t making any money.

There’s no such thing as riding the wave when it comes to direct sales. You either get really, really ridiculously lucky (don’t bet on it), or you use some serious sales and marketing training and spend years harassing friends and family to buy your products and join your team (shameless) until you finally make what’s considered an average salary in other industries.

If it’s money and passive income streams that excite you, there are much better opportunities out there.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without selling cosmetic products to your family and friends.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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    “For ballers, and big thinkers..” quote your site.
    I must read this autoresponder content.
    Younique rep.

    • Jeremy Page Nov 27, 2018 @ 18:51

      Gotta attract the right people…

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