Ranking the top 10 skincare MLMs of 2018

Skincare products are HUGE in MLM, rivaled only by the popularity of miracle weight loss cleanses and magical herbal supplements.

Anti-aging formulas and eye creams have become so popular that it’s hard to find an MLM that doesn’t sell them.

So have I been promoting any of them?

This video explains:


All good?

Here’s a list of the top 10 skincare giants in the MLM game right now:

#10. Oriflame

Maybe Oriflame hasn’t made a big name for themselves in the U.S. yet, but their global presence in every continent but Antarctica with over 3 million consultants worldwide is undeniable. They recently made it into the billion dollar club with steadily increasing revenue at around $1.4 billion.

They’re definitely a force to watch out for, and they know it. Their mission isn’t to help women around the world or to promote peace and harmony or any of that other mumbo jumbo most MLMs are on – it’s to overtake giants like Mary Kay and Avon and become the #1 cosmetics and skincare MLM in the world.

#9. Nerium

These guys had a promising future, making it on the Inc. 500 list and racking up some semi-impressive sponsorships. They built up a lot of buzz around their brand after launching in 2011, finding themselves featured on everything from Good Morning America to the women’s talk show The View to The Wendy Williams Show.

Unfortunately they went the way of so many other promising MLMs and ran head first into a fat lawsuit. [1]  Despite the obstacle, though, they seem to still be chugging along.

#8. Avon

There’s no denying the prowess, history, and size of this cosmetics and skincare giant, ringing up at $5.7 billion in annual revenue. They’re the only direct sales company that’s managed to challenge Amway for their #1 spot.

That being said, their glory days are over. Avon has definitely peaked, and their sales have slipped so much in the past few years (a 50% decline in just 4 years) that they had to sell off their North American operations and move to the UK.

#7. Arbonne

Arbonne is like your little kid sister who follows you around and wants to be just like you, and then one day she grows up and starts doing her own thing, and before you know it, she’s the successful one in the family.

While they still haven’t overtaken Avon and Mary Kay in terms of numbers, their $541 million in sales and counting is promising, as is their #38 global ranking. Arbonne is also trendier with the newer generation than Avon. Their current CEO, Kay Napier, has been named Entrepreneur of the Year, and she might be just what they need to finally push their way to the top.

#6. Mary Kay

Mary Kay has managed to find that sweet spot between old and established and hip and innovative. They aren’t the trendiest when it comes to skincare MLMs, but they’re certainly up there. At the same time, they’ve been around long enough to make it to the #5 position globally in terms of sales, with $3.5 billion in annual revenue.

Unlike Avon, there are still some young people who want to rep this brand, and their hype hasn’t died out yet…

#5. Nu Skin

Coming out at #11 on the DSN Global 100 this year, Nu Skin has pushed their way up to $2.2 billion in annual revenue in an impressive climb to the top.

They’re true skincare veterans in the MLM world. That being said, most of their reps are as old as (and less cool) than my grandma, so we’ll see how long it lasts. Marketing to baby boomers can only go on for so long.

#4. Isagenix

While they’re primarily a nutrition MLM, they’ve got a pretty popular skincare line as well. On top of that, their skincare products have fantastic reviews on Amazon, which is not an easy thing to do.

They’re ranked #26 globally, and they just hit $924.3 million in sales last year. I give it two years TOPS (likely one) before they’re in the billion dollar club.

#3. Forever Living

Forever Living did a brilliant job of latching onto two huge trends in skincare and running with them: aloe vera and bee products. They’ve become known as THE aloe vera company in direct sales, and they managed to hit up the bee hive even before the popular skincare brand Burt’s Bees did.

It’s paid off. Forever Living’s revenue has reached 10-figures, ringing up most recently at $2.6 billion. They also have more distributors than almost any other MLM out there, with over 10 million consultants repping their brand.

#2. Rodan + Fields

This billion dollar skincare company is seriously killing it, in and out of direct sales. These guys are the designer brand, luxury line of skincare MLMs. They’re basically dermatology celebrities – they created Proactiv back in the early 2000s. Everyone who ever had a pimple pop up on their cheek in 2002 was using Proactiv.

But they haven’t slowed down. Just check out this buzz recently…

Rodan + Fields is considered one of the top skincare brands in the world, rivaled only by legends like Clinique and Estee Lauder.

Their revenue in 2015 hit $626.9 million, and their growth rate right now is upwards of 90%, which is unbelievable. They’re currently the #1 fastest growing skincare brand in the United States.

They’ve only just launched outside the U.S. in Canada a couple years ago, but when they start going global, you can expect to see them climb the MLM ranks to the top real quick.

#1. Jeunesse

It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to skincare. These guys have a brand name and sales numbers to back themselves up, but on top of that, they’ve also got a product that actually works. Seriously, the reviews are through the roof and the live demos on their anti-aging products are ridiculous.

On top of having a solid product, they’re ranked at #14 globally with $1.41 billion in annual revenue. The fact that they reached this level of domination after being in business for less than a decade (founded in 2009) is actually insane.

Of course, the skincare world is cut-throat, and there are some MLM hopefuls (shoutout to Rodan + Fields) out there looking to pass up Jeunesse any time now.


If you’re looking to rep some acne-fighting, anti-aging creams and become the neighborhood hero for every teenage boy who’s ever been called pizza face or every middle aged woman who can feel her youth slipping away, these are the brands to rep.

That being said, don’t plan on rolling up in a Mercedes Benz and cashing out a 6-figure paycheck any time soon.

You’d be lucky to even hit 5-figures in an entire year with any MLM.

The fact is that it doesn’t really matter what the MLM is, it’s rarely an opportunity that turns into a full-time salary.

If you like passive income streams, there are much better opportunities out there.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without peddling skincare products to your family and friends.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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  • René vergis Mar 16, 2019 @ 6:02

    I have been a pharmaceutical rep for 20 years and became caught up in the contract circle…now that doctors can’t write what they know to be best for patients rather they are forced to prescribe what insurance has chosen! I felt like my time was being wasted. I have strong relationships with health care professionals, no retirement and 6 kids from the age 21-9 looking at me as a role model. I have no clue what to do. NuSkin,Vasari, TLS, Arbon,etc. have all begged me to promote their products. I need to make money not spend it on products that don’t work, and I am valuable. The question I have is why have pharma companies paid me six figure incomes yet I am asked to pay for non fda products. Show me how I can combine my skills and pasion to create financial freedom and live a stress free life.

    • Jeremy Page Apr 29, 2019 @ 20:19

      You’re thinking too much

      It sounds like you’re very talented, Rene, and you wanna help the people

      Either find a product you feel great about selling to people, or create it yourself

      Then, exchange goods in return for money in the marketplace

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