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Tai Lopez a scam? My full review

You're here to get the "scoop" on Tai Lopez. Not mad at ya. First, though, how about that time I interviewed him at my house? Lol. Good times. That's actually my lil bro. But, anyways, back to the review. Tai Lopez is an internet coach, mentor, author, and speaker on 'how to live the good […] Read More

Grant Cardone and why you should 10x your life

I started reading The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone when my brother and I were driving to Seaside, Oregon. Cardone was tagging my brain with so many mindset-WTF's in the first few pages I had to cop the audio so my 19-year-old brother could listen as well. "I love my brother too much", I thought, […] Read More

These rituals cause me to enter peak performace

Salt Lake Coffee Break. SLC, Utah. Wednesday, 1:13 AM "Jam sesh?", the text reads at 6:15 PM. It's my buddy Dan and he's also crazy like me. There's a reason why I drive my Tacoma 27 miles to a downtown coffee shop a few times a week. I know exactly what I am getting into […] Read More

How to live alpha

Living alpha is a good look. Superior provider? Peak performer? Stays ready? Check, check, check. I don't claim to have all the alpha answers, but my life is trending in an alpha-sorta-way. I'm smarter, stronger and thinking bigger, attacking life in Westbrook fashion. The result? A life, where alpha happens: attending the Pac-12 basketball tournament […] Read More

11 facts about me (updated for 2017)

Ok, take your 11 facts about me. Buzzfeed style. Creeper. I got a cease and desist letter from Drake's lawyers after hawking OVO shirts on one of my ecommerce sites back in the day. I should frame that letter. I dunked it once in the Tucson Summer Pro League (semi-pro) in front of NBA and […] Read More