How two mompreneurs built Clever Container (full review)

Clever Container is a home party MLM offering a compensation plan for affiliates who want to sell their products – organization containers.

Suburban moms love home organization. They also love working from home (see: Amway, PartyLite, or Immunotec).

That’s why two suburban moms started Clever Container, and it’s really paid off.

So have I been involved?

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Clever Container was founded in 2016 through pure serendipity by neighbors Karen Eschebach and Jennifer Weaver.

It all happened in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan when Eschebach, a serial neat-freak, decided to start a neighborhood support group for cleaning addicts called the Clutter Cutters Club.

Moms from the area would gather at her house, vent about their cluttertastic homes where their teenage boys throw dirty socks everywhere and their toddler empties out boxes of blocks by the truckfull all over the dining table. Eschebach would then offer up individualized plans and projects for “cutting the clutter”.

By the time she had moms flocking to her house from all over the neighborhood for advice, even she could see the business potential. She started up a part-time consulting career, but soon she would discover the potential for so much more.

This is where Jennifer Weaver comes into play. She was a neighbor of Eschebach’s and a part-time consultant for Pampered Chef. Weaver also threw neighborhood get-togethers, but in the form of in-home network marketing parties. It was at one of these parties when Eschebach and Weaver saw the potential to turn Clutter Cutters into a full-on direct sales empire.

They started out with only 20 products, receiving and filling orders in their basements. To spread the word, they attended vendor fairs – and made $2,000 in sales at their very first one.

After a few years, a couple of venture capitalists saw the potential in their (not so) small business and offered up a $250,000 investment. The ladies were able to expand into a huge, modernized warehouse space and hire full-time employees. The rest is history. [1]

How much does Clever Container cost?


The Special Opportunity Kit costs $99 and includes minimal product. To start out with more product, you can purchase the Clutter Cutter Kit for $149.


Clever Container has grown quite a bit from its roots. Instead of 20 products, they now have a catalog of hundreds. The focus is still organizational products, but they also sell other kinds of home goods.

The company boasts unique and creative organizational solutions to help you live a clutter-free life. These include products such as car organizers, purse organizers, multi-tiered hangers, and more.

Some of these items look pretty handy, but honestly, the majority of their catalog is products you could find anywhere. Hampers, spice racks, bathroom caddies…stuff you can get for $10 tops at any Bed Bath & Beyond or Walmart in your area, except Clever Container charges way more.

While they definitely have a legit product, and some of their items are unique, most of them are just wholesale home goods sold at inflated prices.

Compensation Plan

Clever Container offers its reps 5 different ways to earn.

Sell Clever Container Products

The company offers 25% commission on your personal sales. You actually start out at 20%, but as soon as you surpass $1,000 in sales you’re bumped up to 25% forever.

Get Rewarded for a Fast Start

New Consultants get a 5% commission bump on all their sales over $500 in their first 3 months, meaning you can earn up to 30% commission. However, after your first 3 months, you’re back to 25%.

Become a Power Seller

You do have the opportunity to make 28%-33% commission on your personal sales indefinitely by becoming a Power Seller. In order to do this, you need to consistently hit very high sales numbers. This option is meant to give Consultants who want to focus on selling rather than recruitment the chance to make a few extra bucks.

Referral Program

When you personally refer a new consultant you’re given a one-time bonus that starts at $50.

Become a Leader

These are generational bonuses given to Consultants who hit Associate Director ranking or higher. The better your rank, the more you earn.

Associate Directors earn 4% commission on their first generation. Move up, and you start unlocking more generations. Make it all the way to Executive Director, and you earn 4% commission on generations 1 and 2, 3% on generation 3, and 2% on generation 4.

Unlike most MLMs, Clever Container’s comp plan is mostly focused on personal sales rather than recruitment – 3 out of 5 ways to earn have nothing at all to do with recruiting new consultants. It’s nice to see an MLM that doesn’t push recruitment so hard, because they actually have a product to sell. On the other hand, if their consultants don’t feel compelled to recruit at all, Clever Container will never grow.


This is one of those rare wholesome MLMs that truly was started out of a basement, doesn’t have any scandals, has a legit compensation plan, and an actual product. I like that.

This isn’t going to be one of your live fast, die young MLMs that rises to fame in a heartbeat and crashes just as quickly. There’s some stability here.

That being said, there’s nothing to drive them to the next level. Clever Container will never be a massive company with the buzz and sales numbers to back it up, because they’re not doing anything innovative. They’re using the same old direct sales models, selling unexciting products, and relying on in-home parties (gag).

It could be a fun side hobby if you’re super into organizing and cleaning, but don’t expect to make money.

If you like passive income streams, there are much better opportunities out there.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without peddling products to your family and friends.

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