doTERRA review – is this essential oils MLM a scam?

DoTERRA is a popular essential oils network marketing company with an MLMdoTERRA logo opportunity for affiliates.

Essential oils? Yeah, they’re kinda hot right now.

Thanks to meet-ups, home parties, 3-way-calls, and good ole’ fashioned word-of-mouth marketing, essential oils are being lit and inhaled in households worldwide. Business is booming.

Product-wise, they’re great. 100%. But that doesn’t mean you should be a distributor.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…

Company has been doing something right.

Psychological and therapeutical benefits?

Sure, I get it. Product seems to work for some. When a company is hitting hyper-growth and business is generally derived through word-of-mouth marketing, it says a lot about the product.

They claim to be one of the hottest in the direct selling space, and it’s hard to argue.

But really, it’s just them and Young Living. I can’t think of any other players in the MLM essential oils space as large as either of them.

So who is better?

The short story: Young Living has been around longer and does more revenue, but doTERRA seems to be trendier. That’s probably because half of doTERRA’s founders were Young Living executives, meaning they brought their experience directly to doTERRA, so doTERRA’s the “cooler” little brother.

They’re both great companies, and they’re clearly 1 and 2 in the essential oils space.

This Google Trends data tells the story:

Hard to knock them, popularity-wise.

But what about the products? The opportunity, etc, etc…?

Here is my full rundown. Enjoy.


1.) What is doTERRA? doTerra is an essential oils MLM that was founded in 2008 by David Stirling, Emily Wright, David Hill, Corey Lindley, Gregory Cook, Robert Young, and Mark Wolfert. Stirling, Wright, and Hill were executives at Young Living when they left to found doTERRA.

2.) Why did doTERRA split from Young Living? It sounds like the founders wanted to sell essential oils to a larger audience than Young Living was targeting at the time.

3.) What does doTERRA sell? doTERRA sells essentials oils (their main product line), essential oil diffusers, skin & hair care products, health supplements, and some accessories. Their sales reps are called Wellness Advocates.

4.) What are doTERRA’s most popular products? doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy system (contains 6 essential oils), Family Essentials Kit (contains 10 essential oils), Breathe Respiratory Blend, Frankincense essential oil, Copaiba essential oil, and the Serenity essential oil blend.

5.) How to use doTERRA’s essential oils? You can apply their oils and blends either aromatically (like with a diffuser), topically, or you can ingest them. Some oils work better with certain methods than others. Some of their blends come with a softgel capsule counterpart that you’re supposed to take with the oil for maximum effect.

6.) How do I become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate? To become a Wellness Advocate, you can either pay the $35 enrollment fee or buy one of the product enrollment kits. Wellness Advocates must pay a $25 annual fee to maintain their wholesale discount, but this fee also earns you a free bottle of doTERRA’s peppermint essential oil.

7.) How do I make money as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate? Wellness Advocates get a 25% wholesale discount on all products. Simply buy the product at wholesale and sell it to your customer at retail price. The difference (aka 25%) is your profit.

8.) What is doTERRA’s refund policy? Depends on if it’s currently marketable (basically hasn’t been opened, looks like new). If you return a currently marketable product within 30 days, you get a 100% refund, otherwise, you get 100% product credit or a 90% refund if not marketable. For 31-90 days, currently marketable products get the 100% credit or 90% refund. After that, you get 90% of either product credit or refund, but only up to 12 months from purchase.

9.) Is doTERRA a scam? No. Their compensation plan isn’t the best, but the products they sell work well.

10.) What lawsuits have been filed against doTERRA? Young Living filed a lawsuit against doTERRA in August 2013, alleging theft of trade secrets. These claims were dismissed in 2014 after scientific testing found that none of doTERRA’s oils matched any of Young Living’s oils.

11.) What is doTERRA’s BBB rating? A+.

12.) Comparable companies: Young Living

13.) Recommended? Their products? Yes. Their business opportunity? No, there are better ones out there.


doTERRA sells wellness products made with essential oils.

The products, which range from single oils to toothpaste to supplements, are sold based on a philosophy of natural living that speaks very loudly to millions of people in today’s world.

With an already strong presence in North America, Europe, Oceania, Latin America and Asia, this company continues to expand due to the attractiveness of its product line and to the wide variety of resources available to its independent product consultants which help get the word out about the role of essential oils in a healthy lifestyle.

The founders are the executives and come from two worlds: healthcare and business.

But that’s not all. Did you know 3 of doTERRA’s founders and current executives were former Young Living executives?

They founded doTERRA in 2008 and formed the company with the vision of offering the world an alternative path to health and wellness through the powers of essential oils. With hospitals and health leaders on board, they could really advance the cause of wellness through essential oils.

That is their vision, at least.

Bringing therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world, a world which, by the way, knows very little about essential oils, drives every product, decision, and direction this company takes. The result is a seamless package and a strong message …from vision to product to recruiting, their original philosophy still holds true, and this is in part what makes doTERRA so successful.



If you don’t already know about therapeutic-grade essential oils, get to know them.

These harmless little bottles of joy seem to cure everything. In the MLM space, it’s really just these guys and Young Living. There are others, but they’re way behind doTERRA and Young Living.

Both companies are doing well.

The introduction of the doTERRA line of products is perfectly timed with an international market that’s hungry for natural wellness products, and these are high quality, safe, and pure- the best available.

Essential oils are natural compounds found in various parts of plants, which give plants not only their fragrance but also their immunity to disease…which is the root of their wellness capabilities for humans.


  1. The scientific community is conducting more and more research every year, which supports natural wellness products like those made by doTERRA
  2. With more clinical research to back up what ancient cultures have known for centuries, the general public is more and more receptive to alternative paths to health
  3. All it takes is a dedicated independent consultant to educate on the benefits of essential oils…there are literally thousands of uses for essential oils in daily life, so a dedicated independent consultant can make bank for themselves and doTERRA
  4. Support for consultants is amazing….video presentations on everything from how to sell to how to manage the robust admin panel are available for free online
  5. Conferences for consultants are incredibly well run- this is a very professional organization
  6. The website offers lots of ideas and opportunities for holding live events in local areas… seminars, talks, meetings, and workshops
  7. Products lend themselves really well to all sorts of daily living applications, and from there the motivated consultant can hold a workshop on anything from making your own air freshener and other household products to staying healthy during flu season…just check out doTERRA’s calendar of events to see what I mean
  8. Worldwide, relatively untapped market
  9. Product has zero socioeconomic boundaries
  10. ‘Fast start bonus’ means consultants earn 20% on purchases and sales made by their new referrals in the first 60 days
  11. Loyalty Rewards: earn free products
  12. ‘Power of 4’ team bonus (paid monthly)…generous bonuses of $50, $250 and $1,500 each month for achieving enrollment and sales levels


  1. $35 registration fee
  2. Young Living has 12 more years in the game
  3. Young Living has more product variety (they’re older, duh)
  4. Their prez used to work for the competition, ensuing lawsuit
  5. Do not have their own farms
  6. Do not have their own exclusive oils
  7. Do not distill their own oil (re-bottler?)

With the good and the bad of doTERRA in mind, let’s look closer at some of their most popular products.

Emotional Aromatherapy System

Emotional Aromatherapy System is a collection of 6 essential oil blends (each in a 5 ml bottle) that each represent a different emotion. The 6 essential oil blends are Motivate, Cheer, Passion, Forgive, Console, and Peace. These can be applied either topically or aromatically, although aromatically is the preferred method (it’s in the name).

Emotional Aromatherapy System also comes with a poster containing the Emotional Aromatherapy System Wheel and other information about the oils/blends. The Wheel shows you which essential oil blend to take based on the negative emotions you’re feeling, as well as the primary ingredients that helps deal with those emotions. Each blend shares an essential ingredient with another blend to create a sort of “continuum”. For example, Motivate and Cheer both contain some sort of citrus, Cheer and Passion contain similar spices, etc.

  1. Motivate – Dispels feelings of guilt and uncertainty and replace them with courage, confidence, and motivation. Contains peppermint, clementine, coriander, basil, yuzu, melissa, rosemary, and vanilla.
  2. Cheer – Gives a boost of positivity and happiness when you’re feeling down with a fresh, bright aroma. Contains wild orange, clove, star anise, lemon myrtle, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, and zdravets.
  3. Passion – Helps those who feel bored or have lost interest to restore that feeling of daring and passion. Contains fractionated coconut oil, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove, sandalwood, jasmine, vanilla, and damiana.
  4. Forgive – Designed to help you let go of burdens or grudges, helping you to forgive, forget, and move on. Contains spruce, bergamot, juniper berry, myrrh, arborvitae, nootka tree, thyme, and citronella.
  5. Console – People who are grieving can ease the pain of loss and get help moving on by taking Console. Contains frankincense, patchouli, ylang ylang, labdanum, amyris, sandalwood, rose, and osmanthus.
  6. Peace – Combats feelings of anxiety, helping you to slow down, breathe, and compose yourself. Contains vetiver, lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense, clary sage, marjoram, labdanum, and spearmint.

Family Essentials Kit

Family Essentials Kit is a collection of 10 essential oils and blends meant to help parents care for their families. The products in this kit are Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breathe, DigestZen, and On Guard. Each oil or blend comes in a 5 ml bottle. A usage guide is also included.

  1. Lavender – Myriad of benefits. Ingesting lavender oil promotes better sleep and reduces anxiety, while applying topically can help deal with stress. Can also be applied topically to smooth over skin imperfection.
  2. Lemon – Used aromatically to cleanse the air, uplift mood, and energize. Ingesting helps with digestion and respiratory function. Lemon is doTERRA’s top-selling single essential oil.
  3. Peppermint – Ingesting helps with respiratory function and upset stomach. Can be mixed with Lemon and water for a refreshing mouthwash/rinse. Even repels various types of bugs.
  4. Melaleuca – Diffusing Melaleuca purifies the air. Applying it topically can cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, while ingesting it promotes healthy immune function and protects against environmental and seasonal threats to your health. Also known as tea tree oil.
  5. Oregano – This common cooking spice contains antioxidants that support your immune, digestive, and respiratory systems when ingested. Diffusing oregano can energize you and kill germs. In a similar vein, you can mix about 10 drops in with 16 ounces of water to create a powerful surface cleaner. Oregano has a high phenol content, meaning you have to be careful not to use more than a drop or two when diffusing.
  6. Frankincense – Promotes feelings of peace and satisfaction when diffused. Supports immune system, nervous system, and general cellular function when ingested. Rejuvenates skin when applied topically. One of doTERRA’s best-selling oils, more on it below.
  7. Deep Blue – A soothing, cooling oil blend used to relax sore/tired/aching muscles. Good for massages. Dilute with a carrier oil to reduce skin sensitivity. Contains wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, ylang ylang, helichrysum, blue tansy, blue chamomile, and osmanthus.
  8. Breathe – Makes your airways feel clearer for better breathing. Can be used aromatically or topically depending on the situation. Contains laurel leaf, eucalyptus leaf, peppermint plant, melaleuca leaf, lemon peel, cardamom seed, and ravintsara leaf & essential oils.
  9. DigestZen – Ingesting DigestZen supports healthy digestion and soothes indigestion and upset stomach. Contains anise, peppermint plant, ginger rhizome/root, caraway seed, coriander seed, tarragon plant, and fennel seed.
  10. On Guard – Ingesting On Guard helps the immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. Diffusing it purifies the air and can make you feel more energized. Can also be used as a non-toxic cleaner on many household surfaces. Mixing On Guard with the coconut oil creates a good hand cleanser as well. Contains wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf, and rosemary leaf/flower essential oils.

Breathe Respiratory Blend

Breathe Respiratory Blend is an essential oil blend meant to promote better breathing. It makes the airways feel clearer and minimizes the feelings of seasonal threats such as allergies. Diffusing it at night can promote better sleep by calming you down and opening the airways.

Breathe has a fresh, minty aroma, which can make your room smell quite nice when you’re trying to sleep too.

doTERRA recommends diluting it with their coconut oil if your skin is sensitive.


Frankincense, also known as olibanum, is an essential oil with tons of health benefits. Ingesting Frankincense supports healthy immune and nervous system function, as well as general cellular health. Diffusing it promotes relaxation and feelings of peace and satisfaction. When applied topically, it can rejuvenate and freshen your skin, as well as providing some of the relaxation and mood-balancing effects from other application methods.

It comes from the resin of trees in the Boswellia genus.

Frankincense saw heavy use in ancient societies like the Babylonians, who burned it in their religious ceremonies and used its resin for all sorts of medicinal purposes. It’s even covered widely in the New Testament, believe it or not.

Frankincense is often referred to as the “king of oils” for its vast health benefits.


Copaiba is an essential oil similar to black pepper oil that improves health and wellness in many areas. Ingesting Copaiba oil provides your body with powerful antioxidants and supports several systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, digestive, and nervous. In addition, taking copaiba promotes calm and relaxation.

Applying it topically cleans and clears the skin while reducing blemishes, which is why it’s used in so many cosmetic products like soaps and lotions.

Copaiba comes from the resin of trees in the Copaifera genus.


Serenity is a doTERRA’s proprietary essential oil blend that helps you sleep faster, better, and longer. Its main ingredient is lavender, which you already know decreases feelings of stress and tension, which makes falling asleep easier. Diffusing it at bedtime therefore seems like the obvious method of application. Applying it topically also brings about the same calming benefits as diffusing it, though, so it’s up to you.

doTERRA suggests using the oil in conjunction with its softgel counterpart for maximum effect.

Serenity contains lavender flower, cedarwood, ho wood leaf, ylang ylang flower, marjoram leaf, roman chamomile flower, vetiver root, vanilla bean absolute, and Hawaiian sandalwood.


Compensation Plan

The executive team knows what they’re doing.

Taking a cue from global blockbuster Pandora Jewelry, the product development and training is so extensive that independent product consultants can’t help but learn the “culture” of doTERRA, and by absorbing the philosophy of wellness through essential oils, they can more effectively spread the word.

They develop brand ambassadors, not just salespeople.

Unlike any other direct selling enterprise, save for perhaps Mary Kay or Avon (although comparing to Mary Kay and Avon is apples to oranges since they began as offline companies), the resources available for making this product sell are incredible.

If you compare ’em to other online marketing ventures, it’s light years ahead of the rest (hint: SpeedFeeder and Cabi).

But the real opportunity comes from the fact that so few people know about essential oils and the wonders they can perform in daily wellness.

The doTERRA business is simple:

Pay a $35 registration fee…

…use your wholesale price discount (25%) to purchase products…

…earn free product with the ‘loyalty rewards program (and maybe sell them too)…

…refer your customers to your free website shopping portal and get more bonuses…

…and finally, sponsor new consultants and receive bonuses on their sales.

That’s really it.

It’s easy to imagine doTERRA becoming a major worldwide brand recognizable in every household. The potential is huge. Essentials oils are growing in popularity as people become more conscious of what they’re putting into/onto/around their bodies, yet most people don’t know about essential oils yet and that they are an important aspect of healthy living. A perfect storm for doTERRA.

So, with endless room for expansion, a wonderful line of products that appeal to a vast swathe of the population and knows no economic barriers, plus an incredible support system for training and selling, doTERRA is set to do some serrrrriooooous things.


doTERRA is insanely tempting. No question, they’re hot, and they know it.

But hear me out for a sec…

Product-wise, they’re great. 100%. But that doesn’t mean you should be a distributor.

Whether you wanna keep investigating doTERRA or not, I spent hours researching and writing this review.

For what it’s worth, I did get this feedback from one of our students in our private Facebook group who happened to be on this exact page before joining:

Just saying. Watch the video. And thank me later…this one’s on me. (wink)

Remember, to get growth, you’ll shamelessly ask family and friends to join up. Or spam your Facebook and Instagram feeds and stories with doTERRA offers. Even if the products are good, you know how annoying that can be.

Do you want that for a home based business?

There is a better way.

You can build real business without the home parties, Facebook spamming, 3-way-calls or wandering around Wal-Mart prospecting well-dressed stay-at-home moms.

So, is it for the money? Here’s your doctor-recommended treatment for your product-peddling. See it here.

On me. Wink.

About the author: Jeremy Page created Multiple Streams for big thinkers and online business owners.

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  • Leslie

    I loved Doterra products and still use some but they should be used with caution when taken internally. One year ago I took DDR Prime at night with apparently not enough food (it does say on the label take with food) and it burned my esophagus while I was sleeping and woke me up that night with severe acid reflux which I’d never had. It has affected my life tremendously. I’ve spent a great deal of money (thousands) on medications and tests trying help this problem that I know was caused by the oils. We even bought an adjustable bed so that I could sleep upright. I’m miserable every day. So all this to say they should have much bigger warning labels on the oils that they say to take internally. It is not completely safe, there are risks.

    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks for your feedback, Leslie.

    • Terri

      I am sorry for your injuries, but really blaming doTERRA? You admitted it said “take with food.” Have we been so dumbed down (and I’m not calling you dumb) by society that we no longer have common sense? We depend on the government as a nanny, hence “the nanny state.” You saw the label, “take with food.” I was in the legal business for over 25 years, and it never ceased to amaze me when people didn’t use common sense, and then injured themselves I realize there needs to be some product recall, but not this one, and I don’t work for them or have any money in the game. It sounds as if you had or were developing a very serious acid reflux problem before using aromatherapy that was going to require more than essential oils to cure. What about your diet? I used to have severe acid reflux, and I found diet is the number one cause of it along with alcohol and stress. I hope you are getting well, but come on, essential oils probably did not cause your problems. Please get well.

      • Lilly


        Your comment is both rude and full of assumptions. Your guess about what caused Leslie’s acid reflux, is just that, a guess. I’d be remissed if I didn’t point out you sound like someone who actually IS making money from doTerra, and has attempt to be rude while stating how rude you are “not” being … Leslie’s point about ingesting essential oils is in fact a legitimate issue and one that essential oilers need to pay attention to.

        • Maria

          Calm yourself down ….he was not being rude, not at all! Terri was just clarifying… don’t blame someone else or the company for what happened to her physically and then to say “they need bigger labels” when in fact they had a label stating “take with food” Duh..common sense! People need to take responsibility, own it!!! Don’t blame when clearly there was proof that they warned you! She was warned and she chose to still take it without food.
          (And I am sorry for her and pray for her to heal.)
          BUT Thats like if you got antibiotic from your family Doctor picked up the prescription and it clearly says…”take with food” “may cause drowsiness” and then YOU go and do the exact opposite …”Oh, I should be fine I just need to drive to the store” knowing the prescription says “may cause drowsiness” you get dizzy or disorient and get into an accident. Do you blame the Doctor? Do you blame the Pharmacist? Do you blame the Label? Hmm… OR I’m in need of taking my prescription because I’m in pain and yet I don’t feel hungry. You take the prescription without food then start to feel sick to your stomach. Hmm… it clearly says “take with food” Are you going to blame the Doctor? Blame the Pharmacist? Blame the Label? Common Sense Lilly.

          • Eldon Kimball

            What gives? She did not blame doTERRA she merely suggested they make it more obvious. She admitted perhaps she should have taken with MORE food. Sounds to me like you need to calm down.
            Thank Leslie for warning people to be careful since she had not been careful enough and avoid trolling.

          • Karen Vilandry

            Look, whether or not she took it with food, it was obvious that the product injured her. No product should injure a person without taking it with food. In some cases, a person may experience nausea without taking with food but not be hurt to that degree as she was. What concerns me is, what other ingredients are in that oil that could have caused her injury. It surely doesn’t sound like anything organic triggered it.

      • Terri

        I was told my relative, a DoTerra, to take Oregano Oil drops in a capsule form to treat a dental infection. Couldn’t use antibiotics due to C. Diff. I too experienced severe esophagus and stomach burning. Took exactly as directed. Unfortunately, some of these reps are practicing medicine and need to be careful not to cross that line.

        • Joan T

          I took an off-brand oil of oregano and thought I was having an aneurysm. It’s supposed to soothe stomach discomfort! I started sweating, major stomach pain, seriously thought I was dying. BE CAREFUL. I will never again take something just on heresay.

          • Larry

            I don’t know where you heard that Oregano is smooth stomach discomfort. All info I’ve looked at doesn’t say anything about that. Oregano is a strong oil and it probably been diluted down with coconut oil.
            Taking oils internally isn’t for everyone. Topically can be just as effective.

          • Gina

            Oregano ingested is like fire. I loved it but I would never tell someone to take it by mouth for any reason unless mixed into food for flavoring. There are many other options oil wise for tooth pain then oregano so whoever told you that Needs to brush up on their oil skills before they start playing homeopathy doctor I’m sorry for you taking that Oral it is like a punishment

          • Kat

            I would be suspicion of any essential oil diluted with any thing.

          • jrhunter

            I grew up not going to the doctors except for the really serious ones! My grand ma plants all the herbs, flowers and leafy plants that cure some ailments. Like oregano we have so much around our house near the door and windows with rosemary or peppermint cause my grandma said the bugs dont like it esp. Mosquitos….and also when our tummy hurts, she will just rub our tummy with virgin coconut oil and then put the oregano leaf on top our belly and wrapnour tummy with cotton cloth like a belt! It stays like that till we pass gas and feel better. We never consume any of the leaf we ever had always topical and not on any form of eesential oils.

        • Kat

          Oh gosh…I can’t believe any one who is a responsible person would tell you to ingest Oregano. It has about 76% phenols which can be corrosive.

          In organic chemistry, phenols, sometimes called phenolics, are a class of chemical compounds consisting of a hydroxyl group (—OH) bonded directly to an aromatic hydrocarbon group. The simplest of the class is phenol, which is also called carbolic acid C 6H 5OH. Phenolic compounds are classified as simple phenols or polyphenols based on the number of phenol units in the molecule.

          If the person you know has studied the chemical make up of each essential oil then they are doing themselves and you a disfavor.

          • Stacey

            I think you hit the nail on the head..unfortunately, anyone can be a distributor or “consultant” for these oils. That being said, outsiders have no idea the full potential and chemical makeup of these oils and just trust and listen to their friend of family member that happens to be a consultant. I have been to the parties and seen the HUGE book that you can look through for advice and recommendations. Most people do not have the time or desire to research hours and hours to understand how to take something.

            This is why it is extremely important for them to make very clear labels for people using their product. It sounds like Leslie DID eat, but it never said how much…she probably ate a small snack and figured that would be sufficient. How should she know that is right or wrong? I am sure her friend that sold her the product did not specify that label either….

        • Dawn

          Terri, did you dilute the oregano with coconut oil. It should be taken 1-3 drops with a carrier oil in a gel capsule.

        • lisa

          My dentist uses clove oil on a toothe before filling and suggests two drops of oregano oil in a capsule with 4 drops of olive oil or coconut oil to prevent infection. I have never experienced a problem. Perhaps its luck or its due to never taking the oil on an empty stomach.

      • Eldon Kimball

        Are you sure you don’t have money in the game? She did not blame doTERRA, she did not say she took it with no food, you certainly implied she was one of the ones ‘dumbed down’ and had no common sense, there is nothing in her comment to indicate she was already developing acid reflux, you give nothing to support your contention that acid oils did not cause her problems. Exactly what part of the legal business were you in for years? If it was as a lawyer I can understand why you are no longer in the industry.

      • kat

        If any one tells you that you can take essential oils internally……run fast the other way because they do not know what they are talking about.

        Essential oils should always be diluted (in percentages) with a Carrier oil depending on what the need is and other factors ad well…..pregnancy, elderly, children to name a few. The only essential oil that can be safely used without dilution is lavender.

        Do not let anyone tell you different. You can get injuries if not used properly.

        • Bianca

          So you believe no essential oils can be taken internally? This is your assumption and you’re staying it’s a fact? I’m sorry but I can’t help but laugh. I can’t read any more of these ridiculous comments lol. Just to name one, lemon can be dropped in water without being diluted and is perfectly safe.. Know your shit before you start commenting all “this knowledge”.

          • bob

            Erm, if you are adding lemon essential oil into water then that is diluting the oil. The water is the diluting agent. Just saying.

          • Kat

            Bianca….I know my “shit” as you put it. Perhaps you need to get informed by doing some research.

          • Roger

            Um…..adding water to anything other liquid is called diluting!

          • Allison

            Dropping lemon oil in water IS diffusing it. Undiluted lemon oil is harmful. It’s not hard to research this stuff before commenting.

            I think too many responders personally identify with the essential oil business and feel a need to defend it when problems occur. We’re all human. We want to make money and we want to be safe. Both sellers AND buyers need to do their research before selling, using, advising or commenting about health issues related to essential oils, and cite your sources when giving info.

            The truth is, the jury is still out on many of the claims made by essential oilers. Skin/mucous membrane exposure to some oils is damaging.

            I still love essential oils, and will continue to buy them as an educated- not purely emotional- consumer.


          • ellen

            water and oil don’t mix so it isn’t a dilution.

          • Barb

            Actually I have met with a licensed aromatherapist with over 400 hours of classes and generations of experience in her family. She says absolutely no ingesting oils. They have chemical, emotional, therapeutic and clinical properties. They are very concentrated and should not be put on skin without a carrier oil. I find it ridiculous that Terri seems to imply that Leslie had issues before using the oil. I was also told that I could ingest DDR Prime but I chose only topical application.

        • Carl

          You are totally incorrect and have not studied aromatherapy. Please don’t make baseless comments.

          • Carl

            And you don’t “know your shit” at all. I studied aromatherapy for a year, which was only allowed after qualifying in anatomy and physiology and massage.

        • Elizabeth

          the defensive folks are clearly selling it. and you don’t need much (any) training to sell it- or to make wild claims, either, as if you were a health practitioner. in fact i ended up here not because i’m interested in multiple streams of income but because i’m looking for pure and high quality essential oils that aren’t sold via mlm.
          by the way, i was told by a doterra rep that i could apply oregano oil to my skin. carrier wasn’t mentioned. i wound up with a third degree burn in a perfect square (the shape of the bandaid pad, ha) and permanently scarred.

        • Pat

          Yes you can take SOME internally. Read doTerra’s literature.
          You just must do it correctly. Some you NEVER take internally.

        • Sheryl

          I have been taking Copaiba oils internally for some months now- under the tongue as do many others I know. The pain in my hands has decreased by 90% since doing so and I suffer no ill affects. Just saying.

      • kat

        If it says “take with food” on a company`s label then they are wrong. Under no circumstances should essential oils ever be taken internally.. ever. This company should already know this. It irresponsible on this part.

      • Alicia

        Did you actually read her response? She read the label and took it with food. She said, “apparently not enough food.” Nice try though.

    • SusanBarton

      I appreciate your comment, “but they should be used with caution when taken internally.” I have actually heard this quite often with regard to these oils and that is exactly why I will not use them internally; however, I am guessing a lot of people don’t do a lot of research, so maybe your words will help someone.

      • Kat

        SusanBarton….it isn’t my comment or opinion. It is fact. If one goes through a certified Aromatherapy course one would learn that EO’s can be dangerous if not used properly. But even if one doesn’t go through a course, by doing good research and not accepting someone’s word just because one would know this.

    • Nancy


      • Me

        Stop pushing your agenda. Rx meds do work there is evidence based medicine to prove it. Let’s see the FDA has approved Nexium and all other PPI’s, etc. Do Oils have FDA approval for anything? Go ahead I’ll wait

        • Christine

          The pharmaceutical companies are giant companies with lobbyists who are paid very handsomely to actively recruit members of government to push their agendas & drug approvals through the FDA. They are all in bed with each other making money hand over fist, and the only ones loosing are the public. Seriously, the side effects that come with all these “cures” are much worse than essential oils could ever cause. All these manufactured drugs are NOT good for us. This is big business, and nothing else. These pharmaceutical companies will fight with everything they have to discredit anything “natural” that they cannot get richer off of. Wake up! I’m not saying all manufactured drugs are bad, but they are not the be all, end all, and they certainly don’t cure all either. In fact some just bring on other disease requiring even more medications! A truly sad state of affairs. If we have access to natural remedies that can do better I say yes please! PS. I do like essential oils but I do not ingest them internally.

          • kat

            Please understand that essential oils are not cures. They can help and aid with things but do not necessarily cure. Neither do all drugs cure.

            I use a blend of essential oils and a carrier oil that is a wonderful help with severe neck tension….it does not cure it.

            Big Pharma is nasty….most definitely I agree with you. But using essential oils improperly can cause very serious problems as bad as some drugs.

            Really my point is some companies who sell essential oils are really scary and not honest and even do not know as much ad they think about the oils…

            those are the ones to stay away from.

          • Mistress Maia

            I like that everyone is so quick to attack pharma…do you not realize that they also employ good hard working people who suffer the consequences when people like to attack the companies. Keep in mind the FDA heavily regulates our business, we are very clean, have very VERY high product standards, and take great pride in making products that heal people or bring better life quality. We have less regulation over our food industry than pills; personally we should have the same scrutiny on our food that they hold the drug companies to. NO mandated long term safety studies on GMO foods, dyes, additives generally recognized as safe. Many of that stuff is grandfathered in and not subject to modern study requirements. So if you ask me I’ll take a drug and feel more confident in it than most of the frankenfood being shoved down our throats today. I think what people need to keep in mind, essential oils may be great but if you are going to ingest them then the company better ensure that they are free from pesticides, fungicides, adulterants, and contaminants. This can only be done with state of the art equipment to detect these things…as we do in the pharmaceutical business. I would love to take essential oils for improved health and function but until companies selling them guarantee they have low or no solvents (which are in many many things we consume) and no heavy metals, etc. Then I would use them sparingly. I don’t advocate knocking modern medicine too much, when you or a loved one are suffering from debilitating diseases they can be a “miracle” and cure, treat, or reduce symptoms to ease someone’s quality of life. I think a nice balance of treating the body as a whole and not just symptoms is the answer and if this means incorporating many styles of medical treatment then so be it. I think more and more doctors are realizing you must treat and heal the whole patient and not just their symptoms. As with anything we do in our lives there are always associated risks that unfortunately some people succumb to. Whether you choke and die while eating a hot dog at a party or burn your esophagus with something hundreds of others have consumed with no ill effect, there will always be outliers. I ask that people put in deeper and more thought provoking reflection before they make big bold statements about all of big pharma, or the medical industry, or an individual suffering from something that caused them harm regardless of their actions. As with anything you will have good and bad (yin and yang) it’s inevitable. People should be less judgmental and more willing and open to hear all sides of an argument rather than making rash statements. We all should have a lot more compassion for each other and respect!

        • Debbie

          She is right about needing the acid in your stomach. If you over take the Nexium and the other Rx’s for acid re-flux it can cause a lot more problems as we get older!! It should never be taken for long periods of time like most Doctors want you to. For every Rx the Doctor writes the big Rx company makes big money. That’s part of whats wrong with all of our insurance.

        • Shelby

          Seriously??? How many times has the FDA approved drugs, stating the “safety” of said drug/s? Only to be revealed years later, after numerous deaths/injuries from said drug/s, they ARE IN FACT dangerous!!! Big Pharma are the ones in control, backed by our lowsy federal government, all in the name of money!!! How many more people have to continue to die, become handicapped, to make a freaking buck, in this country???? Do your research, before having diarrhea of the mouth, on a public forum!!! It’s that kind of mentality that keeps this country in the shit hole it’s in!!! Big Pharma and our government DO NOT give two shits about the people! Their ONLY agenda is to make money!!! NOT TO HEAL US!!! There is no profit made from a cure!!!

          • Pat

            I agree with Shelby. Those who know, know that the FDA doesn’t give a rip for our safety. It’s all about big money

        • Tricia

          Because the FDA never approves drugs that kill us…..or worse. Lmao

        • Teena

          Yes Rx meds are so great. That’s why when they advertise their product on TV they have a huge list of side effects that sound worse then what the medicine is supposed to “Cure”. I think I’ll try my essential oils that don’t even come close to their side effects before ever getting Rx meds. At least if the essential oils don’t work, it won’t kill me by an accidental overdose.

        • Julie

          Under food for human consumption, GRAS ( generally regarded as safe ) is the list of essential oils the FDA has approved.

          Hope you didn’t wait too long. There are no dates on these posts.

        • Allison

          In response to “Me,” we SHOULD be able to trust government bodies when it comes to public health, but if you’ll read about the politics and economics of FDA decision-making, you’ll be in for a real disappointment. We really need to do our own research when it comes to health and wellness. Information about the analysis of FDA actions (like manipulating data, favoritism toward large corporations, etc.) can be found online.

        • Me

          Yes actually YL vitality oils have been FDA approved for ingestion.

    • Sandra Smith

      My doctors caused the same injury with me and that was me taking as prescribed. Oils healed the problem.

      • Julie

        Prescription NSAIDS gave me ulcers that took years to heal. I’m taking a cancer drug for at least 5 years that can cause uterine cancer, blood clots and body aches that make me feel 103 years old. I’m feeling Big Pharma’s love.

        When possible I will use plant substances.

    • Jose

      Sorry to hear about your health problem, if you still have this condition, I recommend to look for Áloe Verá 100% Juice. Take 2 onz before meals and you will notice the difference in the first 3 weeks. Áloe has a great healing capability. I hope this will help you!

    • Angelina

      Yes, I agree acid reflux is painful but please don’t blame the oil specifically. I use doterra (and other oils) in healing protocols for my clients but I’m always very adamant for them to understand these, although natural are to be though of as medicine. I’m replying just so others know to take it seriously to avoid conditions like your own. DEFINITELY take with food – did you take in a capsule? I hope you didn’t just put the oil in a glass of water as that wouldn’t be good. I only recommend taking internally with a full meal and enough liquid AND not to lay down directly after. Keep in mind, there are risks with everything – people can harm themselves by drinking too much water or taking too many vitamins. The key is to use these things judiciously and only take advice from those that really know what they’re doing!

    • kat

      If any one tells you that you can take essential oils internally……run fast the other way because they do not know what they are talking about.

      Essential oils should always be diluted (in percentages) with a Carrier oil depending on what the need is and other factors ad well…..pregnancy, elderly, children to name a few. The only essential oil that can be safely used without dilution is lavender.

      Do not let anyone tell you different. You can get injuries if not used properly.

      • heidi

        Lavender is a very strong oil… I can only use it with dilution… and many others are the same. I would never put it on my skin neat, but dilute with OIL 1/10…. or take it internally at all. I can put a few drops in my bath and develop a rash on my neck where the oils touched the skin the most.
        Having said that, i love EO and am a Doterra consultant ( yet to figure out how to make a sale though- I’m no pusher )

        • Kat

          heidi….Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is about one of the only EO’s that is safe to use neat. I keep it in the kitchen for when one of us get burned. If used immediately on the burn it will help to either lessen blistering or no blistering at all.

      • Julie

        Robert Tisserand who (literally) wrote the book on Esssential Oil Safety even says there are times internal use is ok. Most experts will say it should only be done with the supervision of a certified aromatherapist. When I looked into getting my certificate I found I could get the exact same certificate if I took a 20 hour online class or the 200 hour online class. So, find someone you trust, regardless of a certificate for aromatherapy, or do your own research.

    • Susan

      Take 2-4 oz of George’s Aloe Vera juice before each meal. My mom erroded her esophagus when the gave her Potassium in the hospital and she didn’t drink enough water to get them all the way down. After 1 month of the Aloe Vera juice her esophagus was healed and no surgery was needed.

    • Christie

      Hi all!

      Jeremy, I love what you discussed right around the 5:00 mark. I am a Wellness Advocate…. which is what we are called. We don’t sell oils or distribute. If people experience the benefit of essential oils and wish to use them, they sign on as wholesale buyers for themselves gaining free product points, oils of the month and pay wholesale for their personal stock. We share and educate— teaching wellness classes, using our own oils. Many of us are certified or licenced practitioners. Doctors, Chiropractors, massage therapists ect. There may be one or two misguided folks for every 50 people, but DoTerra is not about making money. What’s the point in buying oils at retail cost? This is not a business opportunity. So don’t look to this as an MLM. There are some who make a living, and a very good one… those are the professionals who use it in their practice and because it works, people sign up for the LRP membership to buy their own oils. In most cases, we get our products paid for with a little extra bonus in pocket. I’ve tried MLM… and Doterra doesn’t fit the bill.

      • Elizabeth

        I have doTerra friends who are rolling. in. it.

        The whole thing feels like a cult to me so I’m online searching for companies that sell pure, high quality oils that aren’t MLM. Why pay doTerra retail (which is an excruciating markup) when there must be normal companies out there producing good oils and not spending millions on marketing and conventions and trips & prizes for their top sellers. Not buying the hype.

      • Allison

        dōTERRA is pyramid MLM. People are afraid to admit it for fear of the “scam” connotation. The problem with obscuring the MLM scheme is you make it seem as if dōTERRA is doing something wrong. Calling yourself a Wellness Advocate doesn’t change the fact that dōTERRA is a classic MLM. I think a better way to dispel concerns about dōTERRA is to emphasize what they do well as an MLM. Why hide the truth?

    • Leslie

      Thanks Jeremy, it’s been 2.5- 3 years since my esophagus was damaged and I’m finally having surgery to repair it this month. I really hope to be able to get off of my Perscription meds and eat normally again. Sometimes posting about my experience is hard (and I haven’t done so in a long time) because people are so mean and awful when you point out problems with their MLM products/usage. Any good business would want possible dangers known and safe usage of their products promoted. Even though some of the comments below “blame the victim” I just hope to make innocent oil users aware so they they can avoid possible harm. If I had a time machine I would go back and never ingest essential oils. There are countless articles on the dangers on the dangers of ingesting EO but I was reassured that you can’t overdose on oils and they can’t harm you because they’re so pure.

    • Kristi

      I am sorry for your problem. I am a huge doterra user and ingest many of them. I have done do for a long time. But your right they did need to be used with food. I feel distressed you felt the need to blame the oils and to indicate they needed to use better labeling. I feel anyone who is taking a product for the first time should always read the label fully.
      I personally know someone who had awful acid reflux and took a prescription drug for it. ….had done so for more than 25 years……then he started taking a doterra product (digestzen) internally and/or topically (comes both ways)…now no longer takes his prescription drug.
      And for our $35 membership fee…that is at sign up for your own wholesale account (25% off retail and possibilities to earn another 30%(only by your choice)(over 90% of Doterra’s members have accounts for personal usage….less than 10% decide to do as a business) but you still don’t have to do the business to earn another 30% = 55% off retail)…. $25 is the renewal each year but you get a bottle of lavender oil (over a $27.00 value).
      I have had so many successes with Doterra’s oils.
      As a company I wouldn’t be anywhere else but with them. They offer a lot of support and information. They even made the top 10 best companies by Forbes

    • Arabelle

      doTERRA absolutely has their own farms and distilleries. Read: Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Haiti- it goes on. Their farms are often run by locals but they have exclusive rights and in turn provide communities with commodities for their benefit- like a well for vetiver harvest rights for a community in Haiti.

  • sylvia

    I used lemon, peppermint and lavender combined to treat my cat that has a spinal problem and I rubbed it on 2 times a day for 7 days and she started to respond. she’s diabetic and had a stroke. the oils helped her heal and return to a new kitty again the pain is down and she is better. Thanks doterra for you pet section it was a lot of help. I use the deep blue for my arthritis and I love. You have the best oils ever.

    • Jeremy Page

      Interesting. Thanks for sharing, Sylvia.

      • Michelle

        Peppermint oil is toxic to cats. Please be cautious.

        • Tmjackson

          Chocolate is also toxic to cats AND dogs, but not humans.

    • Linda Starr

      SYLVIA – many oils can be toxic for cats!!!
      Research yourself, but please at least look at this link:

    • elle

      how about the massage helping? seriously, you people ascribe far too much to these oils.

    • kat

      Peppermint oil can be very toxic to s cat. In fact, even using it as a air freshener where it can get on the floor where they walk is bad. I do not care if any company tells you essential oils are good for you cats they are not…..ask a vet.

  • Carra

    DoTerra’s oil blend Breathe has saved me from needing antibiotics to clear up my sinus infections. This is an essential product when one lives in a place they call Sinus Valley.

    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks for your story, Carra. Happy to hear it’s been good for you.

    • Sunny Vee

      I have been using it for this purpose too, in a diffuser at night. It took me several tries to get used to the fragrance; it was way too medicinal smelling for my liking. After using for about a week, I noticed it has discolored my diffuser. It now has a brownish stain that will not come out.

      • Melissa

        Try diffusing vinegar to remove the staining and clean the diffuser.

    • Tracey

      I agree with Carra. Breathe helps me a lot. Not everyone’s body is the same so everyone should try it first.

    • Debbie

      For my husband also, he has been so sick every year with sinus problems. He works for the School System until this year he diffues on guard every night, one drop of peppermint and breath in his hands cupped over his nose and breaths in when congested. Has not had one sinus infection this entire year. Everyone around his has been sick though.

    • Kat

      Carra….so what carrier oil and essential oils make up the blend? And what is the percentage dilution of the essential oils to the carrier oil…..how many drops to 1 oz. = the %

    • S mclaughlin

      My grandson has severe asthma. Breathe has literally saved him. He was on steroids and breathing treatments. He is 1 1/2 yr old. His mother runs the Breathe on the bottoms of his feet and a little on his chest at bedtime. NO COUGHING all night. He sleeps great now and so do they. We don’t sell this or know too much about it, except we know it worked for him. It is seriously an amazing product to eliminate coughing that is asthma related.

  • Lauren

    HI just watched Brad’s video. I am curious as to the mentoring that he offers and wondering how to find out more info.

    • Jeremy Page

      Saw you got in the group Lauren. Welcome aboard!

  • julie noel lamanna

    I like the oils. The digestive one is really helping my son while he has the stomach flu and the peppermint one really helps with my headaches. I have to admit, I was a skeptic. I don’t have a sense of smell, so some if the oils are useless to me. I really don’t like the pyramid behind this company. I just wanted to buy two oils, and now all of a sudden, they are asking me for a $35 start up fee and $25 annual fee. That is why I didn’t become a member. That made me even more skeptical. I just wanted to buy a couple oils and that was almost impossible.

    • Conni

      It is defiinitely to your benefit to beomce a consultant simply because you are going to buy your products at wholesale. If I only buy for myself, I am still saving a lot. I am slso receiving free oils if I spend a certain each month. If I don’t, then no loss for me.
      If you have a good representative above you for support then it is a win/win. Mine is a registered Nurse with a Masters degree in Herbs and natural health options. She is VERY knowledable and continues to update her education on the products.
      I have quit taking several prescriptions after 10+ years and replaced them with Essentioal Oils. No regrets, no side effects. You can use some oils for multiple ailments or purposes.
      Incredible products.

      • Jeremy Page

        Great, thanks for sharing your insight.

      • Kat

        So you get your oils at wholesale but how much is the cost of the membership. That has to be added to the cost of the oils to show the true cost.

        • Gary

          That would depend on how many oils you purchased in a year. I would guess that by becoming an advocate for $35, and a yearly fee of $25, that saving 25% on your purchases would more than offset the fees.

    • Michele Guillet

      With most direct marketing companies, there is an option to join as preferred customer. It is a good option for people who want to try the products or who will just buy a few bottles a year. You get a good discount (I think 20%) for a one time fee (I think it is $20). Even if you just put a once time order it is usually worthwhile. I am a wellness advocate and the benefits are worthwhile for me even without doing a business. I have become preferred customer in other direct marketing companies. It is possible to upgrade if you decide that it is worthwhile.

    • Jane Doe

      I became a member. Paid my $35 membership fee. Here is what I found to be a problem. I was unable to delete the last item in my basket because dotarra is bound and determined to force me to buy something every month. If I forgot to erase my basket and create something new, dotarra shipped last months products to me this month automatically. I was unable to erase my credit card information the company had on me (the card I gave them to sign up with)

      • Sylvia

        It’s like paying that fee at a Costco but even better as once I paid the initial fee with DoTerra, we are able to earn rewards by having being on the Loyalty Rewards Program and who doesn’t like free product? Also, buying anywhere retail means that store bought then sold to me at markup but advertisers had to get the product name out there. People buy if they are interested not because they are talked into buying. I’m learning to experience they different products and love them!

        • Kat

          I don’t buy retail in a store. However I do buy online at a particular site. Their oils and carriers come straight from their distiller…no middleman. One simply has to check things out to get the best deal.

          As for earning loyalty rewards….I don’t really want them. I’d rather that the place I get my oils earn my loyalty through providing excellent essential oils and carriers.

      • Rhonda Finley

        Hi, I just joined. You only have that happen (item left in cart/items from previous month shipped the next month) if you were signed up for autoship in order to be eligible for rewards – getting your shipping back in credit, and getting free items by building up points from your order. You can call in to get out of that aspect and to delete your c.c. info. if you don’t know how to do it online, or call the one who signed you up to help you do it online. It’s hard to remember everything told during your first class and sign up. That’s why they like to do a follow up to help you decipher your website, help you know what your oils can do, etc. Good luck!

      • Angelina

        Actually this is quite easy – all you have to do is call and they’ll cancel it. For some, having the auto ship is a luxury so they can just forget about it having to re order every month. doterra doesn’t bound and is not determined for your sale – this is user error – you admit you forgot and simply a phone call would clear it up.

      • Petra

        There are different programs you can opt into. The monthly spend one is obviously not suitable for you. Speak to your Do TERRA contact and get changed over to the other program (which I’m on) that does not require a minimum spend – The difference being you don’t earn points.

      • Ali

        Call customer service and cancel your rewards order. It’s free, no fees, no hassle and you can join again for free if you want. It’s an incredible program if you are using the products!

      • Ulli

        Dear Jane Doe
        I am sorry you experienced trouble with your doTerra orders. It sounds as if you accidentally signed up for the Loyalty Reward Program, which is kind of like a committed monthly “frequent flyer” program, for increasingly deepening free product point percentages, up to 30% off, and even your shipping converts to free products. That is why a lot of people do not only get the membership for 25% off retail, but also join the monthly customizable Loyalty Rewards Program on top of it for eventually one ends up paying less than 50% of the original price. Now, in exchange, there are safe guards built in. Since quitting the program cancels the deep savings, in order to not accidentally be able to stop, and lose all the accumulated benefits, and all the accumulated bonus points (i.e. free money) one has to contact customer service in person and cancel via phone. They make that clear in the LRP program descriptions. I hope you were able to clear that all up with customer service. Any member who is not enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards Program can at any time place a “one time order”, and keep that shopping basket empty the rest of the time. Maybe that is the pathway you meant to go. I wish you better success in the future, whether with doTerra or any other company.

        • Ebony

          Thknas for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

      • Diane

        You have to call member support to cancel the loyalty order. They want to be sure you understand you need to use your free points for your oils before you cancel out and loose them. You can always place a one time order with no auto ship. They are very helpful and nice

      • Barbara

        You can always call the 800 number and either cancel your recurring order, change it (they are great about returns), or seek help with any other support you may need on your account.

    • Teresa

      Julie, whoever you talked to about the oils should have given you a choice.
      $35 = wellness advocate with $25 annual fee + free 15ml of peppermint oil
      or $25=preferred customer NO annual renewal. It is like opening a Cosco or SAMS Club account. You order what you want when you want it. It is entirely up to you.
      I hope you take a look at opening an account with doTerra and begin using the oils. It would be sad for you to miss out on the benefits of these oils and other amazing products because of not understanding how simple it is to open your personal account. I am a Wellness Advocate with doTerra and I LOVE empowering people to take control of their family’s health and wellness using an all natural alternative to OTC medicine.

    • Noe

      Not sure why the $35 fee bothers people. It’s like Costco. I pay $100 every time I get my roots touched up…with chemicals. I buy Nike shoes and designer jeans that have a 200% + mark up. I like doTERRA oils and supplements. It’s good health value to me. Not just to look good but to feel good:)

    • Sarah

      You can buy the oils at retail online through your contact’s website. Wholesale memberships are just a great and reccomended way because they save you money, even if you just buy a few oils, it usually pays for itself. Most people, after trying a few want more. The fee is like a sams club, which also renews yearly. There are no other commitments but there are a lot of perks.

    • Gina

      Get with the right person who will help you beyond the business!

    • MK

      Then just buy the oils at retail. The $35 is not a “start up” fee. You pay that and have the benefit of buying the oils for wholesale prices (25% off) for a year. Believe me, you earn the $35 back. Yes, I am an advocate for DoTerra. And as for the lady who ingested the oregano oil in a capsule, clearly the directly were obvious enough when she says the instructions say “take with food.” She says she saw those instructions, right?

    • kat

      Julie Noel there are many places you can buy oils and not have to pay some kind of start up and annual fees. Do a search online and you will see. And they will also tell you in each oil what you need to know about it….because there are a few things that you need to know about each essential. Plus the safeties as well

      Remember… if this was only about essential oils there would be no need for a pyramid scheme.

      Wish we could connect online.

    • Christie

      Julie- You can bypass the fee by purchasing a full kit. It’s no different than a yearly membership to Sam’s Club… Amazon Prime, ect… you can entirely purchase the oils singularly. At retail. Through our websites. Or ask a Wellness Advocate you are close to to add your oils of preference to her LRP order. I know I’d be happy to because I’d get the product points and be sharing the benefits of exposing you to the oils and STILL only ask you to pay my cost plus a tad of shipping.

    • ljd

      FYI: your $25 yearly membership renewal includes a free bottle of peppermint oil

  • Amanda

    doTERRA has their own farms across the world and does a lot of co-impact sourcing. Oh and yes, they do distill their own oils.

    • Gina

      Not true according to the FAQs on doTerra’s own website:

      “Q: Do you grow your own plants and own your own farms?

      A: We have found that a primary key to superior essential oil quality is the location in which the plant is grown. For this reason, we carefully source our essential oils from all over the world, rather than from a few locations that are not native habitats for the plants. For example, our Lavender is grown in the high altitudes of France, our Lemon comes from Italy, and our Frankincense is sourced from Oman. Because our management team is trusted and respected by global producers, we are able to secure precious crops for essential oil production from preferred suppliers.”

    • Teri

      I would like to know where these farms are and where they distill their oils! This is a false claim and untrue. I use both Young Living and do Terra but chose young living when I went to 2 of their (Young Living) farms.

    • MK

      Amanda – no they don’t. See Gina’s comment.

    • Angelina

      Actually having their own farms is not very important. It’s all about the plants growing in their indigenous environment. I am now with doterra (for many reasons) but used to be with YL – I never ever would use their one Lavender as it was grown in Utah – not the right growing conditions at all. And YL doesn’t own all their farms. Again, things growing in the right environment is more important than who owns the farms!

  • Judith

    Before retirement I was a massage therapist and aromatherapist for 25 years, trained by a biochemist in England. I caution anyone using essential oils to first dilute them in a carrier oil and never ingest them. All things consumed must pass through the liver. Ingesting essential oils could cause liver damage over time. Undiluted essentials oils on the skin also go through the liver with the same possible damages over time. Remember that most people who are selling essential oils in a direct sales business do not have professional training in the use of essential oils and may not understand how these oils affect the body. Buyer beware. Research and reason.

    • Oil User Alaska

      I am a doTerra consultant as well, we constantly have training and classes where we learn to use the oils. Before you through a western judgement on something you know nothing about, please do YOUR research. This product has helped me in so many ways I cannot even begin to explain them all. I really use the oils on a daily basis, multiple times a day. They have helped my family greatly with no side effects EVER. Please, everyone is a gossip and trusts what the internet says, even the bad things. It is the internet. Lets remember that the First Amendment has been taken out of context to a point, people will say whatever they want to make a point or get attention. I personally was on several prescription drugs for a very long time, my body is mine again. Not walking side effects!

      • Simon Smith

        This is so true …I have been using doTERRA’s Oils for the last 6 months as an consultant.. They have changed my life on so many fronts i.e No more chemicals and toxins going into my body from pharmacy drugs and shop bought products like toothpaste, shampoo etc …
        Plus been a doTERRA consultant I have several people under me and this gives me enough in commission to pay for more then half my order ever month OR sometimes my whole order for free …free oils ..amazing .. and soon I will even have some earns from this ..and I work from home ..happy days …Thank you doTERRA ..

      • Carol Mosolf

        I agree research is important. My question is how does one know that the research they are seeking is credible? I just want to know the unbiased truth. Not only about both Young Living and do TERRA oils but also on companies selling vitamins and supplements. My husband and I are retired and don’t have tons of time and money to try everything under the sun. We just want to be healthy in spirit, soul and body. The only thing I am sure of is that what we put on our skin or in jest by mouth does affect our mind and emotions.

      • Kat

        Oil user Alaska
        Then you saying that all the doTerra consultants are certified Aromatherapists? That they have gone through the 300+ hours of training as well as the Anatomy & Physiology course? Because that is what is needed to be a properly trained and knowledgeable aromatherapist.

        FYI…..my husband is a RN (15+ yrs.) and within the last 2 years he has had 3 patients who were admitted with problems related to ingesting EO’s. Two of those patients had liver failure after ingesting EO’s for a minimum of 5 years. The third had a part of their liver removed.

        Lesson….the liver does not properly process EO’s over time.

        • ABO

          Kat- Can you tell me more about where to find out more about what you are saying? (That the liver cannot properly process EOs over time.) What is a good resource for learning things like this? What would signal to someone that their liver is having problems due to ingesting essential oils? Any info is appreciated!

        • Tatiana

          Carol, I also want the unbiased truth, trying to study EOs in general and aromatherapy (by different sources). I tried a few YL oils and actually they were nice (but again can’t judge on a long-term basis as I’ve only used a few and did not compare to other brands. I had a less known brand Peppermint oil which I bought in USA while driving with a friend to another city against motion sickness and it helped me to manage the trip. Hard to tell the difference between companies though as an amateur user of EOs. I did signed up recently with doTerra (because I do plan to study EOs further and practice aromatherapy, the feel of their website and company appealed to me more plus so far the people I met who are wellness advocates seems to be on the same wave (which I took as a good sign I guess :). Having said that I’d recommend something to other people only if I am 99-100% sure it would work well, and don’t want to run for $$ monies only let alone heavy promotion is not even my thing. Also I am connected with other types of occupation and enjoy them. *** My question is indeed how can we get a more objective picture?

          (to Kat) That is a sad story, yet I wonder who do people even perform research on 1 particular type of product whereas there are probably 50+ factors influencing their life in general (including psychosomatic stuff) and 200+ foods and products the person might be taking internally and topically. How do they know exactly that the reason of their liver failure was actually EOs? I am not saying it wasn’t, just trying to understand all the objectivity behind the science and pass the knowledge accordingly if necessary.

    • elle

      Spot on. I have a lot of training and background in these fields as well, and YLO and Doterra are doing the general field a disservice with their marketing practices aimed at gullible people with no background.

      • Sarah

        It is quite the opposite of targeting gullible people. A good rep encourages self-education and we empower people to take control of their health and wellness, and naturally. I am thrilled that I now have the tools to help my family with illnesses and aches and pains that come up instead of running to the dr for antibiotics every time. My child went from 8 sick visits in a year to 1 because her overall health improved and i could fix the small things quickly, which also saved me a lot of $$$ in copays and prescriptions. I will never go a day without using them for something again.

        • Kat

          A good rep would be having people getting a certification in Aromatherapy and taking a course of Anatomy & Physiology related to Aromatherapy. If they aren’t doing that then they are as good as them seem.

          Self -education is great and works well, however there are courses out there that know more about aromatherapy than an individual does.

          I agree with using EO’s daily, I do as well. But I also knew that my learning needed more professional input for me to become well educated in aromatherapy. Now that I am, I realize how much I didn’t know before I became a certified aromatherapist and yet I still learn something everyday I use EO’s.

          Our education cannot be limited to one avenue…if we do, we do more harm than good.

    • Alyssa Greek

      Amen and amen! I am so glad to see a REAL aromatherapist with REAL legitimate training on here. I’m an herbalist, but I use EOs quite frequently. One of the main reasons I have yet to join a MLM EO company is because of their recklessness with their information. I have heard both DoTerra AND YL reps recommending using them neat and also ingesting, which I think is very poor advice. In the end, they’re all more concerned with trying to make a buck, than with any responsible attempt to give accurate information about the potency of EOs, the dangers that ingesting and the potential contact dermatitis that using these oils neat can cause.

    • kat

      I am so glad to have seen your post. You are totally correct, ingesting essential oils is dangerous. I too am an aromatherapy, trained and certified and am horrified people here are being told this is okay.

      • Tatiana

        Kat, maybe you can just recommend people where to learn. I do agree it would be way better if ALL companies who sell EOs provided some kind of certification at least in a few levels (like level 1, 2, 3 or something like that), and in a way I personally see some benefits in having certain trained people (wellness advocates) offering / consulting about the product rather than random sales people. I haven’t got my enrollment package yet but I hope it has some basic materials with research and instructions. Knowing that people also might react differently to different supplements and EOs, it would be great to promote certain 101 of EOs to educate more people and make sure reps are fully trained… (slightly offtopic) recently I was at a local store which I love very much and was surprised how many cosmetic products and “mood improvement” blends had citrus EOs without even mentioning on the box that they increase photo sensitivity (phototoxic EOs) and can’t be used in the summer and I guess in the warmer countries with sunny weather. Let alone some other EOs can be risky to use as well without proper knowledge and caution. That all only confirms the lack of “clear” information on certain subjects and as much as I love and want to study and use EOs, it would be nice to have more people actually understanding what they are and how to use them safely for immune boosting, health, remedies and for beauty, longevity.
        Of course, as all human history and science, only time can show in reality what is what. Theories about certain things change at times and I guess we have to sort of accept that fact as well, using common sense, intuition and personal responsibility.

  • Ashley

    Hi! I just want to say that I have personally taken and personally know several people who take doTERRA essential oils internally and have never had any problems. Please get educated before you use ANY product in life and especially before you go around bad mouthing something or someone without all of the facts. Read labels! If something says take with food TAKE WITH FOOD. And if you don’t own up to it. These oils are pure and very effective. A little goes a long wish internally or topically.

    • Alyssa Greek

      So? Some people smoke like a chimney all their lives and never get cancer. Some people drive while drunk and manage to get home safely. Liver damage can be cumulative. Just because you have ingested EOs and not had any repercussions doesn’t mean you haven’t/aren’t slowly damaging your liver. But whatever, do what you want, you’re free. Just don’t get on here spouting about how Judith is giving false information when what she says is true. Maybe you are the one who needs to do some research outside of what your MLM company tells you. Just because it doesn’t affect EVERYONE the same way does not diminish the truth of Judith’s statement. I’ll trust a trained Aromatherapist, one w/o a dog in the game, before I trust an EO company’s trained rep.

    • kat

      Being an professional aromatherapy I am educated in the use of essential oils and know that any responsible company who knows essential oils would never tell some one it was okay to ingest them. I do not care if you have not had any problems and am very glad you have not yet. They can be very harmful. If a label on an essential oil bottle says to take it with food….you are seriously being lied to.

      Do some serious research. Other than do terra and young living I know of no one who says you can ingest essential oils.

  • Cyndi Conover

    I’ve been using DoTerra for years and love it. I was raised on natural herbs and oils, partly because of my American Indian background and heritage. Like everything else, it’s taken with caution and READ THE LABEL before using. DoTerra is safer than OTC drugs and they work. Why take drugs with 15 letter names that have nothing natural in them. Native Americans used them first and they survived. Their undoing was the Europeans.

    • Teri

      AMEN! As I see it and recall, American Natives also aged extremely well with wonderful memories and longevity!
      And before them, the people who used them in the Bible. So, I agree 100% that when man (Europeans) started messing with the chemicals and making drugs…that is where the downfall came. For the fear mongers up there,^^^ that is where the liver gets the real damage!

    • kat


  • Bethany

    The International Federation of Aromatherapists Code of Ethics states –

    No aromatherapist shall use essential oils for internal ingestion or internal application nor shall any aromatherapist advocate or promote such use of essential oils unless the practicing aromatherapist has medical, naturopathic, herbalist, or similar qualifications and holds an insurance policy which specifically covers the internal application of essential oils. (IFA code of ethics. Simply Essential, No. 11 December 1993).

    doTerra and Young Living are the only marketing companies in this industry, and both recommends ingesting the oils, as well as the use of undiluted essential oils. It’s interesting (as a side note) that doTerra emerged from a group of professionals that were a part of Young Living.

    There’s so much more on these two MLMs/pyramid so-called companies that it’s making me sick to my stomach. Perhaps ingesting a capsule filled with peppermint will help me . . . to an early grave.

    • Tonya

      Bethany and others who are against DoTerra- I couldn’t disagree with you more. I have been struggling with knee pains for the past seven years and have gone through eight surgeries on my left knee. I used to take 2-4 Advils a day just to relieve the pain on my knee. It would swell, leaving me unable to sleep at night, constantly waking up to the aching in my knee. A close friend of mine who works for DoTERRA told me to rub some deep blue on the spots where is was sore and ever sense then I haven’t taken any prescribed pain medications. It’s been one and a half years and my knee has felt better just with the use of deep blue then any other surgery or any medication has brought to me.

      Most essential oils are digestible. I love to add two drops of wild orange oil, lime oil, lemon oil, grapefruit oil, and others in my water. Pepperment beadlets and on guard beadlets are also very useful FOR the digestive system.

      Please try using the oils before making prejudgments because I am 100% for DoTERRA essential oils and use the oils on a daily basis. DoTERRA has given me control of my health rather then using prescribed medication with side effects. I have never had any side effects when using oils and strongly recommend them. I do not see what is wrong with putting all natural products on your body. It is absolutely hilarious that anyone would think that. I also strongly disagree with the statement, “Ingesting a capsule filled with peppermint will help me..to an early grave.” are you kidding, taking peppermint will kill you, I mean come on we aren’t children! Take control of your life, rather then wasting money, and risks on chemical drugs, go DoTERRA! All natural supplements that do nothing but provide a peace in mind.

      A Secret Admirer of DoTERRA:)

      • Kat

        What Bethany told you is 100% correct…. No aromatherapy would tell you to ingest essential oils. They know better and know they can be very harmful. There is no predicament here. I am a professional aromatherapy and know what I am talking about…. why don`t you try a bit of research outside the box and see what you find. You might be surprise.

        If you are told you can ingest the oils you are using then there is something wrong. Be smart and the research. Bethany gave you the code we aromatherapy have abide by why would she lie

        • ABO

          Kat- The code that was quoted said that they shouldn’t recommend it unles they had certain certification or insurance, or something like that. Does this mean that even aromatherapists do sometimes recommend using oils internally? I am a little confused about this because someone I believed to be an aromatherapist had once suggested that I drink a drop each of lemon and peppermint oil in a small amount of organic lemon juice each morning for a liver cleanse when I had gallstones.

          Was that bad advice? Or is it ok to use some EOs internally on a limited basis for a brief period of time? I appreciate any info!

  • tammy

    What people do not realize is, both these companies retain reps to promote and sell their products in a dangerous manner! Many of their reps are till actively diagnosing and treating various illnesses, even though they have been warned by the FDA to cease this practice! New compliancy rules have been put in place, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks sometimes! These companies refuse to work with Certified Aromatherapist’s who ARE highly educated in the field of EO’s! These reps are out there with ZERO proper training, which includes the chemistry of oils, biology, anatomy, physiology..to name a few! They promote ingestion of these potent oils which, from personal experience is dangerous! Having a chiropractor as a CMO is ridiculous, considering RN’s have more training, education and experience in the above listed needs, in addition to Pharmacology! And, a chiropractor isn’t allowed to prescribe! These guys make their own protocols up, have videos, blogs, seminars, conferences, meetings, etc! And, they are causing injuries! I could go on & on about this… but so many are under the spell, that I end up getting attacked. I just hope the long term effects of ingesting don’t result in the same issues I am having after short term use! They do not detoxify your liver! Don’t fall for that!

    • Staci

      First of all seriously the FDA? OF COURSE they’re going to tell you not to use them. The FDA are the same ones saying hey folks it’s okay go eat roundup! Anyone that’s quoting the FDA hasn’t done enough research on anything to comment on anything.

      • Jeremy Page

        Haha, actually enjoyed this comment.

      • Lise

        Right on Staci !!!

        • Katie

          Is Myrrh oil safe to ingest with water? It seems to ha e helped me tremendously with mouth ulcers friends m Lichen Planus as well as asthma (respiratory)

      • kat

        The FDA has never said mot to use essential oils. Tammy never said that. However the FDA has told do terra to quit using words like cure because essential oils have not had enough testing yet to know if they cure anything. Do terra should already know that yet used the word cure as well ad others meaning the same thing.

    • Teri

      It is fear mongers like you who have complained to the FDA who ASSUME we do not know what we are doing! Some of us have taken classes, some of us have taken medicines that have harmed our liver far worse than any oil that you are claiming “COULD POSSIBLY” harm ourselves or others. You do realize just because you take an online class for Aromatherapy doesn’t mean you are highly educated? Or that you know what the oils WILL do to certain organs? In fact, there ARE real Doctors reports on many of these oils and what they do for our organs if you would just research it. And that is ingesting them. Of course you MUST read the directions and not knock it back like it is a bottle of beer. The power of the oils are real, intense, and healing. And they will cleanse the liver, maybe not Detox, but will clean it. I think you must have been ingesting something else earlier in life if you are having liver issues or took meds before. But stop pushing the fear on everyone else!

    • stacey

      We have top aromatherapists and chemists (the best in the country and thats not just a brag its fact) who teach us the science behind our oils, we also use many many outside sources to test every drop if it fails one test out of the 10 its in the trash. No cutting corners. The same people complaing about not know enough about the oils are the same ones who are taking herbal remedies and pharmacueticals based on what the label says or a Drs word (who is getting kickbacks for prescribing poison to you) and dont research them (btw bigger problem with those causing problems) people die from those things EO deaths?

  • Patricia

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to essential oils, and frankly I am in love with DoTerra’s product quality. I wanted to mention, however, that I had a bad experience by swallowing a glass of water with exactly two drops of Oregano Oil. It burned my throat and caused me to lose my voice for about three days. In retrospect, I think that I was foolish by following the advice from an “online forum.” I really think that DoTerra’s oils are high grade and potent. I intended to use them externally to avoid any future reactions. Just thought I would share my unfortunate experience.

    • elle

      You had an “unfortunate” experience because you swallowed a caustic DRUG without reason to or need to, and this company was fully behind your motivations for doing it.

      • Fruits of the Earth


        calling essential oils a DRUG is irresponsible at best, just plain uneducated at worst.

        • kat

          Fruit of the earth.

          It appears you are the one uneducated if you believe you can safely ingest essential oils. Do some research on the oils, find out the chemical families of them, understand what you are ingesting.

          You might gain some educational insight of what you are being told.

    • Kay

      Ouch! So sorry this happened to you! You got bad advice, I’m sorry to say. I love using and sharing doTerra, but I agree people need to be more thorough in their teaching. Oregano oil is a very ‘hot’ (caustic) oil. It’s a wonderful natural antibiotic, but the only way to take it internally is in a capsule, diluted in carrier oil, with food! Drinking it in water is sure to burn. Again I say, ouch, and I’m sorry!

      • Mary

        I use DT oils, and I have shared them with some family and friends, but I must say the argument about ingesting gets me. I try to use common sense above all else, whether oils, medications, beauty products, food, etc. that I put in or on my body. Whether medication or oil, FDA approved or not, we need to use caution and common sense about ingesting. BOTH are powerful in their effects and benefits. I personally choose oils over medications because of no side effects and no artificial chemicals and fillers, etc. That being said, just like with a medication, I understand they are concentrated and potent substances. Individual differences vary ALOT. So like with anything else, start with the smallest recommended amount, and stay within the recommended guidelines. Treat it with the same caution and respect you would a prescribed medication (which you don’t always know what’s in it or the long term effects either!) If someone is not comfortable using oils internally, I respect that completely and never would push them to do so. But I also don’t want to create fear and say to never do it because I know it can have positive effects. If I did, I should probably also tell them not to ingest any OTC meds or whatever else they might be taking because of the possible side effects and long term damage they might also cause. To me it’s more about using common sense, doing your own research from trusted sources, and doing what you’re comfortable with for you and your own family. Everything comes with some degree of risk or pro vs. con and everyone’s situation is different, so I don’t think we can make such a broad statement without knowing what that is. That’s generally what I tell people in fewer words, that we are not medical professionals, and to always to consult with their doctor if they are unsure or just to make them aware of what they use. That’s what my enroller also shared with me, and I think it’s good advice. Just my 2 cents on this.

  • Laura Benedetto

    I been reading all the comments can any one tell me if the do-terra lifelong vitality pack is safe to take? Please send response to lbenedetto62@gmail.com thank you Laura

  • MS

    DoTerra has the worst return policy of any company I have purchased from. I bought a diffuser that’s didn’t work straight out of the box. When I called they wanted me to pay shipping to return a defective product! I refused and they emailed me a return label. I called to check on my refund and they told me they had refunded 90% of the cost! 90% for a defective product! I asked to speak to a manager. After much discussion, they agreed to give me a refund for the whole amount, but I still had to pay for the initial shipping cost. I will never order anything from DoTerra again.

    • Angela thomas

      I feel like I am speaking in Swahili …they never answer a question. I sold 1300.00 my first month and made 67.00 ( included in this signed on six people) something is wrong and someo e is making money ….and its not me!!!!

      • Jeremy Page

        Lol, any Doterra distributors care to explain or help Angela understand?

        • Kay

          That HAS to be a mistake. You need to call or chat in until you figure out where your money went! You should have 20%!

        • kat

          You seem to think this is funny. Why don`t you explain it to her

          • Ker

            You are really closed minded for an aromatherapist Kat. Lots of aromatherapists understand the benefits of using essential oils internally.

      • Doitright

        First, you commit not to sell the oils you commit to them being for personal use only so to say that you sold $1600 worth of oil right there is wrong. It’s the people that you sign up and how much they buy the get you income.. without even trying over two years of just talking about it and using it I ended up making thousands of dollars a month and that’s never approaching anybody to sign up nor having any, not one class. Maybe you should focus more on the rules and how to build a business with the company and to make the money correctly 25% of $1600 isn’t very much and he shouldn’t be selling it retail anyway. Signing people up is great but they have to buy for you to get the commission anyhow to place them correctly hence, reading up on the comp plan. I am very lax and mellow in this business I don’t go after anybody. People ask about it I tell them and they sign that my job is to put them in the correct place in my downline by guessing not knowing that they’re going to be a business builder or just buying product and that’s how I make the money .. And I signed up just to use the product which I love and will always stand behind unless something drastic changes.

        • kat

          Wow What a scrappy way to do business. Basically it is all about the people at the top and no one else..

          Yep real scrappy

  • rita mills

    They may have the best products in the world, but putting them under an MLM banner is very off-putting. And the cost is ridiculous, when you can buy the same oils for a fraction of the price elsewhere. Just like the MLM that started the chia seed craze, what they sell for $70 you can get for $7 on Amazon.

    • Larry

      Direct marketing is one of the best business models out there. Warren buffet and other notables have endorsed the direct marketing concept. Of course the amount one makes is dependent on the particular companies compensation plan and how much the rep puts in to building the business. Having support from the company and your upline is so helpful too. Direct marketing/MLM and “pyramid schemes” are completely different. “Pyramid schemes are illegal and the FTC does monitor for them. I personally know many people in DoTerra making substantial income through their business. Several in my up line are making anywhere from $2000/month to $50,000 to 60,000/month. I have been with other MLM companies before and I have NEVER seen so many people making the amount of money Doterra wellness advocates make. If you are trying to build a business with Doterra and not getting Ng anywhere with your direct upline then go to their upline or higher. Doterra has also set the tone to where you can get advice and coaching from members not even in your team. I tested the waters on their and asked a successful leader if I could “pick” his brain from time to time on how to build my business and he was more than happy to.
      Everyone needs to quit being “negative nellies” and accept that natural solutions including essential oils are way more safe than the synthetics that are prescription drugs. Many prescription are first formulated using natural materials and then reformulated with synthetics for 1) it’s cheaper for them to produce and 2) they can’t patent natures products this they can’t make money.

      • Mark

        Thanks for positive attitude Larry.

    • stacey

      honey you get what you pay for, cheap oils are not what you think they can legally say 100% pure oil if it has one drop of pure oil and the rest was made from a pure oil and is now a chemical. do you homework or you will get sick like i did thinking oil is oil

  • Andrea

    Well definitely people needs to research and read carefully before you buy and intake any product .
    I started using Doterra and it works perfectly for me,but obviously before i decided to use as a part of my daily life i researched carefully and i follow the instructions.
    It is easy to complain and blame on a product when some people haven’t using it the right way.
    At the end not matter how common, expensive and super amazing the product could be there’s always people who like to complain.
    But i do recommend Doterra, it helps me to relax and concentrate with my studies.

  • Gail Tanis

    Why does DoTERRA use carrageenan in most of its soft gels? It has no nutrional value and is considered harmful by many doctors.

    • Claire

      Carrageenan is likely what is making your gel, well, a gel! Carrageenan is an extract from red algae and is a stable gelling agent that is 100% vegan.
      There are actually two different kinds of carrageenan, degraded and undegraded. Undegraded is approved for human consumption while degraded (AKA poligeenan) isn’t. Some animal safety tests with carrageenan have been done with degraded carrageenan and with only water, when we would most likely eat food when consuming it so the results are not likely to be accurate. Don’t stop at just one website when doing your research, you will have a more rounded viewpoint! Good luck!

    • Kay

      Sadly it’s the softgel part itself, can’t be made without it. I wish they could or will find a way to change it too, it would put people at ease! But, it’s good to know they only use long-chain carageenan, and all the studies on its potential dangers have been on short-chain. There is a difference. Hope that helps!

  • Sharon

    I contracted MRSA from a surgery I had in a local hospital. The doctors put me on antibiotics 4 times and at the same tie sent me to the hospitals Wound care specialist and infectious disease doctor. After a year and a half I ended up in the hospital for 3 days on IV antibiotics for cellulitis as a result of the MRSA. Still had MRSA and incision was not healed. And I usually heal really well. I went to a Doterra presentation and decided to order a kit. It had oregano in it and it said it was good for MRSA. After applying it directly to my incisiion 2x a day it was completely healed. I was re-cultured for MRSA in my nose and still had a colony of the infection. It likes to colonize in the nasal cavity. I made up a nasal inhaler with the Oregano and after a few weeks was re-cultured and it came out negative. That made me and my doctors believers.

    • kat

      Inhalers are good…ingesting is not.
      I use an inhaler with four different essential oils for my headaches..it works great.

      Tea Tree would have worked well too. It is anti-bacterial. Vertiver has sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpenes. They are both anti-inflammatory.

      Surely do terra has told people about the chemical families of each essential oil and how they work.

      • Dana

        Actually, there is a lot of training within do terra on the oils on a molecular level.I personally was drawn to the product because,not only does do terra educate,they encourage us to go to sources not affiliated with do terra and do research as well.

  • Daniel Lee

    I’m trying to find out more about this business opportunity.

    • Jeremy Page

      Not sure what to say since I wrote a 1200-word review about doTERRA.

  • Lisa

    I do use the oils and I am not interested in making money through DōTerra. It seems way to difficult. I just like buying at wholesale price. However, I am interested in learning more information from Jeremy about his business opportunity.

  • Dot

    DoTerra products are wonderful to use. Be sure to follow all directions.

  • Janet

    You have to do your own research…. Doterra doesnt own their own farms, they dont distill their oils. So they truly have no idea what is going into them. But Essential oils are good if used properly. Like anything they are not a cure to anything and they are for preventive not after you are already sick… etc. Do research but I agree that if you know how to take it and you dont you cant blame the company. I despise Doterra they are just a bunch of crooks, and wouldnt take their oils at all..

    • Kay

      No idea what’s in them??? Right, except for all the extensive testing to be sure they know exactly what’s in them… Except for the chemical readout sheets they have to pass to be high enough quality… Except for the screenings to be positive there are zero adulterants… Yes, they source indigenously rather than just buying up farmland in one spot to raise crops that don’t have their ideal growing conditions, as optimal needs will vary from plant to plant. Different soil needs, climate changes… High quality plants make high quality oils! This is why they source rather than run their own farms. I’m all for co-ops and the like – saving family and small farms throughout the world is more of a perk to me than starting more farms where only the company benefits!

      • kat

        If they knew what was in them, they would not be telling people they could ingest them. Simply as that.

        Almost every one sources rather than have their own farms. I know a few who do not not but that is not the norm

        Oh, chemical readout sheets or rather data sheets are to tell what chemicals each essential oils has in it such as monoterpeniols, sesquiterpenes, monoterpeniols, etc. That is how an aromatherapist knows what to use for a client.

        Or doesn’t do terra tell you guys that part.

  • Claire

    I make bath and body products and often use essential oils (for fragrance, not therapeutic effects).
    My understanding so far is that EOs should not be taken internally without the guidance of a certified aromatherapist, I would never take my health into risk without consulting a professional. Same goes for my pets. Luckily I live in a small town with very open views on alternative medicine and we even have a school of Chinese medicine, so aromatherapists are aplenty here. If you don’t have any in your community please go online to find a certified aromatherapist. Essential oils are powerful medicine, don’t abuse or misuse them and ruin your health.

    • Roger

      Amazing advice. Well done. Also if I follow what Kat is saying is not that EO’s should never be used internally just that they should never be used internally without being diluted(or neat as people call it) which I would completely agree with. I think some people are just hearing the never use at all message. Which if you are not going to hear her whole message at least hear that part. At least that is what I remember seeing her type way further up. If I am wrong(a high likelihood) please tell me Kat. I surely would not want to use these blindly and wish I hadn’t.

  • Bella

    For everyone that is saying taking these oils internally has upset their stomach and caused burning sensations on their esophagus, you are suppose to mix the oil with the food you are taking. You don’t drink the oil straight from the bottle. Use a couple drops into your food and then eat your food. Their are many books that this company supplies please read!

    • kat

      An aromatherapist would never have you take any essential oil internally. They know better. It is beginning to appear not everyone had been informed of the hazards of doing so.

  • Connie

    It’s Power of 3 bonuses. 🙂

    And in regards to the cons, please read up on Co-Impact sourcing vs seed to seal. Harvesting from the indigenous regions allows the company to cut out brokers and assist the natives to form coops, learn when the best time to harvest is for that crop, and get paid consistently rather than only at the end of the season, whatever the broker allowed them to have. Part of the company mission is leave the world better than when you started – and they do that with co-impact sourcing and Healing Hands. *503c* I don’t see the lack of their own farms as a con at all.

  • GoodGrief

    What is with you people ingesting EOs? Have you not stopped to think how concentrated they are and how much of the actual plant it takes to make even a few drops of an essential oil? Its no wonder you experienced crazy side effects regardless of if you took it with food. Do your own research and stop being persuaded by fancy advertising and outrageous claims.

  • Tmjackson

    Prescription meds and OTC drugs are still more frightening than using homeopathic natural solutions. People with any common sense are attacking the wrong industries. We should be asking questions of big-pharma, the CDC and FDA why they can’t come up with safer drugs without debilitating side effects. And how is it that a small bottle of pills can cost so much and have such nasty side effects? If big pharma, the CDC and FDA are so smart and are there to protect us, why are we all looking for natural solutions to healthcare? Why does the FDA approve such expensive and dangerous drugs? So many unanswered questions.

    • Scott

      Pharmaceuticals can cure diseases, proven by years of clinical trials necessary to get FDA approval. I use EO, but am not fool enough to think that they can cure like modern medicine. If their were no more prescription pharmaceuticals, life expectancy would probably drop by 10 years or more. All you people slamming drug companies should educate yourselves (don’t lie, and say you have) grow up and quit spouting BS.

  • Lisa Cusano

    I am enjoying this thread. I am an educated oil consumer, who hated MLMs (prior bad experience) and now a doTERRA “person.” Actually, I have a thriving business, with a thriving downline, who do earn money. And many members of my team are not friends and family members of myself or my downline. Often the people who enroll are looking for doTERRA. Funny thing – in the last few months, my friends and family are now reaching out to me for oils. It is hard not to share when others notice the difference our family is experiencing. I have used many brands of oils prior to arriving here. I argued with the friend who introduced me as I doubted they were superior. But well…here I am. I educated myself on the business, the company, the sourcing and the oils before becoming a builder. I would be a wholesale user even if I did not have a business. Is the business for everyone? No. But you can purchase these oils retail for those who prefer (don’t buy them on Amazon though – doTERRA only has two authorized sellers – and fake product has been sold!) I actually have a few stores that retail them so I send those who would prefer to purchase that way, there. doTERRA’s compensation plan requires us to help others succeed. And I see those that put the work in having success. That is pretty amazing! I have met some of the distillers and feel confident. I feel confident in the fact that we are doing good in the world. Suffice to say, I acknowledge everyone’s feelings. I do believe we will see the medical industry adopting oils more and more into the system. I have several health professionals, including pharmacists who are thoroughly enjoying the support both their own family and clients are experiencing. It is not for all, but this is an amazing business for those who choose to do the work. Had to chime in 🙂

  • Dana Cook

    I’m a little concerned after seeing this company show up as having a “cure” for Bipolar Disorder on several Pinterest sites. It may be the consumer is doing this on their own. I would hope no one involved in the business thinks that any essential oils can cure a mental illness. I have not researched as thoroughly as I would like to yet. I thought I could get an answer here first.

    • kat

      You should be concerned. This company had been given warnings from the FDA about their use of the word cure. I believe it was in 2013. Check it out it is an open letter. I have heard of some new rumblings as well

  • Harry

    It’s crazy to think that people would trust someone who merely pays a $35 registration fee to become an EO ‘consultant’ to give them medical advice while an MD spends a lifetime of dedication at the highest level of competitive schooling. Sorry, you are being brainwashed by marketeers and putting your lives in the hands of charlatans.

    • Kat

      I agree with you. And if these people are giving medical advice then they are impersonating a MD and that can be cause for a lawsuit. Essential oils are known to help NOT cure…..they are not approved by the FDA. To say otherwise is a lie.
      $35 and a short class does not make you an expert on essential oils. I have over 400 hours learning about them as well as classes in Anatomy and Physiology and still do not consider myself an expert.

  • Buck Flogging

    Lol at your downline failing and that being an issue with network marketing. No, it’s because you suck at network marketing, and you’re not advocating methods that enable everyone to duplicate easily.

    • Jeremy Page

      Oh, right. Since 99% of people universally fail…has nothing to do with the industry.

      Love it.

  • Mary

    Has anyone had any adverse experience with the LLV doTERRA supplements

  • Kat

    Saw a red flag almost immediately.
    1- Essential oils are not to be advertised as “cure”. It is against FDA regs.
    2- Also, any company that says essential oils can be taken internally needs to be shut down….there can be a danger in ingesting them.
    3- Does Doterra share the GC?MS information on each oil? Do they share the data sheets that tell the chemical properties and families of each oil? You know….the monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, etc. ?
    Unless they teach their people all of this there is a serious problem here.

  • Kim

    I am just starting to research oils. I have found out a few things from these comments posted here.
    This is my OPINION and mine only.
    ***opinion implies a conclusion, thought out, yet open to dispute

    I see a pattern here. Jeremy Page must work for DoTerra, as he only has nice things to say when there are positive comments. Anyone questioning DoTerra, disagreeing, or giving their OPINION he seems to brush off, doesn’t answer or writes LOL.

    With that said, I am off to another company to buy!

  • Laura

    I went to a doTerra presentation and when the rep pulled out her big books of cures to find a “replacement oil” for my birth control pills and my husbands epilepsy medication I laughed and walked out!! I do use oils in my diffuser (not doTerra however) and for cleaning but what they teach these reps is wacky!! Why would you need to use essential oils to replace natural ingredients for cooking such as real lemon -vs- oil. I would rather use fresh, organic ingredients!!

    • Shasta

      It’s really too bad you wrote doTerra off so quickly.

      My daughter has epilepsy, 6 different kinds of seizures and as many as 40+ seizures in an hour at times.

      She has been on 6 seizure medications with 5 serious side effects including being turned into a coma patient sleeping on the couch 12-18 hours a day and shrinking her brain.

      It was the day that doctors told us her brain had shrunk but they had no idea why that we learned about essential oils in the hospital of all places. There was a sign on the door across the hall from her room in Primary Childrens Hospital.

      Later we learned that one of her medications had shrunk her brain. Now we are learning that though there are many law suits against pharmaceutical companies including a huge one against the medication that shrunk her brain we will probably never see a penny compensation.

      Just months after taking her off just 1 medication and starting essential oils her seizures are better controlled than ever actually giving her a few seizure free months for the first time in 3 years.

      Her brain has fully recovered in size, she is awake, alert, able to attend school and understand it, receiving A’s and B’s on work adjusted to her level where before they never bothered to score it. She is less susceptible to illness and spends much less time in the hospital. doTerra essential oils have given my child back her life and me back mine. I even have hope that with the oils and proper nutrition one day she might live a semi normal life when just a year ago I was almost certain she wouldn’t live another year if things continued like the previous year.

      We never would have been able to reduce her medication so much (from 17 pills a day to 7) without essential oils as the choices were 40+ seizures in an hour with continually increasing frequency or medication.

      There are medical studies that show amazing things for people with epilepsy http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23819045. There are even medical studies which flat out say that while there are many medical treatments for people with epilepsy many patients receive little if any relief. Yet they state essential oils show promise.

      … and yes now I sell doTerra why wouldn’t I it changed my (and my child’s) life and as we learn more it makes our lives better everyday.

  • Alison

    The Cons listed aren’t really Cons….
    1. $35 registration fee – Costco’s yearly fee is $55. Registration fee is a non-issue
    2. Young Living has 12 more years in the game – Longer in the game doesn’t mean better products
    3. Young Living has more product variety – More isn’t always better
    4. Their prez used to work for the competition, ensuing lawsuit. When I looked into this lawsuit (prior to enrolling) all I saw was sour grapes. Its sad that YL decided to waste judicial time and money.
    5. do not have their own farms – This is a plus for me. Growing plants where they grow naturally is huge. You can’t duplicate in a greenhouse. AND there is no company that can grow enough in a greenhouse to supply the demand. A company that says they do grow everything themselves isn’t being completely honest.
    6. do not have their own exclusive oils -doTerra does have proprietary blends.
    7. do not distill their own oil (re-bottler?) do-Terra’s DCo-Impact Sourcing is huge. I love that they partner with growers and distillers to grow not only doTerra but provide jobs in local areas. doTerra gives back. By partnering with growers doTerra is able to ensure purity. The third party testing proves it works.

    The video from Brad is disingenuous. He’s ragging on MLM without really looking at the doTerra compensation plan. He’s also promoting his own business instead of really talking about MLM. I have avoided MLM since doing Amway decades ago. But after looking deeply into doTerra’s plan, I was all in. There is integrity built into the system. Its awesome and I’m honored to be associated in a small way to people who give back.

    Then there is the products and …WOW! Getting remarkable results in wellness.

    • Jeremy Page

      Glad you’ve had a good experience with them. I think they’ve done well and their products are a testament of that.

      Disingenuous? Nah, dude has looked at the business, you just might not agree what he says…which is cool, too. He is saying that from his experience, (someone who has already been a 1%-er in an MLM) there are far better ways to make money online than Doterra.

  • Karen

    First, let me say that I like the Doterra products. But my most recent oil purchase was a disaster from the beginning until the order finally arrived after a lengthy phone call to customer service. This event taught me how to “not run a company”.
    It starts with customer service, if that area of your company is not managed properly, you will lose customers, they will shop elsewhere. I do not plan to purchase from Doterra in the future.

    • Karen

      That’s really not the norm for doTERRA. I’ve been with them for over a year now and have had nothing but good experiences with customer service, orders, etc. Everyone makes mistakes. 😉

    • Daria Luna

      I have a problem with doterra recommending oral ingestion – while some oils are safe to ingest in tiny amounts, others contain chemical constituents that are toxic to kidneys and liver. But some human beings will think if orange oil is OK internally, then maybe thyme might be fine too. But some types of thyme contain chemical that can harm. I’ve also known representatives that encouraged mothers to use them on their infants, which made my hair stand on end. Why do I sound like a know it all? I have 16 years experience as an aromatherapist, being trained by Australian College of Health Sciences and had my own business selling essential oils under my own label. I also don’t understand why (like Young Living, they charge such exorbitant prices. Well, I do – to make $$$$.

      • Jennifer

        there is absolutely nothing wrong with using some oils on infants, I use on my baby and there is nothing wrong with it is you are aware of what you can or can not use. Frankincense and myrrh which by the way are in the bible have been used on babies and are safe as long as they are diluted properly. So please share information that is relevant and accurate. I am by no means trying to put you down but you are not correct in what you are saying, I am as well taking a course on aromatherapy, Just saying.

  • Katie

    Oil of Oregano essential oil (properly diluted) splashed up on my face and near my eye. Seven hours in the ER and was diagnosed with first degree burns. Doterra, awesome stuff, but you MUST label your products appropriately. You will be experiencing a lawsuit

  • Marcos Figueroa

    Looks very good. I currently work for Primerica, which is a distributor of financial services. I need no product line but i have to manage a down-line and sell financial products. I am retired so chasing people in the street and going after friends and family are not very appealing. I like the fact of helping the local community and get paid for bringing them business. i do not have a lot of money so if this is cost effective for me then we can do business. looking forward to this opportunity. I am from the Miami area.

  • Sam

    I’ll be honest, my wife is starting in doTerra and I was really nervous at first. It all sounds too good to be true, and it still might be. But, she is the kind of person who can get stuff done and is very influential and passionate. She started selling, and I started believing, due to one key experience. She had had a migraine for 2 days and we tried everything, including prescription strength migraine pills. Nothing worked. I was scared, and she was just sobbing in pain. She called her mom who brought over the blend PastTense. Literally within 2 minutes of applying the blend, it was over. I don’t use the oils for personal reasons. I find it to be a ridiculous premise and it doesn’t jive with my way of seeing the world. But I can’t deny it worked for her.

  • Kay

    Ok, what??? First, um if you are writing an article about Doterra, why is yl thrown in? Secondly, you might want to check your sources, Doterra distills their own oil all over the world. They do not buy from brokers. They test 7 times starting with the plant all the way to the bottling. Plus send the oils out to a third party to test them again. Unfortunely, the young living seed to seal guarantee is not very good. On Oil University page, there is testing going on using their cinnimon and unfortunely it has failed the tests and is adulterated. A second independent chemist has done a follow up test and found the same bad results. The oil is being send out a third time to a different chemist. Waiting on those results. If you want pure oils, contact me.

    • Jeremy Page

      Ha. Questioning my blog to slyly throwing in the pitch at the end.

      Pure MLM comedic gold. Love it.

  • Vivian

    I just want to ask how can I buy the doterra products? Through their website? I don’t know any representative…and it seems the product sold on Amazon is fake.

    • Reasmey TAN

      Hi Vivian, I can help you if you need.

  • Izzy

    I just recently joined doterra and I was told the price was USCD. I understood that it meant it was either US or Canadian dollars (I’m in Canada) but I was wrong. I was only US dollars. I was surprised when my 299 purchased turned into 430 or so in my credit card statement.

    The company should advertise correctly their prices. You know that if you are charged in US you will be charged in the exchange rate.

    I’m so upset about this I’m returning my stuff.

    • Jamie McSweeny

      Hi Izzy, what ended up happening with your order? The same thing happened to me!

  • Brenda

    I am not a rep of DoTerra, but a consumer. I was very hesitant to purchase these oils-because I just didn’t believe all that I was being told. But I decided what the heck let me give the lavender a chance to see if it helps with sleeping, and my husband awful snoring..it worked. Then I became more curious and purchased additional oils. Long story short the oils have been a great benefit to our household. I went in to see my DR for a yearly physical he was shocked at how healthy I am. At 50 yrs old I am not on one form of pharmaceutical medication, my BP, and all lab work is in normal range. He asked what’s my secret? Easy Essential Oils. I do not ingest, I personally feel that is not healthy for you. But as a consumer it is OUR responsibility to research the benefits, WE are responsible for own health. Going to Pinterest is great for blending ideas, but that site is not good for “cures”. The oils have been a great benefit to my family!

  • Kurious

    I watched your video – it was interesting. But I feel like you could have replaced “doterra” with “Tupperware” “Longaberger” “mary Kay” or basically any other direct sales company. You have some very valid points – but I’m not sure why you singled out doterra.

  • Anna

    I work in a pharmacy but if I can I will always go ‘natural’. Regardless, I find it annoying when people don’t do their own research. There are times (more often than I would have expected) when the pharmacist finds the need to question the doctor, usually followed by a change in drug or doseage. Without the buffer of a pharmacist or other professional we need to so our own research. This goes for natural home remedies, essential oils as well as OTC drugs such as Advil, aspirin, Tylenol, etc. Just to be clear, I only heard about this company today and chose to look at this site before checking out the company site. I use essential oils, but so far not internally

  • Jennifer

    I went from a skeptic of doTERRA to an everyday user. I read both the good comments and the bad and both do have some good points. doTERRA is a really good company and they have both good qualities and bad. I have done extensive research and have also done my own tests and taken a mini coarse on aromatherapy. I believe if you are going to sell something you do need to know what you are really selling . If you are selling doTERRA you should get some knowledge on how they work and what is safe and not safe. I have also asked people why they would choose to purchase cheaper brands and a lot of feedback I have got was because it is cheaper and price matters. In my opinion if you are really worried about what goes in your body and how it would not be about price. When people say about a flag because of not being fda approved I can also say look at all the drugs that are fda approved but have all the side affects even death. So for people to knock them strictly because they are not fda approved is kinda silly. I do agree that some people should not be selling Essential oils, there are oils that pregnant people should not use, as well as people with high blood pressure and oils children should not be taking ect. If I never did my research I would have never known that. I have created a group if you are skeptical and would like to learn more. Essential Oils Brampton (Facebook)

  • Ray Santo


    We as distributors, are requesting the following answers from Young Living Essential Oils, regarding the cinnamon bark testing of Young Living oil.
    1. Please provide a response to the C-14 testing done showing 56% synthetics by the University of Georgia on Lot#15B10032
    2. Why have you not provided the mass spectrometry output and tabulation for the testing done by Chemtech, in house testing, or Herve Casabianca?
    3. Why was the test preformed by Chemtech only a 20 minute test, when industry standard is 90-120 minutes for complete separation of co-elution?
    4. While coumarin can be expected in cinnamon bark, the LEVEL of coumarin suggests this is cassia oil. Remarks?
    5. In the Chemtech testing, the compound (1-Ethylbuta-1,3-dienyl) benzene is actually the Phenylpentadienal, it is not present in the NIST library. It also should not be present in the oil. Why is it in there?
    6. Chemtech is a lab not associated with the testing of essential oils. Why was this lab used?
    7. Why have you not provided us with the detailed ‘in house’ test results, or the test results from Herve Casabianca?
    8. Although plinol has been found to naturally occur in grapes, the analysts who issued the ‘failed’ report have stated that plinol is not a compound that occurs in cinnamon bark oil. Why is this found in our oil?
    *** 9. Can you explain why your own 3rd party testing lab, Chemtech-Ford Laboratories, found 1,2,4,5 – tetraethyl-benzene (Durene) which is a petroleum by-product of gasoline production was found in the oil tested by that company?

  • Justin

    Nice write up. Just a couple points I’d like to single out from your blog as they can actually somewhat dampen the doTERRA reputation when it shouldn’t be the case. Please note I was an avid Young Living user before and have switched to doTERRA because of the superior quality oil.

    1. “If you don’t already know about therapeutic-grade essential oils, get to know them.”

    Very broad statement but just like to clarify doterra are not simply therapeutic grade oils. Go into a supermarket or health food store and you’ll see a ton of oils labelled as therapeutic-grade, 100% natural, organic, pure.. etc. Why? Because companies can get away with these labels even if a bottle only contains 5% of pure essential oil and the rest is filled with harmful synthetic additives, chemicals and fillers for fragrance and dilution purposes.

    That is why some of the current doTERRA owners actually LEFT their jobs at Young Living to start up doTERRA and create their own standard known as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). Therefore these oils go through the worlds most thorough testing procedures and you only have to smell these oils to notice the difference in quality. They encourage other companies like Young Living to mimic this grade and produce the same quality oils but they simply can not.

    2. “These harmless bottles of joy seem to cure everything. In the MLM space, it’s really these guys and Young Living.”

    Appreciate your article, but heads up doTERRA is not FDA approved and is not intended to treat,cure or prevent any illness. So when you say these oils ‘cure’ everything, they are merely there to support you as an alternative.

    3. Cons:

    $35 registration fee
    Young Living has 12 more years in the game
    Young Living has more product variety
    their prez used to work for the competition, ensuing lawsuit
    do not have their own farms
    do not have their own exclusive oils
    do not distill their own oil (re-bottler?)

    Can contest every one of these Con’s and it is almost as if you are trying to manufacture something just to add some equilibrium or substance to your blog.
    -$35 fee is a one off, like a Costco membership.
    – Yes. doTERRA formed in 2008 but have actually OVERTAKEN Young Living as the largest EO company in the world and turned over $1B USD last year.
    – doTERRA has an extremely large product range now and is continuing to expand. I challenge you to find one thing they do not have that would be extremely useful and a popular
    item in a household.
    – Their Prez left Young Living to start up doTERRA. Mainly to focus on Purity and Quality advances in a new range of oils.
    – Do not have farms because doTERRA source their oils natively all over the world were they can be harvested in optimal climate. A far more broad, thorough and costly procedure than simply sourcing from co-op farms.
    – Do not have their own exclusive oils.. explain?
    – As mentioned oils are sourced from all over the world and bottled at their HQ in Utah. No real difference there.

  • Jennifer

    You are only required to purchase orders monthly if you set up an lrp order. which in itself is a benefit because you do earn free oils back. So if you are doing a hair treatment your rosemary would be free every time you had to order it again, which would be 2 months. There are so much accusations on this post and people not knowing what they are talking about. To tell you to run if someone says you can ingest oils, for one thing know what you are talking about before you talk. Things that are fda approved are they necessarily better, no they are not. FDA look at all these lawsuits and side affects on these medications, I have been using essential oils on my family for over a year and have done extensive research on them. There are oils that children should not use , as well as ones pregnant women shouldn’t use ect.. You do have to be careful and on how you use them and they do have to be diluted. I have a group on Facebook if you would like to join then feel free have information on oils. Plus i do my own testing as well because if I do not feel safe using it I am not going to suggest someone else use. Essential Oils Brampton.

  • Karen

    It is hard for me to imagine that so many people do not know about essential oils. I’ve been using them since I was a teen wearing patchouli oil. I digress though. doTERRA is so overpriced and ridiculous. There are so many quality and reputable essential oil companies like Mt. Rose Herbs, my personal favorite and the standard Aura Cacia. I also use NOW essential oils for cleaning purposes. MLM is a rip off. Therapeutic Grade is a made up term by doTERRA to clueless people so that they can charge up to 5 times as much (and probably more) for a product.

    • Anna Dudley

      Yes! Thank you! Doterra is very high ridiculously priced. Moutain Rose herbs are also my favorite, but I go with Radha beauty because I use it mostly for my animals and i cant afford MRH for livestock, but would buy it for myself.

    • Maria Acosta

      Karen the purest at wholesale prices plus 30 to 50% discount once you try this will never go back.

  • Anna Dudley

    No matter what everyone says, DoTerra is the same quality as Radha Beauty and WAY more pricey . For example, it is 12x the price as lavender from Radha and almost 28x the price of Radha frankincense. If you baught bottle of Radha oils you would see what I am talking about, they are just the same quality. And dont think I am a seller of Radha or anything, I just want people to understand that DoTerra is ridiculously priced.

  • Mike

    85% of DoTerra Oils are sourced with exclusivity and they do have proprietary blends. Just wanted to correct that part. No one own all the myrrh (for example) in the world to make such a thing exclusive to them anyway.

  • Sherrie

    I would NEVER take an essential oil internally! Use them in diffusers, mix them them cream (like hand lotion or coconut oil) but never take them internally!

  • Monica

    Leslie I hope you’re doing well. And to all the idiots Leslie did state she took it WITH food, just not enough food!

  • Me

    Hello Everyone!

    This thread was very intense to go through. So much bashing and bullying eachother. We are all adults hear, we all have our own opinions but we should be more open to hearing others out. Everyone here has made some valid points but when all is said and done, whatever it is you decide to introduce into your life you should always research, know what you are taking or using… What chemicals may or may not be in that product, what are the side effects of using such products. The list goes on. Here is my current research in which I have personally spent time accumulating to benefit myself and myself alone.

    I never believed in essential oils, didn’t even know they exsisted , honestly took a lot of medications didn’t really think about it but I took migraine pills, anxiety pills, acid reflux pills, vitamin b 12, vitamin d, just to name a few. I was always getting sick, always feeling tired, got diagnosed with sleep apnea at age 26.

    I decided I wanted to change my life, I needed to change it in order for my over all wellness to improve. I started with diet and excerising. I lost 34 lbs. I gained more energy and lessened my sleep apnea. Shortly after that I was introduced to essential oils.

    I figured what the heck let’s try them. I only was diffusing them when I started. I tried a bunch of different companies, Rocky Mountain oils, edens garden, doterra, young living and plant therapy.

    My favorites were Rocky Mountain oils and Young Living. (I still use both) but in all honesty for me I prefer young living and since I have become an aromatherapist and use oils in my practice I have to be most comfortable with them and I trust young living. With there seed to seal promise, owning their own farms and having seen them for myself. They are truly the company for me. This cannot be true for Eveyone and two each their own, but this is my honest review.

    I currently have started using essential oils both topically and occasionally internally. Internal consumption is a sore spot for many because there truly are so many opinions and assumptions out there. Again do your own research before you ingest oils. French aromatherapy is the original form and allowed for ingestion of oils. However, there are of course precautions that need to be adhered by for proper safety. Also oils do not really need to be ingested. Topically is just as effective. The option is however available for more extreme cases, again they still need to be taken properly.

    Now something that grinds my gears a bit. The fact that Young Living gets a bad rep because it is a MLM company. Yeah it is , so what?!? They are a great company in my experience and if you sell their oils you should educate yourself before trying to educate or sell to another. These oils along with all the others can be harmful just like anything that is not used properly.

    Really this post was made just to share my experience, my research and my knowledge. I hope this helps others to open up more and to also always always always known how to use products safefly and what the side effects could be.


  • Klin

    I just wanted to add something. And I feel like it’s important to say that while I am set up with doterra, it is strictly for their wholesale prices. I am way too shy to be a pusher.

    I thought it might be worth mentioning (I hope politely) that some of the things you mention in your “cons section” are somewhat lacking research. The way doterra chooses where they buy their supply is directly related to where that oil grows, and in fact, they have created an entire industry that benefits these countries. Yes, the creator of doterra was once part of young living and now in a law suit. There are actually quite a few people that left YL to go to doterra bc YL was falsely claiming their oils were therapeutic grade. But yet YL oils are all made in US farms. Many of the plants that these oils come from do not originate in the Us. So say frankenscense. Any oil company that claims their US based farm created therapeutic grade frankenscense is simply not telling the truth. So what doterra does differently is they go to those countries, find a local farm, and pay them-many times to be their sole distributor-while they have their own men on the field helping with production and ensuring quality. Think of what this means for some of these countries. I think it’s amazing, it’s bringing in a lot of revenue for them while making the product the purest it can be. If they do not have the opportunity to do this for certain oils, then they don’t make those oils. They don’t make a lesser version and sell it as if it’s the purest it can be.

    I just wanted to clarify that. More than half of what is listed in your cons section is actually what I think makes doterra a great company this is truly visionary.

    I am really sorry to the person injured by the dr prime. I have had some issues with other things but I did find that when I did the research, the warning signs were there. Not placing blame. I know where you’re coming from. You probably have a rep that is all gung-ho about these super strong oils they are in denial that their strengths might have serious side effects if not taken properly. My advice to everyone I know who uses them is do thourough research yourself. Yes it’s a pain, but it’s worth it. i hope there are still some benefits you were able to obtain.

  • C

    Like any other health supplement, choosing an essential oil is a personal choice. It’s very important to do your own research. What may work for one person, may not work for another. Sometimes you just have to try it to find out. I’ve tried other essential oil brands, but so far dōTERRA is my favourite. We shouldn’t criticize other people’s choices. I wonder, would there be such debate if we talking about a Vitamin C brand? We all make different choices in life and personal health care.

  • susan

    I will swear my doTerra. i left out of curiosity and went to Young Living. After 6 months of bad mouthing doTerra, i went back. my upline knew nothing about oils it was just enroll, enroll, enroll. i have had so many things get better by using the oils. Just one, i had bursitis in my hip so bad. i went to the doctor, he gave me a shot and told me to come back in 6 weeks that it would come back….well it did. I did not go back…i rubbed my hip 3X a day with Cypress oil about two weeks, it was gone before then but i continued for good measure. Copaiba is a miracle oil. got rid of my sciatica that i had for 8 months and i could barely walk, sometimes i had to crawl. before bad mouthing oils….listen to someone who really understands them.

  • Elle

    Great article by the way even though it was put out a while ago. Just a couple of comments to add.

    With doTERRA not having there own farms is hardly a disadvantage or a con by any means… you are greatly misunderstanding their method of sourcing there oils.

    doTERRA sources their oils in indigenous regions worldwide AND has completely eliminated the middleman with all their growers, whereas most other companies will either purchase from the middleman so they have no idea what the quality is, or they take the economy out of the country and build farms. One huge problem with that is in indigenous environment you will always get the better constituents properties. That’s just a fact! So where as Lavender indigenously is grows in France, You can take those seeds and bring it over to Utah and plant big farms, but the scientific make up of lavender is vastly different! This is been on dozens of research to prove the better quality oils come from indigenous environments.

    doTERRA works directly with people and the growers, keeping the economy in the country and helping these people, supporting a better standard of living by building schools, medical facilities, water lines and more through the Co-Impact Sourcing model. When it comes to the oils, doTERRA educates them on quality versus quantity, they set up contracts with farmers for years out which encourages these people to not only do the best for now but to keep growing and producing more for many years to come. They go into these communities and help them in the harvesting, extracting and distilling process because harvesting the right part of the plant matters. The time a day harvested greatly matters. Whether it is distilled in one hour or 24 hours matters. Many factors matter when it comes to quality, however most companies are looking for short cuts and cheaper ways of doing things and quality isn’t number one. Quality matters to doTERRA and it shows in the growth of the company!

    doTERRA has many exclusive oils: Arborvitae, Copaiba, Manila, Litsea, Yarrow Pom and a huge number of exclusive blends. But the real number is 84% are exclusive to only doTERRA in their unique chemistry.

    doTERRA has distilleries all over the world to keep up with the supply and demand of their oils. And again they have highly skilled in indigenous religions including Samolia, who’ve gone from pirating to pride in working real honest jobs with sustainable long term income!

    And just one last comment: every oil doTERRA sells has gone through 54 tests to insure the HIGHEST QUALITY and PUREST oil over anything out there. And since there is no standard in the industry, doTERRA created their own which they live by emphatically: CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). Other companies can take all the shortcuts they want but in the long run they lose because if quality matters to people, they will end up coming over to doTERRA eventually.

    PS. I’m NEVER bugging my neighbors when I introduce them to essential oils! I’m empowering them to become more in charge of their health with solutions at their fingertips… and those that come on board become FREE from the oppression that comes from following the “system”. Those that don’t will eventually!

    • Jeremy Page

      Thanks for the thoughtful insight Elle

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