Are people really making money with Evolv Health?

Evolv Health is a popular health MLM that continues to… well… evolve.

They sell product packs with all sorts of vitamins, shakes, supplements and energy bars (like Herbalife and Advocare)

You could say they fit the “nutrition MLM starter pack” to a T.

But they continue to put up impressive numbers every year.

So have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


First impressions are good.  The website is pretty and the message is cuddly.  Their H.O.P.E slogan stands for Help Other People Evolve, which makes you feel gooey inside while you sell them protein shakes.

The campaigns look vaguely legitimate.  There’s a campaign called Social Business 3.0 and there’s no pictures of people in suits giving a blurry thumbs up.

It was founded by Trey White and Brent Hicks in 2009.  They’re in the natural supplement and fitness niche (not sure the word ‘niche’ is appropriate considering there are so many of them, hint: Isagenix, Beachbody, and Plexus Slim) but they don’t parade themselves as elixirs of life.  Overall, the outfit seems reasonable.  Let’s take a closer look at the products.


Although they started well, there’s no prices to be seen which sucks.

The products come under several headings, including:

  • Reboot Kit
  • Product Packs
  • Lifebar
  • Daily
  • Immun
  • Shake
  • Fix
  • Fuel
  • Limitless
  • Additional

A lot of these are pills and potions, but assessing value is tricky because the amount in each product seems kind of low but there’s no price to bounce off.  Each bottle of, say, Daily (for gut health) should last you 28 days at four capsules a day.  If it’s $100.00 per bottle, that’s a shoddy deal.  But who knows?

One product in particular stood out to me, hidden away in the website.  It’s a wristband.

Nope.  It doesn’t do anything.  It’s just a wristband that, er, absorbs negative energy and fat through osmosis and exudes it into another dimension, I guess.

Basically a FitBit ripoff that does sweet FA but makes you fitter just by being worn.  Somehow.  The science bit is a little hazy on that one.  They’ve written all about its slimline design and colors, but not much about actual fitness.

But it’s “fashion-forward”, so that’s nice.

Compensation Plan

It’s not immediately available on the website, which is odd for an MLM.  Maybe it means they aren’t hammering their recruitment.

A Google search later heralds this (1), which isn’t the worst compensation plan PDF in the world.  It’s not wrapped in jargon and actually has some information in it, but it won’t necessarily all make sense to an MLM newbie.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of support for MLM virgins, suggesting they favor the long-term people and breaking in is difficult.  This would imply a relatively brutal structure.

I can’t see how much your initial pack costs, but like most MLMs, you need one to get started.

They’re also pretty vocal about having an uncomplicated plan.  It’s not exactly the most straightforward – there’s a whole page explaining about percentages and free products, and hidden in there is a little caveat about shipping and taxes – which you as the distributor handle, not Evolv.

They make you pay your own shipping.



Twelve ranks.  I figured you’d prefer a picture to endless bullet points.

Each rank has its own slew of requirements and quotas.  To start as a Promoter, you need to accept terms and conditions, purchase a Promoter kit (which is optional in North Dakota, bizarrely) and start building your legs.  The binary system comes with a whole host of bonuses too, including:

  • Retail Bonus

You receive 10% of the wholesale product value and 55% PV

  • 1, 2 FREE!

Enroll three new autoship customers, and get them for free. Remember you pay shipping and there’s a whole host of terms and conditions for this.

  • Hope Bonus

If you’ve got over 75 PV and an Active Product Autoship, and you sell a Pro HOPE Kit, you get $75.00.  Autoships are a risky business if you don’t have a thriving business – kind of like a direct debit to nowhere.  Or a direct debit to debt, I guess.

  • Pay Team Bonus

You get bonuses on your Pay Team leg, or the leg with the least volume.

  • Checkmatch Bonus

You get a bonus on your personal enrollees and a Generational Matching Bonus on their downline, so long as members have an order of at least 75 PV within the least three commission weeks and are paid as a evolv 2K or higher.

  • 84 Day $5000 Launch

If you achieve a certain rank within a certain period of time, you get a bonus – for example, get to 10K in 28 days and you’ll get a tidy $500.00.

  • Rank Advancement Bonus

One time bonuses beginning at Diamond rank.

  • Lifestyle / Car Bonus

If you keep up your rank for a certain amount of time, you qualify for a little help towards a car.  But not financing or purchasing.

  • Evolv Experiences

Life-changing trips!  …yay.  Still, no over-saturated pictures of demented smiling families and laser smiles.  The trips look, at least in the photos, pretty sweet.

If I wrote down everything this review would never end, so check out the PDF if you want more detail.


Evolv Health’s main flaw lies in, well, it’s everything.

It’s a natural remedy magic brew MLM.  There are so many of them.  We’re knee-deep in multi colored powders and pills that make you immortal.  There isn’t a great deal they can do to make their products stand above the masses.

Well, they could get some concrete proof their stuff works.  But I suppose we have actual science for that, something which doesn’t mesh well with wellness MLMs, no matter how pretty they are.

In short, Evolv Health is not half bad.  Not as compared to some other miracle cure companies out there.  If supplements are your thing and all your friends live at the gym and haven’t touched a physical carbohydrate in years, you’re onto a winner.

If not, you might struggle.  There’s not a great deal of support for new promoters, no mention of a website or training (at least, not immediately evident) and we all know there’s a better way of making money online than begging your family to start wearing a plastic wristband for no reason.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online and actually build lifetime income streams, there are better ways.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without selling health products to your family and friends.

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