Everything you need to know about Forever Living before joining

Forever Living is a health MLM founded in 1978 that has been developing and distributing Aloe Vera products around the world for more than three decades and they’ve made a killing.

They’re one of the most successful health and wellness direct selling companies in their space (see: Skinny Body, Q Sciences, and Vasayo) and they may not have even hit their peak yet.

So have I been involved?

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Unlike some companies who put on a facade to keep up with popular trends like “going green,” Forever Living genuinely cares about the environment.

Rex Maughan’s was inspired to found Forever Living products in 1978, because of his burning passion for health and wellness. He wanted to build an industry that would deliver people the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. In 2009 he launched his “Forever Giving” program that is designed to let consumers and business owners make donations toward global improvement including fighting against:

  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • Lack of medical services for children
  • Natural disaster relief

It is evident Rex is the kind man that is concerned with the well-being of people everywhere around the globe. Forever Living represents a wonderful cause. They have two plantations: one is located in the Dominican Republic the other is in Texas. The plantations are home to more than 50 million Aloe Vera plants.

Something I didn’t know is that 20 Aloe Vera plants are actually able to convert CO2 into the exact same amount of oxygen as a tree does. Right now Forever Living is responsible for cleansing the environment from a grand total of 2 million tons of CO2 each year. It is a 30 year old, multi-billion dollar organization that networks in more than 145 countries around the world. Today they still uphold a reputable name and are busy working on their mission to assist people in looking and feeling their very best.


Let’s discuss Forever Living’s variety of products. Most of us are most familiar with aloe Vera as the green or clear goo you purchase at the drug store for sunburns during the summer. You pop it in the fridge and if you catch a burn in the sun you can load up on the aloe to relieve the burn. This company of course markets the gel, but they have incorporated Aloe Vera into some other innovative products too. For instance:

  • Forever Aloe Vera Juice
    • Lemon-lime flavor
    • Packed with more than 200 healthy compounds
    • Helps maintain a healthy digestive tract

The objective is to consume the beverage daily to support natural digestion and energy levels. They also offer an item they call, “the Forever Aloe2Go Single Pouch,” which is essentially a pre-made beverage conveniently purchasable in a pouch so you can take it on the go with you anywhere. Forever Living refers to the supposedly tasty drink as “the Ultimate Antioxidant Cocktail.” It’s easy, it tastes good, and it offers all the benefits of Aloe Vera in a single pouch. Additionally they offer a variety of bee products for sale here are a couple examples:

  • Forever Bee Honey- %100 natural sweetener, easy to digest, & boosts energy
  • Forever Bee Pollen- %100 natural daily tablet that boosts energy & enhances stamina
  • Forever Bee Propolis- %100 natural chew-able tablet that increases the body’s natural defensed & is fortified with “Royal Jelly”
  • Forever Royal Jelly- %100 natural tablet that boosts energy, supports immune system, easy to absorb & digest, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors

Forever Living already offers an interesting line of products that you will notice can’t be found just “anywhere.” But I am not done yet… they also distribute the following items:

  • Essential Oils (see: doTERRA and Young Living)
  • Flawless by Sonya (a natural beauty line)
  • A literature line (aka a line of merchandise with their logo)
  • Skin care products (aloe heat, aloe moisturizing lotion, etc.)
  • Weight management supplements

So Forever Living’s product market is vast. One thing each product has in common is that they are naturally made and geared to benefit your overall well-being.

Compensation Plan

If you appreciate this company’s mission you might be interested in the “Forever Opportunity” too. Their opportunity is to become a private sales rep and an active asset to the company.

The company has reached this point of success by relying on their innovative independent distribution system. Whether you are an inexperienced or seasoned seller training is available for everyone who decides to join Forever Living’s team. Their training programs are designed to optimize every individual’s confidence and selling power and give them the opportunity to run a profitable home based business.

To become a distributor you are asked to purchase a “business pack” that costs $372 but includes a variety of Forever Living’s products.  Then it’s your job is to sell products for commissions and rewards. The compensation program offers some neat incentives like:

  • Forever2Drive- work to earn a car
  • Eagle Manager- move up in the ranks to earn more money, advanced training, travel, and of course positive recognition within the company
  • Global Rally- travel and bring spending money
  • Chairman’s Bonus- %3 of the company’s global revenue are rewarded back to employees for hard work and devotion
  • Global Leadership Team- work your way to the top of the industry

Yes these are some awesome incentives if you ask me, but in order to succeed as a distributor you absolutely must be persistent and patient.

Because it often can take a moderate amount of time to build a successful sales network. As a sales rep you are responsible for the advertising, picking and choosing marketing methods, and obviously executing sales. Obviously it does require a lot of hard work. But if this is the sort of stuff you’re passionate about it might be worth a shot.


Forever Living offers a really neat line of products to improve health and wellness. We’re talking about the basics like makeup and lotions, to heath promoting beverages, and onward to more serious stuff like diet pills.

There is a lot of product to work with here, which can be both good and bad. While it presents a larger sales market, the more industries they get into, the more competition they have to face (like these big daddy MLM companies).

If you are a natural born salesperson and/or have a passion for fitness and want to help other people, this could be the perfect gig for you. Like with any sales position success is not guaranteed but the harder you work the greater your odds.

If you are looking for a reliable way to kill your 9-5 without peddling product to Facebook friends and hosting living room seminars, there is a better way.

Learn more about our mentorship possibilities here.

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