Can FuXion make it in the USA?

FuXion is a network marketing company that uses the latest in biotechnology, harnessing ancestral cultures in a nutraceutical fusion process, to create a miraculous product that will enhance your beauty.

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Ok, so maybe FuXion actually has legit products.

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“From the heart of the Amazon…”

Fuxion was founded in Peru in 2010 and is headquartered there. Founder and CEO Alvaro Zuñiga Benavides has been an entrepreneur for over two decades now, and he’s spent a lot of that time developing nutritional products.

He’s definitely got the credentials to his name. Benavides has two degrees – one in industrial engineering from the University of Lima, and an MBA from the University of San Ignacio. He’s also done post-graduate work in business at both Berkeley and Harvard University.

In just 8 years, he’s pushed Fuxion to do a lot of growing. They now span 12 countries in Latin America, and they’re a huge hit there. By 2015, they had already hit $200  million in annual revenue, making them #90 on the DSN Global 100 list. Pretty impressive numbers, especially without any help from major markets like the US. [1]

Still, they haven’t done much expansion beyond Latin America, and they’ve barely pushed into the US. They did finally launch in the USA in 2016, but they’ve barely even translated their website into English. Most of their marketing collateral and all of their social media is still in Spanish, so they really haven’t built up even a whisper of a buzz for themselves in the English-speaking world.

How much does FuXion cost?

You have to buy an Enrollment Kit to get started, but the price is almost impossible to find. With some digging, it appears to cost $124.50 for the Business Kit, Sales System, and one catalogue.

You also have to make an initial product purchase of at least 20 points in order to be activated, but you only get the 20% discount that allows you to make commission if you purchase a minimum of 60 points worth of product.

Also, you’ve got to make 20 points worth of product purchases every two weeks to stay active, and 60 points minimum each month to access the whole compensation plan. [2]


They use the latest findings in biotechnology and combine them with ancient remedies from Andean, Amazonian, and Asian cultures.

Their jargon sounds fancy, but it’s really just the manipulation of biological products (plants, cells, etc) in a controlled setting to manufacture products that are useful to humans. [3]

Basically, this company scavenges around the Andes and the Amazon for ancient natural remedies and then takes them to a lab and Frankenstein’s them into delicious smoothies that make you more fit.

FuXion products use “nutraceutical fusion”, a process they describe as the masterful combination of science and nature to creative functional foods that help maintain and improve your health.

Their nutraceutical extracts are then turned into all kinds of drink products, including smoothies, shakes, juices, teas, and coffee drinks. They’re completely preservative free and claim to not include any harmful chemicals.

They have four product lines:

  • Nutraceuticals (C&C Fit, BioPro X Active, Off, On, RGX1, Veramas)
  • Weight Management (Flora Liv, Liquid Fibra, NoCarb T, Thermo T3)
  • Athletic Performance (Post Sport, Vita Xtra T+, FLX Te)
  • Anti-Aging (Passion, Probal, Ganomas Cappucino, Beauty In)

Their nutraceutical products claim to reduce stress, increase energy and focus, improve digestion, and boost the immune system.

Weight loss products help you slim down by boosting your probiotics, slowing down your body’s absorption of fats and carbs, and increasing your body’s metabolism.

Athletic performance products hydrate, boost energy, keep you nourished, and protect your joints.

Anti-aging products improve your sex drive, help reverse hormonal imbalances that come with aging, enhance your immune system, and improve the look of your skin.

Side Effects:
There are no known side effects associated with their current products on the market, but just last year they finally discontinued their popular weight loss product Termo Te for some pretty serious side effects. The Ministry of Health in Venezuela sent out an alert in 2015 telling the population to stop using this product and that it was not authorized for sale by the government. [4]

The same happened in Argentina and Brazil. However, no reports of extreme side effects have been proven.

Compensation Plan

There are a whopping 15 ways to earn with FuXion, and I can tell you right now, more ways to earn doesn’t always translate to more money. When the list of ways to earn starts looking more like an epic novel, it usually means the MLM is over-compensating for crappy pay by over-complicating the compensation plan.

Some of the main ways to earn are…

Direct Sales

FuXion’s Independent Entrepreneurs get a 20% wholesale discount on the product they order, so they make 20% commission on all of their personal sales. Not impressive, but this amount can increase if you qualify for the next bonus…

Preferred Customer Benefits

Once you have your own custom website set up and bring in some preferred customers (customers who are on a monthly auto-ship), you can increase your retail commission up to 30%. You also get an extra bonus of 20% on the orders from your 3rd biggest preferred customers each month.

Additional Discount

You can get extra discounts on bulk orders as follows:

  • Order 60-299 PV and get a 5% additional discount
  • Order 300-599 PV and get a 7.5% additional discount
  • Order over 600 PV and get a 10% additional discount

Sponsorship Bonus

You get a 20% bonus on the sales of your personally sponsored Independent Entrepreneurs for their first week of employment.

Binary Team Bonus

FuXion offers binary team bonuses of 1-10% on your weaker leg once you start recruiting a team. You have to move up pretty far in rank (higher than Diamond) to start accessing any decent team bonuses, though.

The company also offers rank bonuses, leadership bonuses, multilevel bonuses, lifestyle bonuses, profit sharing, and trips.


Overall, the compensation plan is way more complicated than it needs to be, and you’re not getting rich and working from home unless you manage to climb your way up to the top of a mountain of reps making no money. Try not to break anyone’s arm on your way up. Of course, that’s par for the course in MLM.

The products offer a good range of benefits and there’s at least some science behind them.

If this company is going to really take off, they’re going to have to do really well with this foray into the USA market. So far, all video content and a lot of information is still only available in Spanish, and their social media is still all Spanish as well.

They’ve done well for themselves in Latin America, but they need to start thinking more globally.

If you like passive income streams, there are much better opportunities out there.

In other words, you might like our training because it teaches the “good life” without peddling products to your family and friends.

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