Did Gano Excel really shut down?

Gano Excel is a health and wellness MLM founded in 1995 that offers all-natural healing solutions from a “wonder herb” (but not the wonder herb found in Kannaway products).

While it might sound like nothing but peace and love, this company’s got some juicy secrets and tales of betrayal in their past.

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Gano Excel is a Malaysian direct sales company that was founded in 1995 by Leow Soon Seng. They blew up in Southeast Asia, and then expanded to the US in 2002.

By now, they’ve got a massive network of several million customers and over 60 countries around the world, making them the largest Ganoderma company in the world (their “wonder herb”…more on that later).

In 2011 they hit $890 million in revenue, which is crazy high. [1]

Three years later, in 2014, they were ranked #78 on the DSN Global 100 list, but their revenue was reported at only $150 million for the previous year. Either they’d been majorly over reporting their numbers (which happens a lot in MLM), or they took a huge hit in those 2 years. [2]

As it turns out, things did start to get a little rocky in 2007 and 2008, when numbers for their North American markets started to fall. In 2013, they closed their doors in the USA and Canada for good. The Gano Excel US website is still up and running, but there’s absolutely no way to join as a distributor or purchase a start-up kit. You’re only allowed to purchase product.

That explains the major drop in revenue that year, but the explanation as to why they closed down in North America in the first place is harder to find.

In a vague press release that’s supposedly about Gano Excel closing their doors in the USA and Canada, they devote one paragraph to that and spend the rest of the time singing the praises of former CEO Joven Casabag, calling him the “Steve Jobs” of Gano Excel and talking about how he saved them after those rocky years in 2007 and 2008. [3]

But then their North American branches shut down anyway?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you’ve heard the rumors – wonder-man Casabag actually took all of Gano Excel’s info and ran with it, starting up his own MLM called GanoLife.

Sure enough, the GanoLife “Executive Team” page shows a photo with Joven Casabag in it, although they make no mention of actual names of their executive team members. GanoLife also launched in March 2013, just two months after Gano Excel shut down their US branch.

How much does Gano Excel cost?

$50 – but you must maintain a minimum of 60 personal volume and 180 group volume per month to remain fully qualified.


If there’s one thing MLMs love to sell, it’s magical secret ingredients that they found way off in the Amazons or Himalayas. These berries and plants and herbs usually have superpowers that cure every disease on the face of the planet and make you look like America’s Next Top Model.

So what’s Gano Excel’s miraculous signature ingredient? Ganoderma lucidum.

Luckily, the harder it is to pronounce, the more diseases it cures.

Ganoderma lucidum is a red mushroom found in the more temperate regions of China. Gano Excel’s founder started up the company after realizing the wide range of health benefits the mushroom could provide. He calls it a “wonder herb”.

The company uses the fungus to create coffee and tea drinks as well as other nutritional products and even household items like toothpaste and soap.

Truth is, the picture of Mr. Leow scavenging around rural China and happening upon a mysterious magical mushroom that cures all your ailments isn’t fully accurate. He didn’t discover the mushroom’s medicinal properties, and Gano Excel isn’t the only company, or even the only MLM, to take advantage of them.

Organo Gold also markets their products using the ganoderma mushroom.

Their two big product lines GANOCAFE and GANODAILY.


Their GANOCAFE products include a rooibos tea, mocha powders, hazelnut coffee, hot chocolate mix, and spirulina cereal.


GANODAILY products are household and personal care products meant for daily use. They include goat’s milk soap, toothpaste, and various supplements targeted at different health issues. Cordyceps fights stress and aging, Garcinia helps with weight loss, Sakanno increases libido, Excellium increases brain function, and Ganoderma is a general supplement for overall health and wellness.

A study published by the International Journal of Oncology in 2004 showed that ganoderma lucidum decreases certain proteins (cyclin B and Cdc2) that allow cancer cells to grow uncontrollably while increasing other proteins (p21) that suppress the growth of cancer cells. Essentially, there is some evidence to show that ganoderma lucidum could potentially prevent the spread of cancer. [4]

There also studies to suggest that ganoderma lucidum could help with rheumatoid arthritis, regulate metabolism, boost immunity, and prevent liver damage. [5]

Side Effects:
There are no proven side effects associated with the ganoderma lucidum.

Compensation Plan

Retail commission ranges from 15%-25%, which is nothing impressive.

The Group Performance Bonus and Leadership Performance Bonus can earn you up to 40% commission based on your rank and the rank of all distributors in your organization. Once a distributor matches your rank, you can no longer earn a differential override.

The Leadership Development Bonus pays you a bonus for reaching Director rank and above, and it also pays out a 1-5% commission on the CV of members of your organization that have reached Director or above. You have the potential to earn up to 15% of the CV of up to 5 generations of Director-level and above distributors in both of your legs.

The company also offers a Luxury Car Fund, Royal Diamond Profit Sharing, Presidential Profit Sharing, and incentive trips.


This is one health and wellness MLM that might have actually found a miracle ingredient, considering there are studies showing that the ganoderma mushroom might actually be able to fight cancer.

But a solid product doesn’t lead to sure success in MLM (see: Vemma, MAPs, and Empower Network). Building up a huge network of loyal followers does.

Gano Excel doesn’t have a very impressive compensation plan, and they recently shut down their North American branches completely. Things aren’t looking great for them.

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