Ranking the 3 best hobbies that will make you money

Making money can be fun.

I mean, they say if you enjoy what you’re doing (see: hobbies), then you never work a day in your life.

Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mother, or maybe you’re retired and are looking for clever ways to drive in some additional income.

It doesn’t really matter, hobbies are a great way to supplement any income.

My #1 pick? Blogging. Of course, since this blog makes more money than most doctors and lawyers, I’m biased. Lol.

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Here are four top hobbies that can make you money:

1. Blogging

Not all of us have the gift of entertaining others with our writing, but most of us do have something to offer. If you know how to do something, or otherwise have a passion that translates into blogging then you also have a potential way to make money.

Not sure how to start?

Start a blog now and I’ll have you up and running in less time it takes to make a plate of nachos.

1. Get a Free Domain & Hosting.Use Bluehost where I have secured you a free domain and cheap hosting (less than $5/mo).

To begin, click here, then put in your domain name.

(choose a .com first, then .org and .net, if necessary – don’t be tempted by others)

Then, when you’re filling out the info, make sure you leave a few of these options unchecked.

You just don’t need them for the stuff you do as a hobby blogger.

Once you’ve filled out the information, you officially have your domain and hosting. Now, it’s time to install WordPress so you can start throwing up content.

All bloggers should start with WordPress. Hands down, it’s simply the easiest and best blogging platform ever invented…and it’s totally free. Install it immediately to start blogging.

Just go the “home” section of your control panel (inside of Bluehost), and you should see a blue WordPress icon.

Click on that, and that should open up an app called “Mojo Marketplace”.

That’s what you want. Then, click on the WordPress icon, and click “install”.

Next, choose either “www.yourblog.com” or “yourblog.com” – it doesn’t really matter, and fill out your WordPress credentials.

All done. go to yourblog.com/wp-admin, log in using the credentials you just made, and you are inside your WordPress dashboard.

2. Get Good at Finding Niche Topics. Write on specific topics – micro subjects called “niches” that nobody else is probably thinking to write about.

For example, write about “Desert Vegetable Gardening” rather than “Gardening”.

Bone up on something and become the expert, answer questions and even curate some content in your niche- become the best tiny blog about one tiny thing rather than try to be the next Wikipedia of gardening, for example.

Write good stuff and don’t worry about how much you’re writing.

This advice hearkens back to high school writing class, but concentrate on the quality of your writing rather than how many words you’re able to pump out.

And again, if you want the full plate of nachos, you can check it out our blogging coaching here.

2. Investing

There are a lot of people who will argue with me about this, but the road to wealth can be with the stock market. If you’re a street-junky and love learning about businesses, then you’ve got yourself a nice money-making hobby.

Plus, let’s be honest, investing can deliver the best adrenaline rush.

Play your cards right and your keen interest in business, economics or investing can turn into some serious cash. If this is you, then do these five things now to get started on the right path:

1. Learn from the masters

If Wall Street is anything, it’s history-that’s right, by studying how the Stock Market has behaved historically, savvy investors have a better feeling of how to weather economic downturns and other fluctuations that occur.

You see, the key to making money by investing is not to follow the crowd but to hold true to sound principles of investing, which are derived from historical analysis, economic theory and a knowledge of world events. Whew! But by reading some basic “101” classics of investing you can begin to form a solid basis for your own way of investing.

Jim Cramer is today’s hottest stock guru, and he wrote some books to show the rest of us how to make money in stocks the way he does it. You can also catch his shows on CNBC, which are by now cult favorites with Street junkies. Peter Lynch is 20 years ahead of Cramer (his books are from the 90’s) but he’s considered the legendary Sensei of investing wisely and understanding how Wall Street works.

Here’s your required reading:

  1. Jim Cramer’s Mad Money
  2. Peter Lynch’s Learn to Earn
  3. Peter Lynch’s Beat the Street (yes he is the man!)

2. Prepare to Put in Long Hours.

If you follow Jim Cramer and choose your own individual stocks, then he’ll be the first to tell you that you’re going to be doing homework.

LOTS of it.

In order to understand stocks, you must understand the businesses behind them. His books show you how to analyze earnings reports, financial statements, attend shareholder’s phone call meetings and how to tell a healthy business from a bad investment without needing someone else to rely upon.

And that’s what you want if you’re going to pick your own stocks and beat out other investors. It just takes some studying.

3. Stick With it for the Long Run

The first thing that both Peter Lynch and Jim Cramer will tell you about investing is not to be a sheep and follow the herd. The second thing Jim will tell you is that pigs get slaughtered. He may have even trademarked that phrase.

Don’t be greedy, stick with your investing plan and over time you’ll have some nice solid returns and it will prove to be a lucrative hobby.

3. Photography

A few years back the modern world experienced what we’ll call the digital revolution of photography.

Yes, when fancy-pants SLR cameras, previously only owned by professionals, art students and wealthy hobbyists who understood how to use them finally became digitalized, everything changed for the likes of you and me.

And by “you and me” I mean most of the world, which doesn’t have the time or patience (or dare I say “the brains”) to figure out how to use an old 35 mm manual camera.

F-stops? White balance? film? Forget it.

But now fantastically clear, wonderfully rich color photos are not only easy to achieve but much cheaper to produce than in the past. Lucky us that we live in this modern world…

…and we’re even luckier because today’s internet brings us a world market for distributing our photos and even perhaps making a bit of cash.

But now that everyone owns a DSLR (digital SLR) camera and heck even iPhones take professional looking photos, how does one get an edge?

Here are 3 simple ways to make your photos stand out and sell:

  1. Find a photography niche Yes, what’s true of so many things is also true of marketing your photos online. It’s your hobby- so what do you love to photograph? Your girlfriend? Do you live near a particularly photogenic tourist spot? Food? Micro stock photography?
  2. Market images the smart way Turns out people search on photos with very specific ideas in mind…”red shoes, white dress”, caterpillar legs” “vintage picture frame details”…join an online photography marketplace and tag the heck out of your images. A few to try are Fotolia, iStock, Shutterstock and PhotoDune. There’s an ever-growing need for good images out there.
  3. Learn what sells Follow your passion and find your niche, but that doesn’t mean ignore what sells. Lots of people are looking for simple images on a white background so they can easily insert them into websites, for example. A little research goes a long way here towards knowing the market.

That’s it.

Good luck.

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