Javita is instant coffee meets direct selling

Javita is a network marketing company that offers instant coffee products with health benefits from the natural herbs.

Like Organo Gold, they’re another coffee scheme.

The flagship product is a weight-loss coffee called burn + control.

When Javita became the hot MLM to join, I was approached a few times. Probably a good 33 times.

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Okay, now the review. Enjoy.

Health benefits from drinking coffee?  Seems like a no-brainer. The Javita company is onto something- we drink coffee anyway so why not add some benefits while we’re at it?

The Javita coffee company was founded by Stan Cherelstein who also acts as CEO. The company is based in Boca Raton, FL and was established in 2011.

Mr.Cherelstein is a bit of a nefarious celebrity in MLM. He was controller for a company called Phar-Mor, which has been called the Billion Dollar Fraud. He was accused of keeping a second set of bookkeeping records (he’s an accountant). The purpose was to deceive investors, which they did to the tune of $1 billion.

That was back in the 1990s. After that he quickly got a job at Rexall/RSI as Financial Controller. Seems they liked his skills! Since then he’s headed a few nutraceutical companies.

The company is based on the fact that the average person drinks 3 cups of coffee every day. Plus, they usually do this for life. Coffee is a $120 billion/year industry. It’s the second-most popular beverage after water. As you can see, it’s an evergreen market. People don’t have to change their lifestyles to gain benefits and use this product, either.


Let’s start with the top product of Javita: Burn + Control. Javita Burn + control is weight-loss coffee. The main ingredient is Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia Cambogia works in the liver to control an enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for for telling your body to store carbs as fat. It also decreases food cravings.

Burn + Control also contains Yerba Mate, which suppresses appetite and increases the metabolism.

Next up is “Javita Lean & Green”, which is similar to Burn + Control. It’s for people who want the weight-loss benefits but who don’t drink coffee. This one also contains Garcinia Cambogia but also Gymnema Sylvestre to increase energy and help people stay active to lose weight.

The Javita “energy + mind” coffee contains 3 herbs: Bacopa Monnieri, Gotu Kola, and Green Tea.  Bacopa Monnierei is for memory and concentration. Gotu Kola is for improved blood flow and increased attention span. Green Tea is for its antioxidants to protect the brain and for the caffeine.

Finally, there are Instant fruit fused mixers. Active Blendz, they’re called, and they contain natural ingredients for joint health, weight loss, and increased energy.

All hot products come in single-serve packets that brew with hot water, no coffee maker necessary. The fruit packets come in lots of different fruit flavors. You just add water and it’s a juice drink. Pricing comes out to just over $1 per serving. There is also a 100% customer satisfaction money-back guarantee.

The Javita website provides a link to the Javita YouTube account, where there are videos containing an impressive array of video testimonials (“Changing Lives (Javita Overview” video).

Compensation Plan

Preferred customers enjoy a “3 and Free” program. To become a preferred customer, you must sign up for auto-ship. You get an online store where your friends and family can place orders. Get three people signed up for auto-ship and you get your own auto-ship product free the next month.

Go all the way and become a member and you can earn income too. Buy a “Star Pack”, which gives you access to the compensation plan. They cost:

  • $499 Star Pack (14 boxes of product) + websites, business tools, brochures, samples, member kit
  • $999 Star Elite Pack (34 boxes of product and offers lowest pricing on product + everything else included in the other pack)

Build a team to earn income. Javita likens this to owning a coffee shop, then franchising it out. When the franchises sell coffee, you get a cut. To do this, first become a “Star”.

To become a Star, you must purchase a Star pack. Then you must enroll 3 new people in your first 30 days, who also buy Star Packs. When you enroll the new members you get a first-order bonus of $100 if they buy the $499 pack and $250 if they order the bigger one.

In addition, you’ll earn an additional $100 if you do all that within your first 7 days.

The Star Bonus can be earned every month, if you qualify. There is also the Star Builder’s Bonus, which is earned when you help people become Stars.  You can also earn a new iPad…just get 3 members to become Stars within 60 days.

On personal sales, you get commissions from 10% to 20%. To get that top percentage you must sell 1,001 + worth of customer volume.

Finally, there’s a luxury car bonus incentive. They pay the lease but like all car bonuses you’re on the hook for the lease.

Now for the Team Development Infinity Bonus. You can earn $15 to $100 on every new member who joins your downline. There are no level limits on this- hence the “infinity” label.

There is also residual income from this unilevel plan. Percentages range from 4% to 5% depending on rank and the higher you rank the more levels open up. At the top ranking level (“Director”), you get paid on 13 levels.


Coffee with health benefits is a great idea, but there’s competition. Javita’s got to really be up on its game to come out ahead, and sadly there are a few things which are preventing them from doing this.

First off, the commission on personal sales is incredibly weak: starting out at  10%!  And then it only goes as high as 20%. Meanwhile, you get a whopping $100 everytime someone joins your team. This highlights the fact that the Javita compensation plan is heavily recruitment-sided. And of course that makes anyone who knows about MLM just a little nervous. If I were to go with selling “super coffee”, I’d be a little hesitant about the Javita opportunity, no matter how the products seem to be.

And that’s another thing: the products seem to contain the right ingredients, but there aren’t many reassurances of quality. To compete in this market, you have to make statements about your ingredient sources, the freshness, or even make it organic. Without any of these qualities, the Javita product can easily be beat.

Like I’ve shown throughout this piece, I’m far from a Javita hater.

The company has potential, and opportunity-wise, they’re one of the more intriguing offers.

But it’s still the sad story of selling hype.

In other words, you might like this training because it teaches passive income without peddling coffee to your family and friends.

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