Kairos Technologies, legit company or scam?

Kairos Technologies is an IT service company that focuses on high-end solutions pertaining to cloud, mobile and social technologies.

Cloud technology is definitely the way of the future, no doubt about that.

So is this a good opportunity to make money online and have I been involved?

This video explains:


All good? Let’s continue…


Kairos Technologies was founded in 2003 with headquarters based in Texas, an affiliate/parent company of Kairos Planet (Kairos Technologies Limited).

Kairos Planet was not founded until 2014 in Britain. The focus of Kairos is on the development and worldwide distribution of high-end solutions pertaining to on grid computing technologies, as well as, Extended Affiliate Marketing Programs.

The company partners with leading technology providers in cloud, mobile and social areas (see: Talk Fusion and WGN).

Michel Vieira is President of Kairos Technologies with Duka Gervalla as Vice President, both are responsible for the companies general management.

Kishan Chakravarthy is currently the companies Chief Executive Officer, he is the business strategist with experience in building recurring revenue technology business with expertise in business process re-engineering and change management.


Kairos offers various IT services such as:

  • Cloud Strategy – This includes Evaluating long and short term business goals, Identifying gaps in IT infrastructures, Developing business case for cloud deployment and Providing vendor diagnostic suggestions on products and services.
  • Implementations – This service helps customers to : Convert business and technical goals into design plans, Develop cloud computing architecture, Develop implementation plans, Hardware & software installation and migration, Test for sanity, Develop specs for hardware/software configuration and Train resources on your cloud solutions.
  • Development The company has developed different cloud based applications for clients including: Mobile applications, Web and e-commerce portals, Enterprise applications, as well as, Application enhancements and modifications.
  • Integration This service provides integration services of cloud applications with other cloud and non-cloud applications within the organization.
  • Support – These services include: Application management, User management, Data management, Security management, 24/7 help desk services, Training programs, Reports and Dashboard & Documentation services.

Kairos Planet offers services and products as well.

  • KairosMail – a secure email service.
  • KairosSurf – secure internet access.
  • KairosDisk – secure cloud storage of data.

Hardware Products

  • Phone – This is equipped with 8 GB capacity, 1280×720 Pixel (HD), 1GB of ram and a camera with 8.0 MP.
  • Router – 3G secure wireless router which provides: Encryption, Confidentiality, 100% anonymity and a User friendly interface.

Along with the services offered Kairos Technologies offers solutions in sales clouds, service clouds, marketing clouds, community clouds, custom applications and development & salesforce integration.

Compensation Plan

Kairos Technologies offer many career options.

All areas within the company require past experience and education in the fields of service. Kairos Planet offers an Extended Affiliate Marketing Program, in order to become a participant one must invest in one of the following lease packages offered.

Lease Packages Available

There are four lease packages available. Each participant has to pay a guarantee to confirm their contractual commitments in order to secure productive and uninterrupted operations of the Distributed Computing Network, as well as, meeting certain conditions to participate in the Kairos Planet Extended Affiliate Marketing Program. All packages need a specific amount of required disk space and 10 hours a day online. The packages are:

  • Standard – $125
  • Silver – $597
  • Gold – $1577
  • Platinum – $2777

Through the Extended Affiliate Marketing Program participants will have the following opportunities:

  • Opportunity to generate income and work from home.
  • Opportunity to generate extra income through the involvement of other participants by reaching team goals.
  • The opportunity for bonuses, as well as, free services and products.

There are various percentages when it comes to the bonuses one can earn through the program.

There are also a few marketing materials provided by the company that can be downloaded to your PC or Laptop, things like Brandbooks, which contains guidelines and presentations along with business cards to help you boost your business outside of the internet.

The lowest percentage of a bonus is as little as 3% and the highest is 30%.

You can earn direct marketing bonuses, new affiliate start up bonuses and as you move up in title or ranking the bonuses change, usually increasing. There is too much information lacking on the website to provide more information.

Currently the only way to become an Extended Affiliate Marketing Program Participant you must be invited by an existing member or if you’re already an existing member of the company.


When looking into the company there are two company’s named Kairos, Kairos Planet and Kairos Technologies.

Kairos Technologies offers services for IT and cloud applications as does Kairos Planet except Planet has the MLM marketing option. One website states they are located in Texas and through researching it pops up with a few different locations, Kairos Planet states it was founded in Britain although much of the information leads to places out in India.

The websites offer all sorts of information on the products, services and solutions offered but there is not much detail when it comes to income and bonuses. You can receive a brief breakdown and not much else.

The lowest investment you can make to become a member is $125 for the standard lease package with the highest being $2777, the investment made into the package is the services you now have to offer. There is not too much detail as to whether the package investment is a one time payment or if it has to be paid every so often.

There is nothing that comes up when either of the companies is searched for through the Better Business Bureau. Several of the states and areas they stated they are located in brought no information. In one area of the website it mentions being located in Dallas, TX and in another section it says Irving, TX.

This leaves too much room for concern and confusion when trying to obtain information before jumping in to invest money.

Another downfall is that after reading through the whole website it was discovered that you can only become a member if you are invited by an already existing member of the Affiliate Program or if you are already a member of the company.

With that said, there are too many negatives that lie within the search of the company that would draw people away from the company. Kairos Technologies seems to have a little more information involving positions available, but there is confusion amidst their website as well.

So if you are alright with hitting up your friends and family on Facebook, or hosting those living room parties, you might be able to make a little money…for a little while. But it won’t magically turn into a sustainable income. Nothing against the company, but the MLM industry in general has flaws.

There is a better way. You can build a real business online that you own, and you can feel good about it too.

Check this out. This will help trash your money-chasing habits.

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