Kannaway, the hemp MLM? (you gotta see this)

Kannaway is a popular cosmetic MLM company that sells beauty and wellness products made from hemp plants.

If there ever were a company that challenged consumers to put their money where their mouths lie, it’s Kannaway.

So have I been involved with these guys?

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Background information about Kannaway is kind of scarce. In fact on their site it’s non-existent.  All one can gather is that they have a returns processing center located at 12255 Crosthwaite Circle, Poway, CA 92064. Their domain name was registered January of 2014 and their LinkedIn profile state they were founded that same year.

The organization called “Small Marijuana Growers United” sure does have a beef with the company, though.

Kannaway’s products contain CBD, the substance which gives marijuana its medicinal properties. By offering consumers a chance to purchase CBD-laced products without having to resort to growing weed, Kannaway is accused of launching a campaign to block the rights of home weed growing (1). I guess you can see conspiracy in anything.

Let’s get this off the table: no, you can’t smoke hemp and get high. Yes, hemp is a type of cannabis. However, it’s a different species.

And no it does not contain enough tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is why you can’t get high from it (2).

But the plants sure do look similar, which is one reason given for the ban on growing hemp in the United States for about half a century now. As part of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, hemp cultivation was made illegal by the federal government.

However, a lot has changed since then, especially when you look at the plight of hemp’s cousin, marijuana. Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Colorado in 2013, things have begun to look much brighter for the US hemp industry.

Once it became legal to grow weed crops in Colorado, some farmers went ahead and planted hemp crops too. Several states have legalized the cultivation of hemp crops, but so far there have been few people to take advantage for fear of violating federal DEA laws. There are reports of  few farmers in Vermont testing the waters, however (3).

Earlier this year, a bill was introduced in Congress which seeks to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana. It’s called the “Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015” (4).

Hence, we have companies like Kannaway, ready for the hemp revolution that is to come.


Kannaway’s beauty line is called Defined. Apparently when you combine hemp oil with certain East Asian botanicals, you get superior moisturizing capability. Their Bi-Bong formula (that’s the botanical) is hard to find and harder yet to describe (it somehow enhances your chi). Defined Anti-Aging Salve sells for $50 for 1.3 oz.

The nutritional Revive line of products are curiously delivered via syringe, and offer hemp oil combined with above-mentioned Bi Bong for “rebalancing”, digestion, and energy. Revive Pro costs $399 yet it’s hard to figure out why. It could be because the main active ingredient is Canabidiol (CBD), which is the substance in marijuana that gives it the medicinal qualities (but not the psychoactive properties…that’s THC).

It also comes in capsule form, which costs an eye-popping $120 for 60 capsules (remember: you’re supporting a movement!).

Kannactiv is a series of products designed to work synergistically on your skin.

Kannaway actually sells more than beauty and wellness products. You can purchase HempVAP, a vaporizer that handles hemp oil. It’s a vape pen, which is small enough to carry around in your purse or your coat pocket.

And perhaps the strangest products are the Kannakick Bricks. Described as “functional food chews” that contain hemp oil, they’re like fruit roll-ups only …way different. They contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee and B vitamins so as you’d imagine, they give quite a kick.

And at $4 per chew, they’ll bring in some pretty sweet commissions ($125 for a box).

In fact, all of Kannaway’s products are steeply priced. That’s the price you pay for supporting a budding industry and a social-political movement.

Compensation Plan

Becoming a Brand Ambassador will cost you $29.99 …every month. If you feel truly confident about your chances with Kannaway, you can opt to pay an annual fee of $249, which saves you roughly $110 over the monthly plan.

That qualifies you to earn retail commission, which is managed by buying products wholesale and selling them retail.

It also qualifies you for the fast start double-up and 2 levels of Team Override Bonus. If you want to earn bonuses beyond those, you’ll have to maintain a minimum sales quota.

That is made conveniently simple with their Auto Delivery Program (typical in wellness MLMs, see: Nikken, Ariix, Xyngular, or Visi).

Your Preferred Customers may purchase at wholesale prices, and you get a 30% bonus on their purchases.

Refer 3 Preferred Customers and get your product free. To qualify, you must maintain Auto Delivery for at least 55 BV per month.


If hemp means a lot to you and you’re looking for a job, then Kannaway is for you. Beware the monthly charge for the right to be an Brand Amassador, however, since it’s not clear that’s a good value.

It’s actually not even clear what the charge is. Although compensation plan documents say it’s $29.99 per month, it’s a different story when you click on the “Join the Movement Now” button on the Kannaway homepage. In that case, your options are $9.99 per month or $49.99 for a year.

Otherwise, you’re better off looking elsewhere for an MLM opportunity because let’s face it: hemp has enough strikes against it in the area of public perception, without MLM entering the picture and muddying the waters of legitimacy.

Kannaway states that their #1 goal is to “build a company that honors the hemp plant and its value throughout history”. Keep that in mind when you’re wondering where all your profits are…

Look, I get it. You want to build a home based business that gives you free time and this is an innovative company..doing something different. I like it.

However, there is a better way that doesn’t involve home parties, targeting friends on Facebook, and sketchy comp plans.

Check this out. It will help you trash those old MLM habits.

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